Giving Up To Get Ahead

You want it badly.

You’ve had your eye on it for some time. You dream about it, talk about it, and plot about it. Time passes.

Still, it doesn’t come.

Now you’re frustrated. You want it more than ever and are feeling resentful.  Even in your dreams it eludes you, and people are sick of hearing you talk about it.

Eventually, you give up.

And what happens next? Don’t be surprised if that’s exactly when it arrives. Right after you throw in the towel!
What’s going on?

It’s not a mystery or twisted conspiracy to drive you insane. Rather, it’s the effect of releasing resistance; of “allowing” what you want. When you experience desire, your order is in with the Big U. The Universe delivers it as soon as you allow it. But many of us don’t “allow” naturally.

We often bring resistance right along with our wants. Until we release resistance, whether it’s in the form of doubt, fear, disbelief, attachment, etc., our desire will not manifest.

Which is why giving up is often transformational – because we’re releasing resistance in the process.

Obviously, a better plan is to entertain desires without resistance in the first place. If you’re struggling with getting what you want, read further for help with allowing.

  • April 1, 2007