Do You Need a Vibe Detox?

vibe detoxJanuary is a popular month for detoxes and cleanses.

While many folks are doing substance cleanups in the body or lightening up their physical environment, it’s also worth looking at what vibrations we could use a break from.

How to know if you could benefit from a vibration detox?

Here are four signs you might be addicted to a particular emotion or vibrational frequency:

1. You can’t shake it even when you want to.

Despite your best efforts to refocus, you keep coming back to a particular energetic state that isn’t pleasant.  If your feeling state seems beyond your control, you might be addicted.

Example: if you find one reason to worry after another, you might need a worry detox. Or if you find that feeling better is consistently hard work, you might have a vibrational habit that’s keeping you from making progress.

2. Your manifesting efforts aren’t getting traction.

If your creation processes aren’t taking hold, it may be that you’ve got a dominant vibe overpowering those efforts. You’ll get a lot more bang for your buck when you’re not operating with a misaligned vibrational tendency.

3. You’ve got a long list of reasons to justify feeling bad, or you create flimsy excuses to perpetuate those feelings.

When you work hard to justify negative feelings, especially using (what might seem to others) silly reasons for it, you might be secretly supporting an energetic habit. This sounds ridiculous to a person not under the influence, but I used to feel resentment whenever my boyfriend would do something as simple as open the garage door. Every little thing he did I could turn into an excuse to be irritated.

4. You have looping negative experiences.

If you experience one unwanted episode after another, it might be the law of attraction has entrained you into an emotional addiction. Remember the “woe is me” victim from What the Bleep who kept having bad things happen? Patterns like that could be a sign we’re operating under an addiction.

The next question is how to engage a vibrational detox …

Getting LOA coach support is an excellent start.

But for those doing it solo, it starts with awareness of how you get your fix. Once you can spot it happening, you’ve got a chance to make a conscious choice to redirect your focus.

The same process for choosing not to smoke a cigarette, or not to have a drink, or abuse chocolate – that’s where it starts.  It requires awareness, commitment, and a plan.

So instead of engaging the old habit, you consciously choose a new one. “Instead of this, I’ll have that.”

For example, if I was withdrawing from a drama addiction, I would start by recognizing when I was engaging it.

It could go like: I see something on the news that infuriates me. I pause the tv, turn to my boyfriend, take a deep breath to launch my tirade – and in that moment I recognize what I’m doing. I can see my drama fix unfolding in real time.

So I make a different choice. “I don’t do drama any more,” I remind myself. “I’m a calm, cool, collected girl.”

Instead of feeding the drama, I choose something more positive. It’s helpful to engage a quick hit of pleasure or appreciation. (I’m told the brain responds exceptionally well to pleasure.) Anything to break the old cycle and start a new one.

As with any detox, we may have symptoms of withdrawal in the beginning (irritability included), and it requires a commitment to make it stick.

But the payoff of creating emotional freedom for ourselves is huge.

If you’ve got questions, tips or stories to share about kicking a bad vibrational habit, please do.

  • January 7, 2014
  • Melody says:

    Well, yesterday was my first day of vibe shifting, and I caught myself shifting into “shoulding” oh, just 50 or so times, LOL:) Today I have caught myself only 6 times, a vast improvement.
    On the awesome side, I already feel more desire and inspiration naturally bubbling up inside me. I am taking it easy. I am not going to take action, until I can’t stand it a moment longer;)
    I do have a lot of self-love, so much so that I believe I am capable of superhuman feats (look at the ego on this one). I just have a habit of changing “would love to” into “must do,” because I can’t predict how my ideal life would happen otherwise. I am trying to traffic control the universe–just realized that, wow.
    I think intelligent people are so rewarded for figuring things out that they can end up trying to use their intelligence for EVERYTHING, but when it comes to manifestation it is like trying to use a hammer to fix a broken flower pot.
    Interestingly enough, my best manifestations have ALL come to me with no effort on my part in ways I could not predict.
    I was asked out of the blue to do both my solo art exhibits, on the same day.
    I met my husband after I decided to be celibate for the summer. It was love at first sight. Three days after we started to date, we moved in together, even though he lived in New York and I lived in the Midwest. We were really young, and his logical practical-minded family thought it was a bad idea. We are still together, blissfully happy, more in love every year, eleven years later. We never fight, and the sex keeps getting better.
    There is so much else, none of it I had anything to do with! Except vibrationally. In a way, my “shoulds” are a way to make me feel more important. Look how much I do! Look how much I want this! My effort is integral to the process! When I am just flailing my arms around, getting in the way. Its really funny if you think about it.

  • And THAT is why Janette is the expert on this subject. (Love you, girlfriend!) 🙂

  • Janette says:

    OMGosh, thank you for sharing that, Jeannette – haven’t really been able to get online since this wonderful post went up!!
    Sebastian – well done on choosing not to go down the drama path. Yes, having a “shaky” little while afterwards can happen. Doesn’t always, but sometimes it’s part of the detox process. Just like how for someone quitting smoking (says the girl who’s done it twice!!) – there can be moments of mini-meltdowns, severe munchies or rabid rage. Those moments don’t last, and they aren’t usually 24/7 – in fact they pass pretty quickly; not everyone has them; and just because you experience one shaky period (an hour or a day) doesn’t mean you’ll ever have another one.
    What we DO know from the research is that what counts is making the effort to stop, relabel and deactivate consistently. And it can shift so fast (especially if you use the mindful pleasure piece) it’ll make your head spin. In a good way!!
    Melody, I’m giving a huge cheer for giving up “should” – WOOHOOO!!!!!! I often recommend dropping “should” as a starting point for amping up self-love. My favourite trick when I hear myself say or think “should” (yeah, it still happens!) is to replace it with its empowering cousin “could”. So “I should lose 20 lbs” becomes “I could lose 20 lbs – or not”. In other words, I get to choose. And man, that feels good. So, amen to calling BS on the so-called wisdom (ha!) of traditional thinking.

  • Jeannette says:

    Here’s Janette Dalgliesh on the subject (from my inbox):
    A vibe detox can be as simple as resetting the chemical balance in your brain (this is WAY easier than it sounds!).
    Without getting too technical, our brain cells can become acclimated to particular emotions, to the point where they behave like a junkie needing a fix, craving that habitual emotion (anxiety, rage, fear and so on). The craving can lead to the same old thoughts running through your head again and again, even when you’re trying to change them, as your brain uses the old narrative to keep triggering more of that emotional “juice”.
    There’s a simple three step process that can make all the difference, in a matter of weeks (or even days):
    Step 1 – stop and label. The moment you notice that old sticky vibe, label it correctly as being nothing more than a chemical habit in your brain. For example, if the old emotional habit is disappointment, and the narrative your brain’s been using in the past is “it’ll never work out” – then when you have that thought “it won’t work”, stop and relabel it. It’s nothing more than the old disappointment habit. You can even give it a name, if you want – naming the monster is always a way to tame it. Perhaps “Eeyore” would be a good label for disappointment.
    Step 2 – deactivate. Whatever pattern of thoughts, internal dialogues, actions or behaviours you normally do next, don’t. You’re not playing that game any more, so resist the urge to go down that rabbit hole. You may not succeed every time, by the way – but the attempt to resist is what counts in shifting your brain’s chemistry.
    Step 3 – activate mindful sensory pleasure for at least 30 seconds. This might be sniffing essential oil, massaging in hand cream, a square of perfect chocolate, a furry or a human hug, playing with something creative. The key is to be mindful about the pleasure – really immersing in the deliciousness of it, not simply numbing pain. Activating sensory pleasure in a very conscious, aware way works to help rebalance your brain’s chemistry. And – of course – engaging pleasure is a fabulous way to lift your vibration!
    Janette’s at

  • Yay for calling BS on that traditional routine that obviously wasn’t serving you, Melody. (I got goosebumps when I read that you weren’t falling for that!)

  • Melody says:

    Just last night, I decided to stop “shoulding” myself so much. I push and I push, and naturally this stresses me out, so then I avoid what I am pushing myself to do, and then I push even harder, and I avoid even more, and on and on. And then when I do things, even things I want to do, I am too stressed out to get a feeling of accomplishment, so the next time I imagine doing said task, I remember all the times I felt bad afterwards, and it is even more demotivating.
    All the conventional self help advice is to figure it out, plan in advance, try hard, if it makes you miserable, just do it anyway, keep doing it, do it until you puke blood if necessary. I call bullshit on that.
    Last year I stopped all dieting and diet thoughts, and now I never want to overeat, I always eat an epically healthy diet (mostly raw gluten-free vegan) because I want to and I LOVE eating this way and how amazing it makes me feel. Oh, and I lost some weight, which is really besides the point.
    When I was younger, I never pushed myself, and I was published in 50 literary magazines before the age of 18, won a prestigious award, paid to do readings, praised by famous people etc. I broke my beautiful natural desire to work by trying to fix it, when nothing was wrong. I bought into the trope that to succeed we have to try harder, get better, set goals, be consistent, and I created struggle for myself.
    I resolve in 2014 to forego all goals all plans all self-imposed strictures, and just do what I want to do. I have manifested life circumstance where I have a huge amount of freedom, so why not completely enjoy it?

  • Congratulations, Sebastian, on making a new choice! Well, not just that – but being able to catch it before we’re fully in it – that deserves credit, too!
    Was the workout successful for you in relieving that stress? Maybe there’s something else you could do that will allow more immediate relief (like a good cry session in private, perhaps)?
    I’m not the expert on this process, but Lisa and Janette are – so I’ll ask them to weigh in here.
    Seriously, though – good job on spotting it and choosing differently. You’re already ahead of the game just in doing that! And I do understand that it gets easier the more we practice it.

  • Sebastian says:

    I had an episode today where I almost initiated drama with someone. Instead, I went to the gym to relieve stress. But I wanted to cry the whole time in the gym. It took me several hours to calm myself down but at least I didn’t go to those bad habits of initiation drama immediately.
    Is this how it should go?

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