Fabio Wins Immunity!

“I’ve envisioned this day for a long time and now it’s actually here.”

Those were Fabio’s words on his last day of successfully playing Survivor Nicaragua.

But I’m not quoting him to talk about the power of visualization, although it sounds like he did that very well!

I’m writing about Fabio’s time on this season of Survivor because of something he did (three times back to back) that seems to defy deliberate creation wisdom.

You’ve heard me say that you can’t create something as long as you need it.  In fact, here’s Abe on the topic:

Your needs cannot be fulfilled. “Need” and “fulfillment” are opposite vibrations on the vibrational scale. If you need it, you can’t get
it. Isn’t that interesting? – Abraham-Hicks July 2008 Stamford, CT

And yet, when Fabio needed to win an immunity challenge to stay in the game, he did it.

Three times in a row.

(Which thrilled me to no end, since I was rooting for him!)

But it made me reflect on the role of desire and desperation in our manifestations.

Fabio’s not the first player who came up with a win when he absolutely needed it.

Which seems contradictory to what I often preach here.

So what gives? How does Fabio (and the others who’ve done it as well) pull out a win when “need” is so strongly present?

I think it’s actually that need isn’t present. Or not as much as we think it is (from the outside looking in).

I suspect there’s a super strong desire flowing that fuels a success like this. Perhaps the contrast of being on the edge of losing is what fires up that desire, and that that desire is a very empowering vibration.

You’ve heard that desire and belief are the two keys to successful manifesting, and even when both elements aren’t present, if one is strong enough it can override the other. Like when a mother is able to overturn a car to rescue a child.  Desire successfully outweighs belief.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on it.

Have you ever manifested something you really really needed?

And if so, what were you flowing vibrationally that allowed it to manifest?

Abe says need and fulfillment are opposite vibrations, so you  can’t get what you NEED.

Yet some folks tell me that’s the only way they create anything – when it comes down to the bottom line and they’re on the edge of desperation, that’s when Universe finally yields to them.

But that doesn’t jive with others’ experience of manifesting successfully only when it doesn’t really matter, when the stakes aren’t that high, and it’s not something they have to have.

So let’s hear from you – how do you figure Fabio pulled out three immunity wins when the pressure was on?

  • December 19, 2010
  • Noelle says:

    Lisah, thank you! I LOVE that last sentence; “Whatever puts them in the place of expecting, let them do that.”
    Perfect advice when teaching people how to use the LOA in their lives! There is NO “right or wrong” way, just what works for each one of us! I think there is a tendency for us(people as a whole) to want to put everything we want to teach into a “3,5 or 10 step recipe, but everybody is soooo different, one never really knows any individual’s exact vibrational details!

  • Lisah says:

    I don’t know. It seems that everyone is repeating the same information. If needing has worked for some I think there’s some merit to it. The laws are definitely laws, I believe that. But I also think there is some wriggle room that comes from each person’s individual relationship with Source. That’s the art part of the art of allowing.
    Banging through the ideas “Need doesn’t work, I can’t need, if I need I’m doing it all wrong, lord help me get rid of this need!” can also create a great deal of resistance. People can have their own ideas about that word, too. None of us can say what Fabio’s process was.
    If someone’s relationship with the Universe is such that saying “Pretty please bring that to me, I neeeed to have it” and they get what they desire from that, then it works. Whatever puts them in the place of expecting, let them do that.

  • Well said, Julio. It can be the same word but in different situations or used by different people it can be a whole different vibe.
    And the vibe is what matters.
    Loved hearing your experience around “need” and how that fits in with “feeling groovy.” ha!

  • Julio Blanco says:

    It’s not the words, it’s the vibe, right? Source picks up when it’s need based in doubt and when it’s “need” (want/desire/would really dig it) based in knowing/faith. I “needed” (thought it would be way groovy) to move to Colorado a few years ago. It took me a while to get lined up. In fact, I first moved from Kansas to Wisconsin where the bitter cold helped me relax into a lighter “needing” to move to Colorado… pretty soon after that it just happened like butter.
    I reckon Fabio thought it would be really groovy to win immunity and he lined up around his “need” to feel groovy.

  • Nona Mills says:

    If you’re focusing on neeeeeding anything, you’re focusing more on the fact that you don’t have it than the knowing that you already do or will and its a done deal. Getting into that knowing space is all that’s required to manifest – and that’s the tricky part, all due to fear. Need is always about fear, b/c the very idea of ‘need’ wouldn’t even come up as a vibe in the equation at all without there being an envisioned experience of possible lack. How’d he do it? He loved the experience of being a Survivor, and saw himself continue to play – going home wasn’t something he spent time worrying about. The immunity challenges were just opportunities to show and experience his love for what he already knew was his.

  • I really like the picture you’re painting of Fabio’s process, Akira.
    And your reminder about need coming from fear.
    It’s true, if we didn’t believe in “lack” we would never experience “need,” would we? Interesting.

  • Akira Dawn says:

    If you’re focusing on neeeeeding anything, you’re focusing more on the fact that you don’t have it than the knowing that you already do or will and its a done deal. Getting into that knowing space is all that’s required to manifest – and that’s the tricky part, all due to fear.
    Need is always about fear, b/c the very idea of ‘need’ wouldn’t even come up as a vibe in the equation at all without there being an envisioned experience of possible lack.
    How’d he do it? He loved the experience of being a Survivor, and saw himself continue to play – going home wasn’t something he spent time worrying about. The immunity challenges were just opportunities to show and experience his love for what he already knew was his.

  • That would be pretty cool if someone automatically combined “need” and “faith” that it would be delivered, MissyB. Which sounds like your parents’ routine.
    I probably wouldn’t mind skipping the “need” altogether, but if I knew without a doubt that once I got there a way would be provided – I guess you can’t complain about that! ha
    Thanks for chiming in, my friend.

  • MissyB says:

    My mum and dad always tell of stories when they needed money that mum would get an unexpected knock on the door asking her to work.
    I think they had faith that they would always be provided for. And knowing my parents, they probably didn’t ask until it was absolutely necessary. They were brought up to believe you had to work to receive money. Hence my thoughts that they always manifested someone offering work rather than giving a cash payout !

  • Brigitte, you’ve got me thinking how often in daily life I use the words “I need” in conversation, and how those words are really a reflection of a request that I fully expect will be answered.
    Well, not always, I guess. Like, I just got my arm stuck behind the couch when I plugged in the laptop, and I said to Russ “I need your help.” I knew he’d be over lickety split to help out. He was.
    But when I said “I need to be at Verrall’s house by two” and seeing only 27 minutes on the clock, I felt pretty sure I wouldn’t make it. (In fact, I didn’t even try.)
    Thanks for the reminder to be diligent about what we’re saying and what the feelings are behind it, Brigitte.

  • Brigitte says:

    Well, yes, like others said above, it’s about what you think.
    When you say “I need” but think “I have”, it’s all really well and nice. Manifestation on its way.
    Most of us, though, because of what our life experience has caused us to think, say “I need” and think “IF I DON’T GET THIS I’LL DIE FROM DESPAIR?!?!?!?”.
    Just to make sure, don’t use the word need guys! You don’t need it. 😉

  • Noelle,I LOVE your description of your vibe, and aspire to have it! 🙂 Nonchalant, no big deal. I love it. I’m sure that the more I focus on what does come my way, the more I’ll see evidence of what you’re talking about and the more I’ll be able to get that vibe too. I’m really glad you shared this!!

  • Noelle says:

    Wow Ande….you’ve got me thinking here! I see what you are saying, and it’s a GREAT metaphor, but I have a totally different experience of manifesting things I need, and those I “exuberantly” want!
    I get so excited when I manifest something I need like rent, especially from unusual places cause I think; first of all, it is SUCH a RELIEF I feel exuberant from it, and second, it totally “boosts” my trust in the Universe to provide and take care of me no matter what!
    I have SOOOO MUCH more TRUST now in the Universe to supply me, as opposed to my job, or my husband supplying me! I have manifested so many things I needed through unusual and “different” sources at this point that I feel hardly any reliance on the “traditional” sources such as jobs, clients, mates etc….!!!
    Also,my experience of manifesting those things I am excited about is sort of….should I even say “nonchalant”! Like not a great big deal, they just sort of float in easily and naturally with no big fanfare! I think that is cause I have already “practiced” the feeling of having them sooo much that it just feels “normal” when I get them!
    Oh well….different strokes for different folks :))! Not arguing here, I just had to comment since I have such a different emotional experience of manifesting! I am always amazed when someone’s experience of the “same” thing is so different from mine! Isn’t it so interesting, fascinating really, how different people and their perspectives and experiences are?! :)))

  • Lois, I know many people reading this will want to know how you dialed off “need” and onto “well being” before you had any reason to feel better.
    That’s the heart of what deliberate creation is, I think: feeling better now before there’s any “reason” to.
    It sounds to me from what you wrote that knowing how the process worked was key to your ability to shift the vibe. Whatever did it for you – I’m glad that you wrote in to share you example.
    Thank you, Lois!

  • Lois says:

    I lost my job a few months ago, but was approved for unemployment benefits. After a few weeks it seemed that my benefits might be taken away. I had feelings of desperation, but realized that in order for me to manifest money, I needed to embrace feelings of well being. Fortunately, I was able to focus on feelings of well-being instead of the need. As a result my benefits continued and other money continues to come to me in unexpected ways. Even though there are times when we have a need, if we take our focus off that need we can then open up to allowing that which we desire to come to us.

  • I think it’s more than a theory, Ande – I’ve seen enough of that going on to know that’s exactly what’s going on for many people.
    I like the word you used as to the need “muffling” the feeling of having it (i.e. the alignment).
    Makes good sense to me. Thanks for adding your two cents on this one. 🙂

  • I have manifested some things I’ve needed, like this year: enough money to be able to keep paying our mortgage. But the difference between that and manifesting things I’ve been excited about and WANTED but didn’t need is like the difference between a one of those dry rice cakes all the diets tell you to snack on and a nice moist, chocolate cupcake.
    What I needed has eecked into my life with this almost audible groaning squeaking sound as it squeezes past my resistance. Whereas the things I’ve exuberantly wanted have exploded into my life like a wonderful fireworks display. And most of the things I need aren’t here yet.
    So I think you can manifest things you need, and I think what happens is when the need is HUGE, some part of you manages to align because in spite of yourself, you stumble over moments when you feel good about having it. I think it’s a tough way to do it though because the need muffles that feeling of having it. Does that make sense?
    It’s a theory anyway. 😉

  • Noelle, you’re helping me understand how need fits in to successful manifesting. From what you said, it’s clear that the Need turns into Deciding (to have it) and thus creates the ultimate alignment that allows what you want.
    That’s exactly what I’m going to practice next time I feel “need” creeping in … I’ll use it as awareness (of contrast) and shift into something more empowered and aligned like Deciding or Expecting.
    I sure appreciate your comments here! 🙂

  • Noelle says:

    Oh YES I have manifested many things when I “needed” them, rent money, jobs, timing etc…., and from some very interesting sources, and in unexpected ways too! Love that “unexpected” aspect of it too, it totally and unequivocally gives me “real evidence” that it’s the UNIVERSE that is supplying me, and not my actions or “logical resources”!
    But as some have already said sort of, it’s not the “need” that manifests it, I think it’s the need that creates the TRUE DECISION(at least for me),that I AM going to get this, because it is NOT even an option not to have it!
    The NEED creates the DECISION! And the decision trumps everything, cause in my mind there is no room for anything else(it’s already DONE)and then it HAS to happen!
    And I am guessing that maybe it was that way for Fabio too 🙂

  • Nathaniel, you’re reminding that Fabio did something really really well – which was ENJOY his win. He didn’t gloat, but he didn’t minimize it with humility or modesty either. I know what we see as viewers is hugely edited, but Fabio seemed very adept at embracing the win and immersing himself in that delicious vibe.
    You’re right – it was also easy to see he was fueled by focusing on the win(s).
    I also like, too, how he had this great story to support his wins, too. He was telling the story (and I’m sure believing it, too) that he’d been holding back all along in the challenges, so as not to appear a big threat and get voted out early. Which I suspect would help him believe that he had more to give in order to walk away a winner when it was time to stop holding back.
    Very interesting topic – thanks for adding to it, Nathaniel! 🙂

  • Nathaniel says:

    Oh And I didn’t see the competitions but he must have got in the flow. He got in his Vortex during the competitions. And then the universe arranged it all to happen. In the moment it couldnt have felt bad. It must have felt good!!!! I’m sure he could tell he got in the zone!!!!

  • Nathaniel says:

    I think it has to do with a few things starting with expectation. Yes he knew he needed to win but it is all trumped if you expect to win. Someone had to win he must have believed it was going to be him. And once he did it once then he expected and believed he would do it again. And then he expected and believed he could do it a third time. Everybody else in the competition must have had more resistence and doubt that he would win. And it also has to do with focus. He was focused on winning and not losing. That is the only way you can win a competition. You have to keep your eye on the prize.
    I love watching competitions and seeing who wins because I know that the winner had the least resistence. The winners didn’t just hope they could win. They knew they would win. BIG difference.

  • Tara Odovichuc says:

    I think it has a lot to do with letting go of the need for control and putting your faith in universe to provide. Kind of like when you find yourself in the deep end. After after all the flailing from the fear and panic, you give up the fight, relax and allow yourself to float.
    Years ago, I continually struggled to make ends meet. I finally found myself not knowing how I was going to pay my bills one month. I quit worrying and just decided that a way would be presented. Within a 2 week period I received 2 cheques in the mail for $5000 each, one being an inheritance and another was from unclaimed tax credits.

  • It is beautiful, Tara, when we release the need to control and instead find firm footing on Trust, isn’t it?
    Your example shows how well that turns out when we’re truly able to practice it!
    Thanks for your comments here, my friend.

  • Wise observation on your part, Dee, that fighting the feeling of need just adds resistance to the whole equation.
    (I also appreciated your acknowledgment about how you hesitated to expand on the subject by writing about it here.) You are definitely paying attention and are very self-aware!
    Wow, I just finished reading the rest of your post and even more impressed! Peace, Harmony and Abundance – very nice. And your noting that you’ve had lots of inspiration through this experience, and concluding that “if my need has brought me all of that, I can surely say there is a place for neediness in manifesting.” makes me remember how important the contrast is and the role it plays in our unfolding reality.
    It sounds to me like you are mastering that contrast extremely well, which leaves me no doubt that you’re headed into something even better than where you are now.
    You’ll keep us posted? Sending good thoughts your way … not that you “need” them. 😉
    Thanks for writing, Dee!

  • Dee says:

    How timely. Seriously. I have been in need of rent money so I won’t lose my room in my new apartment for a few weeks now. I manifested the apartment during a time of need, but after I was in spent quite a bit of time wondering how I was going to maintain it because my resources were drying up. I suppose not being able to let go of that feeling led to this. I take responsibility for that.
    I’m kind of hesitant to write this because I was just reading your post about not expanding on negative thoughts and situations. Yet, here I sit in my room while my roommates (whom I adore) are sitting in the kitchen interviewing someone to take the room. I have felt need before and seen that need expanded. And I have felt need and gotten what I wanted. I have been an 11th hour creator many times in my life. Maybe it will happen again.
    One of the problems I have been having is fighting that needing feeling. I’m aware that need only brings need, so I try to let go of that feeling. In turn that puts me in the place of resistance. I have been able to change my wording in my head from wanting to needing. And know that what I truly want is not so much the money, but to continue living here. I have not been able to get into the feeling place of having the money, but I have been able to get into the feeling place of staying here. Through prayer, EFT, and deliberate creating I am able do my best to be in a good mood around my roommates (I’m finding that I’m even cheering them up and putting them at ease around the situation) and continued to enjoy their company once I got past the guilt of leaving them without a replacement. I even made a huge pot of homemade pasta sauce for everyone and have plans to go to a birthday party for and with one of them.
    But I still have not received the money for the rent. Nor do I have money to move out and possibly back to my home town. As I said, I do not focus on the money as much as the feelings I want to experience at this time. My focus is on Peace of Mind (my relationship with myself), Harmony (my relationships with others), and Abundance (FOR OBVIOUS REASONS! Just kidding. For freedom to choose and the diminishment of struggle and hardship). With those in mind I am comfortable knowing that whatever the immediate physical result in regards to this apartment, soon down the line I will have what I am ultimately wanting.
    This apartment and the people in it are what I have been wanting for a good while now. I am happy and thankful that I was able to manifest them. And I truly appreciate the space it gave me to look back and be aware of my power to create. Going through this situation has also brought me new awareness of about the Universe and its laws. Believe it or not I got into the vortex several times during this period. More than I can remember since childhood. So if my need has brought me all of that, I can surely say there is a place for neediness in manifesting.

  • This feels key, Pernille, in that you recognized the need but then switched it up to confidence (by remembering your ability to create what you want).
    Or maybe better said from “need” to “expect.”
    Either way, I’m impressed! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience on this one!

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    Very interesting question, Jeannette!
    I manifested 8000 USD half a year ago when I really, really needed the money. Hubby lost his job and didn’t get any payment for the last 3 months, which he had otherwise been promised. We had tons of unpaid bills and didn’t know what to do.
    When I remembered that I’m a powerful deliberate creator (sometimes I tend to forget that!) I made a wish to receive 8000 USD within a week. I turned it over to the Universe to find a way to deliver and somehow managed to totally expect the money to arrive. Within a week we had the money, most of it from a totally unexpected source 😉
    My desire came from a very strong need, but my attention after I made the wish mostly went to totally trusting Universe to deliver and totally expecting to receive the money. If my attention had constantly been on the need I’m not sure the money would have come!

  • You’re absolutely right about that, Helen. It isn’t the label we give it, but the vibration of it that Universe is responding to.
    It also seemed to me (of course no one but Fabio knows) that he was more empowered than desperate when it came time to play for these wins – so there probably wasn’t a “need” vibration working against him.
    Thanks for reading and for chiming in, Helen. 🙂

  • helen says:

    I think maybe it has to do with the feelings we give words like “need” to some it is an all consuming have to have or else my world will be rubbish sort of vibe, that is focused not only on the wanting of something but the full awareness that you do not have the something you want. Which we all know only gives us more of what we don’t want. But to others need is softer and more like “oh wont it be nice when I have that thing I want”. People still call it needing that thing but it isn’t the same vibe as NEEDING a thing. So in essence it is as Abraham says it doesn’t matter what label we give a feeling it is the feeling that matters.
    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year everyone I have enjoyed reading all of these posts so very much this year ….helps to keep me on track ………….love to you all xxx

  • Ooh, Barbara, it sounds like the “thought experiment” brought an element of lightness to it, which combined with the conviction served you extremely well. Nice one!
    Hmm … I have to say, I’m having trouble thinking of something I manifested that I “needed.” But I’m still thinking …

  • BarbaraM says:

    I manifested 2 job offers at the same time – when I actually needed the job, because our contracts at the company I was working at that time, were terminated. As far as I remember I was focusing on having 2 job offers and I was 100% sure, that I will have them, when the existing contract will expire.
    There was no desperation or need present, because I was so convinced to have 2 new job offers 🙂 At the same time I was doing a thought experiment – I wanted to prove that this (LOA) stuff works!!

  • Someone wrote me recently, Nancy, saying she couldn’t possibly imagine releasing “need” from her desires, and thought I must have been mistaken when I said that. She was flabbergasted when I replied that indeed it’s not only possible but required to drop the need.
    It sounds like what you experienced was replacing need with having – and that did the trick?

  • Yes, I’ve manifested things I really, really needed (birth of my son before they gave me a C-section, large cash payment from clients, large/fast inflows of projects, money, clients, etc.)…and in all the cases, I was CLEAR on my preference, yet open to the expression, and my focus was on already HAVING it versus *neeeeeeeding* it.
    Often, when I hear clients go on and on about why they neeeeeeeed something, it’s clear that their story about NEED (who will they BE once they no longer have the need?) and the heavy energy around the form it takes is creating unwanted resistance.
    Many blessings,

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