Do You Mean It?

horseThose are the first words I have written down from last weekend’s horse seminar with Koelle Simpson and Martha Beck in Scottsdale, Arizona:

“Do you mean it?”

Our first exercise was designed to reveal the energy we each flowed as reflected by the horses. 
Koelle asked us to perform a “join up” after “sending out” the horse to do a couple laps around the pen.  If we were tentative, the horse could tell and wouldn’t respond to our instruction. 
Aggressive energy didn’t fly either. 
We were each learning to find that energy stream of calm confidence in order to get the desired responses.  Which also happens to work extremely well for manifesting anything we want.
Martha Beck says “how we do anything is how we do everything.”  Because of that, we could analyze (and alter) our approach to horses and see how we were handicapping whatever else wasn’t happening in our lives.

Most of the participants were there to figure out how to get a boyfriend, heal their bodies, or grow their business.  I was the only one who said she was there to study energy, but really – that’s what all of us were doing.

Through the work with the instructors -the horses – we learned how we might be scaring off men, or being desperate for clients, or ignoring messages from our bodies. 
Koelle asked we be clear about what we want from the horse (i.e. set a strong intention).  Then to drop any fear or doubt and to lead the horse energetically with a calm, confident expectation.  All the while being aware of the interplay of energy and make adjustments as called for. 
Tentativeness was a sure fire way to fail the exercise.  (And trust me, it’s easy to “walk on eggshells” when you’re not used to being around those big, powerful animals!)
If we were tentative, the horses didn’t buy we were trustworthy leaders, and would either ran rampant or dilly-dally at their own will.  Which led some participants to frustrated or angry energy.  You might guess that didn’t help either. 
(Is Cesar Millan’s work coming to mind for anyone else right now, too?)

Speaking of Whisperers, Koelle displayed an awareness of energy like no one I’ve ever met before – and not just with horses, but with people, too.
She reads energy like the Matrix movie characters do.  It’s like she sees a code the rest of us don’t sense.  Except she was teaching us to sense it as well, through the work with horses.

And this is exactly what we get to do every day in life.  We don’t need horses to show us what we’re flowing energetically.  When we learn to pay attention to the world around us, we see the clues and evidence revealing what our energy is and how it is (or isn’t) helping us achieve our dreams. 
As we develop a stronger sensitivity and awareness to energy, and learn to manage it, there is literally nothing we can’t accomplish!
Which is a concept we’ll cover in my Abundance of Perfect Clients course starting next Wednesday.  You’ll learn to discern the vibration you flow on the topic of clients, and how to shift it in order to allow the results you want – no matter how elusive they may seem now. 
(The good news is this is the first course I’ve offered that can’t fill up!  It’s open to everyone who wants in, so if you’re interested click here and follow the steps to join.  Note: all VIP seats are filled.)
In the meantime, consider this post an invitation for you to look at things from the Universe’s perspective.  In regards to the results you want, do you really mean it?  Or are you kind of wishy-washy, doubtful, unfocused, fearful, or just plain frustrated? 
A clear and assertive calm confidence will help you not just in working with a horse, but also your entire world.  And that I mean.

  • March 31, 2009
  • Nat Couropmitree says:

    “When we learn to pay attention to the world around us, we see the clues and evidence revealing what our energy is and how it is (or isn’t) helping us achieve our dreams. ”
    Wow, this is so true!
    Just the other day my car started to act up. Every so often the car would not accelerate smoothly from a stopped position – it couldn’t find the right gear (and it’s an automatic!) and other times it would just shake while I was cruising along.
    Now this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced similar car symptoms. So at first, I just dismissed it. I knew I just needed to shift my energy like I’ve done so many times in the past and my car would get better.
    But this time it didn’t. It got worse to really get my attention. As I sat with it, I realized that I cleverly manifested this so that I could become conscious of how I was running my energy. Well the car had trouble getting moving forward, it kept on stalling and instead of just cruising peacefully, there were interruptions to the flow.
    This was exactly how I had been feeling over the last few weeks. So much I wanted to do but kept on getting stuck in my emotions. So I kept on stalling, putting off things to do. I couldn’t find my natural groove (or gear).
    There were 2 things I could do here to change the situation. (1) – shift my energy to get it moving, find my groove and hope that that would also make the car better or (2) Just shift my energy by getting the car fixed.
    I chose option 2 because it was the path of least resistance. Sure I had to pay big bucks for the repair but I saw it as an energetic upgrade. Plus this path was easier than trying to believe that I could in 1 day reverse the physical problem that I had manifested with the car.
    The day my car was in the shop I got so much completed. Energy is flowing again.

  • MaryK says:

    Hi Jeannette!
    OK, I think I properly fixed the comment settings on my blog… so next time you (and anybody else) should be able to comment!! Silly me, I didn’t know you had to enable that sort of stuff 😉
    Have a great weekend!

  • jenny says:

    Thanks, Jeannette. That’s funny. I thought “sending out” and “joining up” were vibrational terms–didn’t realize they were horse terms 🙂
    I’m curious, what would make one of those actions, sending or joining, easier or more difficult for someone to do with the horses? How are the vibrations different, and how can we take that difference and relate it to how we interact with others in our lives?

  • Good question, Jenny. The sending out is when you’re standing in the middle of the pen with your horse and you want him/her to go to the outer edge and run laps. The joining up was when you wanted him/her to come from wherever they were (the outer edge) and join you in the middle of the pen.
    Fun exercise. 🙂

  • jenny says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience!
    Can you comment more about this,which you wrote above: “of course it’s easy to send out (although several people couldn’t do that) but joining up would be a challenge (which for others was a no-brainer).”
    I’m specifically interested in understanding the difference between “send out” and “joining up.” I’m still learning the terminology here.

  • Great post, Mary! Thanks for it!
    I have to tell you, every time I try to leave a comment, it won’t let me. Your blog requires me to login to leave a comment, and no matter what login method I attempt, it gives me an error. Just so you know why you never hear from me there. 😉

  • MaryK says:

    Ok, I took your word for it and posted a blog about movement meditation! It also references your amazing blog post above, which I still think is just so fascinating. 🙂
    My blog is titled “Releasing Stuck Energy” and is at
    If you’re so moved, leave me some comments on my blog and let me know what you think! I’m still new to the whole blogging thing and want to make sure what I’m writing is resonating with people. Thanks!!

  • Thanks for reading, Carol. I’m glad you found inspiration in it! 🙂

  • Carol says:

    Wow, I absolutely LOVE this blog post and your most recent ezine. Even though at a certain level I do get it that everything we’re experiencing is about the energy we’re putting out, it is just soo easy to forget. These two articles are really powerful reminders that I’ll refer back to. Thank You So Much 🙂
    OOh…also just saw this from the comments:
    “Koelle insists horses like leadership and direction, which I imagine the Universe does too”. Love it!

  • Ha – loved this, Dr. Jenn: “Hard to argue with a 1,000 pound mirror!” Very true!
    You’re right about the magic of being with horses. Nothing else like it, I imagine!
    Thanks for reading and especially for posting, my friend. 🙂

  • Dr. Jenn says:

    Jeannette- I’m so excited you got to directly experience the power of horse as teacher, coach, healer and friend!
    It’s quite a transformative journey, isn’t it!?
    I’m always learning more from the horses whenever I do equine assisted coaching at our ranch, Happily Ever After.
    Once, a workshop participant described the energy of one of my mares as “the Warrior Goddess.” Powerful and strong, yet playful and sweet. That’s similar to your “calm confidence.”
    I loved that as an analogy for putting forth your Light into the world- really embodying your power, Who You Really Are, but in a playful way that invites others to come out and dance with you! I wrote about it a while back here: Who Else Want to be a Warrior Goddess?
    I know of few other beings that ask you, in fact, insist on you, stepping into that specific place- and so the work with horses can be so empowering and enlightening.
    Indeed- the whole Universe is always asking us: Do you mean it?! I like for folks to remember that once they set a positive intention and the crap hits the fan- it’s only the Universe innocently asking: “Are you sure you REALLY mean it, because if you do, great…but if you’re not so sure, well, then, perhaps this is a better fit!”
    It’s simply your chance to shout- “YES! I’m totally sure, I mean it! ” And that’s one of the horse’s gift to us- insisting you own your power, because they shine back your true intention, like a mirror. Hard to argue with a 1,000 pound mirror! 😉
    Not only that but they are actually energy healers and transformers! They have profound abilities to help bring up in us the next piece that needs to be addressed, allow us to fully experience the emotion, facilitate us in releasing it, dissolving the block in our bodies, and often, installing a more positive nugget in the void that’s left behind!
    That’s why I am so honored to do this work! You, and Kim, and everyone else ought to come out and play with the herd some time- perhaps we’ll do a workshop together! It’s always a blessing!
    I’d love to hear more about your workshop retreat too!

  • Debra says:

    Count me in as well! Whoa Nelly! Seriously?? Jeannette, Kim *and* horses?? I am SO there! 🙂
    Kim, I saw the pic’s of you with Storm…SO amazing, that sweet connection.
    Thanks for your response to my comment, Jeannette…you’ve stimulated those horsey senses yet again…I relate so deep to the dirty sweatshirt story.
    When I worked (played!) at a horse ranch on Kauai for a year and a half I would relish in just how dirty I could come home…smelling of that sweet ‘horses only’ smell.
    People who know me (or think they do) had a hard time believing how voraciously I enjoyed my experience at the ranch, sweat, rain, mud, dust, hair, horse apples and all.
    It’s true there aren’t many instances where I give myself to the dirty side of life with such reckless abandon…for horses, in a heart beat!
    I guess that just goes to show…when you’re aligned, you’re aligned and no amount of horse manure is gonna stop you! he he 😉
    Let’s do it! When’s it happening, Jeannette?

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Oh I’m definitely there for the quality time horse hook up! I hadn’t communed with a horse in decades and then found myself with my arms around a little foal–Storm, named for the day he was born. It all comes flooding back (or I come flooding downstream to it more likely) and what a wonderful rush.
    🙂 I’m loving everyone’s stories. Thank you!

  • Melissa says:

    “Clear and assertive calm confidence.” I am having so much fun with your blog post. Literally I am imagining perfect clients taking a few laps around the ring.
    Or shifting it to imagine them reaching out.
    After this weekend, I’m curious, whose energy is easier to read, a human’s or a horse’s?
    Looking forward to Perfect Clients with you!

  • Alana says:

    Thank you for this post. I have worked with horses for many years, as well as dogs, and it is very true. For some reason though, it never occurred to me to take the way I am working with animals and use it in other areas of my life. Profound DUH moment. LOL!

  • Good point, Kim. It’s all energy, but we are so funny about treating it differently, aren’t we?
    Even the same thing – the horse – I approached in two different ways – like of course it’s easy to send out (although several people couldn’t do that) but joining up would be a challenge (which for others was a no-brainer).
    It makes me think what about Russ I approach so differently … hmm …
    Thanks for the insight!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Hi Jeannette!
    I love this post and I’m feeling all kinds of happy that there will be more insights coming in the Perfect Clients course. I’m signed in!
    Everything is energy…horses, cats, people, pancakes, computers. . . interesting how we approach each in such different ways! I’m having an epiphany here!
    Thank you!!!!

  • Melissa, I am laughing out loud with that visual of putting perfect clients through the paces! “Come here now, hold up there a second, get to work now, okay, let’s nuzzle.” he he
    I have to say, my first resistance was asking ANYTHING from the horses. Part of me was like, “why do we have to make them run?” Why can’t they just hang out and do what they want?
    But in manifesting terms, that’s taking a rather passive role in life, and Koelle insists horses like leadership and direction. Which I imagine Universe does too.
    So here’s to managing our perfect clients in whatever ways serve us all best. 🙂
    Thanks for joining the conversation, Melissa! I’m already looking forward to our September gig with Koelle. (Maybe one of us should tell her about it, huh?) lol

  • More for SURE, Debra!! I can hardly stop thinking about it all!
    I understand now that horse love … and how easy it would be to miss them after you’ve known them. I particularly enjoyed how they would nibble on my fingers, nose and clothes, the feel of their breath on my head and in my hand, the SMELL!!, and there were two week old babies at this ranch!! oh gosh, … words can’t even DESCRIBE the pleasure there!!
    And their eyes! Koelle said looking at them directly in the eye is not something they find pleasurable or enjoyable – I think – but I couldn’t help it! Such sweet souls! And those long eyelashes.
    After the first day Russ saw my sweatshirt (covered with dirt and horse hair) and so he laundered it for me (the triple virgo that he is), but I was tickled pink the next morning to get it “dirty” again in minutes with more horse hair and dirt. I want to be horse dirty all the time. he he
    I think you and I should hook up for quality horse time one of these fine days. I can tell we’d have a blast together!
    In fact, I think Kim said she’s coming too, next time!
    Thanks for being here, Debra. Sure love the energy you bring!!

  • Deb says:

    This struck a strong note with me as well. I’m right in the middle the place of finding this clear calm energy in relation to my rates, trusting that I am good enough to support that calm energy.
    What a fascinating weekend and process. Thanks for sharing it with us. 😉

  • Debra says:

    Oh Jeannette!! I loved every word of your post…and even more so the energy encapsulated in it.
    I found myself reading it ever so slowly to feel every minute detail encoded here. I love horses so deeply, so completely. Their innate ability to be an unconditional mirror of reflection for us continues to move me like almost nothing else.
    You mentioned that we don’t *need* horses to show us what we’re flowing energetically; that’s true…and I’ll ‘join up’ with a horse any day in order to understand it more deeply. :0)
    Horses and I haven’t been in close physical proximity for far too long. Reading your post I found myself engaging all of my senses…feeling their breath on my neck…smelling their…well, you know what I mean. I just love ALL of it and I miss the tangible nature of the experience. (Thanks for bringing this into focus for me again…)
    I love your ‘Matrix’ description of Koelle…beautiful soul.
    Whether from Ceasar, Koelle or anyone else…it is crystal clear truth. Clear and assertive calm confidence is the key to the kingdom (which ever kingdom we choose) and the only way to use the key is indeed if we mean it.
    (I’m going to play in the kingdom with horses again…and I DO mean it…in case you were wondering…)
    Thanks for sharing your experience. More please? :0)

  • Oh, I already know we’ll be hearing back from you about big time magic, MaryK!!!
    I practiced that with my crackhead neighbor last year (I use that as a term of endearment now), and if I can do it in THAT situation – anyone can do it!
    Keep us posted, girlfriend. 🙂

  • MaryK says:

    Me again!! 🙂
    Wow, since I last posted I have been thinking of all kinds of examples where this would work! For example, say you work at a job where you don’t like your boss very much. And right now you are holding the energy of “I don’t like my boss, why does he keep giving me so much work to do?” This is inevitably going to cause tension between the two of you, because your boss will pick up on your dislike of him. But now try consciously changing your energy pattern to one of “I am here to assist my boss, make his life easier, and help him get organized, etc.” I know this may be difficult at first and may even sound ridiculous, especially depending on how well (or not well) your boss treats you. However, if you are able to really get into that new vibration, think of all the possibilities for change!! I’m going to try this one out and will let you know how it goes:-)

  • I’m glad you recognize that’s a process, Deb. An ongoing one, in my experience.
    That takes some of the pressure of to have it all sorted out right now, huh?
    Sending good “rate thoughts” your way!! he he

  • You’re making me laugh about the friendly beagle, MsNikki! ha
    I know what you mean – Martha said on a pre-workshop promo call that the energy of horses is different than dogs. That you learn things about yourself with equines that you wouldn’t with canines.
    Whatever reflection we can find to show us our true vibe is gift, isn’t it? Although we might not see it that way at the time – ha!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, MsNikki. Always a pleasure!

  • MsNikki says:

    Okay, I finally got my Twitter a** together and noticed that you had a new link to another fabulous post!
    How many times have I *honestly* thought that I was mustering all of my wonderful/magical mojo to no avail? Or worse, to my detriment? Hmmm… I feel that it would be interesting and surprising to see how the horses react to the real vibe I’m sending out! I don’t believe the experiment would work on a friend’s shiny happy beagle. I could be a serial axe murderer wanted in three states and she would still be friendly!

  • Amen to being willing to continue practicing, huh Tammy?!
    I loved what you said here: “calm and confident with a relaxed feel.” That’s the sweet spot, isn’t it?!
    Thanks for reading and especially for posting your thoughts! Much appreciated, my friend!

  • Tammy says:

    This has been on my mind lately. It seems I have been “spinning” lately with my intentions. I took a step back and realized my intenitons manifest the quickest when I am calm and confident with a relax feel.
    Oddly enough, when I am at my lowest is when I am the clearest. Right now many things are coming together for me and I am a bit lost as how to handle it…I tend to “spin”. Now I am clear, calm, relaxed and accepting of the good. Practice makes perfect, practicing allowing the good is a nice experience. 🙂

  • Movement meditation! We gotta hear more about this, MaryK. Have you written about it somewhere we can study up?
    What you described with men (energetically) is the exact same thing one of our other group participants was experiencing with men in her life, and a couple others with clients, believe it or not.
    Powerful realizations to embrace, huh?
    Thanks for sharing, MaryK!

  • MaryK says:

    Hi Jeannette! Welcome back!! 🙂
    Wow, this post was very powerful for me. I was at a retreat myself this past weekend (yoga/creativity/spirituality) and most of the lessons I learned from the weekend had to do with how I hold my energy as well.
    Personally, I realized I was stuck… no energy flowing whatsoever! But we did this incredible movement meditation by Gabrielle Roth (5 Rhythms), which really opened up the flow within me! And now I see how this stuck energy has been holding me back all these years.
    I see now, for example, why I have so much clutter in my condo. The energy is just stuck! Again, no flow whatsoever! I don’t move, and neither does the clutter. Which is why I just ordered a book on Amazon about feng shui, so I can figure out how to get some movement and flow in my place once and for all!! And hopefully in my life, as well.
    Also, even though I’m in a relationship right now, I can see why men used to always keep me at an arm’s distance… It’s like they wanted so badly to get close to me, and they tried. But internally I had this wall up of blocked/stuck energy that said “Go away, don’t come any closer!! Stay back!”, and so they never ended up fully opening up to me. And I was always so surprised years later when I found out that they really, truly loved me, but just didn’t feel safe enough around me to open up. Now I know why!! I was holding my energy towards them in a place of intense FEAR… and they were picking up on it, and therefore not opening up to me.
    Wow, this wave of relief just came over me because now I know how to prevent things like this from happening to me again… make sure to hold my energy in a different pattern! S-I-G-H…
    Thanks for sharing this, Jeannette. This has really opened up a lot of insights for me! Can’t wait to apply this to my world and see what happens 🙂

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