3 Tips to Drop Debt the LOA Way

Many manifestors want to use their creative power to eliminate debt and feel more financial freedom.
While I’ll be the first to say money isn’t responsible for making us feel free (how we feel is our job, not money’s), I understand the desire for a positive cash flow.

So here are three law of attraction-friendly tips to shift your money vibration (and thus your money situation):

1. Make Peace With the Debt

You know what people have in common who want to get rid of their debt? An aversion to debt.

Maybe we learned this financial dis-ease from our thrifty parents, or a conservative spouse. Or maybe it’s just our latest excuse to feel bad about ourselves if we have that kind of a habit rolling.

But however we got this resistance to debt, that’s gotta shift.

Because conscious creators know what it means to push against what we don’t want. (We just get more of it.)

Plenty of people have debt and feel peaceful or even appreciate it. (Did you know that was an option?)

On the other hand, folks who want to get rid of their debt often have some sort of negative charge about it.

So making peace with the debt you have is a powerful step in releasing it, believe it or not.

Some people are nervous that if they stop hating their debt they’ll just incur more. But it’s the opposite. What we resist persists.

Get okay with the money that you owe.

It’s a simple matter of finding better feeling thoughts about it. If you’d like help, give this vibration activation script a try.

2. Edit Your Identity

No, this doesn’t suggest you change your name to avoid creditors.

This tip is all about upgrading the way you think of yourself; i.e. how you know yourself to be.

Whatever we know, we create.

So if you know that you have a ton of student loan debt, or that your credit cards are maxed, so shall it be.

Our reality can’t be different than how we know it to be.

So you want to start practicing a different knowing about yourself and your money.

That allows your debt to move.

Instead of knowing yourself to be someone who was financially devastated in his divorce, practice knowing yourself as someone who is rebuilding after a life challenge.

Instead of thinking of yourself as someone who isn’t good with money and can’t seem to get ahead, try thinking of yourself as someone who is willing to make the changes that matter.

Instead of identifying with previous family members that never had a dime to their name, start choosing something new for your lineage. (Your future generations will thank you for it!)

If you need help with shifting your identity, check out this post, or GVU members can click on this course.

3. Take Feel-Better Actions

Any action that makes you feel better about your money is a step in the right direction.

We’re looking specifically for anything you can do that makes you feel more empowered, more capable, and more optimistic.

You can look to muggle money experts for traditional suggestions like cutting up cards, consolidating debt, sticking to budgets, etc. But know that the magic isn’t in the action itself – it’s in how you FEEL.

So anything that makes you feel like a more savvy financial manager is worthy of engaging.

That includes skipping payments, filing bankruptcy and any other actions that you’ve been conditioned to feel guilt or shame about.

Remember what Abe tells us: it doesn’t matter what you do; it only matters how you feel. That means any action you take only helps if you feel better when taking it.

For some people, writing down a list of all the balances owed to various creditors is an empowering action that makes them feel responsible and clear. For others, that could be overwhelming and intimidating.

Honor your inner guidance about what feels best, and follow through on those inspired actions.

I shared this tip last because once you 1) make peace with your debt and 2) start thinking of yourself as someone who is getting a good handle on their money situation, the Universe will 3) deliver options and resources to improve your finances. It’s important to cooperate with Universe by engaging the actions that further stimulate your good money vibes.

I’ve seen “miracles” happen with our financial balances once we shift our mindset about money.

Which is why I suggest you be open to big answers and fun solutions once you do the vibration management work on your debt.

And remember that the LOA way to manifest debt freedom is to be willing to feel now you would feel then.

We’re not using our manifesting skills to create an outcome that makes us feel better. We’re finding ways to feel better now, and that requires our finances to raise their game, too.

If you’ve got questions or other tips, please post so we can help you manifest the money reality you prefer.

PS – listen at the podcast forΒ 3 tips to eliminate debt the LOA way.

  • October 22, 2017
  • Rachel says:

    Money controls happiness at least to 90%. I know for a fact if I had 400K right now I would be beyond happy and at ease. I would be smiling, laughing, joking, and at my absolute happiest. I would be the happiest person ever to have that much money. I would make the most of it. Money is the reason we exist. Money controls everything around us. You have to have money to be happy. If you don’t then the world make sure to let you know.

  • Susan says:

    Jeannette–This is a timely reminder!
    Last week I finally called a debt collector about a debt I thought had been paid. I was told no, it hasn’t, and I made arrangements to pay something down a few days later, and the balance in monthly installments. I wasn’t thrilled about it, but I knew I’d incurred it and decided to deal with it.
    A few days later I went to the website to pay the amount I’d said I would pay initially. But however hard I tried, the site wouldn’t take my payment.
    I decided to call the bill-pay line and do it that way. And when I did, they automatically tell you how much you owe. They told me I owed nothing! I hung up without paying a penny, very satisfied that the debt was now gone.
    I have no idea how that happened, but being peaceful about something I owed, I’m sure, had something to do with it.
    That was a great day, and now that I’m slowly coming to grips with what I owe, I’m sure there’ll be more of them!

    • Tia says:

      – Great post Jeanette, I use to have an aversion of it. I use to feel guilty, terrified, and horrible about myself. Over the years, I have learned to make peace with it and it has done wonders, I pay what I can and focus on things that I enjoy doing rather than let the doom and gloom feelings get the best of me.
      – Susan I love your story. Magical things happen when we make peace with things. I have a somewhat similar story.
      I had a gym membership and I had set it up so it comes out of my savings account, which at the time I didn’t have much savings. I was going to manually transfer my money from my chequing to my savings. Not sure why I did that.
      Long story short, I stopped going to the gym and I didn’t cancel my membership. I knew my savings probably ran out but I didn’t care. I figured when I was ready to pay it, I would. Which is what happened, when I was ready to make a payment it didn’t go through. I called them up and lo behold, the woman on the phone tells me, “Oh you don’t owe anything.” I was stunned. I asked, “Are you positive?” and replies, “Yes I am.” Then she tells me how the Gym was bought out by the new owners. And I’m thinking wow…
      I had owed at least 3-6 months worth of gym membership fees, and the universe waived that fee! I was pleasantly amused to say the least. LOL

  • Veronica says:

    Thank you very much Jeannette! This is extremely helpful for me as I’m currently going through tremendous shift in my finances πŸ˜€πŸ’°β€

  • I love your blog. Number 1 is going to take some work for me. I too practice manifesting and have a great deal of luck with it. It does work! I have seemed to hit a roadblock lately. I think your number 1 may be it! I do have aversion to debt. That is really going to be hard for me to work on. Thanks for the heads up. I think you may be right. Your blog is very good. Freash ideas. Thanks so much. I look forward to reading your books.

  • One thing that I’ve been working on is to remind myself what my debt created. Much of my debt came out of my work to build my dream business and today, I’m the path to reach my goal and I couldn’t be happier so I look at my debt with gratitude because it helped me reach goals that I previously thought were impossible.
    I also say thank you when I pay down bills. Thank you that I have money to pay the debt, thank you when all the bills are paid and I don’t have anything more to do for the rest of the month.
    And as far as changing my story about myself, I’ve gone from saying “I can’t afford that,” to “I’m smart about my money.” It makes all the difference for me.

  • Ming says:

    Love this Jeannette . As I review these again, this was exactly how I changed my debt. Your good debt vs bad debt was my game changer. Its always good to be reminded, its about how we FEEL.
    I also love what you said about getting debt to “move” πŸ™‚
    The other thing I was thinking is just getting to our core values – mine being peace. Once I got to the better feeling of peace.. my debit and money started to move ~ You know I send lots of people to your podcast !

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