Does It Really Work??

How Fast Can Law of Attraction Work“Does it really work??”

That’s the question a first date asked with complete skepticism years ago when I explained what law of attraction coaching was. He’d never heard of the law of attraction, let alone life coaching.

Suffice it to say, hearing about the power of our thoughts, the effects feelings have on our lives, and that we all have a vibration – it was very strange stuff to an MBA grad biz owner.

But it was a first date, and he was polite about hearing me out even if he thought I was nuts.

(This was before The Secret and before Oprah and Larry King brought the concepts of manifesting to mainstream media. So I probably sounded pretty “out there.”)

Anyway, I explained that the process of segment intending (aka pre-paving) was an easy way to start building manifesting muscle.

Simply hold in mind the outcome you want, imagine it happening, feel the feelings you would feel as it’s unfolding, and then relax and go about your activity. It’s that simple.

Since he had stopped responding, I changed the topic as we drove back to my car. Less than two minutes later his cell phone rang.

When he saw who it was, his jaw dropped. He stared at me in disbelief. Since he was speechless, all he could do was show me his caller ID – as if that would explain everything.

I didn’t understand what the big deal was. (But I did know that answering a phone while on a date with me is a great way to ensure there won’t be a second.)

It turns out that while I was explaining segment intending – and talking about our power to create whatever we want in life – he wasn’t wondering what kind of crackpot he was on a date with.  Rather, he was already starting his first manifesting project: hearing back from his ex-girlfriend.

Apparently he was still hung up on this fabulous girl, and had tried everything to reconnect with her. But she wouldn’t answer letters, texts, emails, phone calls, nada.

Until that day. Two minutes after he imagined how thrilling it was to be in touch with her again, to hear her voice, to have another chance to talk with her – that’s when she called. After months of no communication.

Needless to say, he was sold on LOA. (I was not sold on him as a date, however; although he did retain my services to help turn his business around. We’re friends to this day.)

I marveled at my powers to manifest myself right out of a new date while successfully teaching LOA to a skeptic, and thought maybe I should practice what I preach and segment intend my first dates a little better than that!

That’s one example I share with clients when they ask how long it takes for deliberate creation efforts to pay off, and how much they have to practice it before it works.

It doesn’t take long and you don’t have to be an expert. (Or even believe in it, for that matter!)

If it’s been a while since you played with segment intending, I invite you to pick it up again and impress yourself with your manifesting prowess.

  • January 26, 2009
  • Kim Falconer says:

    Thanks Paul.
    I love making people giggle!

  • Paul. says:

    Kim, I just wanted you to know that I loved your story. Not only is it a great example of Segment Intending but also of staying in alignment and of Allowing the Universe to deliver your core intention. Plus your telling of it made me giggle.
    I know you’ll continue to manifest more great times!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I’ve been enjoying all the comment, and the POST, so much! Thank you Jeannette and everyone 🙂 I’m the richer for it.
    My recent pre-paving experience (which Jeannette and Tia and Iyabo already know about from Twitter chatting) has to do with a man–dating one that is.
    I was asked to the movies by a friend of a friend. We’ve known each other for a few years, well enough to say hi. He rang, asked, organized and we planned to meet at the cinema. Meanwhile, I pre-paved.
    I hadn’t dated in … a while, so I pre-paved ‘the best time ever…fun, great film, great company, easy gorgeous night.
    And that’s just what I got, only my date didn’t show!
    I was strangely unruffled, not at all offended or rejected that he wasn’t there. I got my goodies and my ticket and saw Vicky Christina Barcelona! I loved the film, so funny and smart and sexy. I had a great time, and on the way out bumped into friends and we all went to late night sushi.
    The perfect date!
    Of course we wondered what horrific alien abduction occurred to my ‘not new sweetie’ that kept him from even sending a text. The next say I got a brief message saying he ‘freaked out’ and couldn’t show up.
    That explained why he didn’t show, saying he ‘freaked out’. He could have just text ‘Sorry, I’m out of alignment with you and will be unable to attend.’ …like attracts like and the fact that he didn’t show up was in a way a compliment. You’ve got to be golden to sit next to me 🙂
    Since that night he must have done a crash course in vibe shifting because he called and asked again, and again I pre-paved ‘best date ever’. He took me to dinner and a sunset walk on the beach (summer here)–it was all kinds of fun.
    (still not my new sweetie though)
    Just shows, alignment is everything and with or without the guy, I have just had 2 ‘best dates ever’ in 3 days!
    Thank you Jeannette for being my guiding inspiration.
    🙂 Kim

  • Mitch says:

    Sometimes I don’t segment intend because I don’t know what I want from the segment! It’s like going to a video store and having too many options to choose from. I start to make my intention, but then I hesitate, thinking, “You mean this can go absolutely any way I want it to??” LOL
    So in my inability to be really specific about my segments, I tend to intend things like safety, efficiency, speed, and ease. These are all good things to intend, and they generally happen once I’ve intended them. But I think that part of the point of segment intending is not only for our segments to go well, but for us to be constantly proving to ourselves the power that we have over circumstances. I guess that makes it my job to become more creative and specific, huh?

  • Gillian says:

    Am not sure Peregrine, as I am not a coach, what exactly the difference is between long term goals and short ones, or if Pray Rain journaling is considered segment intending or longterm intending. I think what is important is that we stick to the principle, that in order to manifest our desires we have to get vibrationally aligned to them, however we choose to label them (segment or long term) is less of an issue to me, or else we get hung up focusing on methods and labels, instead of focusing on the principle of feeling good and seeing our desires come to fruition. But then again, I am not a coach, so methods and labels are less of an issue to me, than to focus and apply the principles to see my dreams manifest. Thats how I see it.

  • And THIS, Paul, Tia, John, Gillian and everyone else, THIS conversation – THESE posts – THIS is why this blog is in the top tier of all blogs.
    Thank you for making this such a cool place to hang out, learn new things, and find excellent company.
    You guys rock! 🙂

  • Paul. says:

    I know that Tia has posted her answer to you, Peregrine John, while I was typing out the following but I thought, if I could share with you how I use Segment Intending (when I remember to–thanks again, Jeannette, for this great reminder!), perhaps it might further answer some of your questions as well as explain to other readers how Segment Intending has been useful to me in reprogramming my subconscious scripts.
    If you think about it, you could divide your day into different Segments–either broadly (as in Home, Work, Playtime, etc.) or, like I do, get really anal about it (Morning Shower, Getting Dressed, etc.)–whatever feels good to you. As you are about to move from one Segment into the next, just get into the feeling of whatever you intend for that upcoming Segment. Just like you do when you get into your elevator.
    As a concrete example, let’s say that, as I’m in my Morning Shower Segment and I’ve caught an unflattering glimpse of myself in the mirror. That could be enough to trigger those body-image scripts and–like most subconscious scripts–once started, those run automatically in the background, attracting to me similar thoughts. This can certainly continue into the next Segment (Getting Dressed), attracting to myself clothes that are unflattering or inappropriate for the next Segment or just uncomfortable (and it’s hard to feel good when you’re uncomfortable).
    However, I can, using my Emotional Guidance System, notice that I’m feeling not good. A simple interruption of this icky script and/or a Pivot would be enough but if I add my intentions for the next segment, it starts to reprogram the script. I don’t argue with the script (that would only strengthen the program). Since the feelings of our “external” experience and the feelings of our imaginations are the same to our subconscious, the vibrational reality of the feeling of my intention is new and valid information with which to construct a new program.
    Segment Intending helps keep me in the here-and-now, especially when it’s so easy to get carried away during a busy day. The process also reminds me that I am always creating and reminds me to offer vibrations that are alighned with the vibrations I’ve already offered in the “broader” (or, as you call them, “longer-term”) processes, such as Pray Rain Journaling or my Creative Workshop. (As we know, we attract according to our dominant vibration and I feel the more clearer, purer I can make my “asking,” the faster it will be delivered to me out of my Vibrational Reality.)
    As a matter of fact, I consider Journaling and Workshop as separate Segments of my day and (when I remember to do so) Segment Intend prior to starting those Segments.
    As an aside, I used to have a lot of fun with Segment Intending and manifesting parking spaces; I just make sure to offer my intentions before I get into the car.
    I’m sure Jeannette, our Master Coach, has more examples of the differences; this is just one man’s experience.

  • oh and everything can be termed manifesting, whether it seems short or long term – yeah that’s the word to use.

  • Segment intending is a part of ‘longer term’. I don’t know if anything could be called longterm as such, cos what we want is the feeling we’d get from obtaining the $, relationship, career etc – and if we can get that feeling now by acting as if, voila – got what we wanted!
    The rest is just a bonus 🙂
    SI is one of the tools we can use to stay in the vibe of how we would feel when we got the thing we’re pray raining. That’s my take on it ..

  • Peregrine John says:

    That’s actually what I was sort of wondering, Gillian: If “segment” refers to what’s happening now, or next, is there a different term for longer-term methods such as pray rain journals?

  • Gillian says:

    Wow, Wow, What a story Jeanette! Segment Intending is great and I think your Pray Rain journaling method is a form of Segment Intending, isn’t it? I am not sure though, what is there not to believe about the Law of Attraction or to doubt if it works. What is there to doubt, the term Law of Attraction may be new, but the Law itself is as old as our planet and beyond, all religious scriptures have tought the principles of this Law just using different terms and language. Even the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui is nothing other than the art of managing and directing the energies inside us, around us, our homes, our environment in order for us to prosper and flourish! Every ancient wisdom and scripture has explained and taught the same principle of this Law, however, each in their own method and language.

  • hi jeannette says:

    help…..not sure how to get on others blogs and my blog needs changes.

  • Wow, Pernille – thanks! That means a lot to me to hear – it’s partly relief for what I’ve already done, but also lots of inspiration to continue.
    Thanks again for making my day! 🙂

  • Jeannette, I noticed this comment from you:
    “Thanks for validating my choice to share a personal story for the sake of furthering our LOA knowledge. I always feel a little “should I/shouldn’t I?” about that whenever I post something like this.”
    In my opinion your blog posts are all incredible, brilliant and wise (and I’m afraid my English is not good enough to express what I want to say here – but I admire and adore you and I think you are simply THE BEST!) – but I have noticed that the posts that have the biggest influence in me, and in my feelings!, are the ones where you include examples from your own personal story, so please, please keep on doing that !!!! 🙂
    Love from Pernille

  • Ha! I love that, Leslie: “don’t ask if you’re not prepared for the answer”!
    Your friend’s story is a testimony to how quickly things can unfold when we ALLOW (by following guidance).
    Thanks for sharing it here!

  • Leslie Richter says:

    Heard a wonderful LOA guidance story from my friend today. She was awake at 3 in the morning, decided to get up and move plants. Had a cup of coffee and was thinking, Okay I am ready for something interesting in my life, what next?
    Decided she might as well go back to bed. Woke up and thought huh it’s light out and I didn’t even get to sleep. She was shocked to read the clock said 7:30.
    Even more shocked to realize she had a meditation workshop outlined in her head in a four week plan.
    She was laughing when she told me this. She was reacting just like Jeannette’s date, huh…I just said what do I do next?
    Don’t you just love this, don’t ask if you aren’t prepared for the answer, no matter how fast it comes. ha ha.

  • Paul, thanks for sharing that segment intending has been effective for you in interrupting subconscious scripts.
    If you care to share the other modalities that you’ve had success with as well, I’m sure others here would be grateful to hear them.
    (Cool that we both found our way to Abe through Lynn! And thanks for validating my “outloudness” with my personal experiences. MUCH appreciated feedback – thanks, Paul!)

  • Just as I suspected, John. 🙂
    I’ll imagine you do it more ways than just the morning elevator, too.
    Not important to have a name for it, of course. Just super helpful when we practice it.
    Thanks for the inspiration you bring!

  • Paul. says:

    Oh, and I for one vote “Yes!” when you ask yourself “should I/shouldn’t I…?” about your posts about real-life expriences with LoA. I think they (those posts) breath so much soul into your blog and give us such approachable examples of how to work these techniques into our everyday lives.

  • Paul. says:

    Thanks for the wonderful reminder on using Segment Intending for “good.” (Lately, I seem to have been using it for “evil” , in the form of obsessing or dreading. You’d think I’d’ve learned from your post on “What was I Thinking?” but, nope, this boy needed another reminder. )
    Your comments to Jennifer above about bringing subconcious counter-intentions into awareness were spot on and I’ve used all of those modalities (among others) to clear up some of my subconscious programming. And, Jennifer, for what it’s worth (and with the caveat that I’m not the Master Coach here), I’ve found Segment Intending to be a great tool to both interrupt a subconscious script before it reproduces itself in your reality as well as to reprogram your subconscious.
    (And, Jeannette, I love your recognition that your intention for a new client was stronger than the one for a second date. Your IB sure hs you covered! You came to Abe through Lynn Grabhorn? Another thing we have in common!)

  • Peregrine John says:

    LOL Well, who knew? I practice by getting my office elevator to reach the bottom without stopping (and I know when I’m off my vibe before it ever slows down) but had no idea that sort of thing had a name! Cool.
    Kevin, in spite of the fact that people get very woo-woo with LOA, the “L” is the telling part: it’s just a law of nature. You can make use of the laws of thermodynamics without being spiritual, even if your microwave’s method of heating seems dang near magical. It’s nothing to do with spirits, so it’s nothing that needs spirituality.

  • You’re funny, Happy In New England!! Thanks for the laugh. 🙂
    Here’s to remembering to put to into practice what we know works!

  • Kevin Boon says:

    Excellent post!
    This is the big question in todays world, can people connect to the idea of law of attraction? I’ve been practicing methods for sometime now and have found them invaluable in my life.
    I’ve found my role is not to try to convince anyone about whether Law of Attraction works but I believe we are seeing these concepts come steadily into the mainstream. A non-religious friend recently asked me if he could use the principles of law of attraction being non-spiritual. My response was “yes” because the concepts are not connected to any one doctrine or belief system.
    Enjoy reading your posts.

  • Happy in New England says:

    Very timely post! I have had great success with segment intending, when I remember to do it. My problem is…oops, did I say that? I meant to say, I need to remember to remember to segment intend. Have a happy day!

  • They’re connecting to it, Kevin – no doubt about it. More and more every day! I think we’re more ready than ever to embrace this understanding that we are more powerful than we ever imagined.
    I’m with you about not trying to convince anyone that LOA works. (I’ve come a long way since those dating days.)
    In fact, my current boyfriend is skeptical of the extent of our individual power to create our world, and I make very little effort to convince him of the error of his thinking. lol
    Such a great “allowing” opportunity for me!!
    Thanks for reading, and for furthering the conversation, Kevin. Much appreciated!

  • Universe must have heard my desire for perfect clients more clearly than my desire for perfect dates. hee hee

  • Only you would use a first date as a marketing tool to get new business clients. 😉
    So is your next ebook going to be: “How To Use Match & eHarmony To Find New Clients And Grow Your Business”.

  • Good question, Jennifer. I think that’s why self awareness and the ability and willingness to know ourselves deeply is so helpful in understanding how we’re creating our world.
    If I’ve got a subconscious counter-vibration flowing, it can be frustrating to wonder why my conscious thoughts aren’t manifesting.
    Your last question about whether we can “outsmart” ourselves with LOA is an interesting one! I don’t think I’d expect my subconscious self to get outsmarted by conscious self, but .. what if I believed that was possible? Since my beliefs trump all, then that belief would make it so, wouldn’t it?
    Beliefs are a fascinating thing, huh?

  • Jennifer says:

    Hi folks – I wonder about the connection between LOA and energy work. Which is to say – if I’m segment intending, and I feel positive about an encounter, and yet the encounter turns out to be a drag could it be that I am energetically blocked? I wonder this about all LOA techniques; to what extent are things about which we are not conscious also having an impact on our outcomes. I know that I have been “freed up” by using energy work to get past blocks, be that psychotherapy or Reiki, or EFT. And if we aren’t conscious of what’s blocking us, can we “out smart” it with LOA? Thoughts?

  • You CAN, Ms Nikki!! You absolutely can!!
    Congrats on proving your manifesting powers to yourself, and thanks for inspiring everyone here with another great example!

  • MsNikki says:

    Another kick a** post!
    Last night I decided to attend a very large dinner party (20 people) at a new restaurant that is about five minutes away from my former employer. The potential “issues”:
    A. I have never been comfortable in large groups of people.
    B. Everyone was at least aquainted with everyone else.
    C. I left my job earlier in the year due to extreme stress. I didn’t want to run into anyone I knew or have anxiety about being in close proximity to the office.
    I focused via pep talk that it would be fun and that I should go! The result? I had so much fun and now can’t wait to go to the next event! I even forgot about being so close to Gitmo! Lastly, I didn’t see anyone from my old job!
    So if I can do this for a job that’s for me despite the economy….

  • You and me both, Janette!
    In fact, I think there are many reading this blog who have played with and had success with segment intending before, who, for one reason or another, fell away from the habit.
    Not that there’s any “should” around this practice, it’s just that when we’d like something to go a particular way, segment intending is an easy way to grease the wheels in our favor.
    But I’m preaching to the choir, I can tell. 🙂
    Thanks for reading, Janette, and especially for posting.

  • Thank you. We all need these types of examples to learn from and to encourage us. You have also reminded me of an example in my own life that I will write a blog post about. =)

  • Nicely done, my friend. Here’s to even “slightly better feelings”!
    And gorgeous hair. 🙂

  • I love that story, Pernille! Thanks for sharing it here!
    It’s amazing how much easier it is to FEEL GOOD when we have enjoyable experiences like this throughout the day huh? They might not seem like “big deals,” but life gets even better when we smooth out those potential bumps in the road.
    John, segment intending is just a matter of being intentional about the various segments we enter throughout the day. Just a way to remind ourselves to employ our deliberate creation powers.
    I learned the term from Lynn Grabhorn who learned it from Abraham. One could also call it setting an intention. Simply holding in mind what you want before you start the activity, event, conversation, relationship, etc.
    I suspect you’re already doing it and just didn’t use this term for it.

  • Janette says:

    Yay, thank you for the reminder! I first learned about Segment Intending about this time last year, and found it incredibly effective when I returned to work after the Christmas (summer for us) holidays.
    Within a couple of weeks, my new behaviour had disappeared as I allowed work to overwhelm me – doh!
    But now Universe is clearly nudging me to reintroduce it as I’ve come across it in three different places over the past week. Hmmm… I can take a hint!
    Now I’m going to post reminders on my office noticeboard and my computer desk at home. Not to mention my facebook page, my blog and my tweet desk!

  • Peregrine John says:

    Segment intending is different from the usual how, exactly? This is a new term for me.

  • Hi Jeannette, great post !! – as you may know I’m a big fan of Segment Intending and I find it very powerfull. Every time (I remember to) set my intention it makes a difference.
    You already know the following story, but it fits so well in here that I choose to post it anyway in the hope that some of your many readers may feel inspired by it.
    Yesterday I was going to one of my girlfriends’s birthday brunch. We have known each other for about 20 years and been very close friends. But we haven’t seen each other much the last 2 years and we are not so close anymore. It’s as if we have moved in opposite directions and the last couple of times that we have been together I haven’t really enjoyed it, and I suppose she hasn’t either.
    When I was on my way I set the intention to:
    – have a good time
    – enjoy the company of my girlfriend and her other friends
    – feel connected once again with my friend
    – see my friend as the wonderfull, interesting and loveable person I used to know her as
    – be warm, friendly and loveable myself
    – be true to myself and keep up my vibration.
    It turned out exactly the way I intended and both I and my friend had a really good time 🙂

  • Iyabo Asani says:

    Only you would manifest yourself out of a date! Ha!
    Yesterday morning, I woke up and washed my hair, I was to go to a surprise birthday party for me at my God-mother’s place. I started getting worked up as I always do. She is on steriod medication which she takes every other day and on the days she takes it, she is so high strung and she is a southern belle. On the days she takes her medication, she is extremely outspoken and always seems to make a fuss about my hair and clothes. I always feel uncomfortable about that.
    So as I started to imagine the entire experience, I realized that I was truly segment intending a bad time. I caught myself and laughed at myself. I enjoyed pivoting however, no matter what I did to my hair, I could not get it right. So I started getting all worked up again.
    Well, I then decided to just forget about it. Well, my negative intending subsided but it was not totally gone.
    I got there and she had taken her medication. However, she just told me how pretty I looked and started asking for my advice about something important to her. We had great, truly great, spirit building conversation and the party was a blast!
    What I got out of it was that I did not have to even to go to the place of feeling magnificent about going there, just a slightly better feeling place and I created a wonderful time.
    Good job Iyabo

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