Feeling the Universe’s Humor?

squirrel.jpgDuring yesterday’s group course session, my coach partner, Amy, told a story about how she used to wish for fame when she was little. She distinctly recalls growing up with the desire that everyone across the globe would know her name.
Her maiden name was Scott. Years later she married a guy (with THE sexiest voice I’ve ever heard, by the way) whose last name is Grant. Which officially made her Amy Grant.
Not what she had in mind!! lol (Most reading this blog have likely heard of Grammy winning Amy Grant.) So my partner got her wish for having a name that everyone knew. Just not how she intended.
Her point in the story was:
Did she get what she wanted? No.
Did she get what she asked for? Yes.
I’m inclined to believe that Universe knows our true desires, and doesn’t play games like this with us often.
But I realized Universe is playing with me along these same lines, too.
I’ve been toying with the idea of a new residence. One of the things I would love in a new place is dirt paths instead of cement sidewalks. Gravel drives instead of concrete driveways, and natural growing native plants rather than perfectly manicured landscaping. Squirrels, and neighbors that wave howdy each time we pass, whether we know each other or not.
Over the last week, I realize I got what I asked for, although not remotely what I had in mind.
My two young dogs have taken a toll on this yard that my senior dogs didn’t. Whereas my senior girls kept an eye on the neighborhood from the porch, these pups run up and down the fence line which ensures no grass grows. In fact, on most days their muddy feet track dirt at least halfway up the cement path leading to the front door. Voila … my dirt path.
And no matter how many walks they get, they dig like nobody’s business. Which turns up a fair number of rocks, which somehow end up on the driveway. Not exactly what I had in mind for a gravel driveway …
I met with a friend a couple blocks from my house at the library the other day, and saw a squirrel run across the traffic-packed road. (I think he made it across okay.) So there’s my city squirrel.
It gets better …
Since we’ve had trouble with one of the residents on the street, more neighbors stop by to chat than used to. My neighborhood’s getting closer, although I didn’t expect it would come about from having a drug dealing person in our midst. And on a dog walk today, several trucks passed us and responded in kind to my “howdy” wave.
So as far as Universe is considered, it can cross me off its “to do” list. Mission accomplished.
Got what she asked for.
While I appreciate the evidence that I’ve been heard and answered so succinctly, I recognize some clarity about what I really want might come in handy.
“A more relaxed lifestyle, closer connection to nature, surrounded by easy-going people.”
Then my question becomes: What makes me think I have to move for that? Universe already proved its possible right where I am.
So this is where I get to be even MORE clear about what I want. I may just find I’ve already got what I want – right under my nose.
What are YOU asking for these days?
What’s the true essence of that desire? Boil it down to the heart of it and consider letting the Universe deal with the details. Lots of times we micro-manage when we’d be much better off getting clear about what we really want and leaving the nitty gritty details to the Universe. (Or at least not being attached to the details.)
And Amy, if you ever wished for a Grammy on your mantle, just get that husband of yours out in the spotlight. He’s got an award-winning voice if ever I heard one! (Just kidding! We all know fame and fortune is your destiny!)

  • October 18, 2007
  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    It’s true, isn’t it? We have a gift for seeing what we’re looking for/expecting, and filtering out everything else. Sometimes we use that gift for our benefit, sometimes not so much.

    Here’s to positive filtering!

    Thanks for posting, Erinspired, and for your generous offer! Would love to see photos of your town if you can email me .. ?

  • Erinspired says:

    This post holds true for me as well. What I really want often comes in a different package than I originally imagined. When I first moved to the place you described in you blog(thanks for reminding me how lucky I am to live in this beautiful place) I took a look at the Town’s website and said out loud “I need to fix this website”. I bid on fixing it and nothing came of it. Only 6 months later I was hired by the Town for a completely different job and on my very first day they asked me to take over the website. Go figure! If you ever want to come visit this place you described, you’re always welcome.
    Interestingly enough other people who live here have described a completely different place with totally different kinds of people than I or my partner have experienced. It really is all in the eye of the beholder.

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Alora, that’s exactly what I was just talking with my morning client about – how easily it is to not be clear about what we REALLY want. And I learned that best that from lots of personal experience! lol

    It’s taught me that what I always want – the very essence behind every desire – is simply to feel good. When I remember to hold that in mind as the basis for all creation (which doesn’t happen EVERY time), it sure simplifies things.

    Thanks for posting!

  • Alora Cheek says:

    Ha! I love your post!

    I’ve got to write the story down of how my husband and I spent 7 months getting clear on what we wanted… moved there and got it all… and promptly left because we didn’t like it. *GRIN*

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Oh my gosh – a whole new perspective! lol Thanks, Leslie, for helping me refine my “dream.” ha!

    Clarity is a fabulous tool for manifesting, and I have more of it after reading your post. (Maybe trees are the key, not so much dirt. lol)

    Thank you for the glimpse into your lovely life! I honestly would love to walk in your shoes sometime.

    Namaste –

  • Anonymous says:

    I am laughing because I probably have exactly what you describe you want. So let me give you the low down, gravel driveways you say, yes and as they wear down you drive over boulders that kick up and hit your car and you think oh that couldn’t be good. The interior of your car always has a fine layer of gravel no matter how often you clean. And because the driveway is right next to the house the house is never free of dust. Honest my friend has a paved driveway ohhhhh (she is wealthy) and her house is dust free.
    Sometimes I hear noisey squirrels but sad to say mostly when I see them the rotten cat has caught them. My friend has a sancutary for birds and has tons and tons of birdfeeders. So lately the deer have discovered the birdfeeders and are emptying them. So she is buying feed for the deer so they will leave the birdfeeders alone!
    I once had this interesting observation about the many different varieties of mud you can experience, the ones that suck up your boots and keep them while you continue on are of course the most sought after.
    My neighbor who has long passed away used to be a single dad and all their pets would hang out with me during the day and go home when the family came home. Marmalade in particular would persitently beg at the door and I tried everything to discourage him to not come into the house, but when I woke up one summer morning with him curled up sleeping beside me I thought hmmm give it up.
    Willow was a scaredy cat and would run in and sleep in the cat basket all day long, she was the only one who ever used the darn thing.
    I cried and cried when my neighbor passed away he was a very sweet man, and even though his messy life spilled over onto our property, I picked up his garbage and looked after his little boy and did whatever I could to give him a hand.
    Now the little boy is grown up and living back in the house and I work with his girlfriend at the store. I can see the kids love me and I them and have fun teasing them when they buy a box of cereal and milk and I know darn well that is their supper.
    You live with generations of neighbors in a small community which often means you know too much!

    Love Leslie

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Thanks for the laugh this morning, John! Your higher dimension sitcom thought will be good for many smiles to come! lol

  • Peregrine John says:

    This sort of thing happens to me, and around me, all the time. A lot of my philosophy has come from the notion of cosmic humor.

    I maintain that the Unified Field Theory, once finally established, will be able to be summed up in the word “irony”.

    It’s either that or my life is in fact a sitcom in some higher dimension.

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