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Before I can get MY post out of my head and into this cyberspace blog, I keep thinking how much I want to share these great LOA related posts with you:
Steve Pavlina on how sharing your shame (being 100% authentic) can release the resistance
Kim Falconer on how astrology is law of attraction in action
Philip Harris on why the Dog Whisperer should be part of Obama’s administration, since if we emplemented Cesar’s understanding of energy we could turn this economy around!
So much great material out there!  In fact, please share your favorites with us as well, whether you wrote them yourself or found them in your internet meanderings …
Thanks in advance for sharing the info wealth! 

  • November 16, 2008
  • What a great idea, Linda! Congrats for creating your site all by yourself in just three days – THAT’S impressive!

    Sounds like you’re on a powerful manifesting roll – thanks for pitching in here!

    I’m off to check out your youtube video next – that’s another idea I’ve toyed with lately. 🙂

  • Linda says:

    Hi Jeannette!
    I’ve never written before but have been a fan of yours for awhile and grown a lot in LOA understanding since reading your ‘Pray Rain Journaling’. Thank you so much for that!
    Navigating your blog today asking for other great LOA material out there….I finally decided it was time for me to partake. You are all welcome to read my personal LOA story in my brand new website that I just finished developing myself on GoDaddy in just 3 days! (I’m so proud since I wasn’t born in the era, like most of you, who knew how to do this kind of thing in the womb!)
    But what I REALLY want to share is how my regular asking the Universe of wanting to be surrounded by like-minded people for the rest of my life turned out.
    After one day receiving the answer to that intention in a most wonderful way….described in detail on my new website…I found myself producing and uploading my first video onto YouTube! Now doing that myself WAS a miracle! I am still in giddy from shock that it’s up and running let alone receiving 5-star ratings after one day! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tkv3dQUl3XQ
    I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Please watch it for yourself. It’s less than 4 minutes long. I thought that most people who read this blog would at least find it entertaining.
    And I would be most grateful if you would share it with anyone you think might be interested. If anyone knows of other places that might welcome this material….Please let me know!
    The website is: http://www.LoaVac.com
    Email: loavac@Gmail.com
    Good Vibrations to you all!

  • Yeah, Kim especially has helped me intertwine LOA and astrology, rather than feel they were at potential odds.
    She has a way of describing it that makes perfect sense and is easy to grasp.
    Thanks for posting, Tiffany!

  • tiffany says:

    i really like how astrology and LOA are intertwined; before LOA i always thought my horoscopes to be eerily accurate. and i also found the personality descriptions to be true, now i know why!

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