Getting Straight with Money

Get Straight with Money by Resolving These 3 KinksSome folks get frustrated when their efforts to manifest money don’t work even though they follow LOA instructions to a T.

I’ve noticed that sometimes the steps engaged only address one particular aspect of alignment, even thought there are other elements involved as well.

Here’s what I mean by that:

You may be good at imagining a rich life, but if you don’t feel worthy of it, there’s a vibrational disconnect.

Or you might feel completely deserving of financial abundance, but in the back of your mind you associate wealth with negative things. (Family tension, tax headaches, unscrupulous behaviors, etc.)

Or maybe you’ve done the work of embracing financial prosperity as a good thing, and you feel completely worthy of it, but you haven’t changed your “what is” signal to Universe.

The three elements I see involved in the vibrational kink:

1) Believing money is a good thing
2) Knowing you deserve money
3) Flowing the vibration of having money

Missing even one of those alignment elements can block the flow of money.

Sometimes we focus on just one particular alignment angle without realizing there are others in play as well.
If you’ve been wanting to let more money in your world and it isn’t happening, this is your invitation to check in on each of the three points:
1.  Money Is Good. Sometimes we unconsciously believe in a downside to having money.  If you want more than you’ve got, make sure you’re on board that it’s good to have.
2.  You Deserve It. Unworthiness stops a lot of parties in their tracks. Universe can only be as good to you as you’re willing to receive, so self-worth matters.
3.  You’ve Got It. Even if you believe money is good and that you deserve it, if you don’t know the vibration of money, it can’t make its way to you. Do you know what it’s like to be rich? That’s the signal you want to learn to send.
If you see you’ve got a kink in one of these three money alignments, it’s simply a matter of engaging new thoughts to get straight with money.
You’ll find more posts on those subjects here at the blog, and also at Good Vibe University where we regularly host calls on money alignment.
Regardless of how you choose to improve your alignment, know that any shift you make in your vibration swiftly creates a shift in your 3D reality.
It’s worth remembering, too, that lots of good things can happen even when our alignment isn’t perfect. I know plenty of people who manifested big bucks even with one of these kinks in place.
But if you’re scratching your head wondering why it’s not happening for you, review the three elements above to get ideas for creating more alignment.
Let’s hear a big YAY for letting in money!
  • April 7, 2013
  • LovelyMe, there are a few brief suggestions (that’ll spark your creativity) in this post for coaches on how to vibrate money:

  • LovelyMe says:

    No tax question here, but I was hoping Jeannette and others maybe have some stories to share about working on one of these 3 things, and how the manifestation happened afterward
    3) Flowing the vibration of having money <- This is the one I'd like to hear about the most, though.

  • Actually, those aren’t all my personal thoughts – just what I hear regularly from those who are releasing counter-intentions to financial abundance.
    As to your question – the simple answer is to find the better feeling thoughts. Rinse and repeat!! 🙂
    Maybe I could write a “taxes in the vortex” post! lol

  • serenakasha says:

    Interesting that you are association being honest and doing honest business with NOT having more money.
    I JUST had a big blowup with my DH about taxes. For no real reason at all! Any more tips about how to flow ease and relaxation about taxes?

  • Or the shorter version: “everyone everywhere is helping me.” 🙂
    It is SO interesting some of the counter-intentions we hold about being rich! And so many of them completely unconscious to us!
    But they can become clear when we simply investigate with the question, “What’s right about this situation?” (referencing the financial shortage or the current circumstances, however we describe them.)
    I hear (and have SAID myself) things like:
    I get to keep my same friends
    Others won’t be jealous
    Others will like me more
    My family/friends won’t ask me for money
    I maintain the connection I have with my current income source (husband, parents, job, etc.)
    I don’t have to worry about losing it
    I won’t have the headache of managing big sums of money
    I get to be an honest person, doing honest business (“only crooks make a lot of money”)
    … the list goes on. It’s pretty interesting the programming some of us have had around money.
    Serena, I remember those nights at home with April 15th looming, too! lol

  • serenakasha says:

    Great post! What really made me stop and think was when you mentioned being afraid of tax headaches. I definitely have a worry that The Scary Tax People will come and take away everything I have. I wonder where I got that from. Maybe my Dad spending all night on April 14th doing taxes and stressing out. 🙂 (Poor Dad).
    Maybe I should work on some affirmations like “Everyone everywhere is trying to help me”

  • It does, doesn’t it?! I can hardly wait for it! 🙂
    My favorite part is that we each choose whatever success we want to create next. I know some of the folks registered are here for money, but others are going to learn the love signal, some the rockin’ body signal, etc.
    The thing that lights me up so much is that once we learn the signal of what we want – we are literally irresistible to Universe! It is SUCH a cool system we are working with!!

  • Success Signals sounds like a great class, Jeannette! Here’s to opening up to the flow of money. 😉
    Many blessings,

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