Don’t Wait For It

The other day one of my feral cats decided to go on walkabout.

That is not an approved activity.

I don’t know how she managed to get out, since this place is exceptionally secure with two foster cats who aren’t allowed to even think about going out.

But she was definitely not on the premises.

I fretted and feared and worried – and looked everywhere. Multiple times over many hours spanning a couple days.

This cat was officially awol.

My vibration was not in good territory.

I really wanted her to come back so I could feel better. I wanted to relax; to feel the relief of knowing she’s just fine. I wanted life to go back to normal.

But as a conscious creator, I know that’s not how it works.

I have to feel what I want before it’s happened. That’s when I’m a match for the experience I prefer.

So I tried to feel better. I tried to relax. I tried to trust that she was just fine.

But I sucked at it.

I was really worried about this girl. Couldn’t sleep, so I spent most of the night looking through neighbors’ yards with a flashlight.

Still no sign. Called a friend the next morning to help search. (Still trying to “action” my way into what I wanted, but hoping he had a better vibe for success than I did.)

How could he, though, when I’m right there broadcasting “My cat is gone!” so loud and clear? We’re not a match to what we want when vibing the exact opposite.

(Case in point: this cutie patootie who thinks he doesn’t have a fork.)

It’s right there, but you’ll never see it as long as you think it’s not.

So after my friend left, I tried again to feel that all was well. Like my cat was home sweet home.

Still sucking at it.

I was in serious knots of anxiety.

Blaming myself for not keeping better track of my cats. What kind of cat mom am I?? Maybe she’s mad about the fosters. Maybe she’s had enough of this gig.
I knew that’s not a routine that would remedy things.

So I tried softer thoughts …

  • Like maybe that she’s enjoying herself enormously.
  • Maybe she’s tired of being a house cat and wanted to experience life’s adventure.
  • Maybe she’s eating the neighbor cat’s food, and maybe this isn’t so bad after all.
  • Maybe the best way for her to be happy and healthy is not under my roof.


Could I release attachment to this outcome? I know how magic it is when I can.

After another attempt at feeling better before there was any reason to, I finally got a whiff of it. Felt around there for a bit before I finally felt the true relief and rightness and calm contentment that comes from knowing all is as it should be.

Then I stopped thinking about it, because I didn’t trust myself to be able to hold that vibe for long.

(Knowing if I could at least stop worrying, I’d be a better match for good news.)

Then I invited higher powers to help – specifically the OutSourcerers at GVU (who have a great track record!), my other cats to tell her to come home, and fairies and angels to watch over her and keep her safe and happy.

That night as I was feeding everyone else, I thought, “I wouldn’t be surprised if I look right over there where she always is and see her standing there as usual. Like she’s been there the whole time.”

I looked over and she wasn’t there.

But I took it as a good sign of my aligned vibe that my heart didn’t sink when I didn’t see her. Making progress.

Finished the feeding and cleaning routine for the night and headed to bed.

But on the way I got a nudge to look outside.

So even though I’d combed through every nook and cranny for two days and the night before, I grabbed the flashlight and did a quick sweep of the yard. Not really expecting to see her; just honoring the impulse.

Yep, still not here. And there’s me, still not sweating it.

Yay for keeping the good vibes steady, though. I know that’s a game-changer.

As I turn to head back inside, I see something move from the corner of my eye. Didn’t want to startle her in case it was her, so I slowly turned and shined enough light to see that indeed, my sweet feral kitty was standing behind the dense basil and cat mint plants.

She’s a true feral, so there was little I could do other than softly talk to her and optimistically remove a window well to give her a way back in. Left the back door open for good measure (after securing everyone who needed securing) and went to bed knowing I’d very likely see her right back in her favorite bed in the basement in the morning.

Which is exactly where she was this morning.


I share this story for three reasons:

1. If you’re waiting on anything to make you feel better (money, clients, a lover, body changes, new house, etc.) this is your reminder to replace that routine with one where you feel it first to make it reality.

2. We don’t always nail that success vibe on the first try, so don’t give up if you don’t get it right the first time. Practice makes perfect. You’ll get it!

3. Do your best to stay out of discouragement when you’re not seeing immediate results. They’re coming. Hold the faith and keep your vibe in place as best you can.

That’s how we let Universe deliver on our desires. Don’t wait on them before you find a way to feel what you want.

Here’s to happy endings – and also not needing them in order to feel better first.

  • June 29, 2016
  • Great story, Jeannette! You rock when it comes to stick to your story and your happy vibes!

  • Mrs. says:

    Thanks Jeannette, This reminds me of my last month an how I managed to get through it regardless if I really sucked due to mass hysteria. Acting as is pure magick.
    Glad that your cat was safe and sound 🙂

  • Annette Pedersen says:

    This happened with my Aimee, too . . and I did what you did.
    And she did what your sweet feral did.
    Appeared back home, safe and sound immediately after I let go.
    Can be so hard, thought, right?
    Which is also why I Outsourcered it too 🙂

  • Lin says:

    Gosh Jeannette, I went through a missing kitty experience just this week also. I know those emotions well of fear, panic and a big part of my brain telling me I must act fast and take every action possible. This week I also was packing blame and anger into the mix since I was sure hubby was responsible. I know better than to be swept up into these emotions but having a hard time finding any relief. Since I’m a trained flower essence practitioner and also trained in Clinical EFT, you would think I would have pulled out one of those tools to help shift my vibrations, but never did. Instead, I set a baby monitor on my porch along with some crunchy food and fell into bed with the speaker near my ear, which I’ve done many times. Meandering kitty found his meal at 5 am and I flew out of bed in time to let him waltz through my front door.
    While I was searching that evening, I was asking myself what in the heck did I do to attract this?!?!? I remembered yesterday, that just 4 days earlier, I experienced the same emotions/vibrations of panic, fear and blame with a scary event that my dad had been through during a hospital stay a few days prior. I carried those feelings around several days and even verbalized the blame with just about anyone that would listen. So I am reminded of Ester’s saying “I did that”. Always a good reminder of what powerful manifestors we are.
    No wonder the Universe served me up another experience with all the same feelings! I had not taken the time to clean up those vibrations or to stop speaking about it. Lesson learned again. I know this stuff but like we’ve all experienced, not always easy to practice.
    Thanks for a great post as usual Jeannette. I’ve been hanging out here for almost two years enjoying each and every post and so many wonderful comments.

    • Jeannette says:

      Crunchy food and a baby monitor!! Lin, that’s brilliant!!
      And you know, a really strong action to believe in can help us make the energetic shift. So I’m remembering that one!
      Also loving the EFT and flower essences as a way to shift the vibe.
      However we get there, we know it’s always an easier journey when we’re not beating ourselves up for creating it. So here’s to feeling empowerment instead of judgment with thoughts like “I did that.”
      Thanks for posting, Lin. So glad dad and kitty are okay! 🙂

      • Lin says:

        Thanks Jeannette! I’ve used the baby monitor and crunchy food trick for years.
        I usually can laugh and make a quick shift, when I realized that I created another situation around the same types of feelings, both good or not wanted. No longer beating myself up, I find it more and more of proof that LOA is at work non stop. Funny that over the 14 years I’ve studied LOA, it’s often the example of how I’ve created an unwanted event that makes me sit up and take notice over a simple positive manifestation. Also, a good reminder for me that complaining about a situation to others..really adds power to manifesting similar situations.

  • Susan Young says:

    Yay Jeannette. I love the pet stories as a place where you have to REALLY shift your vibe amidst what could be scary circumstances. These speak volumes to me!!

    • Jeannette says:

      Right?! I know lots of people who’d be happy to trade their worry about an animal for a good old fashioned money fear. lol
      Something about our attachment to loved ones that has a way of bringing out the deep-seated stuff.
      But talk about good practice! 🙂

  • Neme says:

    I have so many words to say to you Jeannette, but here’s one: you are a hero! Thank you so much for being a great encouragement to me.
    lots of love, all the way from Nigeria.

  • One of my new kitties, who had only been in my house for 10 days, escaped over the wall into bobcat and coyote territory. I won’t go into many details about how I felt, but besides asking St. Francis for help, I did say to myself, “How would Jeanette handle this?” He’s home
    again, after a daring second escape too. So thanks from afar.

    • Susan Young says:

      Yay! Happy for you Andi. Have shared that experience when living in Cali. Actually had a coyote chase my cat and one of my dogs chase the coyote and the other dog coming to warn me. It was quite a story and all was well!

    • Jeannette says:

      I don’t know what I like more about that post, Andi – that you have a new kitty, or that you have more than one! woo hoo for new kitties! Especially home sweet home safe and sound ones. 🙂

  • Master Manifester says:

    YAY!! She made it home! I have to say I was not sensing how worried you truly were on our call, so cuddos for not vibing it as much as you thought you were.
    I am reminded of the Abraham-Hicks technique of getting off the subject all together and focusing on accessing the right kind of feelings by thinking of a different aspect of our lives. Whichever thoughts help us to access the feeling we are after when it is hard to do with the particular subject. So when you have those brief thoughts of “what kind of cat-mom am I?” You could focus on how awesome of a coach and conscious creator you are and how much you rock at attracting the right people and beings. I use this technique often. Like when I want to attract abundance I focus on the many ways my life is so rich. I love that energy is energy and we do not need to focus on attracting money and possibly having doubts get in our way, but we can simply focus on abundance and abundance will come in all forms to us. It has to be when that is what we vibrate.
    Also, YAY! to your surrender allowing all to be well 🙂 AND to being willing to ask for help AND receive it from friends, co-creators, and the angels. Clearly even being feral, she can feel that she is safe and loved at your house 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      You were a good part of how I distracted myself, too – so thanks for the role you played in helping me activate the vibration of “normal” and “business as usual.”
      I did a fair amount of reminding myself that if anyone can do this, it’s me. That self-encouragement was helpful in pressing through the initial failed attempts to get to a better vibe. 🙂

  • Jiya says:

    Talk about Uni signs! ! I have always been really blessed and lucky with signs. And your post is one of them. A very strong sign that I asked Uni today. Thank you for sharing.
    Love and light.

  • Elle says:

    Ahhh…non-attachment. Great!

  • Shan says:

    Great, Jeannette – this is very encouraging; thanks. This post also illu
    strates what a great thing non-attachment is!

    • Jeannette says:

      Agreed, Shan!
      In fact, I just read in a book on magick that they call attachment “lust for results.”
      Abraham has been calling this “unconditional living” and it is sometimes easier to talk about than to practice. lol

  • Mindy J says:

    Another great example of surrendering. So happy she is back home with her Mama!!! ????

  • Namaste says:

    Another great post Jeannette, thanks =)

  • Kitnye says:

    I decided to try this. I want to go off to college and have a fun experience. I thought for sure I’d be gone in August now I’m not so sure… This morning I decided I was gonna try to have fun whether I left or not. This blog post must be a sign that I’m on the right path.

    • Jeannette says:

      That’s a good plan, Kitnye! Having fun no matter what! 🙂
      Being willing to activate that vibration and flow with whatever Universe delivers to match should guarantee a very good time. 🙂

  • Dana says:

    Always timely! I loved the link to the cutie patootie (I used to call my girls that) — “where’s my fork?”…classic! 😉

    • Shan says:

      I have no idea what any of that means! Could you explain, please, Dana—thanks

      • Elle says:

        The baby was holding the fork in his hand the entire time and did not see it. He is cute so we call him Cutie Patootie.

  • Karen says:

    I do love happy endings. I’m already practicing with my new mantra, Happy, happy, joy, joy – a little tune I chant during the day.

  • Ming says:

    Love this. So happy to hear the good news this morning 🙂 You know it too ha! Here’s always to happy endings!

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