Got Untapped Magic?

This story sent to me by my Aussie friend inspired fun wondering about what skills and talents and information the rest of us have within that we haven’t tapped into (yet). And how we might do that without a knock on the head!
Czech crash victim wakes up speaking English
By staff writers
September 14, 2007 10:25am
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A CZECH speedway driver knocked unconscious in a crash stunned ambulance drivers when he woke up speaking perfect English.

18-year-old Matej Kus was out cold for 45 minutes after the crash, but when he woke up he conversed fluidly in English with paramedics, even speaking in an English accent.
The teenager had just begun to study the language and his skills were described by friends and team-mates as “basic at best”.
Peter Waite, the promoter for Kus’s team, the Berwick Bandits, told the Daily Mail: “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
“It was in a really clear English accent, no dialect or anything. Whatever happened in the crash must have rearranged things in his head.
“Before his crash Matej’s use of the English language was broken, to put it mildly.
“He was only just making a start on improving it and struggled to be understood, but was keen to learn.
“Yet here we were at the ambulance door listening to Matej talking to the medical staff in perfect English.
“Matej didn’t have a clue who or where he was when he came round. He didn’t even know he was Czech.
“It was unbelievable to hear him talk in unbroken English.”
Unfortunately, the speedway driver’s new found skills didn’t last and he remembers nothing of the accident or the following two days. He is now keen pursue studies in English.
He told the Daily Mail, through an interpreter: “It’s unbelievable that I was speaking English like that, especially without an accent.
“Hopefully I can pick English up over the winter for the start of next season so I’ll be able to speak it without someone having to hit me over the head first.
“There must be plenty of the English language in my subconscious so hopefully I’ll be able to pick it up quickly next time.”
Okay, Jeannette again here. So if you could wake up one day with some new talent or skill or knowledge, what would it be?

Salsa dancing or cooking come to mind for me. (Actually, I would like it if my boyfriend woke up with the skills of an expert chef. Living together might be an option in that case.) I could also appreciate a working knowledge of eastern medicine. lol

But I would like mine to come peacefully while I sleep!
I suspect all of us have some sort of untapped magic within, and that it’s available to us when we open to it. In fact, right now I am officially claiming an even stronger connection to Source Energy, complete with the info and knowings and joy that I suspect goes hand in hand with such a connection.
Well, that feels good!
Namaste, all.

  • September 14, 2007
  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Wow! Cool story, Teena! I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens more often than we realize – spontaneously acquiring skills and talents we didn’t know we had until we were TRULY inspired to own them! lol

    Thanks for the post!

  • Teena E. Mason says:

    You know Jeannette, a similiar thing happened to a friend of mine years ago. She was on a flight and sat beside someone who did not speak English. They exchanged smiles. Gloria remembers wishing she could speak the language (can’t remember what the language was now) of this other person so they could enjoy a conversation during their long flight home. While in the air, they had great turbulance, so much so that they were thrown from their seats and feared they were crashing for a few minutes. During this time, they had a very comforting conversation that sustained them through this time. THEY ACTUALLY COULD SPEAK EACH OTHER’S LANGUAGE AND UNDERSTOOD EVERY WORD…..I always loved that story and the one you shared as well. Thanks! Love you, Teena

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    I’m with you, Leslie! I suspect the training we went through to keep ourselves “in the dark” was harder than it would have been to just let it in and acknowledge that we know things in ways we couldn’t naturally explain.

    And our selective knowing is what creates our world, right? What we choose to “know” is what we create.

    What really fascinates me is the concept of parallel Universes – or rather that time is an illusion – and that we’re living many lives out all at once, instantaneously.

    Strange as that sounds, I think it actually explains a LOT of even stranger stuff. Like speaking perfect English after a knock on the head. lol

    Thanks for a thought-provoking and mind-stretching post, Leslie!

  • Anonymous says:

    This story makes you wonder the depth of our choice doesn’t it?
    I mean do we chose to be dumb for cosmic cookie reasons? Too much information at a time, hard for us to process it? Perhaps we are developing skills to siphon through stuff more and eventually hold more knowledge. Actually think of it the other way how amazing that we know it all and chose to operate with less.
    Truly our selective knowing is amazing and I wonder if we just chose to know what we want to know.
    I would love to be like Edgar Cayce and just sleep on the book and know it’s context the next day.
    Obviously he is tapping into other realms of reality. And actually that is my core belief that we do indeed tap into knowledge from other realms all the time and knowledge from previous lifetimes.
    And because I beleive in the ultimate wisdom of our spirit perhaps we have a specific intent with each lifetime and hence chose specific knowledge.
    How beautiful is that, suddenly not knowing how to boil water is understandable because at this point in time it’s not in the plan – watch out though could be tomorrow.
    And just one more comment, my sense of the Czech man was that he was bleeding into another realm, meaning in some other reality he speaks perfect english and he brought that reality into this one.
    He gifted his body to feel how it feels to speak perfect flawless English.
    That is possible what we are doing with LOA as well gifting the body to feel and prepare for a new reality.

    Love Leslie

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Patricia! Speaking of meditation, I’m curious as to whether you have thoughts or experience with Holosync ( I think) as a form of meditation.

    And Aaron, my boyfriend used that exact explanation when we talked about this Czech boy’s experience. I was trying to argue that maybe he was English in a previous life or was tapping into the “river of knowledge” that we’re all connected to. But then I remembered he was a student of the language, so your explanation makes much more sense.

    And yeah, you’ll need a new excuse for not cooking. : )

    Ellie, I’m having HUGE fun thinking of the power of belief as our “turn on” switch! I’m with you that we’re connected in a way that most people probably don’t consciously realize.

    In fact, I might remember to flip my switch next time I need to channel someone for inspiration or knowledge!

    Thanks for the comments, everyone! It’s a fun topic to explore!

  • Ellie says:

    I Love this story! To me it is the demonstration of all the we are!

    I believe we remember everything we have ever been exposed to — and I’ll go one further than that — If we are eternal, as I believe we are — then we are connected to all their ever was and is…..

    And the “turn-on switch” is the BELIEF that we already possess all the talents – all the skills – all the knowledge – That belief would tap us into the connection for it all!

  • Aaron says:


    Many people believe (and I’m one of them) that we remember everything that we are ever exposed to. If that is true, then as long as we also remember the method of stringing that knowledge into the proper order (as in with language skills), then it stands to reason that we:

    A) Learn any fact instantly, and
    B) Can extrapolate any series of facts that we’ve ever been exposed to by using any learning system that we’ve also been exposed to.

    Whoa. That certainly lays doubt to my claims that I don’t even know how to boil water, doesn’t it??? 😉

  • Patricia Singleton says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if we all just had a turn-on switch in us that we could instantly tap into “other” knowledge or talents that we don’t even know we have. Oh yeah, we can. It’s called meditation. Wish it were that easy. Meditation is a wonderful practice that opens us up to so much more than our physical manifestation, if we learn to use it. When I get back from my India trip in October, yours is one of the sites that I intend to subscribe to. I like your style. Reading your words always makes me smile and feel good.

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