Guess Who Mowed?

Remember my neighbor from my April post? The one I had not much good to say about until I realized he offered me the gift of discovering peace within? Well, guess who mowed my lawn this weekend?
Yeah, he did. (!!) He also doesn’t sleep in the tent any more, I haven’t seen his girlfriend or heard a fight in forever, and now has a job he goes to every day.
And even more … someone told him his motorcycle disturbs my bunnies (I’m fostering nine for Bunny Bunch), so he shuts his bike off as he gets close to home and coasts in the driveway. Bunnies don’t even flick an ear his way. I’m kind of in love with this guy now!
How did I get so lucky to have a neighbor this great? I have a suspicion. I cleaned up my vibe. Universe answered it. That simple.
Man, it’s good to understand vibrations, and even more – to implement that knowledge!

  • May 23, 2007
  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    You know what DOES make great sense to me, Rick? How you said that having a better relationship starts with YOU, not anyone else. AMEN to that!! Nice to see it successfully in practice. Thanks for posting!!

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Yep, Jeffri, he IS a sweetheart. In fact you are too, and so am I, and so are ALL of us! I have to admit with hindsight that I enjoyed the challenge of being able to see the sweetheart in this situation.

    I intend to remember that next time I’m feeling challenged with some “S.O.B.” who doesn’t see things my way. lol Maybe I’ll remember that that stands for “Sweetest Of the Bunch.” ha!

  • Rick says:

    Thanks leslie.

    Like yourself and many here, I have found that until I see a response from my reality (whether perceived good or bad, desirable or not) as having been totally from me, I have had no power.

    My marriage reflects this: I took someone’s advice a long time ago that if I wanted a better relationship, then I had to be a better husband. I work at being an Excellent husband (lol… okay, I have some Excellent moments); guess how my wife has responded over the years. She is amazing. Same with parenting. I have had great success with health.

    LOL … I’m am finally making some headway in mapping this process over money and a few other things. I find it amazing that until recently I have not connected my success in some areas with my challenges …lol … ‘Opportunities’ in other areas.

    Know joy.


  • Leslie says:

    What a great way of putting it Rick – we are responsible for breaking up the log jam. Lol.
    Thanks for that – I will be looking in my wardrobe for the cork boots – today!!!

  • Rick says:

    I love this entry Jeanette.
    In it I see a dimension of the Vibe Path that I hadn’t before: some things I do and feel might set up a discordant resonance that disempowers my intentions.
    For example: anger, knowing that I am out of integrity about something or with someone, a little lie, giving away my power. etc…
    In yout post I saw that as you become aware of a thought or feeling that is discordant (I commend you for being so scrupulously honest also) you take responsibiblity for replacing it.
    Cleaning up my vibe is like the best parts of what a religion does if I do it out of love.

    Wow, I’m not sure the above makes any sense, but over the last 3 days, just by applying it when I remembered, the ‘log jam’ that I thought was happening in my life is starting to break up and some new stuff sort of showed up out of the blue.

    I also just wanted to let you know that even though I don’t comment on all your posts I read them all (and the comments) and appreciate them all.

    Know joy.


  • Jeffri says:

    It is truly amazing the magic that unfolds when we are able to see other people as Source sees them.

    Good for you for turning that situation around. This guy sounds like a sweetheart.

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