Enjoying the “Limits”

This year a new friend and I agreed on a spending limit for presents we get each other.

Mostly because it seemed a good way to avoid the potential awkwardness of him opening a package of hot chocolate mix with two mugs while I was opening a box with a sapphire necklace.

So we’ve got a modest spending limit in place for each other.

And that limit feels like fun!

It doesn’t feel restrictive or “limiting.”

I’m not grumbling about how I can’t get a proper present with my hands tied like this. I’m not mad at the events that led to this circumstance. I’m not doing the woe-is-me routine that I can’t be expected to find a good gift for that amount.

Instead, I’m excited about the challenge of finding the best possible present for that hundred bucks.

I’m delighting in the thought of how I might extract the most joy out of this “limit.”

In fact, I’m having so much fun with it, that it inspired me to apply this in other areas as well. Meaning, finding ways to extract more joy out of life situations that might seem “limiting,” like

  • the amount of money I make
  • the state of my physical health
  • the distance from my girlfriends
  • the status of love relationships
  • the number of animals I feel capable of caring for, etc.

If I looked at it as a fun challenge to figure out how to get the most joy and happiness out of the current situation, rather than just manifesting a new and improved situation in order to have more joy, that approach feels like it’s got some magic in it.

I talked about this in a new podcast and in a forum thread at GVU.

What if your circumstances in life were never going to change? Could you find a way to enjoy what is, rather than investing attention in changing what is?

I had a friend who struggled for years to find love. She’d never experienced a loving, healthy relationship in her life, and was desperate to have one.

It seemed to me her resistance to being single was what held love at bay, so I suggested that perhaps she might never find true love, and so maybe she better find a way to love life anyway. Since nothing else had worked.

She liked that idea so much she unfriended me.

But then wrote a year or so later to say that after a couple more failed attempts at finding love, she decided maybe I had been right, and maybe she better figure out how to enjoy life without a man.

And she did. She found a local meetup group to go on outdoor hikes with. She joined a reading club. She got serious about enjoying her career more.

And you know how this ends – she found love. Or rather, love found her. Once she decided she didn’t need it to be happy, and started getting happy in her right-here-right-now life. Love found her.

That’s law of attraction at work. It responds to our vibration; giving us more of what we’ve already got.

So when you decide what you’ve got is fabulous and amazing, when you learn how to find the joy in what’s already so, you set yourself up for a really nice upgrade. Without trying, without working for it, without figuring it out yourself.

Life just keeps getting better.

So here’s to enjoying whatever limits we might have thought were spoiling the party. 🙂

  • December 9, 2017
  • Connie says:

    This is exactly what I’ve done for years-I decided my life was perfectly perfect and I found the joy in all that already was. It, of course, wasn’t a surprise when the upgrades came without me trying. New house, new job, new friends, more money, amazing opportunities etc. I loved and appreciated so much what I already had, that everything that has come since, has been just a huge BONUS.
    Also, it feels so dang GOOD to be happy with what is, instead of that longing for more and better. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more of course, but there is a freedom, a liberation, in loving what is, finding joy in it that is just so lovely.
    I’ve done this for years, and life just keeps on getting better =)

  • Juli says:

    Jeanette, your posts are always so enlighting! I’m actually dealing with a deathline of a very important project that is due this thursday. I’m gonna try to have fun with the time limit, and take it as a challenge instead of a burden. Thanks!! You are amazing!

  • Jiya says:

    Hello Namaste,
    Namaste from India!
    Your comment is a sign for me because I have been asking the reason behind the delay in getting the confirmation letter for that new job opportunity. I think Universe is giving me more time to finish my alignment research. What could it be? I am still not sure but there definitely is a reason!
    thank you

  • Namaste says:

    A big day for me was realizing that the limits I experience are all totally and completely 100% self-imposed. Like Abraham likes to say, “It’s always between you and you.” Once I realized that I am the source of the limits I’m experiencing, I stopped hating them, trying to get over, under or through them and realized if I created them, they had to benefit me. I began asking myself, “What’s good about these limits? How are these current limits serving me and helping me get where I want to go?” Sometimes it takes some serious looking, but I’ve always found enlightening answers given enough time.
    For years, I felt stuck in a job situation. I was always trying to align with a way out and I just couldn’t get myself there. Finally, I realized there had to be a reason for this and that the situation had to be serving me in some way that I wasn’t seeing. After asking the questions, I realized that the job situation was perfectly supporting me to finish my very important alignment research. If I wasn’t so “limited” by the circumstances, I wouldn’t have been so motivated to get the research done. The limits existed because they were exactly what I needed at the time and were helping me onto the next step in my life =)

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