Ed's Strangest Secret

Excellent copywrite artist, Kevin Webb, forwarded me this newsletter from freelancing expert Ed Gandia last week.  Even though Ed addresses this to freelancers, it applies to many of us.  (In parts he sounds like an LOA Coach!)
I highlighted my favorite thoughts (in case you’re just scanning):

Brought to you by Ed Gandia
The Strangest Secret for Succeeding in a Tough Economy
What a week this has been (and it’s only Wednesday)! As I write this article, two of the world’s largest investment banks, Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers, have reached the end of the line.
The 158-year-old Lehman filed for bankruptcy protection this week (the largest bankruptcy filing in U.S. history, I might add). Merrill Lynch agreed to sell itself to Bank of America in an emergency deal hashed out over the weekend.
And as if that weren’t enough, we also learned that the U.S. government had to step in Tuesday to rescue AIG, one of the world’s largest insurance companies, with an $85 billion emergency loan.
Yes, these are all unprecedented events. A little unnerving, for sure. But what really concerns me is how rapidly the “negative funk” is spreading.
The pessimism among many freelancers I talk with is at a 5-year high. In fact, until this year, I’ve never heard the words “starving” and “freelancer” used so frequently in a sentence. Many are even using their struggle as a badge of honor! (Sorry…but when did being broke become “cool”?)
The Sky Is NOT Falling
Well, I hate to break the news, but it’s not all doom-and-gloom, folks. Yes, I recognize that many people are in financial trouble right now. I’m not blind to reality. But just as thousands of businesses are going under, thousands are also doing very well despite the troubled economy.
Take Wal-Mart. The world’s largest retailer was, until recently, struggling. Now, in the face of the worst economy in 5 years, it posted a 9% quarterly profit increase last month. Wal-Mart’s strategy: Cater to consumers who are desperately trying to save money in a tough economy.
And just last week, I talked to the vice president of company that is having its best year in its 14-year history. Impressive, considering that this company manufactures a high-end specialty consumer product.
I also have a client that’s currently in serious growth mode. This client has hired 5 new sales reps this summer and brought in a VP of business development. Its prospects have never looked brighter.
Who are these companies? They’re smart businesses that have found a way to rise to the top of their respective industries, despite the slump in the general economy. And many of them need freelancers NOW. Either because they can’t handle all the work internally or because they don’t want to add head count.
As a result, many freelance professionals — both new and established — are having a banner (or at least a decent) year.
The Strangest Secret
What do you need to do to join this elite group of thriving freelancers? I don’t have all the answers. And even if I did, the answers to that question could fill an entire book.
But I do know this: Attitude matters…more than you might think.
I learned this timeless secret almost 20 years ago from the dean of self-improvement, Earl Nightingale, when I heard him say, “You become what you think about.” (Check out the original 10-minute recording of this groundbreaking program on YouTube!)
I find that the older I get, the better I understand the power of that statement and how relevant it is today, especially considering the negative environment we’re living in.
Fact is, you attract what you dwell on. If you dwell on economic panic and financial strife, you will get more of that. But if you choose to approach each day with confident expectation and a joyful attitude, you will start attracting more positive outcomes to your life.
It’s not just me who believes this. The Law of Attraction has been around forever. In fact, the most successful people I know go about their daily work with a positive, can-do attitude. And they somehow stumble upon opportunity after opportunity. This reinforces their winning attitude, furthering the positive cycle.
Your Choice
These are challenging times for many people. No doubt about it. But whatever you do, don’t fall prey to all the negativity floating around, even if you’re in financial straits right now. Nothing good will come out of that.
Instead, try to stay focused on your goals. Stay focused on success. And I guarantee you that things will turn around for you faster than you can imagine.
The choice is all yours.

Thanks, Ed, for writing a great reminder – and Kevin, for forwarding it along. 
Here’s to our focus on success and breaking another “rule” of what’s possible in the current economy! 

  • September 21, 2008
  • ed says:

    Law of Attraction is everywhere and working for everyone. Its the Secret and everyone needs to believe in this power of the universe because it works. FOR EVERYONE either for good or bad. It depends on YOU.

  • Michael says:

    That’s such a great message. Being a freelancer myself, this is really encouraging, but it also flies in the face of what was starting to feel like a ‘national vibe’. In fact, it doesn’t just fly in the face of it, it creates a new, better vibe. We’re on the leading edge of change and creating the kind of future and abundance we desire, regardless of old ideas like ‘economy’. I am my own economy.
    I like that. Maybe I’ll print a bunch of t-shirts and make a gazzilllion dollars…!

  • Nice intention, Jess! That one will serve you well, I have no doubt.
    And Iyabo – how fun to go to the shelter and just shell out love to the cats in the cages! They will LOVE it, and so will you, I daresay!
    THAT’S even more addicting than blogging! 🙂

  • Iyabo says:

    Jeanette and her animals! My cat died a few months ago and I will be deported from the USA by my husband if I dare bring another cat home. He really has a huge issue with animals as he is OCD and a true germophobe. He really needs medication about it.
    However, I really want to be in the company of animals. I want to go down to the animal shelter and just hold some kittens like Jeanette does. I dreamt about it last night.
    I only know of the Gwinnett Animal Shelter near where I live in Georgia. Does anyone know of any other organizations like that in my area. I just need to hold on to some kitties or puppies and increase my vibe.

  • Jessica Earl says:

    “Money will only magnify your character and state of mind”
    I needed this reminder! I forget all the fun giving things I could do if I had “lots” of money. I know I’d spend my time helping others improve their life, that’s for sure! I certainly want to continue to remember what you shared so I drop any left over beliefs about money… or rather replace beliefs with positive beneficial ones.
    On another note, Jeanette, I intend to find a Dr such as yours. I’ve been thinking for awhile I’d like to find one that supports LOA and other natural healing modalities. I agree, it would be SO nice to attract service providers who are on board with LOA! Yep, I just decided. I’m intending on attracting those types of professionals when I need to hire someone!
    Yippee! Hey thanks everyone! Jess
    PS Congrats Kevin on your first two blog posts! Hurray! Be careful, it is addicting! I could write like this for hours, although I’ll “try” to spare everyone. haha…

  • Ed Gandia says:

    Kevin and Jeannette – my pleasure!

  • Kevin Webb says:

    Jeannette and all,
    Yes. I think it might actually be true. That this might in fact only be the second time posting to a blog. I’m making some big changes in embracing web 2.0, I suppose.
    Like I said last night (okay morning, who’s counting?), it’s nearly spooky at times how things play out right in front of you in relation to a thought.
    Like last Thursday when I joked with a lady in the local grocery store about “no power steering” on her badly functioning cart. It looked like she would have been able to steer it better with the wheels liberated of their duties. I walked a few steps away, and noticed another one – completely unoccupied. I said to her, “Why don’t you switch to this one?” She still appeared to be fighting off a tornado of a bad day, but took me up on it and thanked me. So I said “No worries, maybe it’ll steer better.”
    I don’t know. Things like that just make me wonder. We don’t always see open opportunities like the spare cart just sitting there. But with certain good moods like wanting to help someone, it’s interesting how things appear. It works both ways, but it certainly feels better when we cause good things to happen.
    And good news. I was just relaxed when I thought that everything above would be lost when my browser decided to take a bathroom break on me. All I could think about was how I could copy and paste it back. I open it again, and it was all as I left it. Excellent!
    Well it’s back to my direct mail list building. It’s a slow process. But my excellent B2B clients haven’t come to me without some gold sifting along the way. So many of my B2B clients are going to be calling me soon.
    All the best,
    Kevin Webb
    B2B Copywriter,
    Specializing in Logistics and Technology Markets
    Mississauga, Ontario

  • First time posting to a blog?! Kevin! lol Well, congratulations on that milestone passed! ha
    I like what you said about it’s easy to believe in creating reality by just paying attention to what’s happening. Amen to that.
    And thanks again for introducing me/us to Ed’s material.
    We’d LOVE to hear from you again, Kevin! 🙂

  • Kevin Webb says:

    Hi Jeannette and Ed,
    Wow! I didn’t know I could actually bring two stars together for more common good.
    Ed, you’ve been giving me some insights with thewealthyfreelancer.com for a while now (with Steve and Pete) as well as your bonus report in Pete Savage’s (savagemarketing.com) e-book. So I couldn’t believe how genuine you were with The Law of Attraction in your newsletter. I was thinking, “Ed’s really talking about the Law of Attraction here” and sure enough you mentioned it next. So you knew what you were doing and weren’t afraid to express that this stuff really happens.
    It was my pleasure to pass on Ed’s newsletter. I didn’t actually ask him first. But we’re marketers. I figured he wouldn’t mind the exposure. Yep, I was right. 😉
    Frankly, I was surprised that Ed wrote about LOA, at a time when it seems like so many people are dismissing the LOA as flaky or flighty success methods. But I do recall his reply to a post on thewealthyfreelancer.com to a fellow copywriter who was about to wave the white flag on his copywriting career due to dire financial straits. His response? Believe. Read the success stories of the people who came from the least and built empires. Oprah, and others. (I hear Oprah and yourself go way back.) Sorry Ed, I might have paraphrased there a bit.
    Excellent, well-paying clients are coming to my site all the time. Helping friends along the way is the least I could do.
    Yikes! Surprisingly, I think this is the first time I’ve ever posted to a blog. I mainly read everyone’s posts on the mygoodnews yahoo group each day.
    A general point I’d like to add about the LOA is that to really believe that we create everything that happens, you just have to stop and observe – or attend – to events as they happen. I think people just don’t want to be shocked by how things happen, so they don’t want to believe that they have an impact. So they keep living out the definition of crazy, and getting the same results.
    All the best for a great week everyone,
    Kevin Webb
    B2B Copywriter,
    Specializing in Logistics and Technology Markets
    Mississauga, Ontario

  • Thanks for checking in, Ed, and even more for giving us great inspiration!

    It was a much-needed perspective (and “reality check”) that I’ve been thinking about for several weeks now. When I read yours, I thought, “Well, not gonna improve on THAT. I’m posting it!” lol

    I LOVE your words about how money just magnifies our character and state of mind. We’ve seen this so many times, huh? Powerful observation.

    Thanks again, Ed. Your http://www.thewealthyfreelancer.com has lots of helpful insights I can and will put to use (as can my clients)!

  • Ed Gandia says:

    Jeannette – Thank you so much for posting my article in your blog. Just discovered it. What a fantastic find! And your readers are the nicest people! Thanks everyone for all your kind words. Glad to hear you found a positive message here, considering all the yucky stuff streaming from the mainstream media lately.
    @ Jessica – The coolest thing I’ve ever heard about financial wealth is this: Money will only magnify your character and state of mind. If you’re a miserable, unhappy person, you will only become worse (gosh…ever wonder why so many people in Hollywood are so terribly unhappy and empty). But if you’re truly a kind and caring soul — someone who wants to leave this world a better place — earning (or winning) a lot of money will only help you reach that ideal.
    There’s so much truth in that.
    Ed Gandia

  • Ann says:

    I am a real estate agent and guess what…LOA has been working VERY well at work! As you can imagine, in our current real estate climate, we (agents) are doing a lot of hand holding with our clients. So I use visualization and try my best to keep my clients as calm as possible. So far, I’ve been able to create the outcome that I envision every time! We need to teach this stuff to Wall Street, well and perhaps our next president?!
    On another note, Jeannette, you asked how was Wayne. I’m seeing Wayne Dyer on Oct. 12. I’ll let you know…can’t wait!

  • Iyabo’s comment made me think …
    You know what would be great? And I know this is already happening, I’m just looking forward to seeing it on a larger scale than it already is …
    It’d be great when it’s EASY to hire a real estate agent, or attorney, or accountant, or doctor, or whatever professional we want who has an LOA focus as they work with us.
    Someone who is an “expert” who has credibility and steers us in a positive direction. Someone who gives us reason to believe things are gonna get much better very quickly. Someone who gets that their words have an enormously powerful effect on our expectation, and thus our experience – and they use those words consciously and positively.
    A traditional professional who doesn’t just practice LOA at home in his/her own personal life, but brings it to their work with clients.
    My doctor does it – I don’t know if it’s conscious or just his nature – but I sure appreciate it. (I have to remind myself not to conjure up reasons to spend time with him!)
    I’d love an accountant who tells me my system, even if “dysfunctional” to some, works well for me and for her. I’d love a lawyer who didn’t want to scare me into writing up a living will, but rather used a positive approach with me. And an energy worker who didn’t tell me to get a pre-nup. (Mine did, and I wasn’t even getting married – just buying a house with him! I’m like, could we PLEASE let go of the fear?)
    Ok, got off track on the “do want” and slipped into “don’t want” a little bit there … but you get my drift.
    Those of you who are doing this in your business already, please let the rest of us know. We will flock to your doors!

  • Jessica Earl says:

    yes! I must say everyone is walking around talking about this or that… and I wonder… well where the heck have I been then, because that ain’t MY world?!!! It is funny because all that negative money talk makes me do a double take at my own life… is it for real? The negative talk seems to give me a chuckle in a way because it makes me aware of just how grateful I am for my life, and how abundant I feel regardless of what others are experiencing. I was telling a friend yesterday that I have no desire to win the lotto… I already have everything I need. I mean, and what I desire comes to me, so what do I need the lotto for? Then I’d have all this stress about what to do with it?! Haha. I’d love to have that kind of money to help others… but I’d have a short-circuit in my emotional and decision making system.
    Anyhow… I am just So grateful for not feeling it necessary to go down that road with others. In fact, some people seem to think of you as pure evil if you speak positively about money! Ha, as though you are mocking them, when all you are hoping to do is bring a little brightness into other’s days!! 🙂
    Go figure.
    Thanks for sharing. Indeed a good article to share. Cheers!

  • Iyabo Asani says:

    I love that LOA is not just for psychics and new agers. Universal law applies to our politics, educational system, economy, medical system and every component of our lives. This guy needs to write the editorial for the wall street journal and has to have a segment on CNN. We need to see what is working in the economy and focus on that.
    Yes, the media can report the facts of what is happening but I know that the media focuses on what they want just to create interest in their news stories. Thanks for this post Jeanette.
    My story is my business is booming and growing and I have very high satisfaction with what I do!

  • Gillian says:

    How timely! I needed this reminder. I still have a tendencey to dwell on current issues such as expenses, expenses, expenses! Time for a change of focus! Thanks again for the reminder!
    Cheers, Gillian

  • Fantastic information — I just joined Ed’s list and newsletter. Great writing . . . I really appreciate the Share! Thanks! Cheers, P.

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