Got LOA Skills? The Deliberate Creator Checklist

Deliberate Creator Checklist
For those of you amping up your LOA game, here’s a 7 point checklist of helpful deliberate creation skills.

When you’ve got these covered, you’ll quickly close any vibrational gap and your manifestation is well on its way.

7 essential skills for super smooth manifesting:

1. Believe in it
Know it’s possible by believing good things can happen and be open to their unfolding.

2. Feel what’s there
Resisting contrary or low-vibing feelings doesn’t help – we gotta go through those to get to the other side. Feel it out – whatever’s there.

3. Redirect attention 
Don’t get stuck in contrast. Leverage the “don’t want” by redirecting focus (after you’ve felt out the feelings, of course) so you’re not dwelling on the crappy stuff. Turn your attention to what you want – swiftly.

4. Appreciate the present 
Revel in appreciation; life is good now – and it doesn’t get better until we recognize that truth. If we’re trying to manifest something out of resistance to what is, that doesn’t work so well.

5. Own your worthiness
We deserve good things. All of us. Automatically. Always. Already. Be on board with that in order to let good things in.

6. Feel it now
Don’t wait for good stuff to happen before you get happy. Feel now how you would feel then.

7. Let it go
If you’re attached to results, you’re holding up progress. Get fine with whatever happens. In fact, get your attention on something else altogether. (All the best stuff seems to happen when we’re not looking.)

Whatever it is you might be in process of creating, check the list to see if you’re missing something that’ll help everything fall into place.

Happy manifesting, fellow creators!

  • December 26, 2012
  • Julie B says:

    Hey Jeannette… this is great! Thank you for making such a concise and easy checklist! I keep having this thought go through my head (when thinking about work or renting/selling my Dallas house) “It really can be that easy!” There does seem to be an acceleration of “think it, see it”, so ever mindful of managing by vibe and being delighted in what movie is playing!
    Something else that my daughter shared w/ me that we are putting in to practice:
    *Show up
    *Pay attention
    *Tell the truth
    *Don’t be attached to the outcome
    Another simplistic tip!
    Big hug Jeannette!

  • Sounds like that approach is a great support in releasing judgement/resistance and instead “allowing,” Cat! Thanks for the tip.
    Pat, I love hearing you give yourself credit what you’re good at!! WOO HOO for that!!
    And thanks for the enthusiasm for slacking – can’t wait to see what that leads you to in 2013!

  • Pat says:

    As I looked at the list I easily found my “hotspots” that need some work to improve my manifesting game. Numbers 1 & 5 are the ones I struggle with the most. The rest I do pretty well with. This year I became especially good at shifting the vibe or redirecting the attention and using it to get clearer about what I wanted, especially if I was having wishy washy results.
    Thanks Jeannete, I always look forward to reading these!
    Much love and Happy New Year to one and all.
    P.S. Loved the Slacker Manifesting e-book, it really helped me get through the holidays. I am going to do a big FB post about it very soon. It’s what I am embracing for the new year.
    Blessings, Pat

  • Cat says:

    In pursuit of #2 (“Feel what’s there”), I’d like to recommend a recently published book by Michelle Bersell, called “F.E.E.L.: Feel Every Emotion as Love”. I got it for Christmas — thank you, Santa! — and am not yet finished reading it, but so far am finding it quite helpful in adressing one rampant habit of Deliberate Creators everywhere, myself included: namely, the habit of fearing, denying, and/or desperately doing everything we can to witness/release/clear/pivot our “bad-guy” negative feelings. Michelle gives us a whole new perspective and practice — the perspective of treating them NOT as bad guys, but as mentors with a message, a message that is truly for our highest good. It is helping me, and perhaps it will help more people.

  • It helps to see the process very clearly, doesn’t it, Jesann? I think most of us find that we’re really good at some aspects, while other pieces of it trip us up a bit.
    Thanks for reading and for posting, my friend!

  • Jesann says:

    See, Jeannette, this is why I really like your advice. You discuss things like this so methodically that it becomes so easy to see what’s going on behind the scenes of manifestations or delays. You are one of the best LOA teachers out there. Thank you for this.

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