Fantasizing for Fun or for Results?

manifesting work vs manifesting playEvery day I tune in to the vibration of my dreams come true –

  • the healthy, vitalized, beautiful body that just gets better with age
  • my paradise retirement center for senior dogs & other critters
  • the 7-figure business that empowers creators everywhere
  • the enjoyment of being me in this amazingly beautiful world

I consider it my job as a conscious creator to start my day this way.

It’s practically a daily rule.

But this morning I tuned in “just for fun.”

See, my favorite kitty Elvis was sleeping in next to me and I didn’t want to wake him, so I thought I’d engage visions of success just to entertain myself until he woke up.

And this time I felt the difference in visioning for fun versus as a requirement to start the day.

I could feel the lightness, the playfulness, the hootlessness of seeing my dreams come true for a good time rather than to make them happen.

It reminded me of something my business partner said a while ago to one of our coach students …

… if we think of our visualization time (or scripting time, or acting as if time, whatever we’re doing) as a chore or a job to be done, we’re doing it wrong.

Because it is nothing but fun to fantasize about your favorite thing.

That rang a bell for me. It’s FUN. Not a job. Not work to do. Not a responsibility to be accountable for. But just plain FUN.

Okay, I want to be the kind of fantasizer she is.

Abraham says that engaging your manifesting process with an agenda to make it happen is actually missing the point.

Our manifesting exercise is meant to be enjoyable in and of itself. That’s why we engage it. Not to make it happen so we’ll feel better when it unfolds.

But simply to feel better now.

So if you’ve been doing your manifesting routine as a means to an end (this is me raising my hand) this is a reminder to choose it for fun rather than results.

If we make our manifesting work instead of letting it be manifesting play, we may as well be muggles making it happen through action.

Here’s to fantasizing just for fun!

  • August 16, 2014
  • Doaa K. says:

    Not just that Jeannette.. we as “adults” sometimes forget to play.. we forget that our mind likes to be carried around that way every now and then..this nourishes creativity makes you see things from different angles!
    Check our this amazing article on this topic; it’s called “the power of play”:
    and just for some amusement here’s a terrific visualization game:
    Have fun 🙂
    Doaa K.

  • Really good reminder, Matt, that it doesn’t matter WHAT it is – if it feels better, it serves us.
    Thanks for that. 🙂
    And Anna, I love your description of your prayer/meditation: “I lounge around with my thoughts and feelings in a somewhat directed way.” That’s fabulous! I can see how the way we think of it and even what we call it can make a difference in how we experience it.
    Your thoughts are much appreciated!

  • Anna BoBana says:

    I love laying in bed in the morning after I wake up. I mean, I *really* love it.
    I discovered that if I say I’m doing my prayer-meditation, whoever is home and/or up is content letting me be for as long as I want – anywhere from 30 mins to 2 hours.
    I don’t always pray or meditate per se, although I do lounge around with my thoughts & feelings in a somewhat directed way. I fantasize, I pre-pave, I script, and sometimes meditate and pray. Ultimately it’s all the same in my mind — decidedly feeling good, specifically and/or generally, in that moment, in the past or in the future, depending on what I choose to think and feel about.
    For me it’s not work, it’s not play, it’s simply my most important feeling good time of the day.
    The fact that it is highly beneficial to me throughout my day is just a bonus!

  • Matt OGrady says:

    Love it, Jeannette! Yes, we will always have a smoother, more serendipitous, more fun(!) life when we are thinking thoughts that feel good. As a business coach I am constantly reminding my students that if it feels bad, don’t do it! You are better off getting a massage, doing yoga, chi gong, taking a shower, going for a walk, playing with your dog, petting your cat, singing, masturbating, drinking a glass of water, watching a movie, your favorite show, talking to your best friend, laughing, etc. instead of FORCING yourself to do something you don’t want to do and does not feel good. Even if your coach, or some talking head famous person told you it would be good for you. Where is your OWN inner alignment? Your OWN emotional compass? This is the first step in any inner evolutionary process, whether its business, a relationship, our bodies, etc.
    Crazy Big Cosmic Love, Matt. 🙂
    Find the fun, the Lightness of Being, the joy, the laughter, the inspiration, the FEELING GOOD and you can’t go wrong, it will soil into all areas of your life even the ones that we are most resistant to working with directly….

  • Wow, Cat! What a great approach!
    I think I heard something like that from Neville? The stories from his students who practiced it were AMAZING, if I’m remembering right.
    Thanks for posting that here! 🙂

  • Cat says:

    In case this might work for anyone else as well as it has for me…
    I’ve actually tweaked the process of “pre-paving” lately because it just wasn’t fun (or easy to implement, for me personally). Now I “RE-pave” — I sit down at the END of the day and imagine (write, actually) it HAVING gone the way I wanted it to, deleting all those little moments of contrast that cropped up and replacing them with something better. I’ve found it does a better job of tricking my brain/mind into believing a different reality (especially if you intersperse real facts about your day), takes the charge right out of those contrast moments (“Oh, that’s OK; I’ll just fix that tonight…”), and naturally pivots me into what I WANT, because I’ll immediately start pondering what I’ll write “instead.” It’s like being a movie editor, where no matter what got shot on set, you can make the final result anything you want. (Insert maniacal power laugh with lightning bolts.) Now THAT’S fun! 🙂
    (And, as a nice side bonus, I’ve gotten great results with it, too — but part of the reason PRE-paving didn’t suit me was because I’d spend half the day disappointed when it “didn’t work,” so this just FEELS better. And THAT, as Jeannette so kindly reminds us, is what really matters.)

  • A “funtasizer” – love that, Brian!
    And Karen, yay for stepping it up!!

  • Karen says:

    Wow, thanks for that. It is a bit like learning a new job, learning to mindfully create. Resistance; blah! I don’t want to fantasize having another career – I want a fun and wealthy retirement! I am entitled!

  • Brian says:

    “The healthy, vitalized, beautiful body that just gets better with age.“
    The body is like a fine wine; Just gets better with age, ha ha.
    “And this time I felt the difference in visioning for fun versus as a requirement to start the day.”

    “… seeing my dreams come true for a good time rather than to make them happen.”

    You would only envision as a requirement because you believe you have to focus on what you want in order to make it happen.
You don’t focus on what you want to make it happen, because it’s already happened.

You focus on what you want to raise your frequency so that you are a vibrational match to what you have already created, and you are creating the vibrational climate for what you want to be realized by you.

    You focus on what you want to get into alignment with what you want. It’s already created. It’s done.
    To quote Abraham, “It’s done. It’s done. It’s done. It’s done! It’s done!!”

When you get up to speed with what you have created, what you want then becomes visible to you.
    ”Okay, I want to be the kind of fantasizer she is.”
    FUNtasizer =)

    ”… choose it for fun rather than results.”

Because fun is the result you ultimately want, and you can have and feel that fun result, now.

  • Elizabeth! I wish your monster gravatar was a picture of Atlas! He is such a cutie!!
    And yes, giant yard with lots of trees and cool places to hang out – that’s what I’ve got in mind. Have you met
    They’re up to cool stuff, too! 🙂

  • Elizabeth says:

    It *is* fun! Thanks for the reminder. Also, I love the sound of your paradise retirement center. Sometimes I dream of having a house with a giant yard + woods so I have room for any and all homeless weimaraners. Of course Atlas would be in charge of all of them. 🙂

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