April 17, 2007

Do Your Thing

A fellow coach asked me today how many hours I spend a week working. Is this a trick question?! Then I thought, well, maybe for some coaches it DOES feel like work. But my answer was that I haven’t worked a single hour since I quit my corporate job.
“Very funny,” he said, and rephrased his question: “How many hours do you spend on your practice?”
Oh, THAT! Yeah, lots. And love every minute of it.
But that’s because I keep my face to the sun, go with what feels good, which is often talking to people about law of attraction. I mean, here it is after midnight on a “work” night (hee hee – “work” night – as IF!) and I still can’t stop doing it!
(I’m a blogging fool already.)
Here’s the thing. You know what I’m talking about when I say “work” doesn’t feel like “work,” right?
Doing the thing you love, that might look like work to someone else, but to you … it’s just .. “mm, mm, good”? You know what I’m talking about?
If you don’t, oh … you must try it! Find your thing. Do it. There’s nothing like it!
What does your “feel good” look like? Can you introduce some into daily life?
If you can (which trust me, you can), it’ll feed your spirit and nourish your soul like you’ve never experienced before.
Doing our thing … is there anything more beautiful than that? I doubt it. Here are a couple clips I like along those lines. Can’t forget Juan!

  • Jeff Atherton says:

    As my good friend Joe Schroder would say:

    “Work is only work if you wish you were someplace else.”

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    So William, my dad stopped by this afternoon and mentioned your post. You’re inspiring lots of discussion with this question!

    I don’t pretend to have all the answers to these big questions, but I’ll share what works for me in my thought process.

    (My dad had lots of good stuff to say on this topic, so I hope he posts, too!)

    Abraham says our vibrational escrow consists not only of every desire we’ve given birth to in this lifetime, but also intentions from our non-physical self before we incarnated.

    That right there fills in a LOT of gaps for me.

    Many authors write about life purposes and destinies and missions and fate … and yet Abraham tells us there’s nothing we’re “supposed” to do here. (Other than follow our inner being’s direction to what feels good.)

    So if my non-physical self has an intention for this go-around, and that’s in my escrow continually calling me, that could explain a lot of questions like this, right?

    For example, my dad mentioned a story Kryon tells about how someone might want to learn forgiveness, but that setup requires a party to forgive, right? In order for one to learn and practice forgiveness, someone else has to be willing to give him/her the opportunity to forgive. Meaning someone’s gotta wear the “black hat.”

    I’m not describing this eloquently – I hope someone else will join in.

    But my point is that we don’t know what’s in another’s escrow. We don’t know what their intentions were.

    Even not considering any of that, there is still this:

    Babies are exposed to vibrations while they’re still in the womb. So what vibrations are we offering these unborn babies? We do have energetic effects on each other, which is important to remember.

    (Which is why one of my favorite questions on my intake form for new clients is “Who are you hanging out with? And how do they feel to you?” Because you’re vibrating what they’re vibrating and vice versa.)

    This is a long post, and I’m not sure I’ve really answered your question.

    I also wanted to suggest that we’re making a judgment about what’s good, bad, right and wrong here. Which I really don’t feel qualified or compelled to do.

    Hey, maybe next time we could talk about GOOD things happening to babies and their parents! : )

    In fact – I’ll start that right now. My pregnant feral Siamese foster cat, who I’ve had for a few days now, just gave birth to six kitties! Five of them doing fabulously! Looks like three tabbies and two blacks. She still doesn’t want me anywhere near her, but looks like she’s doing all the right mom things. Yay, mom! Yay babies! Yay Jeannette!! I’ll post photos as soon as they’re cute. lol (Not so cute, yet!)

    Thanks again for your post, William. I love it when we get a good discussion going. : )

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    I keep trying to type up a response for William, but it’s hard to get in that groove while I’m listening to Blake Lewis’ Time of the Season performance from Idol: http://youtube.com/watch?v=cN7hvU58fXM

    Will get there, though, my friend. Thanks Sugandhi, in the meantime for your valuable post!

    And Steve, yes! It’s always a good time to examine what we really want, since it does change with time. Good for you for being willing to look. Many don’t for fear of what they’ll find when they do.

    I’m sending lots of love your way. : )

    And Michael! You’ve perfectly described what I was trying to capture! “Good” exhausting! lol Yeah, it’s so much fun when we’re doing “our thing” that it just doesn’t occur to us that it’s “work.” How cool is THAT?

    Good job expanding your capacity. You deserve ALL the good stuff! Care to share any of your music with us?

    Marquina – glad you liked KT’s clip! That one is so inspiring to me! After seeing her interview with MTV about her lowly start at coffee shops in front of six people, I get a kick out of watching her when she was a one-woman show without all the glitz and glam she has now.

    In fact, Marquina, show us YOUR thing! Can you give us a link to what you’re up to?

  • Sugandhi says:

    3 month babies carry the energy of their parents. It’s abuse energy imprints contained in the cells carried forward from generation to generation (and if you beleive in past lives, then it is past life energy).
    Also most times, such news have an impact on the observer. It is also the point of attraction of the observer who then gets affected by such happenings. So the observer of such news has to look and see how it is affecting him.

  • moverdrive says:

    This is a great barometer for finding out what you like/love doing! Playing in a band is typically physically exhausing, but only after I’m done…and then it’s such a ‘good’ exhausting that I don’t realize four or five solid hours of sweating under the lights has gone by.

    Here’s what I’m working with…I realized that I have limits to what I think I can accomplish as a musician. Not from a playing standpoint so much as a ‘having all I want’ standpoint.

    So I’m expanding my capacity to want and have…

    Thanks, Jeannette!!

  • Marquina Rawlings says:

    Oh my goodness! Those were some really great clips and I LOVE KT Tunstall! Hope you got the cd ‘cuz it’s really good! I’m in a really great mood now with a great vibration! Thank you!

  • william says:

    could someone please answer this? If everything that happens to us we attracted it, how do we explain 3 month old babies being abused? How did they bring that on themselves?

  • Steve says:

    Hmm..I’m almost 2 years into my career as a real estate agent and business still hasn’t taken off like I expected. And what started out as fun, exciting and rewarding seems to bring out fear, uncertainty and discomfort now. Could it be that I have taken a shot at the wrong target? Guess it’s time for some searching about what it is I really want to manifest. Thanks for this, and all the other inspiring posts.

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