Good Time With Gregg

I learned SO much from Gregg Braden’s workshop in Salt Lake this weekend that I’m not sure where to start! I’ll hit the highlights and post more during the rest of the week.
One of Gregg’s key points was his explanation of the language of the Field (aka Matrix, ethers, Universe, God) and how we can best interact with this Field to turn quantum possibilities into our physical reality. (PS – he said the Field is not a theory, it’s a fact. And scientists have known about it a lot longer than I thought they did.)
He says we would do well to learn the language the Field speaks in order to live life the way we’d like. That language is the one of feelings and beliefs.
Gregg went on to explain that thought originates from our top three chakras, emotion from the bottom three, and feelings come from the meeting of thought with emotion in the heart (the fourth) chakra. So the top three combine with the bottom three in the middle chakra – to create feelings. In the heart.
Feelings. In the heart.
This is where the action is!
Gregg said emotion is pretty simple; it’s usually one of two. Either love or whatever we think of as the absence of love (fear). When we combine a thought with emotion we create feelings. And feeling is the language of the Matrix. (Or Field. Universe. Whatever you call yours.)
So our thoughts combine with our emotions to create feelings, and those feelings program our Field. You could say it’s our “order up.” We get what we feel.
You know me, I’m Abraham-trained and thus talk about all this in terms of Vibration. I think that fits in nicely with what Gregg says.
Which is why, as I’ve mentioned before in the Pray Rain Journal posts, when we ask/want/pray FOR something, we can’t get it because we’re acknowledging the absence of it. We have to FEEL IT (can anyone say Lynn Grabhorn?) in order to manifest it.
No news there; you know this. (But do you practice it?)
Gregg talked about a woman who had been diagnosed with bladder cancer. Her ultrasound revealed a three inch inoperable tumor. Western doctors told her to prepare for death. She then went to a medicine-less hospital in Beijing (okay – “medicine-less hospital” – how cool is that?) and had three healers work on her. They felt what it would feel like for this woman to be healed.
They didn’t wish the tumor away, they didn’t make it wrong, they didn’t fight against it. Tumor wasn’t part of their gig. Let me repeat: they didn’t have judgment about it and they didn’t try to make it disappear. They just felt what it would feel like for her to be a healed woman.
(This is where many of us get tripped up in our own manifestations. We get caught up in tumor energies, if you know what I mean.)
While these three healers intensely felt feelings of her healing, the ultrasound machine showed that three inch tumor disappearing in two minutes and 40 seconds. It happened before our very eyes!
Gregg’s point was that this manifesting stuff doesn’t have to take a long time! It doesn’t have be a gradual progression … atoms can rearrange INSTANTLY in the presence of the right feelings and beliefs!
He also pointed out that we’re conditioned to look at what’s wrong and try to fix it. But looking at the tumor won’t make it go away. Rather, feel the feeling of healing (if we’re doing this for ourselves, then we can acknowledge where we ARE healed and healthy) and give thanks for it.
Basically, we just feel as if it’s already happened – whatever it is we’re wanting. He suggested asking the question: “What is your life like in the presence of your ______(healing/abundance/relationship/whatever)?” Feel that now.
Two more quick things before I sign off:
Gregg said he’s shown that two minute 40 second tumor clip in hundreds of presentations, and told the story many more times than that in the last three years.
Guess what he got diagnosed with recently?
Something funky in his bladder. In hindsight, it didn’t surprise him. I mean, here he is talking about this woman’s bladder cancer over and over; not a surprise that he’d be a match to a bladder problem. And it gave him the opportunity to practice what he preaches. Which he did. Successfully.
Here’s something else he said that hit home: once we really get that we’re empowered to change our reality, the irony is that we feel less of a need to do so. It’s our ego that wants to make changes. Once we accept that we are powerful creators, all of a sudden the desire to change things decreases.
I know what he’s talking about and suspect some of you can relate too, huh?
All right, I’m off to try to make sense of 40 pages of notes and exciting new ideas and understandings from my good time with Gregg!
PS – at the workshop I picked up one of his books: “Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer.” I thought about “2012,” but also picked up Neville’s “Power of Awareness” and “The Lost Books of the Bible” based on his recommendation. I’ll keep you posted!

  • November 18, 2007
  • Anonymous says:


    Thanks. Your response helped a lot as to the process of how to do it for different kinds of issues, which is what I wanted to understand.

    The things I mentioned as issues are not “burning desires” but more like “that would be nice”. For now, I’m in a space where I’m content with the small everyday changes happening in my Now – and practicing manifesting what I want until it becomes a habit and my norm.

    I also think part of what’s going on is what you mentioned Gregg said:

    “Once we really get that we’re empowered to change our reality, the irony is that we feel less of a need to do so. It’s our ego that wants to make changes. Once we accept that we are powerful creators, all of a sudden the desire to change things decreases.”

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Thanks for a great question, Anonymous! I’m officially inviting other readers who have struggled with this same issue to share their successful experiences and ideas.

    Here’s my take on it:

    It’s often helpful to remember something from our direct past, but you said you couldn’t. So sometimes you can imagine what it would feel like by paying close attention to others who are experiencing it.

    Like, I’ve never won a grammy, but watching those winners get up and say their thank yous, and then get interviewed the next night on Jay Leno, I mean, I can imagine what it might feel like! I can talk to my friends who are singers, who can tell me about what that would feel like for them, and that might help me access the vibration as well.

    But neither of those is my favorite way to recreate the feeling. Both will work, but what I prefer is this:

    I might not be able to imagine my body weighing a certain amount or feeling a certain way, but as I ask myself what I think it would feel like to succeed in this area, to achieve my goal … what does THAT feel like?

    Ahhh … maybe relief. Maybe pride. Maybe mastery. Maybe a show-offy kind of attitude. Maybe an “eat your heart out guys” vibe. Maybe comfort. Maybe peace. I don’t know.

    Actually, I do. I’m manifesting “best shape ever” by my next birthday, and as I imagine that feeling it feels “on top of the world.” Now I don’t recall what I felt when I was in my best shape ever (I don’t really remember when that was), so I don’t have any direct feelings from my past to go on. But as I imagine being in my best shape ever, it feels to me like I don’t have a care in the world.

    So, that’s the feeling I would want to conjure up now. Feeling fabulous, zero cares, relaxed and accomplished. That would be MY formula.

    I’m wondering if this long answer is helping?

    If you wanted to triple your income and have no idea what that felt like, you could read stories of others who have done it or ask them how it feels, or start to build your mental muscle of creative imagination by inviting your mind to go down this path and just play around and see what it might be like.

    “How would I be different if I had X dollars in the bank? Would I talk differently? Would I dress differently? Would I do different things? How would that feel if I did?”

    You can play around with it and take yourself there with some practice, I suspect.

    You can also ask yourself why you want this thing (tripled income, lower weight, whatever). Drilling down to the core essence of the desire by asking WHY will likely connect you to the feeling you’re really after.

    Bottom line, Anonymous, is that yes, gratitude and appreciation is enough to get you on the right track. It’s tough to get a more powerful vibe that gratitude going. πŸ™‚

    Again, I’m inviting others to post here, as I know we have a wealth of wisdom and experience on this blog!

  • Anonymous says:


    This is so powerful.Thank you for sharing it.

    I’m a practicing LOAer and do well with setting intention and creating immediate, simple, daily things for which I’m always saying “thank you”. Yesterday, I set my intention to go to the grocery store and find 6 qts. of milk. When I got there, that was EXACTLY what they had. Then I had to catch and stop the next thought “That was lucky. I got the last ones.” and change it to” How neat that I got just what I created. THANK YOU”


    I’m not always able to FEEL the feeling of larger things I want – things beyond the immediate NOW. How do I get into the feeling of it? Or is it enough to feel gratitude and appreciation for what I want as if it’s already a done deal.

    EX Specific physical healings or balancing. Like thyroid, etc. or weight: Even though in the past I’ve been at the weight I want to be, I can look at a picture, but I’m not able to remember or FEEL what it would be like. OR What about non-physical things like what if I want to triple my income. What if I can’t feel what it would feel like but in all these instances I feel the gratitude and appreciation.

    Thanks for the reminder on how to pray for peace. I DO sometimes do it the new way, sometimes the old.

    The more I practice the new, the easier it’s getting.

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Anonymous, thanks for sharing your experience of the “shift” when we give thanks for it, and feel it, as if it’s already here.

    I’m glad you could feel the “click” and could so easily get to gratitude. That’s powerful stuff, especially when you keep that up!!

    Here’s to your fabulous new car and wonderful man! Namaste. πŸ™‚

    PS – thanks for letting me know the post made a difference for you. You have no idea how rewarding that is for a blogger/coach to hear!

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Robert, I missed the link! I checked out his site and signed up for the newsletter, but that’s as much as I saw.

    For everyone else, Gregg invited all of us to participate in a cutting edge experiment starting in January. Should be good!!

    And Robert, the coherence was measuring the optimization of the signal between heart and brain, I believe. The respiration rate, heart rate variability and pulse transit time was to tell the quality of the signals (of entrainment, I think). I need to make check out my notes, but I think that’s what it was about.

  • Anonymous says:

    Dearest Jeannette,
    This is the most powerful thing I’ve read on your website to date.
    It’s like something just “clicked” for me and I was immediately thankful for the strong, loving man holding me in his arms. Just as I deeply experience gratitude for a beautiful morning or a my comfortable home, I AM thankful for my new car and this wonderful man who is so patient with me. We walk our dog to the rivers edge and build a fire and just sit in one anothers arms and ponder the stars. It’s a wonderful life.
    Thanks for the inspiration to be so thankful for what I “have”.

  • Robert Higginson says:

    Jeannette, I am so happy that I got to share the Gregg Braden experience with you. Have you checked out the website of the Global Consciousness Project that he showed us? That is so cool to watch. And what was he measuring there at the end? Was that our hearts magnetic field? Electrical field? I was so caught up in my “how cool is this” vibe that I didn’t get exactly what he was doing. It is just so cool to have scientific proof that our feelings are real!

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Aaron, I’m with you and sending smiles and appreciation nearly every day! I love your blog!

    There isn’t a single time I don’t learn something from reading you. Your laptop blowup story was especially helpful to me at that particular time.

    Thanks for dropping in, Lover! It’s always nice to read you on my page. πŸ™‚

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    You know, Zoe, he talked about the Australian aborigines as one of the cultures who knew long before we did that we’re leaving in a “dream world” and that the “real world” isn’t this one.

    He said they go take care of business back in the “real world” while they sleep in this one.

    You might have more gurus down under than we guess!!

    It’s amazing to me how we think we’re so advanced in so many ways than other cultures, and yet, those who maintained the knowledge from their ancestors seem to have inherited extremely valuable knowledge about the world and our role in it.

    Anyway, everything does work out perfectly, doesn’t it? I’m with you – here’s to faster automatic results. : )

  • Aaron says:

    Hey, Jeannette! πŸ™‚

    Long time, no see, considering that we’re in love and all!

    Thanks for this synopsis on Greg’s conference. I heard a teleconference with him once and he told the tumor story – amazing stuff.

    Thank you so much for the reminder that the things that we want don’t need TIME to manifest. It’s one of those things that I already knew, but your blog is as wonderful of a place as any to get the timely reminder. πŸ™‚

    – Aaron

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Hi Jeannette – loved this post and would love to see Gregg Down Under. We need to get more gurus coming over here!

    I caught myself thinking, “I wish I’d really known about this when I got diagnosed with cancer in 2005”. For me then a lot of the ‘work’ I did was trying to figure out ‘why’ I had cancer – certainly the healer I was working with took me there. And there was all sort of guilt and judgements about it – after all, I had cervical cancer – did I have some long-buried sexual issues? My healer even asked if I had problems with sex (I don’t – but I started to wonder if I did!).

    I love not judging the tumor. Focusing on health feels a lot better to me now.

    Back then though, wondering about the ‘why’ of cancer was just what I needed. So I guess everything is still perfect. πŸ™‚ Now I’m in to faster autoamatic results – so bring on more of Bradden I say!


  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    I’m not surprised you’re experiencing that, Kim!! It’s trippy, huh?

    I’ve had a couple clients express this same sentiment after they’ve created some really big stuff in their lives. They’re like, “What do you ask for when you know you can have anything?” Some people might think the answer is “everything” .. but oddly enough, it turns out that’s not it.

    It’s not that it takes the fun out of deliberately creating, but that strong push to change is just … deflated. I don’t think in a bad way, but just like you expressed: “What a wonderful life. Thank you. I love you!”

    Talk about achieving true peace and fulfillment, huh?

    Thanks for posting, girlfriend! I’m SO looking forward to reading your next book!

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    It IS exactly that, John – just like the difference between praying FOR rain versus praying rain.

    We can feel the difference in our asking once we do a check on how we’re feeling.

    Like when I asked Russ to order a razzleberry pie along with the two pumpkin pies his family always gets for Thanksgiving. I asked with the positive, uplifted, excited, already-looking-forward to enjoying it with a scoop of rich vanilla bean ice cream energy.

    Instead of the indignant, overlooked “are you kidding me, just PUMPKIN?” pushing-against, mad-that-no-one-else-wants-razzleberry pie energy. Or “pleeeeeeeeease, can’t we have another pie, I really want a Thanksgiving with a razzleberry pie” energy. (I can’t even imagine begging a man for something I want. lol That was quite a stretch to type!!! ha!)

    (PS – I’ve got nothing against pumpkin, mind you, I’ve been happily eating it all month. Which might be way I like the idea of razzleberry so much.)

    Anyway, I’m saying we can feel the difference when we check in on it.

    Like when I ordered up my new beau two years ago, I did it with complete appreciation and enjoyment of the boyfriend that wasn’t even here yet. And he showed up shortly thereafter. Versus when I ordered up my coaching practice – I did it with a lot of fear and doubt and it took THREE MONTHS to manifest. Which is still pretty cool from what I was trained to expect … but you get my point, right?

    HOW we ask – the energy that’s contained in the “prayer” or “order up,” whatever you want to call it – is critical to how swiftly it can come. Whether it happens this day, month, year or even this lifetime.

    Shoot, I just said this “day”? Gregg showed how it can happen this MINUTE!! Atoms can rearrange in an instant, there’s no need for us to expect things to happen gradually.

    Signing off now to end this rambling comment. Thanks for your post, John! Always a pleasure reading you!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Thank you Jeanette! I am so grateful that you are sharing this with us.

    What stood out the most for me is the statement, β€œ . . .once we really get that we’re empowered to change our reality, the irony is that we feel less of a need to do so.”

    That’s it!

    Exactly what I’ve been noticing.

    A year ago I really started putting LOA into practice (as opposed to thinking of it as a nice metaphysical notion). I filled journals like nobodies business. I had so many things I wanted to change and feel and experience…for over 300 days straight I wrote ever night about it….

    The habit is deep. Most nights I get out my journal and open it, waiting for that rush of desire. I usually smile and simply write, β€œWhat a wonderful life. Thank you. I love you!”

    It’s pretty amazing.

    I look forward to hearing more about Gregg’s ideas!

    Love and hugs,

  • Peregrine John says:

    What an excellent time you’ve had! Thank you so much for sharing it with us, who couldn’t be there with you. This in particular stands out as the strangest thing I’ve had to learn, the stumbling point that separates LOA that works from “wish fulfillment”and similar silly stuff:

    “They didn’t wish the tumor away, they didn’t make it wrong, they didn’t fight against it… they didn’t have judgment about it and they didn’t try to make it disappear. They just felt what it would feel like…”

    It’s like praying rain rather than praying for rain. Being grateful vs. begging. It’s not remotely intuitive, I think, but unlike the more obvious choices, it works.

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Yes, Leslie, he actually used the words “discerning” vs. “judging.” It reminds me of Byron Katie’s work, to be so without judgment of reality. It is what it is; nothing good bad right or wrong about it.

    Thanks for commenting, Leslie. (And where’s your blog??)

    Pippa, I’ll post more later about what Gregg learned for healing. With his scientific & technical background, and his delving into various ancient spiritual teachings, he’s got quite a take on it! But no need to wait; I’ll right now join you in feeling your Self as healed. πŸ™‚

  • Pippa says:

    Wow, Jeanette, this makes me so excited. I am currently working on my thyroid, and this is just what I needed to hear!

  • Anonymous says:

    I appreciate that Greg Braden points out we have been taught to focus on what’s wrong (or broken)and ask how can we fix it. I don’t think that way of thinking fits anymore.

    Hopefully we can be empowered and be more about noticing instead of judging which allows us the freedom to diffuse and shift. It seems that we serve ourselves more by drawing our focus to where we want to be instead of what we have created.

    I recently watched a video on a domino challenge and wow there is something about watching the magic of dominos falling , at first you aren’t quite sure what you are seeing and then you begin to notice the energy of their journey. It made me wonder if that is indeed the secret of life watching where your dominoes are going.

    Glad you had such a great time Jeannette and thank you for sharing.

    Love Leslie

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