Evidence Logs & Success Journals

evidence logs, success journals and driftwood spottingWhat is a success log? How to use an evidence journal? Why is it smart to celebrate driftwood?

Let’s take it from the top …

Remember that we get what we focus on.

That’s why successful manifesting includes training our attention to see results.

That’s what success logs, evidence journals and driftwood spotting are for. It helps us spotlight what’s going right so we are in alignment to more of that.

It’s ridiculously easy to notice what’s going wrong and to imagine what we don’t want (i.e. worrying and doubting), so it’s helpful to be good at redirecting attention back to where it serves you.

Let’s review these methods for accomplishing that attention redirection:

A success log is a written tally of things going your way. It could be an ongoing list of happy manifestations, a journal of wins and triumphs, or however else you want to capture in writing the experiences and things you appreciate.

Example: Since joy is my idea of success, I keep a “happiest moments” thread over at Good Vibe University. (It’s an easy way to be a match for more good news!)

An evidence journal is basically the same thing – a written record of signs indicating your dream is on its way. It’s like a collection of reasons to believe in your manifesting skills as well as your expectation of getting what you want.

This is a powerful way to remedy the habit of dismissing or ignoring the always-available-proof that things are working out for us.

An example could be you’re intending to lose weight, and you capture evidence like:

  • catching a favorable glimpse of your reflection as you pass a window
  • an old friend mentions you’re looking great
  • your sister is losing weight on the same exercise plan you’re using

It’s not the full shebang of what we’re manifesting, but it’s a sign that we’re on the right track.

Driftwood spotting is where we consciously notice and celebrate the signs that we’re getting closer to our dream come true. (Driftwood is what sailors rejoice in when they’re looking for land.)

Sometimes people interpret driftwood in a negative way, rather than seeing it as a signal that they’re moving in the right direction. Like when a prospective client reaches out, but doesn’t ultimately hire you. Or when you’re manifesting big money and you find a nickel in the parking lot. Or when you’re ready for a romance of a lifetime, and your best friend gets engaged.

The key to successful driftwood spotting is to recognize that these things are signs of your alignment, and to see these winks from

Universe as the runway leading to your happy ending. Rather than concluding it was “close but not quite” or “it’s not happening,” we see these signs of land as proof we’re getting closer.

Whatever you call your process of noticing what’s going right, it’s a skill that serves your manifesting success immensely.

Learning to spot the progress as you go is an easy way to acclimate to the fully manifested form of what you want.

  • August 1, 2013
  • Susanne says:

    A quick PS to my earlier post: I live within walking distance of some of the wildest beaches on Canada’s west coast and am a veteran beachcomber. I’d just like to remind everyone that the best beach treasures — including driftwood — is found after the worst storms.

  • Jas says:

    Great post! Thank you! I like leveraging others into focus on my success. Cool idea. Sometimes I realize how focused I can be on the future and not notice everything wonderful that’s already taken place. So sharing it helps me take stock. Yes.
    Driftwood – thank you! A month ago I found myself feeling jealous about a friend’s success which is not something I often feel thank goodness. I was able to catch myself though and note that the reason I felt jealous this particular time was because it was time for me to have a similar thing. I was ready. So I began focusing on it being a clue that my ‘luck’ was just around the corner. And my vibration quickly shifted and I felt even happier. And lo and behold…it may be in my hands right now…checking it out 🙂

  • Most mornings before work I write out a vision page. It’s really a chat between me and Source.
    The first part is riffing off whatever good has been flowing my way; the second part speaks to what I’m creating in the world at the moment.
    I used to do this without the first part — the love or appreciation (LOA!) session. Once I added this basking-in-the-good aspect, the whole visioning process seemed to really take off. It put me in the mode!
    Janette — your enthusiasm is contagious — I feel like I’m zooming just being in your wake —
    Susanne — your whole process is inspired — and may inspire me to copycat —
    Jeannette — I don’t know how you do it, continue to ply sparkling LOA genius week in and week out — thanks so much for being a guiding light —

  • Ming says:

    I just started an evidence log at the end of June and I have to say its a good way for me to appreciate the little and big things that come in. Its really cool when something I notice, or something happens and I say to myself, YAY, I can add this to my evidence log. 🙂 Also sometimes at the end of my work day, I’ll look back too and reflect on the good stuff that happened too.
    Thanks Jeannette, was fun to appreciate my evidence log 🙂

  • Susanne says:

    A couple of years ago I attended a wedding and after looking at the lovely book the bride was using as a gift register (where she recorded all their gifts, by giver, so she could keep the thank you notes straight) I thought — wow, wouldn’t that be a great idea for recording all the gifts *I* get from the Universe? I’d been doing that in a haphazard way in my daily diary, but why not a special book JUST for that purpose?
    I’ve been doing that ever since, and one thing’s for sure — the gifts have been getting bigger and more frequent! And every day, after I’ve entered the day’s gifts (as small as a found penny or someone pausing to let me into heavy traffic to the use of a house for a year for free, I write a “thank you” to the Universe.
    Then last year I expanded the idea to include a Gift Registry — a list of things I want as gifts. I’d been doing that for years, of course (as most of us here probably do), but I’d just never thought of it in the terms of an “official” list.
    But driftwood? What a cool idea! I am so adding that. This list just rocks (and routinely finds its way onto my Gift Register).

  • robinvk says:

    timely post! I have been thinking lately, that although I am trying to stay in the right mindset, “I have rather than I lack, It’s always easy rather than it’s too damn hard!”. I haven’t felt successful at all.
    I like the idea of an evidence and success log. I can see where just looking for the glimmers will get me to seeing the wins!
    thanks Jeannette

  • Janette says:

    I love this post!!! Yes indeed – driftwood is SUCH a good way to see things as they unfold in our reality.
    In fact, I’ve discovered that it gets easier and easier to interpret the tiniest of things as driftwood. And that’s a good thing, not just because it’s effective deliberate creation… but because it FEELS so much better than my old way of seeing driftwood as some kind of ‘near miss’.
    Thanks to this post, I’m creating a new fun game for myself. I’m calling it Extreme Driftwood Spotting, and I’m setting myself the challenge of finding radical evidence everywhere. It’s kinda like an extreme sport, in that not everyone can do it (or wants to do it), but it is delicious to me.

  • Jackie says:

    As you know, I’ve been seeing a lot of driftwood lately. AND I have quite the evidence log, too….house sitting, not working but still having my basic needs met, going out to dinner a few times a month….now bring on the really good stuff I’m focusing on.

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