January 29, 2011

Guest Post: Bunny Chasing with Lin

Today’s guest post is generously written by the immensely talented Lin Eleoff:
I have a reputation for chasing bunnies. Who can resist their fluffy white fur, cute pink noses and long floppy ears? I, for one, am a sucker for all things furry and cute. And therein lies the problem: I don’t want to have a reputation for chasing bunnies. The implication is that, from the outside looking in, I always appear to be going in different directions, trying something new, testing another brilliant idea.
Despite the fact that I really do love chasing bunnies, on a subconscious level I’ve been trying to deny my inner bunny chaser.

Of course, that which we resist only causes it to persist. And yet I was determined to tame my bunny chasing tendencies. In my mind, a bunny chaser was someone who’s scattered, unfocused, indecisive and, in my case, all of the above. And, as Abraham says, a belief is a thought we keep thinking, and the thought that bunny chasers are scattered, unfocused and indecisive eventually became a belief that bunny chasers were flawed; that one shouldn’t be doing so many things, going in different (albeit exciting) directions, trying something new, testing another great idea.
Because, I believed that’s not what successful people do.
It hadn’t ever occurred to me to test that theory. All the while, those darn bunnies just kept on comin’. I would sometimes look the other way, pretending not to see them, but that just made them bigger and cuter. The more I would try to resist the bunnies, the more they would taunt me from afar. I couldn’t resist. At least not for long.
What surprised me were all the successes I kept having in my life, despite my bunny chasing disorder.  It didn’t make sense. I figured if I could do all this with BCD, imagine what I could do without it. But no matter how I tried, I couldn’t shake those darling little fur balls. They were everywhere. And they always looked so sad when I ran the other way.

I continued to hold onto the belief that successful people didn’t chase bunnies. I figured my accomplishments were achieved despite my being a bunny chaser; that if not for my BCD, I would be able to do so much more. Boy, did I have it backwards.
My bunny-chasing flaw came up in a conversation I was having with my BFF, Jeannette Maw. After our little pow-wow, Jeannette became more than just my BFF – she was promoted to SWWITU: smartest, wisest woman in the universe. Here’s a snippet of our little chat…
SWWITU: How’s it goin’ my dear BFF? (Okay, this is not a verbatim transcript).
Me: Well, I was wondering if you can use your amazing superpowers to help me overcome my bunny chasing flaw.
SWWITU: Why is bunny chasing a flaw? (Oh, I knew that question was coming, so I prepared a fantastic answer).
Me: Because it just is. So there.
SWWITU: Hmmm. But bunnies are so cute.
Me: I knew you would say that, too. But bunnies, despite their cuteness, are keeping me distracted, unfocused and indecisive. They’re holding me back from accomplishing things. They keep showing up, all cute and furry and happy and fun. Please make them stop. They’re ruining my life.
SWWITU: The way I see it (this would be her x-ray vision superpower) you have already accomplished many things.
Me: But think of how much more I could do if all those cute-little-furry-fun bunnies weren’t getting in my way, holding me back by keeping me distracted from what I’m supposed to be doing.
SWWITU: Maybe it’s because you’re a bunny chaser that you’ve accomplished so many things already.
Me: Huh?
SWWITU: Well, it seems you have a limiting belief that chasing bunnies is holding you back; that you can’t be all that you can be unless you can figure out how not to be a bunny chaser. I’m suggesting that you could spend your whole life chasing bunnies and have a blast doing it. In fact, it seems that’s exactly what you are doing, except you haven’t yet connected those bunnies, er… I mean dots. The bunnies aren’t the problem. It’s your thinking that’s the problem.
At this point, and I’m not making this up or resorting to hyperbole to try to make a point, the skies opened up and a million—make that a billion– more bunnies fell from above. They were all the bunnies I had tried to chase away over the years. They had been set free by my BFF and SWWITU, Jeannette “Goosebumps” Maw. Not only did she get me to turn this ship around, she had me turn it on a dime.

And that’s how I dropped an old belief and picked up a new one, in the blink of an eye. Instead of thinking that the bunnies were holding me back, I realized that the bunnies were trying to show me the way. There’s so much more I can do with the bunnies than without them. Trying not to focus on the bunnies was futile. I needed to set an intention to pay attention to the bunnies, with no tension.
What happened next surprised me. I stopped worrying about the bunnies altogether. Instead, I honored the bunnies by not chasing them.
I sat back and waited for them to come to me.
And that is how I embraced my inner bunny chaser.
Lin Eleoff, a.k.a. The Worst Mother, would like to thank all of the bunnies that have come into her life, leading her to a successful career in television news broadcasting, then on to law school, all while having four bunnies of her own.  More recently the bunny tracks have led her to a career in coaching and mentoring women and girls, writing and illustrating for her blog, and learning how not to burn dinner in her new crock pot.

  • Life Coaching says:

    I always look forward to reading this blog. Very good information.
    Your information is always appreciated. Keep up the good work.

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  • Love this!! There is a whole site that embraces some of the bunny chasing traits- I just discovered- video here…
    I was actually diagnosed with some – lets call it”bunny chasing disease”- then I felt sad for a while until I realized that thats why I am SO AWESOME!!! I love to chase bunnies and it turns out my bunny chasing is quite helpful for manifesting….I just go from bunny to bunny to bunny 🙂

  • Csilla says:

    Wow, I loved it and had the idea that somehow Lin was talking about me, therefore she was truly talking to me. Thank you Lin. You have just shot a ray of light into my reason for being!

  • Joy says:

    Of course the bunnies are your strength. That’s what I love about you (and bunnies), Lin. Thanks for sharing. So attention, intention, no tension as the fabulous Martha B would say!

  • Karen says:

    Great post- definitely something I needed to read- thanks!

  • Ms. Tee says:

    This was a nice surprise. As a future counselor I can see how we try to convince ourselves that being joyful does not bring about the success we desire. We think it’s all about hard work and sweat. It’s not. For me, chasing bunnies is dabbling in my creative endeavors for however long I choose and then trying something else.
    I always win awards for whatever I do and then I move on. But many have told me that I’ll never be a success unless I stick with one thing. I don’t want to. It’s like being a painter and realizing you can paint the perfect rose. You won’t spend the rest of your life painting roses. You’re going to want to try painting sunflowers at some point.
    As I have been chasing bunnies over the years, I’ve built quite an impressive portfolio showcasing many of the talents I have. And I figure, whose to say that the end result of WEALTH and ABUNDANCE is the best part? The magic I create with each new endeavor, watching myself learn and flourish in each new adventure may be what I enjoy most. I like being free to chase bunnies and paint sunflowers and dandelions. My garden is quite beautiful these days and it was created by me.

  • Jessica says:

    Awe! Very nice post! Reminds me of my own limiting beliefs heh heh heh…

  • Amanda42 says:

    Lin, I love your guest posts. I’m going to spend more time at your website! I get such a kick out of your writing style and your illustrations. The line “At this point, and I’m not making this up or resorting to hyperbole to try to make a point, the skies opened up and a million—make that a billion– more bunnies fell from above” had me cracking up!
    Isn’t it awesome that we get what we want when we are doing what we love? Alignment = chasing our proverbial (or actual!) bunnies. Thank you!

  • Well said, Enoch. Glad to hear you found a more empowering truth than the one others tried to impose on you.

  • Enoch says:

    This is a lovely post. Thank you. It reminds me of my experience of diving into various spiritual traditions. People in every group eventually became disappointed in me and would ask me why I couldn’t just be this or be that, that why did I have to experiment with everyone else’s faiths as well? I took on those negative attitudes, and believed that there must be something wrong with me because I can’t be “consistent” and just “stick to one thing.” But that experimentation has led me to the conclusion that no matter what it is you believe, as long as it is positive, it will give you strength.

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