Fries From McDonald's

fries.jpgHere I am locked in the office until the carpets dry from cleaning they just got. 

I could (actually – did) sprint across wet rugs on tippy toes into the kitchen for chocolate, but I’m supposed to stay put till they dry. 
Good Newsers already know the cleaning guy who showed up to do the job was hot hot hot!  Not only handsome, but also young and friendly and built like we like ’em, if you know what I mean.
So it was a very nice carpet cleaning experience.
Not at all like the last time.
I actually reported the last guy to the Better Business Bureau.  (First time I ever did that – but trust me, it felt good.)
The difference between last time and this one?  LOA-ignorants (hm, is there a nicer word for non-LOA savvy folks?) .. anyway, those who DON’T read this blog would likely say the difference was in the service provider – but we know better. 
The difference was my vibe, of course.
Last time a foster dog peed in the upstairs hallway (ugh, Jeannette, don’t reactivate THAT vibe!) – anyway, uhh, let’s just say there was good reason to call in an expert pronto.  My regular carpet guy Ned (all animal foster moms have carpet guys on speed dial, right?) books out weeks in advance, so I turned to the yellow pages for immediate help.
When I had to call a stranger, my “love my carpet guy” vibe was apparently not in play.  Thinking back, it’s easy to see that my “I don’t trust carpet guys” vibe was at work.  (Which arose from past experience with cleaners before God sent me Ned.)
Since the guy can only answer the vibration I’m offering, it technically wasn’t his fault.  (Although that’s not the story version BBB got.)
Anyway, I love love love Ned, so when Joe threw up eight times (it’s hopeless, apparently I’m determined to vibrate “rug stains”) on the front room carpet, I happily waited for Ned to come out.
But Ned has a broken foot, so he had to send Cody. 
(Let me just reactivate “hot service guy” vibe and “beautifully clean carpets” vibe by telling you how hot this guy was and what a great job he did on these carpets!  woo hoo!)
I knew whoever Ned sent would be well-trained, so my “love my carpet guy” vibe held fast for the visit from Cody.
What does any of this have to do with fries from McDonald’s, you may be wondering?
That’s the analogy I’ve been offering clients lately about how to make sure your vibe is lined up nice and solid. 
When you feel your request as solidly confident as you feel when standing at the counter ordering fries from McDonald’s (or latte from Starbucks, if that works better), you’re golden.
It’s that level of pure confidence (like when ordering fries from McDonald’s) that REQUIRES Universe to deliver.  You know fries are coming.  You know it so solidly you don’t even think about it! 
You don’t worry fries might not show up.  You don’t secretly doubt your fry-worthiness.  You don’t envy others for their fries. 
You KNOW fries are coming.  You’re not counting off the seconds noting they’re still not here, still not here, where could they be, what did I do wrong that they’re not here?  Those guys have theirs – where are mine?  What will people think that I’m still standing here with no fries? Maybe I’m not destined to have fries; maybe there’s a lesson to be learned in this lifetime going without fries.
You don’t do any of that!
You know fries are coming.
That’s my vibe when Ned’s on the job: I know my carpets are getting a first class cleaning.  I feel it solidly and confidently.  Zero doubt.  No worries. 
If I felt that same confidence with any carpet cleaner, well … I wouldn’t be waiting two weeks for Ned.
(Truth be told, it was only one week and Ned did offer to make an emergency visit.  But I hate to trouble him, especially with a broken foot and all.)
My entire point being that once you recognize where you’re wavering in your confidence, that’s your opportunity to shift your energy.
KNOW you will get your perfect job.  Be confident Mr. Right is making his way to you.  Solidly feel the pleasant anticipation of whatever you’re manifesting.  Confident.  Solid.  Maybe even with a touch “of course”-ness about it. 
Universe can’t resist you when you’re flowing that one.  😉

  • October 10, 2008
  • Yes, Jerielle – and once we have faith and have vibed that for a while, then we eventually get to solid and confident knowing.
    You’ve probably experienced that distinction before, I’m guessing?

  • Jerielle says:

    And the best part about those McDonald’s fries? They always taste incredible, don’t they? I don’t think I have ever had bad ones really. Why can’t we allow ourselves to anticipate that in every facet of our lives?
    Ah…I really needed to hear Mark say:
    “A true test of how you truly believe in this process is when things are not going quite right. …Staying connected, focused and energized on what is manifesting for you, vs getting sidelined by the current reality is the acid test.
    There is not middle ground. You trust this process or you don’t.”
    I feel this is explaining some of where I am at right now. It all comes down to faith, doesn’t it? Thankfully I have this great place to reaffirm mine as I read all of your posts. So THANK YOU!

  • Good point, Gillian. I can’t tell you how many times a client has reported swift success once they learn to stop intently focusing on and waiting for their manifestation to appear.

    Letting go of it and trusting it’ll happen is sometimes easier said than done, but turning our attention to having fun and enjoying ourselves sure helps, doesn’t it?!

    I admit, most days I feel like I’m already up to my ears in fries – in a really good way – and I’m just in awe at how many ways the world and life in general continue to deliver joy and delight.

    There are other days, too – don’t get me wrong! But even those serve a good purpose.

    Thanks for chiming in, Gillian. I think you hit the nail on the head!

  • Gillian says:

    I think the key is to find a focus, that is fun! Waiting for our desires to fall on our laps doesn’t help. Once we have set intentions we must let go and not think about it too much. The best way to do that is to find a focus that is fun. I think that is why manifesting has become a peace of cake for you, Jeannette? You are always passionately and intensely focusing on your work, which is fun to you. I guess there really is no time for you to doubt, be miserable and ask: where are my fries? All your mental energy is directed towards something you love and I think is the key to your success.

  • Tia says:

    I agree 120% with you Shy! Thanks for clarifying. That is exactly what I do as well 🙂 I wake up every morning and say Good Morning Sweetheart to the sexy man laying next to me and carry on with my day wearing the symbol of love (my gorgeous engagement ring) he gave me and stand in front of the mirror appreciating how great I look (and don’t ever notice any flaws) and dance around the house with him and thank the Universe for my wonderful man and kids and ‘work’ and all the abundance in my life!
    And I do it with such belief and knowing that sometimes I forget the man n kids aren’t really there but then again, they ARE cos they are SO real and already IN my life that I am completely at peace with it and at the same time, totally excited about the life we are sharing 🙂 So I do both, I live the truth and I’m excited and calm at the same time. Sounds strange but it works for me.
    On a diff note, I love how everyone feels your posts are just what they needed at the time Jeannette, and I know I’ve said this before but it is SO awesome that all of us here are birds of a very very similar feather living parallel lives and sharing mind space together! xxx

  • Ha – I do think of it as “our” pray rain practice, Shy … and Tia, I totally get how “it’s coming” can be an empowering and completely vibe-aligning thought.
    Working our way up the scale, it’s easy to see how there are times when the ability to believe/know it’s on its way is a DRAMATIC improvement over other vibes.
    This is fun work, this deliberate creation stuff, huh? 😉
    Kudos to you both!

  • Shy says:

    Hi Tia!
    Thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear. When I put quotes around the words “it’s coming, it’s coming” – I actually didn’t mean to you quote you in particular. I totally feel your vibe of anticipation and excitement about what’s already on it’s way – your fries and your relatives. My point was more about what we’re not sure we can have and using “it’s coming” as a sort of balm to feel better because we don’t have it yet. What’s working brilliantly for me is: Whatever I desire, IS. It’s not “coming” or even “on it’s way”. Because, if it’s not “here” already, then it must be “out there” somewhere. For me, this is just delaying the manifestation process and keeping what I want at arms length. I’m at a place in my growth and life where I am deliberately ramping up this process and it’s happening quicker and quicker. Thank you for allowing me to clarify.
    p.s. Jeannette, if you read this, my last post to you should have read “YOUR” Pray Rain Journal – not “OUR” and also there should have been a “maybe” in the p.s. right before “the reason”. I swear it was there before it wasn’t. : )

  • Tia says:

    Shy, 1st off, CONGRATS on your awesome success with the weight loss, thats brilliant! Great manifestation! I totally get what you are saying about the waiting and knowing. And yes If I was saying that but not believing it, It sure wldnt happen.
    However, my point is I AM excited about my fries (yes sometimes I really am – go McDs!) and I KNOW they are coming so saying they’re coming and feeling excited and almost being able to taste and smell them works for me by getting my vibe in alignment with the delicious salty potato treats 🙂
    As with when my favorite uncle and his kids visit me, I KNOW they are coming and are on their way and I’m SO happy about it that I run around house singing, They’re coming! They’re coming! And guess what? They are, and they do and saying that out loud doesn’t stop them from coming but just makes the whole experience even MORE wonderful 🙂 That’s the angle I’m coming from when I say Its coming Its coming..
    So nope, NO fear here when I say that with full faith – in fact when I’m fearful I cant even SAY its coming cos it feels like a lie / unauthentic to me so when I do say it, it comes from a place of excitement, appreciation and knowing. Yay!

  • Shy says:

    Thank you Jeannette! It is an example of Pray Rain journaling even though I’ve done this for years before I heard of Pray Rain. In fact I bought our Pray Rain program just to see if it was what I already do! : ) When I wanted to “create” something I would type (for me typing works – I am a super fast typist and I flow at the keyboard). I’d close my eyes and begin affirming something I wanted (this is before I knew about Abraham or The Secret etc.) – it was just something that occurred to me to do one day – anyway I would literally go into what I used to describe as “ecstasy” as I was literally feeling the fulfillment of what I wanted. I would sometimes spend a few hours doing this and I had some amazing things happen out of thin air and I do mean literally “impossible” things. The only thing I didn’t know back then was that I could use it for anything – I thought I should use my “power” wisely and sparingly. lol Now I know I can use it whenever I want. I will add this though – I am finding that the more practice I have at making the Decisions (i.e. I weigh 125) the less I have to write. My inner core has become more centered and stronger. There is less friction and counter-intention. Of course all is still a wonderful work in progress.
    I really appreciate you and your blog Jeannette.
    p.s. did you ever figure out that the reason your cats pee’d on your journals was because you were pissed off at the Oprah people for going through your journals? : )

  • You’re absolutely right, Shy – when we KNOW something in the bottom of our heart, we don’t have to remind ourselves that “it’s coming, it’s coming.”
    Oh my gosh – just finished reading the rest of your post! Holy hannah! YOU ROCK!! This is as powerful an example of praying rain as I hear!
    My favorite part of your story: “One day I just decided that I weigh 125. That was it. The beginning and end of it. I weigh 125.”
    I’m SO leveraging this, Shy (for myself AND clients)!! I can feel it in your words, and I KNOW how powerful that knowing is.
    Thank you for giving us a glimpse of it here!!
    PS – here’s to squinting when it helps! lol
    You’re the best! Thanks so much for posting, Shy! What a pleasure to meet you!

  • Shy says:

    This is my first time posting here. Hi, everyone. One thing I think that’s crucial to remember is thinking “it’s coming, it’s coming”, is not going to deliver it. It’s always going to be in transit. No one stands in line at McDonalds thinking “it’s coming, it’s coming”. You don’t even think about it because you just Know. The “it’s coming” vibe is in my opinion, is laced in the fear that it might not really be coming.
    I have a few good examples of how I have used Knowing to achieve some amazing things. One example: Exactly one year ago, (due to circumstances I won’t go into here but not because of overeating or not exercising), I found my 5′ 5″ body at 187 pounds. I had never been this heavy EVER. I was so depressed and panicked and demoralized and fearful that it would keep going up and I would soon be over 200lbs. I can’t tell you the desperation I felt. I could explain here in detail how my vibe created this and why but that’s not important for this particular story. It’s the Knowing that’s important. One day I just decided that I weigh 125. That was it. The beginning and end of it. I weigh 125. I would spend time throughout the day – here and there looking at Victoria Secret catalogues Pretending I was looking at a picture of myself – thinking “damn I look good!” When I passed a mirror I wouldn’t look because that would activate negativity – instead I would think – “wow, it’s so amazing how I lost all that weight so quickly!” I spent time each night typing a happy flow of thoughts such as “it’s so amazing that my body looks so fantastic” “I love how this weight problem was solved in the blink of an eye” “I can’t believe I lost the weight that quickly” – and I would continue this feeling as I looked again at the VS catalogue again – seeing myself as being in that picture (it’s possible if you squint!). : ) When “reality” thoughts would enter my head (“Who are you kidding? “You really think this is going to help you lose weight?”)- I immediately cut them short and would say “Thank goodness I don’t have to think those thoughts anymore. I’m so grateful this “problem” has been solved. I’m FREE.” I must inject here that I really did believe it more and more each day. I TRAINED my mind to believe it. I wasn’t deluded – I knew I wasn’t thin to all those people caught up in “reality” : ) but I also knew from past experience that the only way to actually be thin is to Know it. After ONLY a few days of this, I started waking up in the morning being shocked that I wasn’t thin yet. Seriously. I have mirrored closet doors and so the first thing I see each day is my body getting out of bed. The belief that I was thin and gorgeous had become so strong in me that there was no other possibility. I continued this for two weeks and then sometime during the third week, I came across an article and in the article was the “answer” to my weight situation. I KNEW it when I read it. I followed my intuition and did what I had to do. Within two months I was doing to 155. Two months later – 137. Two months later – 125. If I had not been in this Knowing, I could have read that article and never Seen what I needed to see. After I got to my perfect weight, I still had some vibration clean up to do and I’ve been doing that for the last few months. I just weighed myself – 127 – but I just had 3 cups of coffee and bacon and french toast for breakfast! I hope this story helps someone.
    All the best,

  • Tia, you’re reminding me how one of my clients exemplified this … she was “working” at getting clients for her new business, doing all the right things as far as advertising and networking, etc. (She had the “action” corner covered – my job was to help her line up the energy.)

    And then one day she took the day off to take care of herself. (Which her fabulous coach reminded her was very important.) In jeans and a casual shirt at the grocery store she met her next client. lol

    Here’s to “relaxed and at peace” while our fries are coming. 🙂

    Thanks for posting, Tia!

  • Tia says:

    Yay! This reminds of of the Abraham podcast I heard on “Its coming Its coming Its coming I KNOW Its coming!” Heehee. Happy to report, I KNOW Its coming! The Universe keeps taking care of me in so many ways that I just KNOW It is 😀
    My world of endless possibilities … my wonderful partner, beautiful kids, calling to work with children, inspiring and coaching people, having lots of fun, loving as much as I can, accepting that good things just happen to me, and that with each stumble I take, doors open up, miracles occur and life gets EVEN better than it was before!!
    So – yes, I am very relaxed and at peace with the timing (in fact, I love the Universe’s timing – its always perfect!) and know my only job is to be ready, prepared and in a state of allowing so I can LET it unfold in easy, flowy ways 🙂
    Thanks for a fun, inspiring post! Many hugs to all xxx

  • Wise words, once again, from Leslie. Thank you for them, my friend!

    Confidence in self tends to be a big theme in my one on one work with clients. Without it, .. well, no need to add any more energy to THAT picture. lol

    WITH it – life gets easier, feels better, and seems more magical.

    Amen to that!

    Thanks for posting here, Leslie. I adore you and the journey you’re on!

  • Anonymous says:

    Where do you waver in your confidence? It has come to my attention lately how I waver at my confidence in valuing myself. And of course you know how that is going to manifest in a person’s life.
    I really see this with work, there is worlds of difference from having someone ask you and WANT your services to trying to convince someone they could use your services.
    Forget trying to convince right now, savor and enjoy those who can appreciate what you are offoring. It is so much more fun to just focus on what you do with no need to justify.
    Love Leslie

  • Eric, you might imagine how much I LOVE your example! lol

    Great story – thanks for sharing it here!

    You’re giving good inspiration to continue increasing the awareness of what we expect. In fact, I’ve got one I realize could use turning around right now.


  • Eric says:

    Awesome post, it is quite amazing how powerful expectation is in our lives. I remind myself of its power everyday. One of my simplest examples is in the fact that I have set your page as my browsers homepage….there are those days when I turn my computer on and catch myself expecting the topic to be the same as yesterdays, on those days that I stop it in its tracks and change my expectation to anticipation of a new topic….I always get it…..not sometimes…but always….and to no surprise your posts always seem to speak right to us, as if were in a one on one coaching, that is still one of my examples of the law of attraction’s power.
    Thanks for playing a huge part in the how’s of my universe!!

  • I’m glad it helps, Cindy. Thanks for reading and especially for sharing your thoughts. Very encouraging to me! 🙂

  • Cindy says:

    This is now my saving grace ! I have had such a time with my thoughts and feelings and this is just what I have been asking for . It helps me to line up with my desire in a way never before . Thankyou Jeanette , I am thrilled with this .

  • Perfect, Judi! Plus .. we know how fast fries happen!

    Don’t we all know that? Fries are FAST!!

    What if our true loves were fast, too? And our dream jobs? And our perfect bodies?

    As fast as fries!!

    I’m liking where you’re taking us, Judi … thanks for the ride!!

  • My three favorite words today: “be at peace.”

    Amen to that, Kim!! Thank you. 🙂

    You nailed it – that there’s no energetic “charge” on the fry order is exactly why they’re so reliably delivered.

    We can replicate that. Absolutely we can.

    And Gillian and I say it’s super simple to do! Right, Gillian? he he

    PS – I can hardly stop talking about Cody, the way he is raising his two kids after his wife chose drugs over family (the oldest of which isn’t technically his, but he went to court to fight for custody of her), and how proud he is of himself for overcoming a challenging past, and how he’s making his kids #1 in his life, and how his goal is to move out of the trailer and into his own house, and how he went to carpet cleaning school to be as good as he is now, and how he says he can’t date because he doesn’t have “game” .. lol. There’s no doubt in my mind that long distance travel is in his future, and when he goes, I’m telling him he HAS to visit YOU!!! lol

    Thanks for posting, Kim. You bring on a smile every time I read you!!

  • Judi says:

    Hi All,
    Thanks for the post Jeannette and all the posts everyone.
    I have been attempting to get into this space for a while now. Expectation without doubt.
    I know for some time now when I have done all the visualisation and all, I have waited expectantly and then got into that space of “Where’s my stuff?” I think the most difficult thing for us sometimes is to hold this vision of our “fries” on their way when it’s taking a while. When we are in the queue at McDonalds we know it won’t take weeks or months!! We can see the end of the line and we know that once we are there, our fries will be ours.
    When we do our manifesting and aligning, we have to work in faith and trust – we can’t see the end of the line – we don’t know when it will come. This is the hardest thing I think. We are not brought up to have faith and trust. Our childlike belief that we will get what we want is hammered heavily by our life experience sometimes.
    It’s a whole new way of thinking and living and experiencing. It takes a while to master it, but I know I can do it. I just think fries now and imagine I can see the front of the queue!!!
    Thanks all. Judi xx

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Jeannette, I’ve been thinking about this analogy since you delivered it live on the group call. Fabulous! (BTW I was the one who explained the difference between analogy, simile and metaphor last time!~ lol…be at peace. They can be used interchangeably in conversational English)
    The important thing is that wonderful feeling of relaxation about getting coffee at the cafe or fries at Big M’s. There is no charge on it. Bingo. Defuse the charge!
    The other important thing is, do you think Cody travels? Would the southern hemisphere be too far to go to clean a carpet? lol
    Thank you for this post and the opportunity to read everyone’s comments too. It’s a wonderful vibe booster as always!!!
    Happy Full Moon on the rise!!
    xxx Kim

  • I say that all the time, too, Gillian: “though it isn’t always easy” …

    Let’s kick that manifestation once and for all and really truly let it be easy! We keep making it harder by proclaiming it so. I bet every other article I write references something like “easier said than done.”

    When the TRUTH is that saying it IS done!!!!! Practically. If we just believe it.


    Join me?

  • Gillian says:

    Oh goodness, this is again so timely, am going through questioning where my fries are after doing all I could with visualizing, feeling good etc. It’s a test of confidence and believe in the process, like Mark said. I choose to have faith in the process, though it isn’t always easy!!! hhhAAhhh!

  • Thanks for reading, and for writing, Erika!

    Please keep us posted as to what unfolds when you put this to work in your real life!

  • Erika Satie says:

    Thanks for the fantastic post! Next time I feel off track I will put your suggestion into play and see what happens. Keep up the good work.

  • I agree, El, that we really do get what we expect. And I think the trick for many of us is to truly realize what we’re expecting!
    And then leverage our ability to manage those expectations.
    Thanks for posting and for the link, El – I’m looking forward to reading it next!

  • El Baugher says:

    I love the fries Jeannette!
    And I’m glad you LOVE your carpet. You really do get whatever you expect to get. I think that’s the biggest LOA hurtle for most people.
    I wrote a shopping analogy that seemed to help a lot of women (go figure! LOL). Here’s a link if you’re interested.
    Keep up the great work!
    (But of course, I already anticipate you will!)
    Peace & Love,

  • Yay for the “fries” vibe, Andi! And I love how you’re using it!
    Here’s to all of us getting our “fries” vibe groove on.
    Thanks for posting, Andi. Please do keep in touch! 🙂

  • Andi says:

    Great post, Jeannette! The fries metaphor really brought the concept home for me because I could really FEEL that feeling of “of course my fries are coming” when I was reading. And your blog couldn’t have come at a better time… I was just about to go and book my favorite hotel (usually full) and my vibe was “Oh, I really hope it’s not full, it’s probably full, etc.” So now I’m going to check my vibe and try booking later when I’m in my “fries” vibe. Thanks so much, you always inspire me!

  • You are hoot, Mark!! lol

    I can hardly WAIT until we do a joint project together! ha!

    Yes, I agree, especially with: “A true test of how you truly believe in this process is when things are not going quite right.”

    That’s where the gold is.

    Thanks for posting, my friend!! I love that you share your wisdom and perspective here. Much appreciated. 🙂

  • Mark Semple says:

    Love it!
    Thought you were describing me in the beginning, but then I remembered I don’t clean carpets.
    It is all about what you are thinking, knowing, feeling and believing.
    To go forward on your journey knowing and expecting that what you want is here.
    Not coming, as that will keep it out there.
    A true test of how you truly believe in this process is when things are not going quite right. ie: You are intending to receive a certain amount of money and you are getting behind on your bills. Staying connected, focused and energized on what is manifesting for you, vs getting sidelined by the current reality is the acid test.
    There is not middle ground. You trust this process or you don’t.
    If you can keep your eye on your prize, no matter what your current reality is, then there nothing more, to learn for you is, young Jedi, hmmmm.
    If you are not quite in that space, hand over the fries and keep reading Jeannette’s blog.
    Actually, keep reading it regardless of your space as you will always learn something – and be entertained.
    And yes, you bet your abundance I want fries with that.
    Coach, out.

  • Glad the … metaphor, analogy, simile … I don’t know the real difference. Someone’s told me before, but it didn’t stick. Same way I still don’t know how to pronounce ho’oponopono. (Even though my Hawaiian client keeps telling me.)
    And I call myself a quick study! Ha!
    Anyway, Kristy, glad the fries story works for you! lol
    Can’t wait to hear what happens when you bring that confidence to your auditions table! WOO HOO!!!

  • Kristy M says:

    OMG! I LOVE that metaphor (or simile? I don’t know) lol. Its just so perfect. I have an obsession with McDonalds fries (and the cookies… as a veggie who doesn’t like salads much (weird, right?) thats the only think I can eat at McDonalds) so I could relate to that so much (and Starbucks lattes too!)
    Your posts always come at the perfect time for me lol aka times of auditions haha.

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