A Good Use of Time

Most of us are trained that time is a scarce commodity and that hard work is a virtue.

That’s why many try to use time efficiently by getting as much done in as productive a way as possible.

For these folks, goofing off is a bad thing and being called a slacker would not be a compliment.

But. Conscious creators know better.

We know how we feel is way more important than what we do.

Thanks to Abe and others, we know the reason we want anything is because of how we think we’ll feel when we get it. And we know that how we feel is actually the mechanism of creation.

(Our vibration is a siren song to Universe that returns more of the same.)

Which means that feeling good is what really matters.

So far so good, right? You know this stuff.

And yet …

  • being willing to let work wait while we prioritize a good time
  • learning how to relax without guilt
  • knowing how to let the busy world swirl around while we enjoy our tea

… these are skills that even the savviest creators can struggle with.

Partly because we might not fully trust that feeling good leads to good things. (We might still believe we’re supposed to struggle our way to success.)

Maybe because we worry what others will think when they see us enjoying life instead of paying our dues.

Or it might be that we feel guilty being happy while so many others aren’t.

Or maybe we’re just that highly programmed in the old ways.

Whatever the reason, it’s worth getting over.

Because, as Abe says, unhappy journeys don’t have happy endings.

That’s why learning to enjoy yourself now leads to an even more enjoyable life. Not working your butt off, not proving yourself worthy, not making it happen.

But relaxing. Enjoying. Laughing. Releasing.

That’s how we get what we want.

And that’s why I want to ask you about the last time you goofed off … when was that? And how did you feel about it?

Because goofing off (as defined by shirking “work” in favor of something more enjoyable) is a highly desirable manifesting skill.

Something to remember: having a good time and feeling guilty about it isn’t actually a good time.
Taking an afternoon off only to stress about all the things not getting done – that’s not a real day off.
Going on a vacation that leaves you feeling tired or overwhelmed defeats the purpose of taking a break.

And that’s why sometimes the best use of your time might be the very things you’ve been avoiding: curating baby goat pictures on Instagram, chatting with a friend about nothing special, bingeing on House of Cards.

If you enjoyed it, it was the best use of your time.

What trips some of us up is judging our manifesting habits by muggle standards.

Don’t let that old programming spoil your good time.

Learn how to slack off like a pro. Stop apologizing for having fun, and know that anything that makes you smile is taking you to more good stuff.

So if you’ve got problems or stalled-out dreams, consider that what’s called for is not to figure out why that’s so or to make an action plan for serious progress. But rather to amp up your laugh time, upgrade your enjoyment factor, and polish up your relaxing skills.

We get what we vibrate.

And that’s why goofing off on facebook might be the solution to all your problems.

If you enjoy it, you’re using your time well.

And if you’d like more reinforcement about why relaxing is such a highly underrated yet powerful life skill, I’ve got you covered.

  • November 1, 2016
  • my site says:

    This site was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped
    me. Appreciate it!

  • Anonymous says:

    Often times when I feel frustrated at work. I just say screw this and look for something entertaining on my phone.

  • lilac says:

    It would be so wonderful not to have to work…to just do whatever we want all day and not have to worry about money at all!!

  • C. says:

    What if working/being productive is what actually makes you feel good? Is that still a worthwhile candidate for manifesting?

    • anonymous says:

      I hear you on that!
      When stressed, I clean my house…I love to look around and see the sparkle!
      But, I wonder if I should, sometimes, be less obsessed with the accomplishment and more into just being…I think there is a place for both…

  • Karen says:

    Oh yes, this speaks to me. From the feeling of not having enough time and needing to be productive every minute to enjoying a cup of tea while the world spins (going to adopt this one for sure) and yet in manifesting, I do “slack off.” Guess that’s a good thing that I should carry over to other areas. I definitely relate to the guilt that creeps in when I realize how much more I have than so many others. How easily things work out for me. So, good reading here, I will practice “goofing off, shirking work” more 🙂

  • Melissa.H says:

    You know what is so awesome about this post. How goofing off on FB is a way for you. But for me I disconnect from all social media. Well I don’t have any so I guess I should say technology. I am the queen of goofing off. I feel like this is my trade off with my source who recently gave me there name :). But they give me the Great movie ideas I write it down and then chill. And just wait for another idea or the tug to actually write it. But when they don’t you can catch me laying up eating apples. Watching something funny or rubbing my pup. Chilling has actually also made me a master receiver of all things around me as well. I enjoy having the time to chill and I appreciate all the pieces of my life that have allowed me the time to. It’s a muscle but when you get it YOU GET IT!

  • Namaste says:

    After reading your article, I was reminded of a really simple quote that always brings me a sense of peace and relief. Unfortunately, I don’t remember who said it…
    “You have exactly the amount of time you need.”

  • Ming says:

    Hey Jeannette, this reminds me of my decision to not work on weekends. I had been doing that for so long even though I was enjoying it , I thought I should take some time to goof off. It felt good actually. I have been trying to do more of that during the week too. 🙂 I thought it was funny when I was visiting you that we had less calls then we had planned, remember how it kept turning out like that. haha. Must have been the feeling of wanting to have more and more fun. Here’s to more slacking off! HA!

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