Guest Post: Denying What Is?

Today’s guest post comes from Juan G. in Mexico, who did an excellent job of answering a big question many thoughtful creators run across. Here’s his question as well as his brilliantly inspired answer:
is it really necessary to deny reality in deliberate creation?Is it really necessary to deny What IS?
Have you ever had special trouble with some bit of LOA advice?
I have.
So first, full disclosure:
I am a practicing psychoanalyst, with some stints at Buddhist meditation (a few silent retreats and some sitting practice at home).
Both practices are quite rational and I tend to be pretty skeptical. So I usually take a looong time before accepting anything new or “loony”, and seldom before lengthy consideration.
Still, if I’ve learned something at those experiences is that both take you a long way into accepting what IS, and that doing so allows you to avoid a lot of suffering and frustration.
Then, searching for “good vibes” I stumbled into LOA and Jeannette. As my background allowed, everything about resistance, obscure lurking wishes that go against what you say you want, and tripping thought habits made a lot of sense.
All fine.  And then it came!  The piece of advice that created a whole lot of noise.
It went something like this: “Make peace with what IS, while at the same time pretending that what really IS is whatever you want.”
Talk about cognitive dissonance!
I had accepted a lot, but I HAD a struggle with this one.
What about my commitment to truth?!  What about accepting What IS and making peace with it?!
Psychoanalysis is all about wishes and desires, and how to stop being your best worst enemy.  Buddhism is all about how to overcome ignorance, develop better thought habits and stop your desires from being a cause of suffering.
None of them advises you to deny or ignore what IS (be it actual or psychic “reality”).  Both tell you everything has a cause, every choice an effect.
And this LOA was telling me to go all against I had so hardly learned?  No way, baby!!!
Then Ortega y Gasset, a great Spanish philosopher came to my rescue.  He used to say: “”I am I and my circumstance.”
“I am I AND my circumstance”?  So maybe What IS is What IS Plus it’s Possibilities!!!  And with that, I made peace with myself!
What IS is What IS, of course.  But it is also the craddle of everything to come, isn’t it?
And our wishes and desires are a big part of the recipe.
Do any of you guys identify with this?  Any thoughts?
Best Wishes.
Jeannette again: Thank you, Juan, for such a thoughtful piece! I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s responses here!

  • July 7, 2011
  • JG. says:

    Thanks for posting my text, Jeannette.
    I feel flattered!…

  • Your background makes me particularly interested in your take on this topic, my friend.
    Especially since it provides a potentially easier path for someone to practice both acceptance and allowing. Two big keys in successful creation!
    Thanks again for taking the time to put this together for us. 🙂

  • rochellemariah says:

    Great Post! I love this. You know what this feels like? It feels like that “don’t force it, LET your desires unfold” mantra that we’re always hearing, when I think most of us get caught in the “why the heck aren’t my desires here yet” mindset, and “why they heck are they taking so long to unfold?”
    As you talk about it here,it feels like that WHAT IS is just that first piece of the puzzle, and that accepting that makes all those other pieces start falling into place. Physically, I think of it a little as a curtain covering the desires, what we have now is just the only part we can see, but really-we know the rest of it is just behind the curtain.
    What IS is What IS PLUS its possibilities.
    Excellent Post

  • Dennis says:

    The teaching does not say to deny what is. It says to build on what is if you like it and give it no energy if you don’t. Give energy instead to what you would prefer or to anything other than ‘what is’ that you don’t care for. Facing reality if over-rated if one wants ‘reality’ to change for them. Giving thought energy what is preferred is what makes change possible.
    Great question and essay.

  • Jeane says:

    You may have just coined a new phrase! I love it: What IS is What IS PLUS its possibilities!
    I love the idea of possibilities hidden within what is – as rochellemariah posted, a curtain covering what we can’t yet see.
    Great Posts

  • Lynn says:

    Wow, that is really profound! As someone who is deeply dedicated to the idea of “loving what is,” I have also run into some trouble with the idea of pretending that reality is different than what it is just to get my vibe up. This exploration of Juan’s makes a lot of sense to me! And I LOVE the phrase “What IS is What IS Plus its Possibilities” — I am sure I will remember and use that one many times.
    Great post — thank you!

  • petecito says:

    Ooh, stimulating stuff! What came to mind for me is that accepting What IS is just one form of releasing resistance and not ‘getting in the way’ of what’s coming to you, as Abe says.
    So if we’re a little frustrated with FedEx holding up the delivery of our desires, customising our understanding of What Is to include possibilities is just another way of securing relief and releasing resistance, as we all want our desires, and reducing the negative charge is what it’s all about, no? So, whatever works!
    Looking forward to the discussion 🙂

  • Amanda42 says:

    I have been thinking about this all day today. I love “What Is is What Is Plus Its Possibilities!” I’d like to offer two examples from my day that might help to illustrate how to appreciate now and act as if at the same time.
    1) I love my apartment but I want to move to a different city. Today I have been cleaning my apartment, which gives me a healthier, happier place to live right now. Also, as I come across things that I know I will not need to use in the next month or so, I pack them in boxes. I am enjoying my home now and acting as if I am already moving.
    2) Along with the move, I would like a new job. I have a load of laundry on right now. In it are my pants for work tomorrow, at my current job that I enjoy, but also my pants that go with my blazer for interviewing, since I have decided I will be going on an interview soon.
    I hope that helps. The original post and comments before mine have certainly helped me!

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