3 Things I Do Before Every Important Manifestation

Whenever you’ve got a big event coming up, that’s a good time to use your best manifesting mojo.

Several people have asked lately how to manifest big life changes, so I thought we’d start with tips to set yourself up for highest success.

These are the three things I do before every important manifestation:

1. Remind myself I’ll be okay without it.

Making something a big fat hairy deal doesn’t usually set me up for an easy win.

And because I know I can get attached to outcomes, this is my way of taking the pressure off of needing this thing to happen in order to feel good.

So if I think my life will be over if this IVF treatment doesn’t work, or that I’ll be crushed if no one publishes this book, or whatever I’ve got my sights set on, it helps to just consciously remind myself that I’m okay either way.

Bottom line is to remember that yes, it’d be nice, but I don’t have to have it in order to be happy. I can have the desire without the need.

And that helps turn my mountainous desire into more of a molehill that feels easier to land.

2. Appreciate present reality.

When we’re conjuring up a big new desire, it’s often coming from big contrast … either a job that’s become intolerable, or a living situation that’s driving us crazy, etc.

That’s an easy time to get dialed on what we don’t want.

Conscious creators know these things: what we resist persists. (Just like me trying to get rid of the hairstyle pins on my pinterest feed this morning – the more I clicked trying to make them go away, the more they freakin’ multiplied.)

We also know that feeling good is the best vibrational environment for desired manifestations to take hold …

So tuning into how life is already good helps take the pressure off this thing happening.

And pressure off is ideal manifesting circumstances! (That’s why all our “fleeting thoughts” about “little things” always seem to appear so quickly and easily.)

(This step is very closely related to the first one, but I do it in two steps for good measure.)

3. Remember I don’t know how it’ll happen.

I can be a bit of a smarty pants. And I also love to be in charge.

Which is not a good recipe for being open to Universal magic.

Because when I try to anticipate how it’ll come together, or figure it out my own self, I’m not being the best cooperative component (as Abe would say).

That’s why before every big manifesting project I remind myself that it could very likely unfold in a way I never saw coming.

Being willing to not know how it’ll happen helps me be more open to possibilities and inspiration, and also helps me see it when it starts to unfold.

This step helps curb my tendency to engage my physical mind instead of using my higher mind (as Bashar would say).

Once I’ve set a good tone for manifesting magic with these three steps, then it’s off to the races with the alignment processes, like practicing the feeling of having it, thinking the thoughts of it and speaking the words of it, being the person who has it now, etc.

With smaller things (“smaller” being a figment of our own belief systems), like when my mouse was acting up just now and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if it’s just batteries?” that magic works just fine.

But with “bigger” deals, it can take a little more effort to get the vibe lined up for the success we want.

Hope you found these tips helpful, and we’d love to hear your process for manifesting the “big deals” of your life …

(Listen to the podcast here.)

  • November 4, 2017
  • Jasmine says:

    I still talk about how amazing and cool you are Jeanette! Thank you for your free blog!!!!

  • Rachel says:

    Such great advice here!

  • Spot on what I needed! Thanks for taking the time to do both the podcast and the post, the extra enforcement is much appreciated 🙂

  • Tammy says:

    Oh my I needed this now! How you always come through when I need you is one of life’s beautiful (and continuuos) miracles!!!

  • HappySandra says:

    #1 is a biggie. If we can get ourselves to being okay with our desire manifesting or not, we enter the manifesting “sweet-spot”. This then allows the Universe free reign to work its magic! Woo-hoo!

  • MonAnon says:

    Your post reminds us all to just: relax, appreciate and trust.
    Such good advice!

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