Gremlins vs. Guides

Do you know the difference between your inner intuition versus your gremlin brain?

You might also know the gremlin mind as the inner critic, voice of judgment, or monkey mind. Your intuition is sometimes called higher guidance, wise self, or even angels and guides.

Knowing the difference between that fear voice versus our inner wisdom can be a huge help in life.

Many of us struggle with this distinction, especially when it comes to high stakes decisions and situations.

An easy way to tell whether the internal dialogue you’re having is with Gremlins or Guides is simply this: gremlin thoughts feel bad; guides feel good.

  • Gremlin doesn’t move you into power; Higher guidance does
  • Gremlin is fear-based; Higher guidance is love- based
  • Gremlin rambles on and on with long explanations; Higher guidance comes in short “feeling” messages (inspiration, spark, inner knowing)
  • Gremlin makes your body feel tight, stuck, restricted, with shallow breathing; Higher guidance feels open and light

The next time you’re getting conflicting internal info, use these criteria to filter out gremlin and embrace higher guidance.

As you become expert at discerning the difference between Guides and Gremlins, you’ll find life easier and easier to navigate!

  • April 1, 2007