December 30, 2011

Fabulous Things about 2011

the best of 2011In keeping with law of attraction wisdom to align ourselves by putting the focus on what’s going right, this post is devoted to a celebration of all things lovely in this last year.
What were your favorite experiences? Movies? Books? People? Decisions? Laughs? Manifestations?
Share your favorite parts of 2011 to ring it out in the way it deserves … and to prime yourself with a fabulous vibe in 2012.
I’ll share more in the comments, but three of my favorite things about 2011:

  • My relationship got better than ever with the help of an amazing relationship coach. (If you’re a GVU member interested in amping up your intimate relationship, be sure to listen to her Marriage in the Vortex series.)
  • Ellie damn Bellie. I loved that foster dog and her nine puppies so much! This fall was one of my favorite foster experiences to date. What a treat she and her pups were. Blessings to Ellie who will soon be up for adoption through Tooele Animal Outreach.
  • And I did surprise myself with a lovely time in Maui. For a homebody who hates to travel, I surely enjoyed that place! Thanks to everyone who told me I absolutely must go. You were right; I was wrong; it was a fabulous time!

On our Best of 2011 call at GVU, I shared some other highlights of the year including the time I laughed so hard I cried after scaring Russ by accident one night, and my favorite new book by Mark Moffett about ants, and Crazy Stupid Love as one of my favorite movies.
How about you? Share your favorite parts of 2011 with us!
In the meantime, hooray for us, for 2011 and for the new year almost here!!

  • GorgeouSophie says:

    That it is over!
    Bring on the delights of 2012!

  • These posts are so much fun to read! Thank you all for sharing them!
    New puppies, letting go, getting published, better relationships, job fulfillment, like-minded friends, new babies in the family, proposals, new creative projects, new homes – no wonder we loved 2011 so much, huh?!
    Yay for us and yay for it all! 🙂

  • Katy says:

    Let’s see…enjoying an adult relationship with my recent college grad daughter -we’ve always been close but how nice to be adults who love and respect each other now, too.
    More clarity in my business – online guest writing that feels great to me
    Helping more clients with their health…going international online! Love it and the internet!
    Moving to new apt that suits me and having fun decorating, making it so nice to come home too
    Making new friends and so very thankful for the long term friends I have.
    Looking forward to a bright 2012…Best to everyone here!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    So many fabulous things happened int 2011!
    Writing: I a wrote 2 novels, a novella and started a blog.
    Body: I amped up my weights and running routine! Going strong!
    Mind: See Writing . . .
    Spirit: Mediations 2-3 times a day taking me to Vortex central!
    Heart: I learned so much about compassion!Relationship with my son and his family is awesome. I so appreciate my friends. I listen more. Feel more.
    Community: I started a blog . . . AND I did calls at GVU and loved doing them! I used to be scared of leading groups. Oh, Writer’s festival presentations ditto. No more stage fright, just fun!
    Romance: I didn’t get my heart broken! Yay!
    Gardening: The rooftop never looked better.
    Appreciating . . . Everything!
    Thank you, Jeannette. You have been a treasure in my 2011 as well!
    Here’s too 2012!

  • Stephanie says:

    Won a short story competition with a cute little story about a proposal. Then was surprised by my boyfriend proposing to me on the beach at sunset. Love stories and real life romance – perfect!

  • Lois says:

    2011 was an amazing year…
    A new adorable grandson came into my life.
    My sweetheart and I started a business with handcrafted jewely…people are loving the jewelry that we make.
    Gave up our apartment and are sharing a house with my daughter and son-in-law and two granddaughters. It has been a joyful situation for all concerned.
    My son has been drug free for almost 4 months.
    Took up painting with water colors.
    My body has become stronger and more flexible through the practice of yoga.
    I am looking forward to what 2012 has in store. I know it is going to be even more wonderful.

  • Mary says:

    Reconnected to my younger sister
    Reconnected to my older sister
    Reconnected to my brother in law
    Reconnected to my mother in law
    Learned how to forgive
    Received a message to make new friends. Have been loving the experience of female friendships and wouldn’t have learned my lesson without the other experience. I now have the friends I longed for as a young loner.
    Got my first real job since being a stay at home mother for 7 years. My boss is lovely.
    But most of all, feel a sense of being connected. The junk that comes with the need to control has almost completely left and I feel at peace with an expectation that I’ll be bursting with joy
    I’m hopeful.
    Recognising that experience with my neighbour was possibly for clarity of what I do appreciate and love.
    The great friendship I have with my husband
    My children
    For a wonderful holiday to surfers paradise. I was reading about your intention you set before heading off to Maui and I set the same one for my holiday….the experience was overwhelmingly positive. A few words and I had my first experience at the Hilton for an absolute bargain.
    For meeting more animal lovers and sharing that connection
    For finding Jeanette Maw a few years ago. I wonder if you know the positive impact you have had on me. I’ve never loved someone I have never met before.
    Setting an intention for lots highs with the good of all concerned.
    Thank you everyone for your comments. Some of them have been the greatest advice I’ve received.

  • Nobambo says:

    What a gorgeous year! I don’t even remember how I got introduced 2 the Good Vibe site. But the timing was spot on!
    2011 brought me joy in ways I hadn’t imagined. The Laws of Attraction were in full swing. I had wished myself to “love more and stress less” as well as “more pleasure and less pressure”. That’s exactly what I got!
    I experienced fulfilment in my job and opened new opportunities. I experienced a deeper relationship with my friends and prayer buddies. I’m constantly working on my spiritual growth. My family has been there throughout. Lastly, but certainly not the least, I developed a new and meaningful relationship with an old friend.
    Here’s to Infinite Possibilities in 2012!

  • Petecito says:

    Ooh, where to start!
    Highlights are coming into contact with the kind, effervescent and supportive J Maw!
    Exciting moments are doing dodgems with my daughter
    Career just didn’t get back on track but is bigger and better than I’d ever imagined.
    I’m closer to all the kind people who have put us up over the last few months.
    In general, I love me more, I’m more peaceful and optimistic and I love all those that have helped me find my footing.
    2011 has been a fabulous ride of good stuff or not-good-so-what-do-you-want stuff
    Here’s to another year on planet Earth!

  • So many lovely things 🙂
    Had a short story accepted for publication in May, signed the contract in October, hope to see it published at some point in 2012.
    Got knocked down big time but got back up and discovered my stronger self. Was surprised to find that everything was going to be okay 🙂 Discovered positive thinking and Law of Attraction during this time.
    Developed a wonderful, new relationship with my husband. Remarried in October.
    Moved into a beautiful historic home, circa 1920, in the historic district downtown, for less rent than we were paying for a smaller 2BR home.
    Manifested a job in a field I’d never worked in before for more money than I’d thought I’d get – before I even knew what manifesting was.
    Started a blog, started a website, created another blog for my pen name for my writing, and decided that I was going to reach for my dreams, no matter what.
    Looking forward to what 2012 will hold 🙂 I already wrote my letter to my future self. It’s written out and sealed up, ready for next year.

  • Ericka says:

    My favorite part was simplifying my life. Simplifying the inside of me, mentally and physically and simplifying the outside of me. I was hurt less and the times I was hurt, didn’t hurt because I let things go. Simplify my boundaries. No double standard friend/business partner confusion. Simplified the relationships with unhealthy people and I am dng better than I was.
    No longer destroying myself.
    Now, I simplify my house. Make it a home.

  • Jeane Watier says:

    April: Got a new puppy!!
    May: bought a new vehicle (finally got my red Rav4)
    June: Enjoyed a magical writing retreat on Vancouver Island, BC.
    July: My Law of Attraction Trilogy was finally completed, and is now on Amazon and Kindle
    September: Downsized to a condo and loving it!
    December: Saw Abraham live in Phoenix!! Such a highlight (and a road trip with friends made it all that much more enjoyable!!)
    All year: Good health, great friends, wonderful family!!
    Thanks Jeanette!! Love this site. Have a wonderful New Year Everyone!!!

  • Ashley, I like your style!
    Thanks for being here (and at GVU) and for sharing your fabulous energy and inspiration with us!

  • Janette says:

    OMG – where to start???!!!
    Big things – I completed my qualification as an adult trainer and began my training (and new career!) as a coach, with Good Vibe Coach Academy (Best. Move. Ever!). Had two stories published (and another two accepted for publication in 2012, woohoo!). Paid off $5K credit card, yay! Went to Byron Bay Writers Festival and had the best time, in my own gorgeous beach apartment.
    Little things – got my hands on amazing novels by my three favourite Australian authors (including our own Kim Falconer). Discovered a source for my favourite journals, and another one for refills of my favourite pen. Bought an iPad purely for fun.
    And most of all – made incredible strides along the path of healing and growth, with the most extraordinary “pit crew” of healers, coaches, friends and – yes – my own self. Now THAT is a good year!!
    Best of all, I know that 2012 is going to be even better. Thank you Jeannette for being a huge part of this wonderful year. You hold that light so the path is clearer, whether you’re standing on the far shore showing the way, or walking beside us on the same path in that moment. We love you!

  • Ashley says:

    Thanks Jeannette – 2011 was a really big year. I found GVU and my spirituality!
    My favorite story is I placed index cards on my mirror, in my dayplanner and on my desk that said “The unexpected happens, my greater good is now coming to pass” and I sold a property that I really didn’t have on the active market for $2,500,000 so THAT was really unexpected.
    For 2012 I just want more of what I have now. I want to continue to feel like I’m going to burst with joy and abundance.
    Happy New Year Everyone!

  • Sophie, I love that we get to benefit from all your great things, too!
    Thank you for bringing Access Consciousness to GVU this year. Can’t wait to see what you bring in 2012.

  • Yes, like Janette, I don’t know where to start 🙂
    Renewed my relationship with my husband in a way so wonderful I never knew it was possible!
    Started my own business (Access Consciousness Facilitator and Video / Editor) and looooving every minute of it!
    Figuring out just how intuitive and how much of a healer I am!
    How does it get any better than that?

  • Now THAT is quite a year, my friend! With a vibe like that, there’s no doubt 2012 is going to LOVE YOU UP!!
    As we already are at GVCA. Thanks for posting, my friend!
    Terri – thank you for the blessings. Right back at you! 🙂

  • TerriC says:

    Thank you for Jeannette Maw, the ongoing, ever-present source of the Good Vibe! Blessed by you in 2011 and see more of the same in 2012. ** 🙂 **

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