Doing Your Part to Get What You Want?

Do Your Part to Make Dreams Come True“What are you doing for your part?”

That’s one of the first questions I ask when someone says they’re not manifesting what they want.

For your part of this process, what are you doing?

It may not sound like an LOA friendly question, but I mean it in terms of what are you doing to manage your focus? To enhance your alignment?

Because our part of the manifesting process is to get dialed on the frequency of what we want. To become a vibrational match to our desire. That’s all we gotta do.

Once we do that, things start happening by themselves …

  • We get brilliant ideas (which we’re so inspired to act on it feels like joy, not “should”).
  • We get phone calls that reveal the next obvious step.
  • We read an article that offers just the next piece of info to keep the momentum going.

… or something along those lines – that’s the fairies of the Universe doing their part.

But we gotta do our part.  Which is to get lined up.

So what are you doing to facilitate that?

You’d be surprised how many LOA savvy folks know how the system works, and plug into the material in some form or fashion, but don’t do anything to manage their focus.  Sometimes it’s that there’s something kinking the alignment despite our best focusing efforts, but often it’s that there isn’t a real commitment to align the vibe.

Everything I publish – newsletters, blog posts, GVU calls, interviews – are designed to inspire you to discover your best way to alignment.

But if you’re not engaging any of them, know that’s your first step.

Tend to your focus. Your alignment.



Once you’re doing that, I know from lots of client (and personal) experience that instead of reading these emails you’ll start writing me instead – to share your satisfying successes.

How am I walking my talk? (I just wrote my LOA coaches reminding them to practice what they preach, so this has been on my mind.)

What I’m doing lately to make my (upgraded income) dream come true is playing with the grid and acting as if.

And also turning real life “reality” cues into prompts of success. So instead of the numbers confirming more of “what is,” they’re mentally altered to become a reflection of my new financial status.

It’s pretty fun.

You can hardly call it “work”!

But to whatever extent it’s an “effort” to switch your focus in order to manage your vibration, that’s what your job is.  That’s the work of manifesting.

In fact, I ran across this Abraham quote today along these same lines:

Law of Attraction does not focus you, Law of Attraction responds to your focus. It’s up to you to focus. It’s up to you to focus. It’s up to you to decide. It’s up to you to be determined. It’s up to you to make
decisions. It’s up to you. It’s up to you to focus yourself into the alignment with who you are.

Now we are not trying to talk you into being more than you are, we are wanting you to get up to speed with who you are. – Abraham, March 2011

It’s one thing to know the ins and outs of how the Universe works. It’s another to work it.

So, what are you doing to tend to your alignment? I’d love to hear your habits and processes below …

  • June 18, 2012
  • Julie B says:

    Great post Jeannette… great reminder to tend to your focus. Loved what Mara said! Ditto!

  • I like that, Chip. Way to keep it simple!!

  • ChipEFT says:

    My part is always to think the thought or do the thing that feels better from where I am right now.

  • What a nice habit, Esra! I bet you’re a delight to come across in real life. As in digital life.
    Mara, that’s a gift to be good at that! A lot of people, even savvy creators, get discouraged when it’s “close but not quite” so your ability to celebrate the “small” but aligned wins is POWERFUL!
    Thanks for sharing, you two! 🙂

  • Mara Enid says:

    The biggest thing I do to keep the focus is switch to gratitude. Whenever I see even a sliver of what I want, I consider it to be evidence that the bigger thing is coming and acknowledge my appreciation. For example, if I want to increase my income, and someone gives me a coupon for $3 off, I consider that evidence that I’m increasing my income and acknowledge that my manifesting is already working. You’d be surprised at how little things like that can boost your mood 🙂

  • Esra says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    I made habit of doing 3 good things everyday on the way to work, 3 at work and 3 on the way back to home. This might be very small and simple like letting other car to pass, smiling to the pedesterian passing the street or say Goodmorning in the elevator to a stranger. I force myself to complete my 3 good things checklist, it feels great and may be I make others feel good too. Also your emails in my mailbox makes me smile everday and I share them with everyone I know 🙂

  • Brenda, you’re making me think about the value of just immersing ourselves in helpful material even when we’re not “doing” anything with it. Just the immersion process itself seems like it helps “condition” or “prepare” the space for positive change.
    Thanks for posting! And please keep me posted on your journaling progress!

  • Brenda says:

    This is a great topic, Jeannette! I love and appreciate reading what everyone else is doing!
    I, too, had been in a manifesting ‘funk’ and it lasted (shhhh) a year and a bit. So I hear ya, Pat! During that time, nothing seemed to float my boat and even if I thought something might, I couldn’t seem to muster the inner resolve to commit to doing any work to raise my vibe and/or challenge limiting beliefs. The real sticker was that I was NOT happy with the way things were either. To say I was feeling stuck doesn’t come close to describing this time.
    Then I had some free time, and I began saturating myself with LOA audios from GoodVibeUniversity (we were renovating a house and I listened constantly while I worked). They were my light. Yet, I was still just ‘listening’ but not doing anything vibe raising outside of that. I let that be okay.
    During one particular call, Pray Rain Journaling was mentioned again. I’d read ‘about’ it, even bought the book, but I’d never actually ‘done’ it. But this time, the idea of it tugged at me, feeling like an intensely delicious thing to do. So that’s what I’m doing now, and I am loving it! I’m journaling about a long-time dream that’s now modified to fit my current desires, and I’m feeling that juice again.
    Pat, I agree with Jeannette that being with whatever it is right now is a fine way to ‘be’. I’d bet it lifts when you follow some tiny inner nudge that catches you by surprise. 🙂

  • My pleasure, Cat!
    We know that “reality” and paying over-attention to it is one of the most common misaligners … one that I found was happening in terms of my financial upgrade intention whenever I looked at the daily cash flow. So I decided to turn that signal in my favor by adding a zero to whatever I was looking at.
    So when a receipt for an ebook sale comes through – that’s not a $27 deposit, I see it as a $270 deposit. And when a client pays for a coaching session, that’s not a $250 income, that’s $2500.
    It’s gotten me used to thinking and feeling (and even expecting) bigger.
    For a while I was playing with it in the other direction, too, to minimize outflows. So instead of a $24 lunch with dad, I stood at the register thinking of it as just $2.40! What a deal!!
    I should pick that up second half of the exercise again – it was fun! 🙂

  • Cat says:

    …”And also turning real life “reality” cues into prompts of success. So instead of the numbers confirming more of “what is,” they’re mentally altered to become a reflection of my new financial status”…
    Would you be so good, Jeannette, as to further explain this bit that quite caught my attention — well, the whole post caught my attention, but all things being relative… — perhaps with an example? I have a feeling it would be a useful technique for me/us to hear…
    Mille grazie!

  • I’m loving it, too, Janelle! So fun to hear what others are engaging.
    And yours is particularly delightful to read about – thanks for sharing with us!

  • Janelle says:

    Love this! I have a new practice that is really shifting my vibration and it’s so much fun. I am writing my goals this way:
    I am so happy and grateful that X has occurred SO THAT (fill in the blank with the reason why I desire this thing).
    Every morning I pick an image to go with the goal or intention and read them over and the craziest, laugh-out-loud, things have happened.
    It’s so much fun!

  • Oh wow, I love that, Reeya! Like a genuine and powerful clean up effort before you dial in on the other stuff. Smart!!

  • Reeya says:

    Great Post Jeannette. I’ve made it a mission to let go of my negative emotions so that I am able to experience a more joyful life. So more recently, I’ve been playing with the “learning to love” the people who are currently in my life that I used to consider nuances.
    Being more accepting of people and trying to recognize and release the instances of when I am being critical or negative, that’s my current work. Because I believe in making these small gestures, I am moving myself towards the life I am seeking and the things I am wanting.

  • That’s a very deliberate practice, my friend – good to hear! That ‘journaling out the negative’ – the power of that habit is something Kim Falconer reiterated in a GVU call last week about how important it is to feel the feelings of whatever’s up, rather than just do an automatic knee jerk pivot when it’s something unpleasant or misaligned.
    You go, girl! 🙂

  • Eva says:

    Great post and so darn true! I struggle with the focus because I like a lot of open options BUT I know that comes from not thinking I can achieve my wildest dreams. However, journaling out the negative and then moving forward with affirmations helps to get me back on track, usually… Ya gotta do something. Embrace all small successes, no matter how small.

  • Email, twitter – don’t you just love Big U’s channels?! lol
    Kudos to you, Christina! And thanks for the reminder to be open about how the solutions & next steps are delivered.

  • I am experiencing what you talked about in the post, getting information that leads to the next step. I have been asking, intentionally, for guidance on something specific. Then I keep my eyes open for that guidance. In this case, it came in an email. I responded to the email and got an answer. Then I had to clarify my question. Okay, here is what I need to do. How do I do that? And this time guidance came through Twitter (yes, really!) and that inspired action on my part.
    Keep your eyes and ears open for your answers. They can come from anywhere.

  • You’re totally right, Steve! I did get results long before I finished my first journal (same afternoon as my first entry, as a matter of fact)!
    I also picked up a tip from Gretchen Rubin in The Happiness Project about how when you make yourself do something every day, it can get kind of monotonous and drain the joy from it. So while I still think a daily habit of creating the focus is smart, I don’t think I’d make myself use the same method every day. Knowing what I know now, I might make a pray rain journal a couple times a week rather than seven. I’d be less likely to burn out on it that way.
    (Although a page a day until it’s done is the way I learned it.)
    You nailed it, Steve, when you said the whole point is to feel good. If it’s not helping us do that, we’re wasting our time.
    Thank you so much for chiming in here!

  • Pat says:

    What does one do when your in a funk?
    I am a powerful manifestor. I have seen it happen for myself and others have seen and told me that also. I worked with author Marc Allen’s idea at one point of writing your “ideal scene” in his book The Millionaire Course and was able to manifest almost all of the things I wrote in it within a year (his “ideal scene” suggests you act as if 5 years have passed and everything has gone ideally).
    But lately I seem to be in an absolute funk and can’t get excited or in touch with vibrational alignment of “Yea! that’s it!” I don’t think I am focused on being in a funk but just rather feeling stuck in neutral and can’t get excited or into vibrational alignment with things I think I want.

  • Steve says:

    I just finished your book “The Magic of Pray Rain Journaling” and I’m having a good time with that; however, I’m not convinced that you need to complete every page to see results. In fact, your got results when you wrote your first page didn’t you? Just in case, I didn’t pick the journal with the most pages.
    I figured I would use the extra pages to refine my manifestation. I usually write in it in the morning because I’m feeling more up in the morning. If I’m feeling good in the evening, I may write in it then. It has to feel good to work, right?

  • Good question, Pat. And I think many of us have been there.
    When I find myself in that place, I just let everything go for a bit and feel the funk out. Like, this is the perfect time to stop “working” it or trying to focus at all. Just be with what is, knowing it will pass. (Because everything does!)
    This is the time for allowing whatever’s up to move through and on, and all I’ve got to do is allow it rather than resist it. Good time for extra self-care, too, and whatever else you can engage to be good to yourself.
    Anyone else have suggestions for Pat?

  • Good to hear, Steve! That’s a powerful practice!

  • Steve says:

    I monitor my inner dialog and observe my thoughts. I stay focused on what I am manifesting and keep in vibrational alignment.

  • Rob, I appreciate your reference to the perfection of the “cycle” – how sometimes we’re “on it” in a good way, and sometimes it’s appropriate to give it a rest.
    I’m thinking that even when I’m not “working” my focus with a manifesting method like the grid or acting as if or whatever,, I’m still pretty automatic about deliberately seeking appreciation, which counts of course. In fact, that may be the most powerful of all!
    Thanks for posting, my friend. 🙂

  • Rob Fraser says:

    Sometimes I’m all over the place and sometimes I’m right where I want to be. The funny thing is that I think that we are always where we need to be at that point in time. In every situation, there is something to learn. For me just shifting my focus to looking for the hidden lesson helps me reduce resistance and helps me get into better alignment. It’s not always that easy but it is something that I work on everyday. Just to be thankful and show appreciation for all the good that is in my life. Whatever you focus on expands!!
    Rob =)

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