Going Platinum

kidd-rockLast night I caught a couple minutes of a show I’ve never seen on a channel I don’t remember – a sort of musical  biography of Kid Rock.
My first memory of this guy was how hard he made my best friend Greg laugh to the words of I Got One For Ya.  Very irreverent (both of them).
Although I don’t claim to know much about Kid Rock, what I do know I like. So I watched.
After he performed Devil Without a Cause (I’m sharing no links to it, because it’s got the kind of lyrics you really don’t want to hear if you’re not a fan – and even then, discretion is advised), the musician shared a few words about how the music company executives questioned the main chorus of the song, which isI’m going platinum.”
Kid Rock said they were like, “Really?! ‘Going platinum’? You haven’t sold two records.” But he stuck to his guns, kept the lyric, and has since gone platinum 26 times.
26 times!! How’s that for satisfaction?
I love how Ali, season five winner of The Biggest Loser, repeatedly said on camera, “I am the biggest loser,” even while she was getting escorted off the ranch after losing a group vote. (And went on to be the first female winner of the show.) I love Jim Carrey’s ten million dollar check to himself, and Will Smith saying in a public interview “two plus two is what I want it to be.”
From what I gather about Kid Rock’s story, he was releasing albums as early as 1990 that earned him respect among the rapper community but failed to achieve any sort of commercial success. Album after album was the same story, until in 1998 he released “Devil Without a Cause” which made him famous “overnight.”
In a 1999 interview (after being invited to Woodstock and to the MTV Awards), Kidd Rock said:

“A lot of people told me that I’m committing musical suicide with my sound. They believed you can’t mix rock, country, and rap, and that crossover is dead. I always knew it would work. And it will always work as long as you’re really into it and like what you’re doing.”

Here’s what I know:
It’s easy to be confident after the fact. It’s not so easy when all the evidence points to the contrary; when everyone looks at you like you’ve smoked one too many funny cigarettes.
Sticking to your guns in the face of criticism is easier said than done. And it takes even more guts to do it out loud.
I mean, how easy would it have been to say to Kid Rock, “Look, buddy, if it were gonna happen, it would’ve happened. You’ve been doing this for decades – you’ve had your shot. Now you’re just denying reality and it sounds pathetic.” That person would surely have sounded very reasonable in early ’98. In 2009, with the benefit of hindsight on this artist’s incredible success, they would be ridiculed for their shortsighted opinion.
What a gift to be able to ignore the critics and stick to your guns no matter what.
I think the Kid hit the nail on the head when he said as long as you’re into it and like what you’re doing it will always work. That’s right along the lines of do what you love and the money will follow, right? Right.
There’s a reason they say that.  😉
Often you’ll hear law of attraction advice suggesting that you keep your big dream to yourself, so as not to “dilute” the energy of it or risk being crushed by naysayers.
But there’s also something very powerful about being “out loud” with it, letting the world in on your gig, and singing your heart out to lyrics night after night that lead you right to where you want to go.
Maybe as a listener that’s why I (personally) prefer to sing along to something like “I’m going platinum” vs. “I can’t get no satisfaction” or “You can’t always get what you want.” These words we speak are powerful!
Kid Rock shares another law of attraction secret with this quote from the same interview: “I never said I wanted to be around for a long time. I always said I wanted to be here for a good time.”
I like his style and the inspiration he offers me as a deliberate creator. Hope you found some inspiration here as well.

  • April 6, 2009
  • Jonathan Lockwood says:

    I just read an insight from Tim Ferriss’ book, “The Four Hour Workweek,” that suggests that the more outrageous the goal, the more likely it is you can achieve it. His point is that EVERYONE is going for the same-ole-same-ole, but there’s less competition for the truly remarkable.
    I suppose, for an aspiring artist, it comes down to this: Do you want, through an examination of statistics and cautious marketing, to gain a career in music? Or do you want to manifest something truly extraordinary?
    Congratulations, Kid!

  • Now you’re just making me laugh, MsNikki. lol
    Thanks for pitching in to create a smile here! 🙂

  • MsNikki says:

    I heart Kidd Rock for keepin’it real!! Who else can rock the bare chested with the mink stole look!?! From watching Kidd all these years, he is the type of dude who is impervious to criticism and political correctness. Traits that I have w/in me which is why I totally feel this dude.
    As for being careful of what you sing out loud, I won’t be joining Mick Jagger on any future tour. Even though I would make a bad a** tambourine backup! “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” shouldn’t be sung in public places… especially in used bookstores and at the Circle K.

  • Really?! That’s what I suspected, Sarah, but it’s so nice to hear from someone who really knows, too!!
    I thought so!! (kind, loving, wonderful man)
    How cool is that?!
    Thanks for sharing that here, Sarah!

  • Sarah says:

    Kid Rock is one of my favorites — My family has been close to his family since childhood and I’m happy to say that he is a kind, loving, wonderful man. I love that my favorite coach blogged about my favorite rockstar! What a treat! xo

  • Glad you got it as intended, Deb. I wasn’t sure the inspiration I got from it would translate.
    What are you doing up at that hour?!

  • Deb says:

    would it be too trite to say “YOU ROCK” ?
    well.. you do.
    thanks for this.

  • Maxine says:

    I’m going to look at Kid Rock a little more closely now! I know little about him. But your message is loud and clear Jeanette.
    You’ve a lovely lilting style to your writing. It gives a “good vibe!”

  • Thanks, Maxine, for the very kind words! Much appreciated!
    And I can’t vouch for what you might find if you check him out too closely; although like I said, everything I know about him I do like.
    I am pretty easy to please, though. tee hee
    Thanks for reading and especially for the encouraging comments, Maxine!

  • That’s funny, KristyM, I didn’t make the connection from “I ain’t no ho” to his style where he doesn’t let anyone dictate how it’s gonna be for him.
    Huh. That’s been key to his success, hasn’t it? Doing it his way, so he maintains the enjoyment.
    Very interesting artist.
    “Ten in ’99”??! Omgosh! lol

  • Kristy M says:

    OMG I read the lyrics and I was laughing so hard. “I aint no ho” was my favorite line… hes so crazy lol. but its so good to see someone who stuck to their guns and became a success. I remember when he came out in ’99 and he was on the music awards on MTV (back when MTV was awesome and back when they showed “Daria”.. good times.. I’m nostalgic lol) and I loved his music, of course I was 10 then so I could only listen to it very censored. I forgot about the Jim Carrey thing, thats one of my favorite success stories.. his wife or gf Jenny McCarthy was on Oprah with her vision board that showed the book she wanted to write about her son’s autism… which she later did and it was very successful.. Its very inspiring, all of them

  • Dr. Jenn, I don’t know who I’m more excited for … YOU or the clients who get to benefit from your Holistic Healing Horse Ranch!
    WOO HOO!!!!!
    Congrats on “coming out” with it!!!

  • Dr. Jenn says:

    That’s funny, just today I decided to be “out loud with it” by re-recording our home phone message to include our identity as the Happily Ever After Holistic Healing Horse Ranch. Although it’s just in it’s beginning stages, by pronouncing to the world that we have arrived, it must be so! 😉
    Besides, as we’ve said before, Kid Rock ROCKS!! Thanks for sharing this about him- I didn’t know much about his history!
    There is always something to learn from everyone!

  • I like your style, too, Melissa!! lol Indeed, why not faster and bigger, huh?
    The initials on the channel were something like PDLDH or something weird like that. No idea what it was. And they let him swear, I think. I’d like to DVR it if I can find it again.
    I love your question, although I am way past “hoping” when it comes to the story I’m living out! I actually wouldn’t mind getting some quality coach time in with you to bring that to life in the way that happens when it gets shared with another trusted comrade. 🙂

  • I have to say, Allison, it’s my work with clients who aren’t into it and don’t love what they’re trying to create that I have the most challenges with.
    It’s such an easy recipe to follow to success, isn’t it?
    Thanks for reading, and especially for posting, Allison! 🙂

  • Melissa says:

    I love how you can make Kid Rock extra cool, thank you. I’m signing up, and for an “overnight” that’s faster than 8 years, and with numbers lots higher than Jim Carrey’s.
    Sounds like you were watching “E! True Hollywood Story”.
    Love how this story is so unexpected. What’s your story morning glory (he he he)? What are you hoping for GoodVibeCoaching?

  • Allison says:

    I particularly like the line about “as long as you’re into it and like what you’re doing it will always work.”. I’ve always been that way about decorating my house, choosing my clothes, matching up people – those sorts of things. And they always work – I’m always happy with the outcome and I am always complimented by others on “making things work together”. It really struck a chord. Since I already know the concept in a material sense, I will now put it to good use in the LOA sense.
    Thanks for sharing Jeanette! You rock!

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