Get Into Allowing

If you think you might be wrapped up in resistance, try one of these techniques to get into “allowing” mode:

Imagine you’re already living what you want. Visualize yourself in your dream come true. Yes, it’s fantasy, but it works. While you’re imagining it’s already happened, you’re allowing it.  

Consider this question: “What would it feel like to be wealthy/slender/loved unconditionally?” End the question with what you desire, and it’ll amp up your allowing. Another trick is to remember a time when something worked out perfectly; when you were in the flow and everything went your way. Then translate that feeling (of ease, confidence, positive expectation) to your current desire.

Or try this one: hold a pen in your hand tightly for several seconds. Feel the grasping attachment associated with your grip on it. And then release your grip. Hold it lightly in the palm of your hand (like a bird) and feel what it is to “let go.” That’s the feeling of ease you’re looking for. Hold your desires lightly.

What if you really believed you could not fail? If you embraced that belief, there would be no need to worry, doubt or fear. Think about other things you created that you worried needlessly about. How unnecessary all that resistance, huh? Yeah, go ahead and give it up now.

Releasing resistance is the key to getting what you want. And anything we can imagine is possible. So stop driving yourself crazy, and start allowing!

  • April 1, 2007