Get What You Really Want

If you’re setting goals for yourself, consider drilling down to the “why” of your goal and make that your intention. It’ll guarantee you hit the mark of what you really want, plus keep you connected to your desire – strengthening your success.

Want to lose 15 pounds? Why? I guarantee it’s not 15 fewer pounds you want. It’s more likely you want to feel better in your body or about yourself, feel healthier or more attractive. Get the real target in sight and your results will be much more satisfying.

Want to become debt-free? Why? To feel more secure? Have more freedom? Make that your resolution. Let the Universe know what you really want. It opens up a world of possibility!
Look past your “middle man” – whatever that is – untie the Universe’s hands, and vibrate your true desire. As you do, you’re giving the Universe more room to work and you’ll be surprised how much better it manifests.

  • April 1, 2007
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