Q&A: Does Sex Drain Creative Energy?

law of attractoin and sex: does sex drain creative energy?Great question in from someone using the money mantra that I don’t feel super qualified to answer, so I’m calling in you guys (aka the Big Guns).
The question is: are our attraction skills more powerful when we refrain from sexual intercourse?
For those who might think this an odd question, it isn’t.
There are multiple law of attraction instructors (including Napoleon Hill, James Allen) who suggest that best practice is to suspend all sexual activity to be more successful at creating what we want.
(Just realized what a conundrum that would be for one who was manifesting more sex.)
Some say it drains energy and dilutes focus when we have sex; others say it’s a powerful way to create vibrational alignment.
I actually haven’t practiced this (deliberately or consciously) myself, so I wanted to check in with you all.  Have you noticed a difference in your manifesting results related to your sexual activity (or lack thereof)?
I found a couple articles on whether sex hinders the law of attraction here and here, but would love to hear your opinions and experiences.  Thanks in advance for sharing!
(And much appreciation to the lovely reader who sent in this most excellent question.)

  • October 26, 2013
  • Woody says:

    What a timely question (for me). Seldom do people openly talk about this issue in life (which could be why it’s such a problem for many). I’m going to express myself here a little here if you don’t mind. I’ve discovered in my life that the human body really does go through changes after intense sexual thought and/or activity. Physical attraction can be a powerful force, for good or evil(Prayerfully good-Romans 12:21). When you make a mistake (because of human weakness or sin), good motives keep you from attaching to the wrong person. Confess the sin, receive forgiveness (Only God can forgive) and move on! you don’t have to let sexual mistake effect your life forever. Get good regular spiritual counseling if you need it!
    Just an opinion (that I don’t express too often) because like most, I have no concrete evidence that what I’m saying is true for the majority of people. But I suspect that sex at the “wrong time” and with the “wrong person” does has a draining effect on both energy and creativity. There are a lot of dynamics involved in sexual activity, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual: it’s loaded with unpredictable outcomes, both positive and negative. As I think about this, I’ve come to understand that I’m at my highest levels of energy and creativity 24-48 hours before sexual activity and it’s normally a spiritual event that moves me to this point of “emotional explosion”. It’s takes prayer, inner strength and divine power to keep it under control.
    My best guess: sex is physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually best with two people are really in love (committed to each other) and care for each other passionately. For me, it’s got to be within the moral constraints of spiritual principles (I’m a believer and use the Bible as my compass). It’s the truth in sex (It can be real good but don’t mess it up):) Be responsible to God, self and others!

  • Sebastian says:

    The world spins around sex. Men get a job, buy cars, nice clothes and a house to impress girls. Girls spend money on make up and clothes do to the same.
    So… Why did men build the pyramid? Go to the moon? Invented the wheel? They were trying to get laid.
    So to answer your question. When I’m not having sex, magic happens for me. All the cool stuff I’ve done were during the periods of sexual frustration.

  • Mitch says:

    It’s interesting that Napoleon Hill and others talk about sex as if it’s somehow outside the law of attraction, which we know nothing is. The sex that you’re having (or not having) is a result of the energy that you’re flowing, just like everything else. The ONLY thing that gets in the way of manifesting is resistant thought.
    So if you’re having sex that you don’t enjoy or perhaps having sex when you believe that you shouldn’t, then yeah, during that period of time, you’re not flowing great energy. But that has nothing to do with the sex and everything to do with the way you feel! And the good news is that unless you’re having sex with a Master of Lovin’ (or a freak of nature) it’s most likely gonna be over sooner rather than later. And then you’re free to get back to your manifesting techniques that make you feel good!
    I say take care of your alignment first, and then do whatever (or whomever) you’re inspired to do. Sorry, couldn’t resist. 🙂

  • Jennifer says:

    Is it possible that, it’s because…. all too often, when sex enters the picture, we tend to ‘attach’ to the person we’re being intimate with; thus, letting our other endeavors fall by the wayside?

  • Marie says:

    I’m a celibate asexual virgin.
    I’m also a passionate creative writer who’s been writing since early childhood. Recently finished the third version of my first novel and I’m always working on more than one writing project. It’s always been clear to me and others that I’m gifted, and I’ve never had a problem with actually producing work.
    Not every celibate asexual is a creative type, but it does seem like a lot of us who aren’t artistic, are academic.
    I don’t think there’s a strong correlation between sex and creativity or sex and smarts. Not every asexual is a creative or intellectual genius; clearly, not ever sexual person is a creative or intellectual genius either.
    I do think alignment matters, but sex and alignment are not synonymous. You don’t need to have great sex to produce great work; you need to be in alignment to produce great work. And you have to be in alignment to have great sex, too. So, really, whether you’re talking about sex or art or some other professional pursuit, the bottom line is alignment. Whatever positive results you get is just evidence of the alignment you were in, when you produced them.

  • Free Spirit says:

    I am the resource for males serious about practicing brahmachariya in their lives. Having said that I only teach it to people who have 15-20 years of spiritual practice behind them – otherwise the practice is impossible to maintain. Men will then crash out and end up in unsuitable sexual relationships or deplete their energy through fervent masturbation. It cannot be done for abundance and manifestation purposes alone – it is the result of many years of spiritual purification. The abundance is then a side effect of spiritual communion with the Higher Planes. I doubt there are many resources out there for people that would be so useful in this area. One needs a teacher. Free resources are rarely valued – and the path of brahmachariya is perhaps one of the most sacred paths there are.

  • Tulin says:

    I remember reading in the law of attraction books, I believe it was “ask and it is given” that sex brings us into alignment, as long as it is something we truly want and not something we feel we should be doing. I for one find it easier to manifest my desires after sex. 🙂 but I agree with Bliss it needs to be a connected, in the now, feeling the love kinda thing. If it is a validation or addiction, you usually aren’t in a state of self love to begin with and therefore, the sex is not even the problem, it’s the emotional mindset you are in that’s the key.

  • Bliss says:

    Very interesting article, and a topic i definitely thought about when I started using LOA. I almost got to a point where i thought I would need to abstain completely in order to maintain a “clean” and “clear” vibration. But as some other readers have said here, it really does make a difference what kind of sex you’re having. If you’re having sex from a place of lacking alignment, then more of that’s what you’re going to get. If you have sex from a place of freedom, love, creativity and true connection with a partner you really feel aligned with and have deep love for (their good AND bad sides, mind you) then you’ll experience alignment and flow.

  • DrPhilGood says:

    I’m sure not saying that, Chip! I don’t doubt that some have experienced some great manifesting going that route – but for sure many have had the opposite experience! Abraham has said there is little difference between sexual energy and Source, so I see no absolute that says cutting off from one will enhance the other. It’s all about beliefs and belief systems as far as I can see.

  • Chip says:

    I’m sure hoping no one is saying I have to give up getting laid to get what I want.
    Life Surfer

  • I was really hoping someone could chime in who practiced abstinence – thank you for your comment, Free Spirit!
    When you wrote about three months of total abstinence, that made me remember when I experienced three years of celibacy – which also happens to be the time that some of my best manifesting results appeared (including my coaching practice).
    Free Spirit, do you have or know of any resources a person could engage who wanted to learn more about this?

  • Free Spirit says:

    The sex energy can be used in two ways – to create another life or to enhance the existing one. The latter is the practice of brahmachariya. As a male – I can testify that 3 months of total abstinence will not only give to you an unspeakable quantity of spiritual gifts otherwise inaccessible to you – it will also give you power, clarity, understanding and inspiration that will show up as a significant increase in income. The rewards that this practice gives far compensates for any apparent renunciation of pleasure.

  • Jackie says:

    Anything that raises your vibration would most likely be a boon to your creative energy. Therefore, great sex would have to contribute to your creative endeavors. However, fulfilling sex or boring sex probably wouldn’t have the same effect.

  • Brittany, that’s definitive! Thanks!
    (So Chip DID know what he was talking about!)

  • DrPhilGood says:

    We are all creating our realities through our beliefs and expectations. Since many of those vibrations are largely a mystery to us it’s quite possible that we can have some beliefs around sex that may make it seem like we are more powerful if we abstain, or vice versa. In either case the Universe will of course yield to our vibe and make it so. But it’s all illusion in that we are creating the rules and the results even though we may be mostly unaware of the process.
    I think it’s also important to remember that we are always manifesting the world we inhabit. So from that bigger picture creating the lack of something is just as impressive as creating the presence of it – either way we are creating that experience, which is a miracle. We too often take that miracle for granted. We are ALL masters – and every moment is absolute proof of that mastery. Sadly we get so attached to specifics we forget the bigger picture.

  • jennifer says:

    I once read a book, long ago, called ‘sex magic’… whereby, the people used sex as a means of raising energy, and of course, the ‘release’ came at the most…ahem… appropriate time.
    I’ve also read spells that call for raising energy by chanting, swaying, dancing, etc…. so, in my humble opinion, I don’t think it would drain your energy… unless that is where your focus is… use it as a tool… along with appreciating the closeness, intimacy… and, maybe your partner would also find it interesting to engage in the ‘spell’ you’re both under 🙂

  • Brittany says:

    As a full-time artist (and single for many years) I could always tell if the one I was dating was good or bad for me based on if I could create easily or not. Now that I am with the love of my life (and having lots of sex!) my creative well has been spilling over!!

  • Chip and Trent – you guys are crackin me up!

  • Chip says:

    I think this falls in the “It means whatever meaning you asign it category.”
    But since my wife is an artist, I tell her that sex will supercharge her creativity in millions of ways.
    Life Surfer

  • Trent says:

    The answer to this is both. There are a lot of factors…for example one partner is in the mood and the other is just being a good sport…then its not as much an ‘aligned’ experience vs. when both partners are totally in the moment and aligned with what is happening. There is a different outcome energetically in these two scenarios.
    If there comes a point where we MUST end this debate with science and have a controlled experiment to find out…i GUESS I will be a good sport and volunteer to be a test subject:)

  • hahah Thanks Frank… my typos accentuate my passion hahahaha – to be fair its something i’m well known for, but as long as people get the essence of my message then thats awesome xxx
    ps ‘ very delicious – wonderful terminology for sexual connection. delicious :)))

  • Loving these comments already! And also curious about something Frank alluded to in the difference between genders as well as the type of sexual activity. That’s worth strong consideration.
    Here’s one thing I’ve noticed for myself personally – when I am having the time of my life in the bedroom with a fabulous someone, I find I don’t care too much about the other stuff that used to matter to me. Maybe that enhances the attraction power, since “letting go” is one of the steps in manifesting that I’m still to master. But I haven’t ruled out the possibility that that lack of focus could be detrimental.
    It’s also possible I’m not “doing it right,” per my response to Janice on facebook. lol
    Anyway, I’m intending to learn a lot from you guys on this subject in these responses! Thanks for posting, everyone!

  • Cassie says:

    Enhances the attraction power as there is NO resistance!! All flow & allowing.

  • Lou! OMG! What passion and clarity!! Congratulations on so much excellent manifestation in all manner of ways! Woo hoo!

  • Kati says:

    Okay, whether somebody agrees or disagrees, wouldn’t LOA prove both right? To me personally it sounds soooooo illogical, cos good sex is something positive, its alignment and so is the flow of creative energy.. They are different positive experiences.. How can one positive experience drain the other? I do understand the point of the question though, but I stick with my NO! Go do what you wanna do as long as it feels GOOD!

  • Juicy!
    Most of the teachings on this subject are pointed at men. In fact, I’ve never come across any older book or teaching that says anything about what women should or should not do because, culturally speaking, those authors or teachers would not have considered women to be either worthy of teaching or would have thought that women fell outside the realm of the teaching being offered.
    And, erm, for men, from Napoleon Hill in particular, what these teachings are mostly pointing to is masturbation. He suggests that a powerful man needs a good woman to be the object of his desire and, as long as she is there and he chases but never captures (Blech! I hate writing in an anti-feminist way like this!) then he will channel his energies in the direction of the desired outcome.
    I could be wrong about this, but that is what I have noticed.
    To me, that makes these teachings suspect. In fact, any teaching that says, “this temporary state or condition is required…” is suspect. That may be A WAY but it certainly is not THE WAY.
    For myself, I find that sexual expression doesn’t have any substantive connection with intentional manifestation.
    However, as I’ve been traveling both within and abroad for several years, my sexual experiences with other men have been nothing to speak of. But I will note that (and I’m loving the timing of this post Jeannette!) I did recently re-connect with a friend in a very benefits sort of way and it was quite lovely and a good time was had by all.
    I did notice that the flow of that wonderful connection, heart and all, was very delicious and helped me in other areas, in the same way that the rising tide lifts all boats.
    So, for me, anything that feels better in the flowing of the action or experience is always beneficial in every way (sometimes obviously and sometimes not).
    Thanks Jeannette!

  • Sophie says:

    I am with Louise on that one!
    My first response was Heck Ya! True expansive sex will give you more than any other manifesting technique combined!!!! True expansive sex means that you do sex from expansion, not contraction. That means you are not necessarily looking for the orgasm, you are always looking for the expansion of the amazing feeling. Not to shut it down but to spread it around!!!!
    When I have that kind of sex, the earth vibrates 🙂
    And it’s much easier than you think because all it requires is to let the body be in charge. Follow your body who knows who you want to have sex with and what to do and the sex will blow your mind and every one else’s around you…..
    I wonder how much greater sex we could have if we just dropped ALL our point of views about it 🙂
    More, more, more!!!!

  • Suzi says:

    I say NO as well. The sex chakra is also the creative chakra, so when you DO IT! you are fertilizing your creations.

  • Please excuse all typos… rushing my passionate words as its bed time for my kiddies here in the uK and i was rushing the typing :))) xxxx love and light to you all xxx

  • DUDES AND DUDETTS – Gather round for Lou’s lessons on life and sex…. ;))) (my fav subject!!)
    If you have having the ‘right’ sex – that is, with someone you love, who turns you on, AND YOU CONNECT with THEN you will know how to make mad passionate love, and fall into a blissful connection, releasing from the ego, surrendering to each other, detached from the outside world… you are so ‘PRESENT’ that you are the light.. the light that makes us all one…
    … when you are connected you ‘come together’ right? Now, in that moment, in a wonderful shared climax, when the world stops spinning and the light within you both connects and expands…. THAT is the universe – that is the superpower of union, and i can promise you right now that good blissful sex means a blissful good life… because that life force, that is bliss, is the power you learn to love and understand in life.
    dudes and dudetts if you are doing this then you should be making waves.. you are so in the flow that the universe is all around you – you have just created energy and in that moment of coming together you have created a whole at your feet, and the more you connect like that the more you know what its life to flow..
    NOW.. if you;re having ‘shit sex’ … (lets not pander round this) – aka you’re head is in fantasy and you;re not in the moment to your waiting for it to be over, or your frustrated, fearful, unconfident, tense, or even worse, you’re giving al your powers away to someone who is using you as a tool to ‘get off on you’ (sexual energy leaches) then you have just depleted your sense of self worth from so you’ll never manifest anything and your Life Force is so drained you’re detached from you true essence – recovery is long… as is trust in yourself, the world and the universe!
    when i do any mentoring with my clients, its not long before we talk about sex and understanding the energy and how it effects you – it has the power to fill you with infinate power.. but it also has the power to suck your life-force .. sex is scared – it should be equal and free and blissful – if its anything but.. then stop xxx
    My assumption that Napoleon Hill & James Allen didnt ‘do sex’ because they were so eccentric that they could not find anyone to connect with- therefore it would have depleted their energy?? – just an assumption i actually have no idea if that is true or not….- but worth thinking about
    i have a heightened conscious awareness I’m pretty good manifester and I know the only person who can connect with me to create that universal energy is my husband – because he understands and accepts me – and has been with me since i was 18.. 15 years on we’ve become a superpower in our own universe… and we both say its down to being fully connected…
    if we go without good sex for more than a few days… we drop down a few frequencies – so we know that beautiful conscious sex is what keeps us alive

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