Favorite Manifestations of 2009

What better way to launch 2010 than to consciously acknowledge our favorite manifestations of the prior year?
That spotlight is a powerful way to call in even more fabulous unfoldings.
In fact, after we share our favorite ways of leveraging the law of attraction in 2009, let’s add our top “up and coming” manifestations for the new year!
I’ll start:
Money Mojo
I really liked what happened with the Money Mojo group in July! I had intended a couple of things for it, including (direct quotes from my personal Intentions Journal):

  • a mind-blowing money course
  • huge influx of easy money
  • 100% rate of honoring the gut
  • more enjoyment of life
  • money course is a life-changing hit!
  • a crowning glory of a group event

And sure enough, it blew my mind.  (Maybe I should have specified I wanted to blow your minds, huh?  That’s what I was actually thinking, although I liked being on the receiving end!)
I followed guidance that led me to offer it as a pay what you want, when you want, if you want course, which I’d never done before.  (And didn’t know anyone who successfully had.)
I also followed guidance that said give everyone else a chance to share their gifts with the group.  And my word, did you deliver!  (Goosebumps!!)  You guys were amazingly generous and brilliant in your offerings to the group!
I curbed embedded thoughts that said I wouldn’t make nearly as much money with this format.  And I netted nearly double my normal revenue for a group course.  (That’s saying something, folks.)
We had an absolute blast together as many of you wrote several times throughout the course and later on.  (In fact, I’m still getting appreciative emails, stories and payments from participants!)
And it led to my realization that you guys need a venue, a way to share your wisdom in a bigger way than this blog allows.
Which leads to my favorite manifestation of 2010: Good Vibe University.
I intend this one is gonna knock all our socks off, in the best ways.
I had other favorites throughout the year, and will share those in the comments, but let’s hear yours first.
What were your favorite manifestations of 2009?
Getting out of a speeding ticket?  A compliment from the stingy boss?  Did you meet the love of your life?  Move into the house or city you’ve been dreaming about?
Let’s hear what creations you loved last year!  (And what you’re intending to love in 2010.)  Here are a few pasted from early responders’ comments:
Inspiring experience shared by Tiffany:

My favorite manifestation of the year was this deep, intuitive connection I’ve fostered with God and myself! I mean I’ve never felt more connected to the me that’s in the vortex. The excitement for life, courage to imagine my dreams, and undying determination to reach for the best thought I got in 2009 is by FAR the best manifestation.

And from our dear Iyabo:

I manifested some pretty amazing clients in 2009, an amazing business and lifestyle that I cannot wait to get up in the morning and get to, the most awesome “downloads” and “pop-ups” in my lovely brain every day, a surprise trip to New York City to see a Broadway play, a new car, a nice settlement with Uncle Sam.  Boy, the more I write, the better it gets!

A fun entry from Leah:

I manifested tons of clients and from YOUR lead, I asked for (and got) great buyers and sellers! I never advertised and never needed to! That was great for a realtors first year. My managing broker took me to the side during the Christmas party to tell me “just keep doing what you are doing, kid. Some of the full time agents didn’t make as much as you… ”
Money poured in and I have already reset my vibration for new clients in 2010…

And thanks to Sherelle for adding to the party with:

I manifested
-a flexible, supportive job.
-more health and confidence to take risks in my career
-a fantastic relationship
-a trip to Mexico and a fun-filled summer
-more time with family

Thanks, ladies!  Click on comments for more fabulous manifestations from the Good Vibe community in 2009 …

  • January 3, 2010
  • All right, I’ll go second, too. ha
    You know what other manifestation I loved? The one where one day my ex-beau asked me, “You know what the best time of our relationship was?” And I didn’t miss a beat. I said, “YES! When we fostered all those puppies together!”
    That’s not what he was thinking, but it led to an enormously appreciative conversation about the puppies we enjoyed rescuing together.
    Which – fostering puppies really is a two person job (when people have other “real” jobs, anyway). It’s not the easiest thing to pull off by yourself. (Especially with a new boyfriend who doesn’t really love fosters as much as you might.)
    So the fact that less than three days later I had three blind pit bull puppies in my home office felt like a miracle! They were SO much fun!! Words can’t describe how much I loved those puppies!
    I’d have told this story in the post, but it wasn’t like a super intentional manifestation. It was more of a “wasn’t that GREAT?” type thought that led to more GREAT stuff.
    The best part was that my ex and I shared the joy and the responsibilities again, even though we don’t live together any more.
    He took them at night; I kept them during the day. And we got to play with them together at my house or at his house each day during the swaps.
    Gosh, that was fun!! And Russ didn’t even complain (that I remember)!

  • Tiffany says:

    Oooh! I’d love to share. I found “this law of attraction stuff” in 2008, and 2009 was the perfect year to start an even bigger practice of it. My favorite manifestation of the year was this deep, intuitive connection I’ve fostered with God and myself! I mean I’ve never felt more connected to the me that’s in the vortex. The me that knows that all truly is well. And so as the third day of 2010 closes, I must say that it doesn’t feel like a year has just ended. It feels more like the preparation is over and a whole new era is beginning! The excitement for life, courage to imagine my dreams, and undying determination to reach for the best thought I got in 2009 is by FAR the best manifestation.
    At first I scanned my mind for material possessions, but it took me a second to realize that the material stuff just came as a by-product!
    Much love and thanks to you Jeannette for being a resource I turned to again and again when I needed a lift or some truly connected answers! <3

  • Iyabo Asani, The Inner Genius Coach says:

    I manifested some pretty amazing clients in 2009. It was my first full year of full time coaching and it has been like a lovely love relationship.
    I manifested an amazing business and lifestyle that I cannot wait to get up in the morning and get to. I love the people I work with. I love to write.
    I am getting the most awesome “downloads” and “pop-ups” in my lovely brain every day.
    Man, Life has been so awesome to me.
    I also love that I manifested a surprise trip to New York City to see a Broadway play.
    I manifested a new car.
    I manifested a nice settlement with Uncle Sam.
    Boy, the more I write, the better it gets!
    OK, enough!

  • Leah Bach says:

    Oh, Jeanette! I love a celebration…
    I manifested tons of clients and from YOUR lead, I asked for (and got) great buyers and sellers! I never advertised and never needed to! That was great for a realtors first year. My managing broker took me to the side during the Christmas party to tell me “just keep doing what you are doing, kid. Some of the full time agents didn’t make as much as you… ”
    Money poured in and I have already reset my vibration for new clients in 2010…
    It just has come so easy… the money never stopped, and the work was easy (as it should be)… I have been buying whatever I want…
    Thanks Jeanette! You are a great inspiration of what can be…

  • Sherelle says:

    Here, here to a celebration!
    I love that my 2009 has been so positive! I manifested
    -a flexible, supportive job.
    -more health and confidence to take risks in my career
    -a fantastic relationship
    -a trip to Mexico and a fun-filled summer
    -more time with family
    the list goes on really, and here’s to an even better 2010! Thanks for all your wonderful posts!

  • Debra says:

    So awesome that you’ve written this post…it’s exactly what’s been floating through my mind…all the amazing things that I/we created in 2009.
    The one that so vividly floats to the top is finding our perfect sanctuary/home here in WI…it’s almost 110% accurate to what we intended/asked for. Sacred space, surrounded by nature…feeds our souls & makes our hearts sing!
    We made a list of all the things we wanted in a nature/nurture space and the Universe delivered BIG time! So accurately. …the only way it could have been more so was if we had more accurately detailed our details! (…a good observation for future manifestations!)
    Being back in WI with family and close friends,
    Continuing to feel ever clearer and connected with my Divine Self,
    Loving the deep feeling of peace I feel here, in my body and here in my being-ness,
    The JOY of Brilliance that is my life…and the JOY I receive from helping others tune into theirs,
    The ever deepening love, trust, joy, respect, admiration, harmony, wisdom, vitality, etc.!!!… in my relationship w/Mark…almost 23 years together and going strong,
    The connections w/like-hearted/minded souls on FB, Twitter and HERE w/the Good Vibe Community…all people I may not have in my circle without the web that connects us,
    …I could easily go on. 2009 was a year of transition…and a year of blessed gifts.
    I consider all of these things (which are mostly non-material) to be manifestations…because I whole-heartedly, consciously intended all of them.
    What am I intending to love about 2010?
    That’s easy. I know that 2010 is going to be another continuation of the blessings I appreciate receiving every day. Blessings filled with Love, Joy, Brilliance, Harmony and just plain FUN!! As well as new blessings I haven’t even dreamed of yet, but I know they’re coming.
    And I know that one of the most awesome blessings I love about 2010 is that our financial picture matches the immense abundance we experience on every other level.
    This year money flows to us as easily as everything else…we’re good at attracting it and receiving it…and sharing it…and trusting that it continues to flow, return and multiply with grace and ease.
    And I’m so in love with the fact that our house in Colorado…the one that has been on the market for over a year now…is selling EARLY this year!!
    And I’m SO in love with how EASY my life flows…grace and ease all the way…with continued freedom and flexibility.
    2010 is a magical, brilliant, fulfilling year of awesomeness!!!
    …and I wish the same for all of you…if that is your wish!
    Thanks Jeannette…YOU have been in 2009 and continue to be in 2010 a shining star on my path. 🙂

  • Leslie Richter says:

    I manifested a Christmas card with money in it from a client I don’t like, once I decided to change my attitude towards her. Sure made me chuckle.
    I manifested awesome visits with my brother because he comes up now to visit Mom and he is such a fun guy. Even my hubbie adores him.
    I manifested thicker skin – yahoo! because I needed it with dealing with my Mom.
    I manifested a trip in an ambulance and then a ride on the coast guard boat because the ferry wouldn’t run and it was an amazing experience and I just went for the ride and as support.
    I manifested an awareness and a support for my older son who definitely has adult ADD. Now we all see it.
    I manifested too much chocolate at Christmas, honest I have never received 6 boxes of chocolates before.

  • sonia says:

    I manifested clarity, strength, independence, faith, in me and in the universe, a wonderful relationship, a job and you guys:Jeannette, Tia, Kim, Iyabo, and so many other powerful, helping hands and some material things also and I know this is just the start. 2010 is already bringing miracles 🙂
    Love u

  • My best manifestations in 2009 as I remember them right in this moment:
    (I know there have been so many more and everything I experienced during the year was my creation, right?)
    A whole day alone together with the info-marketing Guru in Denmark + access to his newest on-line course – for free (he-he, I created him and his services and a competition so I could win exactly what I needed at that time) (still makes me giggle with joy) (and I learned so much!!)
    Clients for my courses, subscribers to my newsletter, coaching clients, etc. – and a lot of fun with all of it too!
    Large amounts of money – and a profound change in my money vibe at last 😉
    So many wonderful LOA savy people (I love the Good Vibe Community) who constantly inspire me and help me boost my vibe
    A trust and faith in life in general – I live in a very friendly Universe!
    An openness to the magics and miracles of life on planet Earth – and the knowledge and experience that I get to decide what happens next – woohoo- this is so big that I get goose bumbs and my heart keeps laughing 🙂
    My expectations for 2010 ? The best year ever in all areas of my life – I’m soo excited and completely in love with 2010 already – and it feels like it’s mutual !!!!
    And this comment was so much fun to write 🙂

  • Erik says:

    Well for 2009:
    – my two absolute favorites: first after a long struggle a finished university diploma and second a freelance job that gives enough money to get by directly (to the day) after finishing my studies (which announces to me that my money vibe is finally changing too)
    – my relationship and love-life vibe is in constant and joyful change toward the better thanks to pray raining and all the other tips here on the blog!
    – health is getting better too (woohoo again to pray raining!!)
    Well, what can I say, the LOA, this blog with its wonderful author 😉 and this community have played a huge role in improving my life in all aspects I can think of. Looking forward to what’s next xD
    Much love to all,

  • One very recent thing comes to mind because it was so powerful . . I had an instance where I was so very disappointed, and hurt . . I felt myself moving through sadness, then anger . . really working myself into a snit. And all of a sudden I heard myself think: This is not how I want to feel. I let this go and choose peace.
    It was THE most amazing turnaround I have ever experienced. Instantaneous. Complete. In the moment. Real. And it felt so very Powerful . . like walking through a doorway into a whole new world.
    It was like the event never happened!! Hooray!!!

  • Adrienne says:

    How fun!
    I manifested the best EFT Therapist EVER who has brought such enlightenment to me. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”
    I manifested a free LOA coach (-in-training 😉 ).
    I manifested new friends who are also very much into LOA (and I didn’t meet them at anything LOA-related). We now have Manifesting Mondays where we watch/listen to Abraham-Hicks DVD’s/CD’s etc… How lucky am I???
    I manifested a ton of synchronicities (“coincidences”) that were so statistically improbable that I know that they were a result of my Higher Power/The Universe communicating to me, reflecting back to me what I am vibrating and guiding me.
    I manifested the best “gratitude list partner” for me EVER (she initially wasn’t sure and she now looks forward to writing and sharing her list daily…we both are so grateful for this practice).
    I manifested my ability to see Abraham-Hicks in person (curious as to when they’d be in my area, I checked their website and the ONE time a year they’d be there was three weeks from the date I checked).
    Coming from a very scientific and “logical” background, I had huge doubts about LOA as woo-woo hokey stuff. I have been reading about LOA since 2007, and in 2009, I have finally come to accept and believe (with no doubt) that the Law of Attraction is a universal law, just as “scientific” as the law of gravity, for example. I am thrilled to enter 2010 armed with this KNOWINGNESS and that I AM going to deliberately create the best year ever for me. I am thrilled to be in a place where I am no longer solely “reading” about LOA but now beliveing in it and therefore, putting it to practice. I am tickled pink about it and 2010!
    Thank you Jeannette and the Good Vibe Community for helping me arrive at this “knowingness” about LOA!!
    Lots of love :-)!!

  • Wow, some of you had like the coolest years EVER!!! 🙂
    As for me, my most celebrated manifestation was my website. For several years I’d been wanting to create a place on-line where I could gather the best self-help products and resources, but I didn’t really know what that would look like. Finally, this past year I just dove in and went for it, and am soooo pleased with the way it’s turned out! In addition to the site itself, I’ve manifested lots of like-minded individuals who love what I’m doing, which makes it all the more worthwhile. 🙂
    Up next in 2010: my second website! I’m going to be launching a new website dedicated entirely to self-love, at http://www.selflovegoddess.com. Still not entirely sure what it will look like, but hopefully it will be up and running in the next few months! Feel free to hold me accountable to that… 😉
    Lots of love and gratitude to Jeannette and the Good Vibe community as a whole!! Here’s to a great 2010.

  • Mitch says:

    Congrats on a great year, everyone!
    In 2009, I manifested:
    A move to Los Angeles.
    A steady income.
    A nice apartment in a good area for a low price.
    A banana split. (I love practice projects!)
    Greater confidence. (And it’s getting better every minute!!!)
    Awesome creative friends!
    Deep and fulfilling self love.
    Lasting and consistent connection with Source.
    Creativity like nothing I’ve ever experienced before! (Or at least the ability to tap the creativity that I always knew was there!)
    Unmistakable guidance from my intuition.
    An acting teacher who is connected with several major film agencies in L.A. (And is vigorously working to get my foot in their doors!)
    And of course, Jeannette and her blog and ezine and group classes and ebooks… A steady stream of amazing manifestations right there, huh?
    As for 2010, I think we all feel it. Everything feels new this year. Today is a brand new day. I’ve been walking around with a smile on my face, knowing that everything is already awesome. And how nice that the side effect of being happy happens to be getting everything I ever wanted. 😀 Love you guys!

  • Ariel says:

    In 2009 I manifested a really great relationship.. and then a breakup in the vortex. It can be done. All is love, the rest is illusion. I am looking forward to an even better relationship with an even better match in 2010.

  • Fashionable and Stylish | Fashion Style Advice says:

    […] Favorite Manifestations of 2009 […]

  • Vanessa says:

    I wanted to reply to this message to amp up my appreciation for the manifestations this year. Some of the key ones that stick in my mind are: a MUCH better relationship with my rental property managers, renters for our rentals, a hot tub, quick response from a co-worker on a project I was worried about, a vacation to Mexico and a new puppy. The biggest for me though, and most satisfying this past year, was a complete revolution in how I feel about my job and my relationship with my co-workers. I finally got comfortable in my own skin at work and feel, dare I say, like I am in the vortex most of the time!
    Bring it on 2010!

  • Berta Bauer, Lighthouse Coaching and Retreats says:

    2009 brought many a multitude of manifestations, so many baby step manifestations that taught me to trust the power and love of the Law of Attraction. The biggest manifestation was the peace in forgiveness and ACCEPTANCE of differences between in-laws and me. And that led to the courage to do what was right for me, albeit uncomfortable.
    For 2010 I intend to publish my book, allow the Universe to lead me to financial freedom in whatever way it desires, to trust my intuition more and more, to call out my ego (OK, my GIANT ego) and to feel the childlike joy that dwells in me and share it with everyone that I come into contact with–and to enjoy all those childlike joyful people’s responses to mine.
    In CTI coaching classes we do an incredible exercise where we create our mission statement. I am going to be brave and share mine you (intuitive moment–scary, too):
    I am the fire that ignites your inner light.
    I also just realized a HUGE 2009 manifestation that I thank Jeanette and all of you for. I live in a very remote and beautiful part of Northern Minnesota that is also very sparsely populated. I manifested LOA savvy friends with like minds, challenges and desires, and found them through this blog. Thank you so much for your part in this supportive and way fun community.
    Here is to your manifesting all your 2010 intentions!
    Peace, Love and Fun Adventures.

  • Berta Bauer, Lighthouse Coaching and Retreats says:

    Mitch, Thank You
    and Woo-hoo 2010!

  • Mitch says:

    I love your mission statement, Berta! I know how scary it can be to share something that has so much personal meaning, so thank you for being brave and sharing it with us! I can feel your fire all the way from here. 😀
    Woo-hoo 2010!

  • Oh my gosh – TOTAL goose bumps reading your mission statement, Berta!!

  • Golly gee, so many, where shall I start..
    Some of My fav 2009 manifestations:
    -Moving into an apartment on my own, 2 blocks from the beach (and literally the building next door to my previous one) with the exact rent I wanted to pay, within a month of deciding to move!
    -Living off my savings and doing courses the entire year without having to get a JOB
    -Starting my blog and website all on my own
    -Launching my coaching business
    -Taking my blog from 20 million to 510,000 on Alexa within 3 months of launching it (now at 900,000 something)!!
    -AMAZING readers and community around my blog + 333 facebook business fan-friends who are so awesome, I love having them in my life 😀
    -Writing my ezine every 1st n 15th of the month
    -Earning love money from coaching!
    -Manifesting a visa and then a 5.5 week trip to New Zealand where I stayed with friends, saving $ on hotels
    -Christmas with my ex’s family which was awesome fun
    -Meeting AMAZING conscious creators, LOA peeps and friends thru twitter
    -Free tickets worth $700 to a Michael Port (n others) sales conference
    -Free train ride worth $800 from Vancouver to Whistler (to be redeemed wt my sweetie this year!)
    My FAV 2010 manifestations:
    -Happily marrying my soulmate
    -Having a baby .. aw..
    -Attracting a 6 figure income
    -Living in a gorgeous home with mountain n lake views
    -Being ridiculously happy and content!
    2010 was just my awesomest year ever for personal and professional success! The foundations I laid in 2009 were all for this 🙂 🙂 I’m just blessed beyond imagination!
    ps: Thanks for the shout out Sonia!

  • Brenda says:

    How can you be so young and so brilliant and wise? I am grateful for your blog and for the fellow bloggers.
    I have manifested so much also:
    1. A wonderful Law of Attraction Group
    2. Many awesome clients
    3. A great new website designer
    4. A fantastic relationship with my kids
    5. A new gorgeous granddaughter!
    6. My life mission: empowering people to live with joyously, peacefully and freely!
    7. Friends who I am in total vibration with
    8. Great Crockpot recipes!
    9. A wonderful new holistic doctor
    10. I am doing 2x monthly EFT Circles and they are rockin’
    11. A slim figure
    12. many awesome days in the vortex
    More to come for 2010
    1. A spa vacation with a place to stay in (in July)
    2. Swimming with the dolphins
    3. more business than ever
    4. corporate clients for stress reduction workshops
    5. an e-book
    6. Many more awesome days in the vortex!
    Love to all of you LOA wonders!
    Brenda Strausz

  • My 2009 Manifestations:
    A new Bride meeting my 4 page intention!
    Good Vibe Blog
    E-Commerce Coach
    My LOA Web Site
    My LOA Blogs
    Attracting funding without drawing from Retirement Savings Funds to build a 22 x 20 ft addition on my home
    Physically built the shell of my addition with my son
    A new hard drive for my MacBook
    A wonderful Christmas with family
    A wonderful New Years Eve with my new family
    3 classes of Senior Citizens to train basic Computer skills
    Many new friends
    I have been studying LOA for many years now and really one with source and evidence for which I am most grateful continues to bless me.
    For 2010, I intend to find a technician who can recover my old hard drive which contains so very much of my LOA research as well as my incomplete book. As I took time out of my web site schedule to build my addition in 2009, I intend to get back on a roll and finish my web site, enhance my life coach career, write my first e-book, extend my speaking career and continue to add new like-minded LOA friends both in the physical and virtual arenas.
    Many thanks to all the participants on this blog and to you Jeannette for your presence in my life!
    whoo hooo 2010 !!

  • Ginny says:

    My favorite manifestation for 2009 is that my family started off the year broke and struggling financially, having to borrow thousands of dollars from family, and we’ve ended it and headed into 2010 having paid everyone back with interest, and with thousands of dollars in savings. :o) And when I say we were broke, I mean that at times we had as little as $5 in our pockets – and that was supposed to feed us, keep a roof over our heads, pay utilities, etc. We had completely tapped out our savings, all the proceeds from the sale of our home, I had to sell my car, etc. We were constantly having to do some crazy acrobatics to keep all the balls in the air. Thank God we had an awesome landlord who let us use the security deposit to pay our rent one month, then replace it, then use it again to pay another month’s rent, until my husband manifested a fantastic new job and our family relocated here to MO. It was one hell of a ride. My second favorite manifestation of 2009 is sitting on the back porch of the house we’re now living in, watching deer go by. :o) Oh and those bakers racks I told you about via email up are there too Jeannette! LOL

  • Sue says:

    I love this. We’re always so tuned into setting our New Years resolutions, but taking note of what was best in 2009, is such a great practice in milking the best just a bit more. To stop and take note of what was the best!
    -My much improved relationship with my business partner
    We are truly working together in a fabulous way
    -Easy health insurance I let in
    -A Christmas club I didn’t ‘need’ for Christmas, so we banked it instead.
    -More allowing of money on the homefront
    -A new camping trailer, just the one I wanted!
    -New feelings of confidence about my business through
    my understandings of LOA and creation
    -That there really is no competition, only allowing
    -Starting a LOA group within my own business that meets twice a month!
    -Discovering that it’s just lazy focus, no biggie
    -Finding great supportive people such as this wonderful group, and then some………….
    Love that mission statement Berta!
    ( and Manifesting Mondays! great idea!)
    These stories are just going to get better and better!
    Happy New Year to all!!!!

  • Sue says:

    I love when I can find simple things to grab when I am stepping away from my vortex and Patricia’s “this is not how I want to feel, I let go and choose peace” is so perfect!
    thanks so much for that one.

  • Sylvia says:

    My favourite manifestation was when I left $1 on the footpath, jumped in my car with my toddler and watched who would pick it up. It was wonderful to see the excitement on the little girl’s face when she found several coins on the ground. I asked the universe, if you like us giving, give me a sign.
    6 months later (a few days ago), my 6 year old daughter and I were heading home and in the VERY same spot I left the $1, I found $30. I received my sign.

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