May 18, 2011

Getting What We Be (with Harrison Klein)

Can Deliberate Creators Get What They Want?The Rolling Stones have been singing since 1969 that we can’t always get what what we want.
To an extent, Transformationalist Harrison Klein agrees.
Not that we get what we need, either … but rather, we get what we ARE.
(Apologies for contradicting the legendary Mick Jagger.)
In a recent interview Klein said, “In this world we get what we are, not what we want.”
Which is why he suggests the process of deliberate creation beings with BEING what we want. Harrison recommends launching that beingness by using “I am” statements.

  • I am a great manifestor.
  • I am a great money earner.
  • I am consistently in the right vibration to attract wealth.
  • I am loving my life as a mother.

Klein says that saying “I am” sponsors everything.  It becomes a massive shift in our consciousness and we reset the quantum field according to what we say we are.
Is it really as easy as saying “I am” something that we haven’t thought of ourselves as before?
Klein says it is!  “I am is not just an affirmation; it’s a declaration to the Universe of who you are.”
From that same interview:

This is a vibrationally faith run Universe. Once we create a vibration, that is .. you have to BE the vibration of what you want. The way you do that is you reach for love, joy, eagerness, etc. in association with what you desire. That starts the vortex moving to create the energy that is correspondent to the things we have visualized.

I couldn’t agree more.
The Universe doesn’t deliver what we desire; it delivers what we vibrate.  Once you learn to manage your vibration there isn’t anything you can’t create.

Vibration management through using I am statements has proven incredibly effective for Klein’s clients as well as other deliberate creators.  Rave reviews are coming in from the GVU community, too.

To those of you who have had successes using “I am” statements, we’d all love to hear it in the comments! I’ll share mine first …

  • Jennifer says:

    Thanks for this blog!! I just received my last unemployment check and havent found a job yet. As I was reading…I had an a-ha moment! I dont desire a job….I desire financial freedom!! So I am facing the fear and standing in my I am statement!! I am constantly in the right vibration to attract wealth!!! AND SO IT IS!! I’ll write back and share how it manifests itself as my life!! I’m SOOOOOOOOOO excited!!

  • Joy says:

    As a follow up to one of the Good Vibe Coaching Academy classes, I came online to search for Harrison Klein, and was thrilled to see one of the first things to pop up in my search was this Good Vibe Blog post!! So, thought I’d just comment to say…GREAT POST! I love it! And, now I’m headed over to purchase Harrison’s Alignment Factor Series! This is good stuff! 🙂

  • Adrienne, that’s what that Wikipedia page was saying. That just gives me goosebumps!!
    No wonder it’s so powerful, huh?

  • Adrienne says:

    Interesting fact: the Hebrew word for God (and apparently adopted by Jesus, according to one website and the meaning behind “Jehovah”) is Yahweh (or Hayah) … guess what it means?
    “I Am”

  • Ooh, Neville’s name was just brought up for our next book review at GVU! It’s been a while since I read that, but well worth a revisit.
    Thanks for posting! 🙂

  • LivingbytheLOA says:

    Neville was another huge proponent of the power of “I AM”. That’s the title of Chapter One of his book, “The Power of Awareness” – one of my favorites!
    Off to explore more about Harrison Klein. Thanks for the tip….

  • Ha – funny, Lin!
    Dana, thanks for your powerful confirmation that this works and is worth engaging. Love the “you get what you feel” line!

  • Dana - Your Inspired Coach says:

    This practice transformed my life. Try it if you haven’t. I have many “I am” affirmations that I walk myself through daily, sometimes several times a day. When I don’t do it, I can tell. When I do do it, my days are much better and so is my life.
    You get what you are is so right. I help my dating coaching clients to understand that they are attracting what they are vibrating, and in order to attract the mate they want, they have to be that first. Like attracts like, obviously. This applies to every area of life. It’s so much fun to realize and play with too!
    So, Jeannette, you’d rewrite the song to say, “You can’t always get what you want…but if you want something realize, you get what you fe–eeeel!!”

  • Lin E says:

    Jeannette I think Popeye should change his mantra to “I yam what I be”. Great post!

  • Well said, Csilla. You’re right – this was not new information – but it is nice to hear it in different ways.
    Thanks for posting. 🙂

  • Csilla says:

    How very true – we have heard it from many sources – it’s all about the vibration but I find that it is reassuring to receive the message from different sources because the ‘window dressing” often differs and although the essence is the same, one approach may resonate better than another. Thank you Jeannette for yet again a wonderful reminder of who we are, what we can achieve and the path to it.

  • Ooh, I’d like to hear Eckhart on that, Houkje. Thanks for the heads up … I’ll see if I can find him on that.
    Wikipedia had an interesting entry on “I am that I am” too.

  • Houkje says:

    Very cool.
    Didn’t Eckhart Tolle write something about the “I am, that I am”… meaning we are greater than ourselves, greater than our bodies. Using “I am” statements to manifest, seems like a great way to declare our grandness.
    I am grateful, Jeannette.

  • Sounds like you’re a natural for using these, Lisa. We’ve got a thread of I ams we’re sharing in the GVU forum – I’d love to hear yours there if you care to share!

  • Lisa says:

    Thanks Jeannette for summing this up beautifully. I love this approach of “I am” as a declaration of our is-ness or essence.
    Although I haven’t looked at using I am statements as a message of declaration to the universe, I must have subconsciously appreciated its value because when I look at the manifesto I created for Renaissance Learners – a series of challenges on ways to live each day by taking the lead in their lives — its filled with I am statements 🙂 Wohoo!

  • Thank YOU for the inspiration, Laura! Couldn’t resist. 😉

  • Well that personal example sure brings the point home, doesn’t it, Nicole?! lol I’m sure I’ll be laughing next time I find myself in the throes of a fit, and remember how Universe responds (or doesn’t) to it.
    Thanks for posting. 🙂

  • Laura says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhh! LOVE that you changed the name! You’re a hoot! 🙂

  • Nicole says:

    Love this post Jeannette! I have caught myself saying this exact same thing to my children. In the middle of a tantrum my 7 year old daughter screamed, “But I WANT that toy mommy…I NEED it!” The words seemingly flowed from my mouth, “You don’t always get what you want.” WHAT??? How could I even say that? And then I continue on a mental journey in my head…but you can get everything you want, right?
    Klein’s description that you get what you ARE makes total sense! I wouldn’t get her a toy because she was throwing a downright fit, and being ridiculous. That fit caused her to not get the toy, and even worse she felt horrible for the next hour. By the time she calmed down, was a relaxed, happy and loving child again, I felt like showering her with gifts.
    Children are amazing teachers! If I’m throwing a fit, being angry and ridiculous over something that I want, and yell at the universe for not giving it to me, it’s going to scoff at me, just as I scoffed at my daughter.

  • Oh, that’s a good one to catch and switch up, Mauiminnow! (I was going to repeat it here, but thought better of it. lol)
    I actually just re-did a couple of my new I AM statements to make them shorter and easier to remember. My money one is “I am getting richer every day.”
    Yay for leaving the pity party for the real party! 🙂
    Thanks for posting, my friend.

  • mauiminnow says:

    Fabulous post! And so timely. I am 5 weeks into a new job. I am loving it but don’t get my first commission check for another 6 weeks. I’ve been fretting about it and irritated living on a strict budget. All I felt was lack. I noticed I was making statements to myself and others of – “I’m so broke.”
    I realized how defeating that’s been and so Not Fun and definitely didn’t get me into a vortex of plenty! I wrote on my vision board, “I am never broke. I am always whole.”
    Now I read that or repeat it to myself, move on, get over my pity party to vibe into the real party!

  • You’re making me want to change the name of this post, Laura!!
    I think I may go do that right now!! lol
    Very nice “I am” story you’ve shared here! Way to use your power for good!

  • Laura says:

    So excited to see this post…yay for “getting what we be!” 🙂
    I played around with the “I Am” statements as I was preparing to give my first talk at a well-known resort spa last fall. As I was preparing and even the day of the talk as I sat in my car (I got there early and didn’t want to hang around there too long before) getting myself centered, I told myself:
    “I am the expert. I am a calm, relaxed and excellent speaker”.
    It really made all the difference as I really flowed the energy of being the expert. I could feel it. I was speaking from a place of authority, passion and authenticity and it was amazing (and also got me over my fear of public speaking! So double whammy!).

  • So I was starting my new life as a law of attraction coach after leaving corporate world. I had no clients, no prospects, no income. It was daunting, but I knew that I could create whatever I put my mind to. Literally.
    Every time I felt the pit of fear in my belly about how this wasn’t going to work, I’d remind myself that’s not what I was creating.
    What I was creating was: “I am a brilliant coach in high demand.”
    Within three months I had a full practice, and a while after that The Secret came out and I experienced high demand like I never want to experience again. lol
    But it was still a fun creation!!

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