Game Changing Advice from Archangel Michael

Daniel Scranton, channeling Archangel Michael

Daniel Scranton channels Archangel Michael

You guys know I’m a big fan of practicing self-love as a key to alignment.

Which may be why I so love this message from Daniel Scranton (channeling Archangel Michael).

Here’s game-changing advice that anyone could benefit from:

If we were to give you one piece of advice to live by and to apply to everything that you are living, we would tell you to give yourselves more credit.

If you were to give yourselves more acknowledgement, more praise, more love, you would see instant results in your life.

Not only would you enjoy your lives more, and not only would you feel better all that time, but that which is the reflection of your world would immediately show you how much it has to give.

Giving yourselves the credit that you deserve does not mean that you have to tally up all of your accomplishments and praise each one.

It means that you acknowledge the light that is you. The light that is you does not need to accomplish or achieve anything. The light that is you simply is. You are all gifts unto this world. Your gifts are not your talents. Your gifts are your being-ness. Your mere existence is a gift.

So many of you want to do something with your lives. You want to find your calling and your purpose, and you want to take the necessary action steps to get to where you want to go. You want the world to acknowledge your light before you do.

But what we recommend is that you look within yourselves for the light that you are, and without changing a thing, you give yourselves that acknowledgement and that credit and that love for simply existing as you are.

And then by all means be the light that you are, shine the light that you are, extend the light that you are out as far as you can.

Stop looking for your purpose. Look for the light that you are. Become your biggest fan. Be willing to let yourselves off the hook. Be willing to measure your success by how much you are acknowledging yourselves in the here and now for the unique expression of Source that you are, and for no other reason than that.

And everything that you do and say and are will follow from that acknowledgement. And you will shine. And others will notice. And you will show them how to find and acknowledge their own.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.

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(And thanks to Flavia for sharing this with us in the GVU forums, and to Daniel for giving me permission to share!)

If you’re wondering how to go about becoming your biggest fan, it can be as simple as learning to be as good to yourself as you are to the ones you love.

Pay attention to how you show love for others, whether it’s a best friend, your kids, a kitty cat, your garden or even a stranger. The way you talk to, think about and interact with what/who you love – just start treating yourself the same way.

Because you already know how to do this. In fact, you’re an amazing lover. Let yourself in on that party.

  • October 23, 2014
  • James says:

    -in my novel i was just thinking about how to put in michael archangel
    -i am trying(WAIT no i am succeeding) to do self love more

  • Twinmom says:

    Thank you – I really needed this. I live in a world of “I’m Nots”. I’m not productive enough at work, I’m not thin enough for my husband, I’m not giving my kids enough vegetables -well you get the idea. We constantly beat ourselves up for the things we thing we should do or the expectations we feel others have of us. It is time to stop and be with ourselves in the moment and love ourselves – support ourselves. We got this far – obviously we are doing something right! As Chris said above – it is our actions that define us. This post is a gift I need to give to my children. I can’t think of anything better to tell them that they can take with them on their journeys to adulthood. Thank you again!

  • Lynayn Mielke says:

    I love this….”Your gifts are your being-ness. Your mere existence is a gift.” WOW…. read it again…just plain WOW.

  • Flavia says:

    Yay! You/we are most welcome. Thank you Daniel! It lit me up and spoke to my core. Im glad we are all in the process of acknowledging our light more and more.

  • Daniel and Jeanette,
    This is a wonderful reminder of the concept of, “There’s nothing I have to do to get what I want.” I like that, before anything else, you have to remember that you are already perfect and awesome as you are.
    I’m reminded of a quote from Batman Begins where Bruce Wayne says, “It’s not who I am. It’s what I do that defines me.” So many of us operate under that assumption that, even when we know about the law of attraction, we still forget our actions don’t change our inner light. When I forget this, I come to action from a place of trying to climb out of a hole of imperfection. That means that I’m immediately throwing doubt on my vibrational trail.
    On the other hand, when I do remember to honor the perfection that I am first, I approach acting from a much more lighthearted place of play. The action in the world becomes the icing on my fluffy, delicious cake.
    What do you do to consciously remember that you are your own biggest fan? Do you write it? Affirm it?

  • Steve says:

    Like many thing on this site and the LOA in general it is easy to have “head” knowledge of this but another thing where it is real to you.

  • Sam Curtis says:

    Unbelievable (which of course it’s not!) I have just had breakfast with a new friend and discovered an amazing ripple effect I have created (but had no idea about) just by being me!
    This new friend is a self-publisher and her biography of a UK pop band featured a passage on stillbirth… which she was going to take out as she initially didn’t think it flowed, but then she remembered the article I had read out about stillbirth at the writing group we met at last month, and the love parents have for their babies… and she kept it in 🙂

  • Gillian says:

    Spot on! As always <3

  • Sharne says:

    Thanks you for this Daniel/Jeannette, love it, especially seeing my theme this whole week has been about self value/acknowledgement (no mistakes here). My exact realization to experience myself deep within as to the value I contribute by my existence and yes I can look for ways to express beingness or just keep being the loving supportive friend/mother that I am. I also created a symbol from a Jack Canfield meditation that I can look at and breath and celebrate my incredible beingness!! Namaste gorgeous beings Sharne

  • Karen says:

    I’m on it!

  • Angela says:

    This is gorgeous…really, so lovely. Thank you for sharing!

  • Janette says:

    I love this!! Thank you for sharing.
    I sometimes get my clients to do a worthiness exercise where they have to find 100 reasons that they’re worthy. And before they start, I always give them the first two reasons:
    1. I was born
    2. I’m still here
    Their reaction is usually to freak out at the idea of the list (“one hundred items????? I CAAAN’T…..) – and then when they see (or I tell them) the first two items, they give that laugh of confused disbelief.
    Because it’s hardly ever occurred to them that being born, and deciding to stay here, are both causes for celebration and acknowledgement.
    I’ll be bookmarking this one, for sure. Absolutely delicious!

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