Fine Either Way

how to allow under pressureQuick LOA story from the weekend:

Saturday morning started with a minor heated discussion with my sweetie about the cleaning routine in the house.  It was with that frustrated vibe flowing that I checked in on the foster kitties.

One of them looked .. mm, not so fabulous.  His siblings were perky and playing, but this guy was lethargic and unresponsive.
I thought it could be low blood sugar, but my syrup solution didn’t help.

“Relax,” I told myself.  Maybe it needs more time to work.  Take a shower in the meantime in case you need to run him to the vet.

Fifteen minutes later he looked even worse.  And this time I noticed vomit on the blanket.

Not good!

The symptoms pointed to distemper – incredibly deadly for kittens.  The incubation time would have been right, the vomiting, the sudden decline, unresponsive to sugar … definitely not good.

I expected the vet would be busy on a Saturday, but would squeeze me in.  They were, but they did.

(I didn’t see until later that my frustration, fear, and expectation to see the vet played into the unfolding situation.)

On the drive over, tears welled up while prepping that this guy might very well be taking a trip to euthanization, and that his siblings might follow suit.

That overwhelming negative emotion clued me in to getting deliberate.

I didn’t want to go with fearful expectations.  I would at least shift the energy so I didn’t contribute to a “bad” outcome.

If he wanted to go, he could go – but it wouldn’t be surrounded with my worry and heartbreak.  I would escort him with peace, love and acceptance.

It sounded good, anyway.

That’s the first step, though – becoming aware & knowing what I want.

The turnaround started with telling myself that “death isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

That thought made me smile.

I was thinking this kitty’s death would be a tragedy, but death is a blissful experience from what I’ve heard.  (And not just from Abraham.)

Who could blame him for choosing to be here for just four short weeks?  Surely that’s the BEST time of all – he had a doting mother who kept him warm, well fed and clean; two fabulous siblings to play with.  Plus, he altered the lives of many people – directly and indirectly.

He did good work, had a great time – who could fault him for breezing out now?  I could understand that.

And with that understanding, relief came.

With that bit of relief, I leveraged a little more.

Plus, how do I know he’s going to die, anyway?  Maybe this is no big deal!

And even if he does die, maybe his brothers will be fine.

Ahhh … even MORE relief with that line of thinking.

So we’re on our way to the best vet in the state. This kitty will get every chance there is to heal.

Now it’s my time to detach from needing him to heal. 

“I’m okay either way.”  I practiced that thought a couple times in order to start to feel it.  What would it feel like to be okay with his death?

Bobby Pinson’s chorus “I’m Fine Either Way” came to mind.

I felt myself releasing attachment to the outcome, and sprinkled on some additionally supportive thoughts.  “He had a great life if he goes now – you can’t feel bad about that.  And if he stays, it’s a miracle.  I’m fine either way!”

As I chose a parking spot at the vet’s office, I thought I better pick one that’ll be easy to pull out of in case I’m a big mess of tears from walking out without my kitten.
And I was okay with the thought of being sad.

It’s okay to be sad.

Once inside the vet’s office, kitty got a quick escort to the back.

Sitting in the lobby gave me time to get okay again with whatever he wanted to do.  He could stay; he could go; I was doing all I could on my end action-wise, and I was surely going to do it vibration-wise too.

So how could I feel better?

I struck up conversation with other clients in the lobby.  One woman admired another client’s handsome hound dog.  She talked about her own hound dog mix back at home.  An older gentleman said his cat was in for radiation therapy.  One of my cats had it as well, so I knew how expensive it was.  He said he might have to live in a “Tough Shed,” but his 8 year old cat would get the treatment he needed.  Lots of love in this room.

The lobby also had a cat tower with five foster cats up for adoption.

I said hello to Susie, a friendly young feline whose legs and back were broken when her owner started the car engine she was sleeping on.  It’s hard not to feel good when you’re seeing a living miracle before your very eyes.  Not just that she survived that accident, but somehow made it to a vet where someone cared enough to cover the bill and put her up for adoption?!  And she’s still friendly through all of that?!


Pure and simple.

They’re all around – these miracles.

In fact, here comes my favorite vet, Dr. H, to say hello.  Just a friendly visit, he’s not working on my kitty.  He asks how I am, I say fine.  He says, “Better than your kitty.”  I know, looks like distemper.

Dr. H says, actually the test came back negative.

“Negative for distemper?!”

Right.  Negative for distemper, he repeats.

It felt like an out of body experience in that very moment!  Because I know if it’s not distemper, my kitty will be fine!

It’s a miracle!  At least, feels like one to me.

Two hours later back at home he’s looking so much better I have trouble figuring out which one he is.  Oh, the syrup-sticky mouth guy – that’s him.  Playing with his brother’s tail.

Looking as if nothing was ever wrong.  We still don’t know what it was.

I recognize, I really AM fine either way.  AND … it’s great to have him here.

If I can get to “allowing” on this situation – I can get there on anything.

And although I have no idea what part my vibe played in kitty’s life or death experience, I’m at least sure that by managing my vibration I didn’t make things worse.

  • August 4, 2008
  • Finally – a Bobby Pinson fan speaks up! lol
    Thanks, Ruth, I appreciate hearing from someone else who appreciates the artist. 🙂
    I’m off to find the lyrics to Taking Up Space, since I don’t know that one.
    Thanks for pitching in, my friend!

  • Ruth Greenwood says:

    Oh wow, a wonderful LOA blog that also mentions Bobby Pinson, one of the BEST songwriters around and a favorite. His “Taking Up Space” is my anthem when I am finding my strengths. Thanks so much for your writings!

  • That’s a funny quote, Paul, I haven’t heard that before: doctors collect the bill.
    It seems kind of a waste – but then I thought often it’s the doctor that allows us to believe in our healing, so, I guess in that respect, she’s worth her weight in gold.
    Thanks for posting, Paul!

  • Paul. says:

    Jeannette, I’m so glad that kitty decided to stay with you and I would definitely chalk this up to co-creating for you and kitty. As I thought about the story (excellent meta-vibe changing thinking there!), it really felt like kitty decided he wanted to stay with you. He must have felt that delicious respect you had for his wellbeing. I almost wondered if he was testing you; if he was, you passed–big time!
    The earlier responses about placebos and such reminded me of an old bit of folk wisdom which goes “God heals the wound; doctors collect the bill.” You and kitty sure aligned yourselves with that one, for each of your own goods.

  • Sonora, that’s funny you would say the kitten gave me the gift of adding to the escrow – you’re right! At lunch today my dad commented how kitty also gave me good manifesting practice, and I said, “Nice of kitty to oblige.” Dad said, “Yeah, and not cost him his life while you practice.” lol
    Thanks for posting, girlfriend!

  • Sonora says:

    Quote: “Hi Sonora! I’ve worked as a vet nurse and lab tech in animal hospitals for years and was married to a vet I totally agree!!! How much are the little critters like their people! It’s almost like they are extensions of each other’s being.”
    Hi Kim! Too true, I also worked as a cattery manager & oh boy! the cats more often than not exude their owners personalities to a tee. They also alter attitude when the owner’s absent!
    Hi Shama! So Snoopy it is! I entered your name the pup comp! I think I chose “Divine” after your company ha! I loved your example as it clearly shows Jeannettes post & I know for a fact that you are the perfect person to change that vibe with ease and grace 🙂 Snoopy is a lucky pup!
    Jeannette, one of the other reasons I like this post is it shows with clarity the invaluable teachings of Abraham Hicks. “Ask and It’s Given”. Your kitten gave you the gift of adding to your vibrational escrow. I can imagine what a huge `rocket of desire` it was too, being so close to your heart. You asked in that way, it was given immediately, and the moment you became a match it was delivered. Beautiful.
    I’m sure some readers are thinking you make it look easy, yet this IS how easy manifesting is. I love the shining example you are!
    We do seem to be soul sisters in this thread! 🙂
    Bright Blessings xx

  • Iyabo says:

    Jeanette, I just want to point something out to you – this was masterful co-creating. We create with our animals as well don’t we?
    Congratulations on successful co-creating!
    Lots of love

  • Anna, I admire the acceptance of perfection at work in your life as evidenced in your beautiful post.

    Mortimer was a smart guy to pick you to hang out with. 🙂

  • Anna says:

    Each thought IS a dose of healing medicine!
    The placebo is nothing more than a trick, designed to move one to a place of accepting, allowing or giving healing – be it with the self, others, four-legged or finned friends, and the planet.
    Ultimately, isn’t that what Western medicine is all about? Drugs, medication, and doctor-prescribed treatments are only as effective as one believes or trusts they are. I’m not discrediting their value or effectiveness on a scientific level; rather, I’m saying that the deciding factor for healing depends on the emotional, psychological, and energetic level of the patient, and those intricately involved in that life.
    You and that kitty, Jeannette – Shine On!
    How wonderful a thought – kid and I get passports and go on an adventure to Oregon, where he can find the feline of his life hanging out with you!
    A most Beautiful, Wild and Loving Intention, I see floating out from Sargeant Bay, into the Georgia Strait, catching an Oregon-bound current in the Pacific, gobbled by a gull, pooped out, rained on and carried by a magnificent eagle to your back yard, and — what’s that? One of your loving quadrupeds has retrieved the Beautiful, Wild and Loving Intention! And it’s … a dog! Perfect! A fun, loving friend and companion as Jackson desires, and an extraordinary safety guard for him as I desire! No need to wait 2 years and raise $18,000 for a dog trained specifically for autistics – Jackson and I have found the perfect match! The perfect dog has found Jackson! Woo-hoo!
    … yeah. Thanks, Jeannette – for loving my kid’s best friend… Harvey?
    Back on point: Animals know. They’re in-tune, at-one with the Universe – which includes us. They know, act and respond accordingly – in tune with our vibes.
    My Mortimer (who received a number of votes when *I* ran in a by-election) supped up some antifreeze and died within a couple of days. I quit my then-job and moved across three provinces in a couple of weeks.
    I’d been thinking of making the move for a while, and always got stuck when it came to Mortimer. Each time, I said to myself that as long as Mortimer was alive, I wouldn’t make a move. Believed this was best for both of us.
    Within weeks of this conscious decision, he died. Antifreeze. Maybe 36 hours before he went over.
    I’m as certain now as I was then, that Mortimer was more cognizant, knowledgeable and enlightened than I. He knew it was time for me to go. He knew I wouldn’t take him away from the life he clearly loved.
    He did me a favor. Made the ultimate sacrifice – for my well-being in this life. Because I refused to part us, refused to upheave his life, he chose to to pass on so that I would *go* on, and *grow* on, according to timing that was the best for all involved.
    I think about Mortimer. I’m pretty sure he’s come to visit me. And I won’t be the least bit surprised should he come back as my child’s best friend and safety guardian.
    Mortimer showed me just how powerful we really are. It’s not something I’ve forgotten.
    I think that’s why our place has become as much “a little Patch of Heaven way out West” for the untamed bunnies, as it has for us.
    Gratzi – to ALL for taking the time to read this. May your quads be filled with love, encompassed by protection, and eagerly go for the ball or string each time you toss it out!

  • Kim, Sonora, Judi – I don’t think it’s coincidence that there are so many animal appreciators in this audience!
    Judi, your question about the placebo effect made me wonder if EVERY healing isn’t the result of the “placebo” effect. Right?
    I mean if the world is unfolding in response to our thoughts, then EVERYTHING is touched by the “placebo” effect.
    Isn’t it?

  • Judi says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    Marvin and I are so thrilled kitty was okay! Do our vibes really make this much difference – wow we’re so powerful it’s scarey.
    A recent story with my Marvin (a very elderly rescue puss cat) is a similar tale. We knew he was pretty sick when we took him on two months ago, we were told he may have a tumour on his tongue and loads more besides, so our energy about him, although hopeful, has gone from “hey, we can help and heal him” down to “I think we’re losing him” last week when the vet said he might be getting worse. Note to self – don’t get hooked into the doom-mongering of what other people say!!
    We decided to sign him up for some absent healing from a nearby Healing Sanctuary and my partner started daily sessions of the Healing Codes for him – and hey presto, he perks up to a bright new boy – eating, strolling in the garden and loving life again!! His eyes full of excitement and not pain.
    Placebo effect? The healing is working? or is it just that because we believe these things will work, we start to hold a different vibe for him and around him?
    I guess it might be all three, but I’m betting on the good, positive vibes and “glowing health” picture we are now vibrating for the wonderful little guy.
    Great post again Jeannette. Thanks for being you!!
    Love to all – Judi and Marvin

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    I’m glad you like the director’s cut metaphor*. I found it takes the charge off a big situation. We have all these shots, all this footage and we can put it together as we like. Plus, the creative implications. . . Oh and you know I am thrilled about how much you’re enjoying the Eros transit file!!! Thank you!
    Hi Sonora! I’ve worked as a vet nurse and lab tech in animal hospitals for years and was married to a vet I totally agree!!! How much are the little critters like their people! It’s almost like they are extensions of each other’s being.
    Xxx Kim
    *I call it a metaphor anyway—it uses one thing to mean another: Our choice—our cut. An analogy compares two things as well but usually in more detail and more like an argument.

  • Shama Hyder says:

    Okay Jeannette-
    Get this!
    So, I got an adorable new puppy (pics on FB!) named Snoopy and took him to the vet. I was SUPER concerned (vibing worry) about vaccines. The vet even told me only 3 to 5 % of puppies are allergic. Can you guess what happened next? I had to rush back to the vet’s because Snoopy was INDEED allergic. Sheesh.

  • Glad I’m not the only one who is challenged in this area, Shama! lol

    Do you have photos of Snoopy on your facebook profile? I’d LOVE to see them!

  • Teena, I was just writing someone today about how much manifesting muscle I built over creating clean & clear skin a few years ago.
    (I had an awful case of adult acne that I was POSITIVE would clear up after I quit my job, but it didn’t!)
    I learned through that experience how challenging it is to make peace with something we REALLY don’t want, that can even be an enormous source of emotional pain, but it’s through those experiences that we have the opportunity to grow excellent manifesting skills.
    At least that’s the thought that makes me feel better about it all.
    To this day I look in the mirror and admire my clear skin, even though it’s not a perfect complexion, it looks it to me! And it’s a daily reinforcement of what miracles I’m capable of, even under stress.
    Kitties are easy after acne. lol
    Here’s to finding YOUR easy. Sounds like you’re well on your way to it!
    Love you, girlfriend.

  • Teena Mason says:

    Great story, thanks for sharing. You have no idea how much it helped me today! or then again….maybe you do!
    Much Love,

  • Sonora says:

    What a great example! You can totally own this, Jeannette. You create your own reality, and you did a stellar job for your pets. I worked in a vets as a nurse as you know, and despite not knowing about the LOA in those days, I quickly picked up the corrolation between owners energy & that of their pets. They definitely match! I believe that was the beginning of my questioning, in fact.
    I have utilized this to create a fabulous life for some wild ponies last year, they went from abandoned to perfect home in a matter of minutes! It really does work. Good job! I love to hear your stories, especially when they involve our wonderful, pure positive animals

  • Ha! I’m not surprised that story would resonate with you, Sonora, knowing the huge heart you have for our animals!
    Although I didn’t realize you’d seen such correlation between owners’ energy and their pets. Very interesting – and not surprising. Hmm.
    I always love the questions Abraham gets from the vets, asking how can they best serve their non-human clients, and the answer almost always involves coaching the humans to feeling better.
    Fascinating work indeed!
    Beautiful to see you here, my friend. And I love your pony story!!

  • Kim, your metaphor (is it a metaphor or an analogy? – I don’t know the difference) for making the “director’s cut” is lighting me almost as much as your Eros transit audio file I listened to today!
    That’s an easy way to remember that we always have choice. And learning to tell the story in the way that serves us is the topic of my latest favorite book: “The Power of Story” by Jim Loehr. Not done with it yet, but definitely writing a review when I am.
    Thanks for being you, Kim, and for being here! 🙂

  • Mmm .. “no agenda”! That’s it in a nutshell, Leslie – thanks!
    And there can be what feels like a fine line between staying closely connected to what we want and not needing a certain outcome in order to feel good.
    Can you feel that? It can be a tricky place to get to, but oh my -such a powerful one!!
    Thanks for posting, Leslie!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I love this story. It is such a wonderful example of how our vibe contributes to co-creations. Jeannette, hearing how you got yourself to a better feeling place– an ‘it’s fine either way’ place– is pure, golden inspiration.
    Whether we can or can’t control the things around us doesn’t matter. What’s ‘around us’ anyway? Energy!
    What we can always decide is how we respond. We chose the perspective. We make the ‘director’s cut’. We tell the story our way!
    Brilliant reminder. Thank you!
    xxx Kim

  • Leslie R says:

    Reading about your experience just gives me shivers, could we really influence situations that much with our vibe. Hard to think otherwise when the kitty comes home healthy and fine. Lol. Yeah!
    And being in a nuetral position is when we own our power and our creations. With no agenda anything is possible. Grin.
    Love Leslie

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