Guest Post: Debra Gehrke

spotlightThank you, Debra, for today’s inspiring guest post. I’ve got a couple clients this is perfect timing for!

Hafiz wrote:
“You are a Divine Elephant with amnesia trying to live in an ant hole.”
The imagery of this quote is alarmingly vivid.  Seriously, are you picturing it?
The funniest part is, this is exactly what each of us looks like when we choose to live smaller than the brilliance that we are each born to be!
A portion of one of my all time favorite quotes from Marianne Williamson says,
“Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.”
It’s becoming ever clearer to me that we, as a humanity are awakening to our purest Soul Brilliance.
As generational stories of oppression and suppression dot the path of our histories we are becoming more and more enlightened by the idea that we are meant to shine more than anything else in this life.
The Spark of Divinity that courses through our veins has been there since the beginning of time.  No matter what experiences have gone before us that spark is alive and well.  It can not be extinguished.  
No matter what the ‘looks as if’ is on the movie screen of life…something deep inside continues to pulse, telling us there’s a better picture…a picture we alone create for ourselves.
It is our Divine Right to shine.  And it is our choice to exercise this right. 
What are you choosing? 
• Are you the elephant w/amnesia trying to squeeze yourself into the ant hole?  
• Or are you the elephant divinely aware of your majestic nature, fully aware of your HUGE Brilliance, fully willing to Live Large?
Perhaps you are the ant.  One ant in a colony of millions. 
• One ant who in that colony of millions could choose to get lost in the ant hill of anonymity…
• Or one ant who will choose to claim his uniqueness and be counted as the one he is.
No matter the choice, choose on purpose
• Choose because you want to. 
• Because you know you can. 
• Choose because no one else can make the choice for you.
Let the amnesia fade. 
Stand up and claim your birthright.  You are a Divine Soul living a Human Experience. 
What a gift!
The best part …?
It’s a gift that keeps on giving.  Another line from the same Marianne Williamson quote says,
“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
I know my perfect JOB.  It’s to serve others through my own Light, assisting others to fully discover their own Light…their own Joy of Brilliance in life.
Just by becoming the Divine Being we are…elephant, ant, human…each of us uniquely brilliant, shining our gleaming wonderfulness in all we are…leading by the clarity of our example as Abraham suggests…
…just by this, we encourage others to do the same.
It’s that easy.  It’s that important.  It’s that brilliant.
We create heaven on earth just by being the brilliance of who we are.
Heaven feels good.  I choose brilliance.  In JOY.  Will you join me?
Let me hear you claim it!  What amnesia have you recently come out of?  What is the “Brilliance of YOU” that you are now, more than ever, willing to BE?

Debra Gehrke is a Soul Brilliance Coach & Social Media Guide ~ Intuitively guiding others in finding their perfect J.O.B. *Joy of Brilliance* in work, in life; virtually and in 3-D. 
To connect visit for Social Media Consulting/Coaching or for Joy of Brilliance Blogging and Soulitude Sessions.  Or follow Deb on Twitter (@debsoul) or friend on Facebook.
Jeannette again: here’s to letting the amnesia fade!  Namaste, Debra.

  • September 23, 2009
  • Erik says:

    Hey Debra, thanks for asking – the divine elephant that I am ^^ is very slowly standing up and realizing that he can shine and that it is good to do so 🙂 but piecemeal.
    Just today I got a jolt of goodness so that being happy is easy today :).

  • Debra says:

    Hey Erik…
    Just checking in to see how the Shining is going? 🙂
    You mentioned that ‘fear rising up’…remember, fear is just us being out of alignment with our real us. The authentic you is right there awaiting your return to your Brilliance.
    Stand up, Divine Elephant! Proclaim your wonderfulness!
    And yes, the road to feeling good about accepting compliments can be bumpy. It was for me. I used to do anything I could to place the complimentary attention back on the giver. I felt unworthy of most every compliment and had a very hard time being the receiver. I have always been stellar at being the giver of the compliments…but the receiver? That took some attention.
    For me, the shift came effortlessly when I decided the best love affair I could have was one with myself…and when I realized the importance of Self Love and Appreciation and placed my focus there, suddenly I felt worthy of the compliments and it felt oh so gooood to receive them graciously, with appreciation.
    I know that when this shift happened fully for me was when I recognized the Divine Elephant staring back at me in my mirror. I recognized my Brilliance and I’ve been determined ever since to stare that brilliance in the face and not shrink back!
    The fun part is…I’m surrounded by Divine Elephants! No better company in my opinion. I’m very happy to attract Brilliance into my field. Nothing gives me greater JOY…and that’s reason enough to continue.
    I’d love to hear how the Shining is going in your world!
    How about everyone else? Got your Shine on?

  • Erik says:

    Hey Debra,
    thanks for reminding me to let my light shine. First thing that happens when I think of doing so is loads of fear rising up but I guess this will go away soon.
    And its totally true, being in this community and with our dear host Jeannette who made all this possible by shining soooo bright herself ;), you have no other choice (in the best sense of the word) but to start to shine also.
    And thanks for the compliment, I will try to accept it as good as I can (I am not really good at this, you see).
    Have a gorgeous one! 🙂

  • Debra says:

    So funny, isn’t it Erik? I know you here in the Good Vibe Community…and I’d never guess for a second that you played the elephant in the ant hole sometimes. (We’ve all been there…sometimes still visit…)
    It’s testament to the fact that when surrounded by others that see your light…we feel supported to shine even brighter!
    …and this is testament to the fact that once we awaken to that which surrounds us as being a reflection of our own choices…we know we can choose again to create more of what we want to see, have, be.
    I just hopped over to your most recent post (
    Brilliant observations there…and so very relevant to this post and your comment here. Especially relative to the echo part.
    Now that you’ve proclaimed your desire to “untie yourself and start to shine” you’ll have plenty of ‘echo’ reflection opportunities with which to respond in a new way **by shining even brighter instead of shrinking back**, which will show the Universe and those surrounding you that you are indeed ready, willing and able to SHINE your Brilliance…which WILL naturally set an example (and a choice) for others to do the same.
    Now *that’s* Brilliant!! 🙂
    Please do check in and let me/us know how this daring (and yet so natural) step goes for you…we’ll be here supporting you, awaiting your updates…ready to see you get your shine beyond what we’ve seen thus far; and you’re already pretty darn brilliant, Erik!
    In JOY of Brilliance! ~Debra
    *Read Erik’s post for links to more info on ‘the echo’.

  • Erik says:

    Yeah, Debra, thanks for your post!! And to our guest post host 😉 Jeannette!
    “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”
    This is so brilliant and relieving. This Elephant in the ant hole image is sooo true. Up to now, when trying to shine bright, I always felt the pain and envy of those around me when I did, so I stopped.
    As you can imagine, this kept me tied down 100% – I think it is time to untie myself now and start to shine (wow, tough, me saying that, it’s a pretty daring step for me!). ‘ll let you know how my shinin’ is doing these next days / weeks.

  • Debra says:

    Oooo TIA, my friend…you are ON FIRE!!! You’re not just shining like a star…you ARE the star, heck, right now…you just might be an entire galaxy! LOVE it!!!!
    Love this:
    “I’m the light that shines on the path before you for miles on end and illuminates your choices.”
    What a Proclamation!! Now that’s BRILLIANCE in motion! Woo-Hoooo!!!!! Go Tia, Go Tia, Go Tia!! 🙂

  • Debra says:

    You wrote: “Life is good, this Elephant is loud, proud and feeling as fantastic as I know I am. I’m more than ready to start grabbing all the universe has to offer with my awesome Elephant trunk. I feel silly writing that last bit, but silly is good because it makes me smile and smiles are the hearts way of telling the universe to let the good times roll on in.”
    YOU are so Brilliant…and right on!!! Silly is one of the greatest Keys to the Universe there is, IMHO. 🙂
    It’s awesome that you were always in touch w/the Elephant inside…and INCREDIBLE that you’re living it and expressing it full-on now.
    I’m with @Emiko…Passion for this topic runs deeper for some of us simply because of the path we’ve taken to our realization. Our ‘Divine Elephant Enlightenment’, if you will. Hehehe
    Here’s to Living Large & Shining Bright! XO

  • Debra, I’m still laughing at the email you sent with this post wondering if it was preaching to the choir.
    Even if it were, the choir can always use a good reminder about how fabulous we are!! he he

  • Debra says:

    Thanks so much for opening space for me to share here with the Good Vibe Community! Such an honor to shine here.
    You?? Not always comfortable/natural with the shining thing? Hard to imagine. So I’m not going to. In my eyes you are a Brilliant Being of Sincerity, Clarity & Wisdom w/just the right umphf of Funny to make it stick.
    Love & Appreciate YOU! ~Deb

  • Debra says:

    The Magnitude of JOY this Divine Elephant is feeling right now has got me lit up WAY brighter than the sky w/the fullest moon on the most starry night!!
    …and the BRILLIANCE that is beaming forth from each of you has got me wearing shades! (Rose Colored ones, of course 😉 Whew! Shine on, my fellow Divine Elephants…SHINE ON! 🙂
    You know what I love most about this community?
    It’s that you already know about the awesomeness of living your brilliance, you already know about the upstream, not-so-fun-ness of living small…and even still, in a post that is totally preaching to the choir…you’re singing HALLELUJAH and amping up your SHINE infinitely more!
    No amnesia for this group. We’re living it for real. Eyes wide open. Hearts too. Souls engaged. Game is on. We’re in. …and we’re willing to continue to awaken ever more fully…ever more deeply to the PURE ESSENCE of our most Divine Selves.
    Who needs Disney Land?! This is IT!
    Thanks to each and every one of you Divine Elephants for standing up, YOU are Brilliant beyond measure. Every day more and more so…because you’ve chosen it.
    OMGoodness!! Seriously. The non-physical part of me is unstoppably HUGE right now…bigger than this physical vehicle can hold…and that super-charged energy is creating quite a dance of ECSTATIC JOY in my Being.
    Have I told you how much it turns me on when others shine right along with me??? OOOOH YEEEAAAHHH!!
    🙂 Debra (@debsoul) **How can I get that little smiley face to show up bigger and brighter so that it is an accurate demonstration?!** LOL

  • Heck yeah!! Rock it Debs, greaaaaat post!
    “No matter the choice, choose on purpose” – tis how I live.
    I’ve stepped up in a BIG way this very month, from experimenting with different ways to bring much needed changes in my life, to embracing my purpose and seeing instant results from doing that, to expanding my world of possibilities, BIG-gen my thinking, stretching out of my comfort zone and acknowledging my brilliance!
    I’m the light that shines on the path before you for miles on end and illuminates your choices. I’m going to go into 2010 poised for takeoff at supersonic speeds and spending the rest of 09 aligning with huge personal, professional and spiritual successes!

  • Debra says:

    @Emiko: HAH! “My sister from another mother” I LOVE it!! 🙂
    I love your examples…and YES!…I agree, I want everyone to play as B I G as their potential holds. What a party for all of us!
    I can feel the pulse of your Brilliance rockin’ so deep…keep groovin’ sister!!
    …together we’ll get this world up on their feet, dancing to the JOY of Brilliance beat, Y’all!
    **Caution** Shining in Brilliance can cause outbursts of extreme corniness at times. LOL XO

  • Emiko Jaffe says:

    Yay Pamela!! I love that . . . I also forgot to mention that I was an elephant stuck in an ant hole up until about 3 years ago. I was playing very small, like suburban zombie stepford wife small (ick) and then I woke up one day (after watching The Secret–my gateway drug to LOA, lol) and I looked around at the way I was living my life and was like “F this sh*t!!” and I stepped on the path leading to my right life and I have to say, it’s been a pretty fast and awesome ride full of amazingly good things. I am beyond grateful for I am now. SO grateful. If I came through that spiritual coma, anyone can come through. For real. Perhaps this explains why I’m so passionate about this topic, hahaha.

  • Pamela says:

    I’ve always felt like the Elephant, but in part due to an abusive upbringing I let myself be squashed by others into that ant hole – I take responsibility for that because I LET them do it, I became the elephant with amnesia because I let myself be weak and take the easy way out – its easier to cop out than it is to shout out and claim what is yours.
    In the last few days I’ve pushed myself out of that ant hole that I’d allowed others to push me into. Now I’m out life is wonderful, and good things are already happening. Just this morning I got news that my visa to move to the UK has been approved and I’ll have it back in my hands early next week. In 5 weeks time I’ll be walking into the awesome future I’ve planned for myself and know I’ll have.
    Life is good, this Elephant is loud, proud and feeling as fantastic as I know I am. I’m more than ready to start grabbing all the universe has to offer with my awesome Elephant trunk 😀
    I feel silly writing that last bit, but silly is good because it makes me smile and smiles are the hearts way of telling the universe to let the good times roll on in.

  • Emiko Jaffe says:

    Debra, my sister from another mother! LOVE this post, I’m so with you on the “do it big” bandwagon. Thank you for the brilliant reminder that it does no one any good to play small. It’s such a jip to all of us when others play small, I’ll admit that I’m selfish enough to want everyone to play as big as they really are because I get to benefit from it! What if Steve Jobs decided to play small? I wouldn’t be tapping away on my gorgeous Macbook right now. . .what if Mary J. Blige played small, I wouldn’t have my anthem (Just Fine, in case your curious), ha! If Jeannette played small, we wouldn’t have this fab forum and these fab posts to read. Yup, I’m all over doing it BIG! Go rock it out peeps, I support ya’ll 110% 🙂 I’m so reposting this . . .

  • Janette says:

    I love that I believe in the benevolence of serendipity and signs!
    Yesterday on Facebook, I did one of those quizzes – in this case “what would your patronus be?” (A patronus is the magical guardian every wizard develops in the Harry Potter books – it’s always an animal, and each person has a different one).
    My patronus is …. the elephant. Yes, I know it’s only a FB quiz – but I’ll take my messages from the U any way they come!
    Ah, life is good. 🙂 *SNNNOOORRFFFF*

  • Debra says:

    @Vicki: I can hear your roar, Vicki!! 🙂 Thanks for adding your Brilliance to the stream & for enjoying the post!
    @Janette: You wrote: “My patronus is …. the elephant. Yes, I know it’s only a FB quiz – but I’ll take my messages from the U any way they come!”
    How cool is that?!? Hey, I’ve had some pretty amazing, serendipitous messages flow through one of those FB quizzes; I’m in camp with you…the big U can choose any channel to get the message to me; I’m in receiver mode and FB is as good as any. Besides, the U knows they can find me there! LOL
    Off to find out what my Patronus is… 🙂 Glad you enJOYed the post! XO

  • Look at you, paying good attention to the signs, Janette!! ha
    Thanks for the smile today! 🙂

  • I agree, Vicki – a brilliant offering. Debra was flowing the good stuff when she wrote this!
    Raising a glass to our beautiful elephant selves!

  • Vicki Flaugher says:

    Thank you, Deb, for highlighting the energetic alternative to being an elephant w/amnesia. The imagery is beautiful and inspirational. Thanks to you, too, Jeannette, for hosting Deb’s post today – as usual, a brilliant offering. 🙂
    I am an elephant, hear me roar!

  • Amen to that, Mitch. (The problem with it being if you do it long enough, you forget it’s there.)
    This shining thing hasn’t always been a comfortable or natural thing for me to practice, either, but especially with inspiring reminders like this and great company like you, I get better at it all the time.

  • Debra says:

    “This post is seven different shades of appropriate for me right now.” ~Ooo…are the seven shades like the rainbow?? I love rainbows! LOL
    I’m with you, Mitch. In my (over/done w/past)experiences I’ve chosen to ‘dim my light’ so that others around me don’t get blinded. And I’ve observed not great results for me or others around me. I think it’s because of the ‘I’ve been there’ part that this path of living my brilliance has become my greatest JOY to share.
    I so fully recognize the blessed awesome benefits of choosing to shine my brightest…and the only thing I want to do in life is live that example, encouraging others to do the same! I say, SHINE ON…and if I’m too bright for you, well then…pick up some shades or look the other way…’cause Bright Brilliance is my birthright and I’m living it!! 🙂
    So glad you’re on the same team, Divine Elephant friend! “This ant hole ain’t big enough for my powerful stream of personality and creativity!” Well said, Mitch! Thanks for sharing your power with us!!

  • Mitch says:

    This post is seven different shades of appropriate for me right now. lol The thing that I resonate with most, surprisingly, is the idea of dimming my own light so that others don’t feel bad. The problem with that is, if you do it long enough, you forget that your light is actually there in the first place, hence jealousy and chronic comparing ourselves others. Well, forget that!
    I choose to be the elephant who knows he’s an elephant! This ant hole ain’t big enough for my powerful stream of personality and creativity! 🙂

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