April 1, 2007

Give Up Gremlin Fairy Tales

After reading the story of how my planned golf trip turned into the experience of a life time, your gremlin may be piping up about how “Yeah, that’s nice, but it’s not possible for me to make my miracle come true. “
He may be saying, “Well sure, she doesn’t have three kids to take care of” or “I don’t have the time (or maybe yours says ‘money’) to make it happen” or “I’m just not that kind of person.”
No matter what obstacle you think is standing in your way, it only has power over you if you believe in it. Believe there’s a way around; believe it’s possible to get past; believe you’ll be guided to do so. Obstacles aren’t real unless we make them so.
In fact, what if your obstacle wasn’t really even that, but rather was an asset? It sure turned out that way for my weekend hike – climbing a canyon wall not only enhanced – but actually made the whole experience!
So what if being shy wasn’t a detriment to meeting the partner of your dreams, but actually what brought you together? What if having little financial support for your new business idea inspired you to create a brilliant new product or process? What if having a ‘terminal’ illness is what propelled you to find alternative successful healing or live an authentic life?
What if I can have amazing fun without my dogs on a golf weekend in the middle of the desert with a bunch of strangers? What if I can have the relationship of a lifetime, despite the fact that I have no idea how?
These things we think are obstacles may actually be the opposite, if we just reframe our thoughts. Reach for the better feeling thought and you’ll find “obstacles” are nothing but made up gremlin fairy tales.
Give up your Gremlin’s fairy tales, scale your “obstacles,” and watch your dreams come true once and for all!

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