Q&A: How to Discover True Heart's Desire?

know your true heart's desireToday’s Note from the Universe read:

You simply cannot know what will make others happy.
But you can always know for yourself.

Which was a little ironic considering the number of conversations I’ve had with fellow creators this week about their challenges to know what they really truly want.
One of Bashar’s main messages is to “follow your highest excitement,” which some people find difficult to do when they have no idea what excites them.
(I know that sounds strange to those of you who are strongly plugged into your passion, but trust me, for some folks it’s frustratingly elusive.)
Since I’ve been exploring this topic lately in private sessions, I thought it’d be good for us to share tips here for others who may be wondering how to discover their true heart’s desire.
This is where you come in … how do you know (or learn) what you truly desire?
It’d be very helpful to hear your process or experience. Β (Thanks in advance for sharing!)

  • November 21, 2013
  • Learning what we are most passionate about can be a huge challenge for people. Many of us have been raised to always consider others and their feelings and to place our own feelings and desires second (if we are lucky!)
    For people who do not know what they are passionate about this concept can be daunting, but it is an excellent time to try new things and experience life.
    It is also a perfect opportunity to learn to quiet the chatter in your head so that your internal guidance system can reach your heart and help you find, and flame, your passion.

  • Sebastian says:

    I feel the happiest when I’m being creative. Poems. Making YouTube videos.
    I love music and love singing. Can’t wait to start turning my poems into songs. Look out for me in 5 years.

  • Cassie says:

    You’re welome Jas! I totally agree. What feels good changes and it’s always important to keep checking in to make sure we’re following the feel good. Those words feel light even as I read them on here! You got this!

  • Jas says:

    Thanks Cassie! That is helpful. I guess what’s feels the most fun changes along the way too and it’s important to keep a check on that! The words financial freedom and relief are feeling good and so light.

  • Cassie says:

    Jas, that is a great question. It was both. There was a step before both though and that was permission. What I was doing wasn’t working. I worked too much to be able to build my practice too. There wasn’t enough time to do what I wanted to do. There was a lot of frustration going on. I had in my head that my coaching practice would need to be the thing that lead the path out of my job. However when I sat down and gave myself permission to focus on what I wanted the answer was clear, get financially free and get out of my job. Then go have fun playing in my coaching practice.
    From that point that was my focus, and to be honest the action was minimal, which we know to be true when we’re working with LOA. It’s the focus, attention, the dreaming that brings what we want into our reality and we only need to take action when it’s inspired. Often that’s not a whole lot of action.
    Going forward from the point of honoring my highest desire, things ran smoothly. I could easily get in touch with the feeling of freedom. That brought huge amounts of relief and felt SO good that it was really easy to play there. Not to mention the Universe just kept opening door after door. At that point my coaching practice felt frustrating. It wasn’t because I didn’t love my work, but because I never had the time to finish anything, without giving up the fun time with people in my life. It’s easy to see now why that wasn’t manifesting easily, and why playing with freedom was such a welcome relief.
    The short answer is it was a different focus that led to taking different actions.
    Did that answer your question?

  • Thanks Eva!! I’m such a big fan of relief πŸ˜€

  • Eva says:

    Janette – loved your post! Sometimes finding relief is exactly what we need!

  • Jas says:

    Great article Jeannette and great comments too! I relate to a few of them. There was one by Cassie, that I’d like to hear more about:
    “I was doing all the right things, but it wasn’t coming together easy. When I asked myself what my highest desire was, I came back with financial independence (which means freedom). My coaching practice was actually my second highest desire at that point. When I began focusing on my highest desire it manifested almost effortlessly.”
    My question is whether this was simply a focusing thing or whether there was specific action around that 1st priority that was different than building your coaching practice? Cheers!

  • Tracy says:

    Yes Jeannette, I do offer numerology readings! I’m the same way as Janette says in the comment right above this comment, I want to grab strangers and say, “have you heard of this stuff?????”

  • Eva, I think you’ve hit exactly on why this can be such a challenging question to answer for some folks. Here’s to giving ourselves lots of room to enjoy lots of things!
    Janette, your two examples are making me smile. And could we get a book link, please?

  • Eva says:

    There seems to be so much pressure to find what we’re passionate about. Sometimes we’re not passionate about one thing but excited or drawn to many things. The problem with claiming something as being your passion is that it feels final, like if you change your mind you’re going to look like a jerk. Some of us “scanners” find our excitement/passion in the process of learning, trying something new and then letting it go if we’re done with it. Or if it sticks putting it in our portfolio of “fun things I like to do” or “fun ways I make cash”. Have a composite career i.e. coach/author/speaker/actor and never pick a passion!!

  • Janette says:

    I’ve been through two different stages where figuring out my passion was difficult, for completely different reasons.
    Stage 1 – back in the days when I felt utterly trapped, powerless and depressed – a certain someone whose initial are JEANNETTE MAW very cleverly instructed me to stop reaching for happiness or passion and just reach for relief. That one small directive (and believe me, I needed a clear directive!) allowed me to get off the hamster wheel and begin the journey back into the light. And needless to say, relief opened the door to happiness anyway. (Who knew??? LOL)
    Stage 2 – more recently, when I was having so many freaking exciting ideas, I didn’t know what to pick!! Then I realised my big clue about what truly lights me up is that I can talk about it under wet cement. Seriously. You can’t shut me up about it. I was like that about the brain science, which is why writing a book about it brought such relief – I could blurt it all out onto the page instead of constantly wanting to grab total strangers and ask them “have you heard this stuff?????”
    So for me, it’s been a different path to self-knowledge depending on my current life and where I’m at vibrationally. The key is not to allow confusion to become a weapon to beat myself up with (and I was doing a lot of that). As always – self-love, and turning kindness inwards.

  • Wow, that’s a helpful distinction, Sara. Thanks for posting!
    Melanie, you crack me up with balancing out the pro & con lists! ha I’m with you on the power of the body compass. And I LOVE the idea of a “glee gauge”! How fun!!

  • I use my Body Compass. For everything. Literally. “Should I eat this chocolate” or “Should I go to this movie” or “Should I start this business”, whatever might be coming up. It helps me to get out of my monkey mind. I used to make Pro & Con lists, but I’m so anal I’d make them equal out every. single. time. I will also use flow of consciousness writing to get clear. Lastly, I will use my Glee Gauge which essentially means that I notice how yummy something feels and keep going in that direction. I did this most recently with my Book Shaman practice, every time I would begin to work with someone on writing their book I would get this excited feeling (almost like when you first fall in love) and I would literally squee inside and would feel like I was gasping like you do when you get on a rollercoaster – I guess you could call that Body Compass too. That’s a huge indicator to me that I’m on the right path.
    I’m not sure that the right path is ever just packaged up neatly, I think it’s a series of twists and turns and turtle steps as you follow the bliss.

  • Trent, having recently discovered your work, your response here means even more to me.
    I understand meditation is pretty reliable and effective for creating space for a new knowing/awareness.
    But personally I found the questions you shared were what worked extremely well for me. How we spend our discretionary time & money is a pretty big clue about where our true party is. That’s a thread that’s sure to lead us to good places, in my opinion.
    Thanks for chiming in here, Trent! πŸ™‚

  • Sara Crain says:

    There’s a piece in here that I think may be critical for some — I know it has been for me. If we’re living in crisis for a period of time, getting to comfort and relief is the most important thing. However, staying in comfort is what keeps us from living in that edgy, electricity-rich passion. If someone has internalized that experience of living in crisis, like if they grew up in a chaotic or violent household, or lived in financial panic for years and years, the idea of letting go of comfort — even if circumstances are infinitely more stable and lush — can feel very frightening. To complicate it more, very little of this may be in their conscious awareness, and they may not know that passion and excitement are different from comfort. In other words, comfort may feel SO good in comparison to the chaos they had experienced, they may imagine that’s passion. So, I don’t know that I have a quick fix solution, but I think awareness is the first step, and being willing to trust that everything won’t fall back into chaos if they let go into following passion.

  • Two great suggestions, Tracy – I never used the numerology study, but how fun would that be! Do you offer readings?

  • Tracy says:

    A great thing to do is go back to what you liked when you were a child, lots of clues there! What games did you like to play? What did you like to role model?
    Also, numerology is a great place to look. While studying numerology, I was taught that we each set up things that we wanted to explore and work on prior to our trip into this lifetime. And we can see this in a numerology chart. Lots of clues in the numbers! A simple start, if you add together your month of birth, day of birth and year, you get your life path number. Example May (5) + day 24 (2+4=6)+ year 1980(1+9+8+0=9), so 5+6+9= 2. Then google life path and look at the number 2. The life path is our natural talents and abilities. I’m all about finding the clues…they are there πŸ™‚
    Tracy πŸ™‚

  • Oh my word, that is so true, Cassie. (The importance of loving ourselves to allow this discovery in.)
    Love the advice you shared from Lisa about shaking things up. That’s great! I also love how well you’ve honored your true desires. So inspiring – thanks for sharing, Cassie.
    (And super glad that coaching is getting your first rate attention these days. You are a fabulous one!)

  • Cassie says:

    Great question Jeannette!! I think you “discover” your hearts desire along your journey. On some level you probably know it all along, but getting in touch with it is a process. I know for sure, my heart’s desires became more easily accessible when I started truly loving myself. The more you love yourself, the more open you are to discover the path to your desire.
    A technique I learned from Lisa M. Hayes (The Love Whisperer) really started opening the doors to see my hearts desire as well. Lisa says sometimes you just have to turn your world upside down like a snow globe. Shake it up! Do everything differently. Take a new way to work. Go to different places, etc. That’s part of how I realized I was a city girl. Turns out, living in the city was one of my heart’s desires.
    My last technique is to explore what isn’t working. If it appears you’ve done everything right, but you’re not getting the results you desire. Ask yourself if this is really what you want. Over a year ago, I was working to build my coaching practice. I was doing all the right things, but it wasn’t coming together easy. When I asked myself what my highest desire was, I came back with financial independence (which means freedom). My coaching practice was actually my second highest desire at that point. When I began focusing on my highest desire it manifested almost effortlessly. Now, I have financial independence and I am happily and easily building my coaching practice.

  • Trent Golden says:

    Meditation helps in that it eliminates a lot of the clutter. As the superficial layers drop off, it is a lot easier to get in touch with the most authentic version of yourself.
    Other places to look are, what do you do for free (ie not for pay) in your free time?
    What do you spend your time thinking/reading about?
    Here’s a big one: What do you lose yourself in doing?
    EX. For me, music is one of my passions. I can spend several hours recording a piece of music and not realize how much time has passed. I can play a guitar solo and completely lose all thoughts and be totally engrossed and be totally present…my heart’s desire to create.
    Do you have hobbies/activities/subjects/daydreams that you love so much you lose yourself in them? Thats a great place to look for your heart’s desire…

  • So it sounds like you discovered it in the “doing,” Ming. That could be a fun treasure hunt to go on!
    Thanks for launching our conversation here with such a helpful and personal response. πŸ™‚
    Sophie, I love the “light/heavy” energy test. As well as your invitation to employ the question that leads us to happiness. Very helpful, thank you!!

  • Sophie says:

    The problem is in the fact that we are looking for what we desire, ie what creates some kind of excitement, ie something outside of ourselves.
    We can desire anything we choose. The piece missing is that people have to choose for NO OTHER REASON than they are choosing. Choices are neither wrong nor bad. Once we choose, we become aware if this is something we want to keep choosing or not.
    We can also ask, if I choose this, what will my life be like in 5 years (too far in the future to make it significant) and get either a light or heavy energy. This requires that we don’t look for a specific answer, simply for an energy.
    What if instead of a desire we asked what can I create today that would allow me to choose happiness with ease?
    My two cents πŸ™‚

  • Ming says:

    You know I love questions! πŸ™‚ AND since this is a question I have to answer today…. I have been thinking about it a lot this week.
    How do I know? For me personally, when I’m doing some thing I love (like healing animals, attuning animals) it just LIGHTS me up. I mean, my body feels pure joy, I’m smiling, I feel inspired, happy! It feels like yes, this is what I am meant to do. This is why I am here. This is my gift I can share with the world.
    If I go back further, and look. … I remember healing my dog way back when … and I received so much joy from that, I thought, could other dogs benefit? Then the journey began, as I kept doing it… and I kept seeing results which fueled my joy… I just kept going and going.
    And here I am continuing that . SO I guess the answer is I follow what gives me joy.

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