Got 17 Seconds? (Mental Discipline Check)

Abraham 17 SecondsThe other day someone asked Abraham what was so special about 17 seconds.

(That’s how long Abe says it takes to activate a vibration by thinking a thought.)

I’ve wondered the same thing.

Abe said it wasn’t always 17 seconds, and it won’t always be.  Because it’s a function of how fast the energy is flowing.

“It’s becoming shorter and shorter as the energy of the planet is moving faster and faster and more and more consciousness is coming into alignment with the desire.”

They said there was a time it took more like 47 seconds to activate the vibration.  And that as the energy continues to flow faster, it’ll take even less time.  Which means we’re headed to instant manifestation.

(Although Abe said not all of us will get there at the same time.)

In asking us to consider what that will be like, Abe said, “When you’ve got instant manifestation going on, you want to be focused on what you want.  So bless the 17 seconds.”

Bless the 17 seconds indeed!

I’ve been doing this focusing work for a while, and still find myself entertaining ridiculously negative thoughts.

Like when I put bird food out last night, running across ice in socks, I thought wow, it would be really bad to slip out here because it’s like 5 degrees and I’m home alone for the weekend and not sure a neighbor would hear me if I had to call for help.  What kind of thought is that?!

Or when I think about that lost cat that went to the shelter earlier this week – I keep seeing her sitting in a cage not getting claimed by her owners.  NOT what I want to create!

Deliberate creators know not to get freaked out when we think negative thoughts.  Rather, just don’t get swept away with it and use it as a trigger to refocus on what we DO want.

And that requires awareness as well as mental discipline.

Speaking of mental discipline, the other day a colleague quoted me Jafree Ozwald’s promise about how quickly our lives will transform when we master the ability to think 100 positive thoughts in a row.  (He said if you could do 1,000 your life would change instantly.)

My very LOA savvy friend reported she could do 67 thoughts in a row before she ran out of juice.  My ex-boyfriend got to 35.  Another friend refused to play after she struggled to find 7.

I need a counter to keep track because I’m going for 1,000!  🙂

How many can positive thought reps can you do?

If your biggest dreams aren’t manifesting swiftly, you may benefit from some mental discipline work.  I think “noticing what is” is one of the biggest handicaps to getting what we want.  Reality gets our attention so often that I suspect it’s our #1 obstacle to manifesting our dreams.

And it’s a good thing to get a handle on.

Because we can’t create something different than what we’re focused on.  So if we keep worrying about what we don’t want, or noticing what is, our favorite dreams remain elusive.

Here’s to developing the kind of mental muscle that makes all the difference in manifesting what we want!

  • January 5, 2013
  • Tamra says:

    Love this and will begin this today. I love the idea of setting a timer to see how many positive aspects you can come up with in that time. What you think about comes about so here goes it.

  • Jeannette says:

    So true, Mitch. I did that on our monthly Celebration Call yesterday – where I slipped into the “story” of the “don’t want” as I explained what I was happy about. It’s a good thing to be conscious of – and you’re right – sticking with the good thought for more than a sentence is very valuable.
    Kudos on recognizing your progress with family relationships! woo hoo! 🙂

  • Mitch says:

    I was helping my sister find some positive thoughts about her work situation recently, and I saw her doing what I used to do. (Well, okay, I still do it sometimes:)) Complaining for a good amount of time, and then when I reminded her to shift her focus, she said, “Oh, yeah. Thanks universe for the awesome new job!” And then she went back to complaining. LOL Whether it’s 17 seconds or 47 seconds or whatever else, it is valuable to stick with a thought of what we want longer than one sentence to allow the new vibe to really take hold.
    But this 100 positive thoughts in a row thing is intriguing! As I read that, I was able to think a positive thought for every member of my family which a) made me feel good, and b) made me realize how far I’ve come in my familial relationships! lol Go me! 😀 (Hey, look, another positive thought for the list!)

  • Way to play with it, Trevor! It’s easy to see how that is just as powerful a vibrational shift. Thanks for sharing that, especially for those who might feel like finding the thoughts is more challenging than is enjoyable.
    Jan, can’t wait to hear how your practice goes. Please keep us posted!
    Stacy, yes, it’s that easy. Those definitely count as “positive thoughts.” I don’t try to find the positive thoughts on the stickier subjects that are up for me – I go to the easy places – the dogs, the cats, the birds, the weather, the movies, the food, the books, etc.

  • Stacy | Online Reputation Marketing says:

    Perhaps I’m making it too difficult but what constitutes a positive thought? Could it be, “Aww, puppies are cute. I love my dog. My cats are so cute and floofy.” Would those count and would that be 3? I’m guessing it’s what feels good. And could it be all general positive/not on the same/any particular topic?
    Yeah, I think I’m too much in my head on this one. lol
    I made a bead chain for that money mantra. I can’t remember how many beads are on it but I think it’s over 100. I’ll dig it up and count and use that as my thought counter.

  • Jan says:

    I was very intrigued with this concept, so I decided to try it, WOW 100 is hard, but I was surprised that I got up to 26 fairly easily tho
    I made a bead chain with 25 beads, and now I use it to run up and down , I am going to add music too and see what happens
    fun and beautiful too
    my goal is to do a 100 positive thoughts by the end of the week!

  • Trevor says:

    I love this post! I think the string of consecutive thoughts is about holding yourself in positive alignment for a period of time. It’s the “milking it” that Abraham talks about when in the Vortex. The last post correlates with this one.
    I will admit I had a difficult time thinking 100 consecutive thoughts in a row, but what I found easier was counting to 100. I took a couple of deep breaths first. I easily got to 158 before having thoughts that stopped me from counting. The feelings of ease, relief and joy are instantaneous. It truly is powerful. Thank you!

  • LindaA says:

    Greg, I love the image of sprouting new neural pathways.
    And your blog is awesome.

  • Greg says:

    I can share the link here, and I’ll post it at GVU: 🙂

  • I’d say however we get better at entertaining positive thoughts more consistently and regularly – that’s a practice that will serve us. However we get there.

  • Sara says:

    Oh, lol! Ok I get it. So does it count if I’m doing positive aspects or appreciation lists or something for a few minutes? Or is this more of a meditation practice? I get that it’s just 17 seconds of positive thought/focus, but I’m curious. 🙂

  • Sara, Jafrey’s 100 positive thought process didn’t have anything to do with the 17 seconds – I just liked it as a way to help develop discipline and focus so 17 seconds becomes ridiculously easy.

  • Sophie says:

    In Access the 17 seconds is 10 seconds and we don’t go for positive thoughts because that may require some judgement, so we go for choices. We choose every 10 seconds. And we are allowed to keep choosing the same things every 10 seconds until we choose something else 🙂
    What else is possible?
    Much gratitude,

  • Sara says:

    Just so I understand this clearly…is this a practice of focusing on ONE positive thought for 17 seconds as repeating the thought over and over? Or is it about starting with a positive thought and allowing more positive thoughts to be drawn in during the 17 second or more time frame?

  • I agree, Greg. This is an effort worth making! Because law of attraction keeps bringing what we’re already vibrating, if we want to change things, we need to lead that way with changing the vibration.
    And once we start making those changes in our focus, law of attraction reinforces THAT. So it just gets easier and easier!
    Thanks for reading and for posting, my friend. When do we get a link to your new blog?

  • Greg says:

    I love this post as reminder that just a tiny bit of effort on controlling focus is so hugely beneficial. I have found that depending upon my overall vibe, holding a positive thought for 17 seconds can be a challenge, but it is the “work.” I find myself ping-ponging back and forth at times, but the more you focus on what is desired and feel the feelings of it, the more the new neural pathway grows and develops. Abraham’s grid work is also good for this where you just call up one good feeling, milk it, and then let others come naturally. Before you know it, you’ve been vibrating positively on the topic for more than 17 seconds, and you do this anywhere. I may just play around with imagining the new neural pathway sprouting and growing and developing as I do the grid work. More fun can only bring on more fun!

  • It makes all the difference, doesn’t it, Ben? 🙂
    Pat, thanks for reading and for playing with it!

  • Pat says:

    What an interesting challenge. I feel inspired to take it on. I also love Panul’s “thank you” meditations. Another great idea.
    Many blessings, Pat

  • Ben says:

    I also believe it’s important to let go of the thoughts/emotions/memories contrary to what we want to manifest. Then it is much easier to focus on the thought or the goal that we want.
    It’s a challenge at times but it is worth it.:)

  • Oh, I didn’t even make that connection, Janette! Very interesting.
    Super excited to have you joining us, too!! We’ve got such a fun group gathered!

  • Janette says:

    Ooh, this is so juicy!!! And I think you’ve found the answer to Matt Killingsworth’s study on why a wandering mind seems to be linked to being less happy.
    (He’s the guy who did the TED talk on this subject a while ago –
    It’s like when my mind is allowed to wander without my being mindful, it returns like a bedraggled old cat to where it grew up. Grizabella the Glamour Cat.
    I’m so looking forward to the program beginning. And here’s a thing which won’t surprise you. I’m experiencing shifts already, just by IMAGINING that I’m breaking through to better mental discipline.
    And I’m laughing coz that D word used to be like a four-letter word. But now I’m ready to embrace it. Bring it on!

  • You’re right, Sara – that makes 17 seconds seem so much easier when you put it perspective of a high-vibing song!

  • Sara says:

    OMG, Jeannette! 🙂
    This illustrates exactly why I love music for manifesting so much. If it only takes 17ish seconds to activate a desired feeling, and most songs are at least a few minutes long, then that’s even more time spent in the flow of a desired vibration! Delicious and efficient.

  • Yes, Jackie, I think Jafrey meant “in a row.” So we would stop counting once the negative one hits.
    But I found myself just counting off on my fingers and keeping track of when I was in the 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.
    That’s a good idea from Serena. I’ve got the mala beads that are 108, so that’d be perfect.

  • Serena says:

    Jackie, maybe you could try a string of beads like Buddhists use for chanting. I think mine has 88 beads. Then start over I guess or even make one with 100. Don’t think I’d start over – maybe label it “thinking” like in meditation teachings.

  • Jackie says:

    I think I’d have to count out 100 beans or something so that I wouldn’t have to count the thoughts. Just move a bean from one container to another with each one. Do you have to start over if a negative one creeps in?

  • Yep, Serena, just like with anything we do repeatedly, we build a muscle for it over time. And THIS is a muscle that makes a HUGE difference!

  • Serena says:

    Oooh I really like this. I think it might take me a little while to get used to it. Anyone else feel like a monologue is going on inside their head? I’m filling the void so no bad thoughts sneak in! I bet it will get easier with time. Thanks for the exercise, Jeannette.

  • I’m finding already, MissyB, how much easier it gets each time. I think you’ll find fast progress once you start!

  • MissyB says:

    100 positive thoughts in a row? Consciously? That’s a challenge. Whilst in automatic pilot? That would be just emotional bliss.
    Let’s start with the conscious one first eh Missy B!

  • Ten minutes – that sounds like a powerful activation, Parul!! Very cool! Especially to do it in writing – that amplifies the energy, doesn’t it? It sure does for me when I do that.
    Thanks for chiming in! 🙂

  • Parul says:

    Oooh this is exciting! I’ve been doing “thank you meditations” for three days now. I put a timer for 10 minutes and write my thank yous for anything and everything I can think of in those 10 minutes. I have seen myself run out of things to “thank for” (like we ever could!!) but I am persisting with this.
    Gotta say, I sense a definite positive change in the way I feel the next day (I don it just before going to bed).
    This idea sounds great, I am going to include this in my 10 minutes, starting tomorrow!
    Great post, Jeannette! 🙂

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