Finding Buried Treasure

finding buried treasureTreasure is all around us, well within our reach, when have eyes to see it.

Many of us are blind to these abundant treasures, because we’re used to seeing obstacles and challenges, failures and disappointments.

Which means treasures become invisible to us, because we’re not on its frequency.

Riches of all sorts can be right under our nose, but we won’t see them when we don’t have eyes for treasure.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

All we have to do to let treasure in is practice seeing it. And feeling it, and enjoying it.

That’s how we tune into treasures – by changing our frequency from problems to prosperity.

Can you see the treasures in your world? Maybe you already have many gifts and blessings you appreciate regularly.

You can experience new treasures by seeing them in your mind’s eye first. With a little practice, eventually they’ll reveal themselves in 3D life.

Or you can speak treasure into being, by finding the words for it. Or you can “behave it” into existence, too. There are lots of ways to reveal buried treasures.

I’m thinking of a friend who was told her deceased parent left significant debt when she passed on. But this friend recently discovered there were “hidden assets” that had been there the whole time. All she needed was eyes to see the fortune.

I know someone who spent most of his life in poverty, until he learned new eyes for wealth (in my Money Mojo Magic class). ย Two weeks after he started practicing seeing wealth, he discovered that he’d been sitting on a family heirloom worth $5.5 million. It had been there the whole time he was practicing poverty (so much so he’d gone bankrupt and was on the verge of homelessness). All along he’d been blind to the wealth right under his nose.

For years I thought my ex-beau didn’t have much net worth. (He said his divorce cleaned him out.) And when I did his balance sheet – sure enough, it looked pretty thin. Until one day I realized I hadn’t included his retirement plan. That guy become a millionaire plus over night. Once I had eyes to see.

Of course, our treasures aren’t just financial. Often they’re in the form of friends, family, experiences, ideas, places, things.

Do you know how to see treasures in your world?ย If you’ve been tuning into trouble for a while, it can be easy to miss them. It takes practice to shift the line of sight if you’re used to seeing the challenges instead the cha-ching.

But that practice is well worth engaging, so our treasures don’t remain buried.

We’ll talk about how to develop eyes for financial treasure this Wednesday at Good Vibe University. Everyone’s welcome to join at 4 pm eastern. Click hereย for online call streaming link and other call in tips.

  • August 10, 2013
  • Serena says:

    Hi Jeannette. Well his Wii game hasn’t manifested yet. I hope it will someday. When it does I’ll post again and tell you how he got it hehe.

  • Annette, that cracks me UP!!! lol Isn’t that funny how that works?!
    I’m telling you, we ALL have treasures buried right under our noses like this, I am CERTAIN of it!
    Here’s to unburying our treasures, no matter what they be. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Annette says:

    It could even be something as simple as a gallon of paint that one has been using as a step stool.
    I have been wanting to repaint the interior of my home, and was bemoaning the cost of paint. I had been STANDING ON a full gallon of very usable paint for THREE MONTHS before I saw it as the paint I’d been looking for.
    And since it’s white paint, I can tint it any color I like! I can even divide it and get more than one room done!
    Seriously? It’s been there and I don’t see it?

  • ha! Serena, I love his commitment to what he really wants! Sometimes kids have so much desire flowing that it serves them as really powerful manifesters.
    In fact, it’d be great if you came back to tell us the story of how his Wii manifested. ๐Ÿ™‚
    (GVU OutSourcerers, will you join me in an impromptu visioning here? Thx!)

  • Serena says:

    My son was looking at this article (he’s 13) and he wanted to know how to find hidden treasure, he thought it meant a pirate treasure of course. I explained the concept to him but he needed an example. So I gave him an example. He’s been wanting a game for his Wii for ever so long, but I haven’t been able to buy it for him (oooh do I ever need some money mojo!). So I told him to look for the treasure in the fact that he couldn’t get the game for the Wii, for example, that since he and his brother were bored and had nothing else to play with, they ended up playing chess. I told him, look, now you’ve discovered how you can have a good time playing chess with your brother and in the process you’ve learnt how to play chess, that wouldn’t have happened if you had gotten the new Wii game.
    His reply? “Well, the Wii game would still have been a lot more fun!”

  • That makes all the difference, Parul, for letting the magic happen. Yay in advance celebration! ๐Ÿ™‚
    And Michael, very cool that your treasures are so insistent on being recognized. (That you’re getting different messages to do so.) Here’s to having eyes for treasure!

  • Michael says:

    Way cool, and great reminder. I’ve been encountering lots of these sorts of reminders in the last five days or so. Treasure, indeed!

  • Parul says:

    Loved the post, Jeannette! And yes, more often than not our treasures are right under our nose! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m off to acknowledge and appreciate mine!

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