Future Me Leads the Way

I asked fellow creators at GVU what’s fueling their inspiration for change. Christa Den Boogert answered: “ME!”

Her explanation was so uplifting that I asked permission to share. Here’s Christa:

Earlier this year, around June/Solstice, when I was on my way up and resurfacing after having hit rock bottom emotionally, I did a meditation that helped me visualise how I saw myself for the second half of 2015.

I really focused on how I held myself, how I looked and how I felt. I saw myself with arms wide open, laughing, with amazing hair, a pair of fabulous heels and kick-ass pencil skirt, dancing on my own yellow brick road and saying YES to life without fear.

It was a big one to visualise after the tears and fears of the months before, but the ME of the future beckoned me and I knew I had nothing to worry, because that was ME there. Not an actress who I wanted to resemble, not a friend with amazing style. No, this was ME, so I knew I would be exactly like that image.

I let it go, but in harder moments I brought future ME back. I became best friends with her. She grabbed my hand and I walked side by side with her, thinking “Wow, I’ve pulled a hot babe!” And She/ME pulled me out of my panic attacks or anxiety moods when they hit me. ME looked at me and said NO, you’re not going there, you’re coming with me towards me.

In September this year, I was having a really good day. My hair was bouncy, I was wearing a new skirt I had bought the other week and was trotting on my sexy heels to my new amazing job, with giggles in my throat because of the memory of a very fun night before … and I stopped … that was ME! The ME I had seen in June! I had caught up with my vision!

I played that image over in my head many times since and a few weeks ago, I sat down with it and started to visualise what the next future ME would look and feel like.

I saw ME a few months from now and the ME next year and then all the MEs for next years and decades and then I looked back … and saw myself as I had been in June, and in March, and in 2014 and all the years back.

And I knew I am my own inspiration. I am the inspiration for my past MEs, helping her, supporting her, comforting her and forgiving her. And all my future MEs are inspiring me to just keep dancing along my yellow brick road.

That realisation, that the energy of ME is timeless and that I am my Best Friend, Supporter, Inspirational Guide and Creative Source was THE best feeling in the world!

What a power to have this knowledge, what gratitude to bask in knowing you hold all that you want for yourself within …

So, here’s to looking ahead and seeing YOU with amazing hair and kick-ass clothes, feeling fabulous, laughing and dancing and having no doubt whatsoever that you are about to catch up with YOU!
Christa Den Boogert

Christa Den Boogert is a mum of two young teenagers and is currently living in Hong Kong. Her wish is to inspire others with her experiences through recognizable and funny anecdotes in her blog www.thousandthankyous.com, which will go live early 2016.

  • December 10, 2015
  • mj says:

    I am new to this site having come to it just a day or so ago. This was a wonderful piece! I returned to this site to see if I could find anything encouraging to read. ( And This post is what I manifested !!!)
    I am so excited for you, Christa and will be another one of your early fans!
    Jeanette, thank you for creating this blog, so aptly named! I am thrilled to have found you!

  • Christa76 says:

    Hurray for Fans! Yes, I am working hard on the blog! First posts should come within the next few weeks! The writing has started!
    The website is up (still looking rickety, will have a wiz-kid work their magic on it soon, plus pics to liven it up are also in the planning)and you can sign up for my newsletter.
    You can also follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/1000thankyous and http://www.instagram.com/thousandthankyous, so that you can keep up to date on when I go live!

  • Christa says:

    Thank you all so much for your comments! Reading how you are all visualizing your future happy and successful self made my heart swell!
    Thanks again, Jeannette, for sharing!

  • What a potent insight!
    This was so amazing, and so infectious, I had to share this post immediately with Google Plus… And will share via my newsletter in the next installment.
    Thank youuuuuuu Jeannette! For bringing us transformational stories like this one. For bringing us unrelenting awesomeness in the form of actionable concepts. All. The. Time.
    Blowing air kisses in the general direction of The Good Vibe Blog :)))))
    PS: I’ll be chatting up Future Me in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

  • Shell says:

    I am going to do this, incorporating my future self with me now. This is a great practice. I get amazing great ways here to help my manifestations. Thank you for all the wonderful content you all share.

  • Elle says:

    Tears in my eyes while typing this! Thank you so much for posting! So wonderful and powerful!
    Here’s to our future selves. Keep imagining, keep dreaming, keep reaching for new heights. You can get there!
    I can’t wait for Christa’s website! It will be so wonderful! Hooray!

  • Meg says:

    Wow – this was exactly exactly what I needed to see. I’m in the process of wrapping a 10 year project and feeling mixed emotions of what I am leaving behind and excitement for what lies ahead. I am now using this vidioning of me in 3 months to encourage th Me I am now! Thank you Christa and Jeanette for sharing!!!!

  • Danielle says:

    Wow, wow, wow! Christa you made my day! Jeannette thank you so much for choosing to share this. Brought happy tears to my eyes and i can’t stop smiling.

  • Brenda says:

    This story is epic! I was so filled with joy – for Christa, for me, for all of us. How fabulous to have this post to revisit on a day where the ME of us feels impossible to reach, and channel Christa’s energy and mindset to bring. ME. back.
    Thanks for this, Christa (looking forward to your blog) 😉 And thank you, Jeannette, for bringing her here for us all.

  • HappyinHK says:

    Truly an inspirational contribution. It is so clearly stated and phrased; there is no way around it.
    The strength is within all of us to do the exact same, we do shape our own future. Not just dream, but actively shape your dream and make it reality.
    What I love about this is that Christa clearly is an amazing, strong and beautiful woman, but she is no superstar, she is just like us all, we have ups and downs but it is what we do with our self reflections that matters.
    Love it!
    The yellow brick road is yours, dancing under the mexican skies is mine.

    • Jeannette says:

      I appreciate that you spotlighted that point, P – that all of us can do the same to shape our own reality. Thanks for reading and for commenting. Here’s to connecting with our Future Me’s. 🙂

  • Heather says:

    And can’t wait for your blog, Christa! What a wonderful start! 😀

  • Heather says:

    Great post! Thank you Christa and Jeannette.
    I read in GVU too but reading it here again is wonderful.
    Thanks for all the inspirations. 😀

  • Dr. Jenn says:

    YAY! That was super awesome & empowering! Great reminder!!!

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