Guest Post: Erik aka Fraggamuffin

spotlightGuys, it’s time for a new spotlight here! 

You regulars here in the Good Vibe Community prove time and again you have much wisdom, insights, experiences and humor to share.  I’d love you to have more space than a comment sometimes allows.
So starting now, I’ll regularly invite those who are interested to post their own articles here, specifically written for the Good Vibe audience, for comment and discussion by the rest of us.
And with that, Erik’s offered our first guest post (thanks, Erik!):

Vibe got stuck?
As an inspiration from the conference call with Jeannette, this guest post is about the importance of ‘feeling’ and ‘feeling good’ in order to get our vibe flowing.
I guess the most common questions about the law of attraction are how to get to vibe rolling when it is stuck. How do we finally manifest what we want?
Check your feelings!
One of the very key points in manifesting is figuring out how you basically feel about the issues you want to manifest.
Ask yourself how will I feel, when I finally have what I wanted. Does the idea of finally having what you want bring up fear or joy?
Sometimes we wish for things but these wishes will bring along such strong feelings (of happiness, exhilaration, joy) and also new responsibilities that the thought of finally being there instills fear in us. Or we think deep down, that we don’t deserve it or the new responsibilities seem too big.
Acknowledge these fears or doubts. They are ok to be there because they are natural, everyone knows them.
Take baby steps!
After all, what sends out the vibe and manifests your dreams is your deep down gut feeling.
So if the idea of not only having your huge and gorgeous (vision-)cake but eating it too seems too frightening at first, take one small aspect of your vision (with the job interview: sending your application letter to your future employer) and try to feel good about it first before swallowing the whole cake in one big gulp.
Take baby steps in feeling good and as one coach we all know always says: do what feels good!
The universe will have to comply …
Life will feel your efforts to change course and give you nudges in the right direction, be it from a friend, coach, article, or even as simple a thing as a road sign.
If you are able to think of your vision and feel completely fine, no anxiety, just happiness and anticipation then you have done two things. First: you feel better now – remember that good things only happen to you when you feel good. Second: you send a massive wave of happiness and relaxation to the universe stating clearly ‘I am there where I want to be!’ – what could the universe do but comply and give you what you want?
So now, have fun playing around with the feelings of your visions and as always: enjoy your day!
🙂  Erik (aka Fraggamuffin)

Erik is a university-graduate in psychology (finished studies this year), born in ’79. He is working as a free-lance coach and is into the law of attraction and making lives more successful, joy-filled and prosperous.
His motto is: more to all and less to none!

  • September 18, 2009
  • Erik, I love the analogy about not trying to swallow the whole cake at once.
    That is a visual that works well for me in allowing myself to get on board with the new “feel good” that I’m intending for myself!
    Thanks for doing us the honors of being our first official guest poster!

  • Sara Exley says:

    OOOH YAY!!!! What a great idea, Jeannette!! (Would love to manifest that, hehe!)
    Erik, I love your post! I especally love how clearly you said that the Universe is always matching the “deep down gut feeling.” That can be really easy to miss.
    I can think of several times when I “thought” I felt “good” about something and then attracted the opposite, going “Huh?” LOL. Every time I back-track, I realize how the result ALWAYS perfectly matches whatever deep down gut feeling was ACTUALLY stirring about. (Which is why I have been avidly practicing what Jeannette and Iyabo call “clean living.”) Totally in love with that!!
    I love when I attract others who talk about the importance of feeling good as much as me!!
    Hugs to you Erik,
    Sara E.

  • Cheri says:

    Great guest post Erik! I agree its really important to acknowledge how we are feeling. For myself, when I have allowed myself to feel what I may label as ‘bad feelings’ and BE there and thank those feelings for what they have done (protect me in the past) then I can go from a place of resistance to them to a place of love and release them from that form.

  • Sara, this is funny if you meant you’d love to manifest a guest post, because I JUST emailed you an invite, and then came here to read your post. ha!
    You’re good at this.
    Intending to get Cheri here in the near future as well.
    Thanks, both of you, for your comments here!

  • Sara Exley says:

    I totally agree Cheri. Every time I receive the blessing of negative emotion, I feel better instantaneously. I love the idea of being friends with my emotions – they’re so wise, they always know exactly what I want, and they always take such excellent care of me.
    Everything exists to lift us up!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Great post Erik!
    My favorite line: Second: you send a massive wave of happiness and relaxation to the universe stating clearly ‘I am there where I want to be!’ – what could the universe do but comply and give you what you want?
    I’m keeping that with me all day long.
    Thank you! And thanks Jeannette for opening up this fabulous forum!
    🙂 Kim

  • Berta Bauer, Lighthouse Coaching & Retreats says:

    Erik & Jeanette,
    Wonderful post!
    Yesterday I spent way too much time on the phone disputing a final bill with cancellation charges that I had purposely asked if the contract time would be satisfied as to avoid these charges. Long story short I paid, deciding that my happiness was more important than being right, and that would only come from being done with this company. Then I had a four hour drive to make and put in an Abe cd recorded one year ago to help restore my good feelings. It was perfect because Abe reminded an attendee to keep looking at her list of what she wanted to manifest rather than what was currently not present. Looking at that list is what brings the joy and feelings that it already is here. Like you said, Erik, when . . . “you send a massive wave of happiness and relaxation to the universe stating clearly ‘I am there where I want to be!’ – what could the universe do but comply and give you what you want?”
    I now appreciate my distasteful call because I would have listened to music rather than the Abe cd, and the cd realigned me with my list. I love your blog, Jeanette, because it also helps me to keep my eye on the big picture.

  • Erik says:

    Hey all, first of all: a massive THANK YOU to Jeannette for posting my guest post :). I am feeling honored to be part of such a great community and be able to contribute.
    And thanks for the comments so far 🙂
    @Sara: This going ‘huh?’ is exactly what I have felt pretty often until I realized, well then it must be ‘this’ what I have attracted. It is a good way to back-check or back-track our vibe.
    @Cheri&Sara: I love the idea that ‘bad feelings’ can protect you from things you were not ready for yet. Will take this home and think some about it.
    @Kim: hehe, so do I – I am still learning to feel good 100% but I am making good progress.
    @Jeannette and Sara: had to smile, ‘I’d love to manifest that’ – in Germany we say ‘Fragen kostet nichts’ which translates to ‘asking costs you nothing’. As you see, your vibe got through to Jeannette at lightning speed ;).
    Enjoy your day!

  • Erik says:

    @Berta: our posts just crossed over – you posted while I was typing 😉 – so thanks for the reminder that negative things can an (almost always) have their use. I guess the four hour drive lifted your mood way over the mood even as it was before your call.
    @Jeannette: about the ‘swallowing the whole cake all at once’, yeah, sometimes the idea of finally having it all (!) is a bit overwhelming so I guess taking baby-step by baby-step is the way to go until the full blast of happiness of the complete vision can hit us and we can totally enjoy it.
    I experience this with pray raining things – when I write down what I want to manifest, it’s like waves of happiness washing down over and through me but this is not always possible at first.

  • Erik, I was just reading in Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley how he calls that “staging your dreams.” Bite by bite, baby step by baby step.
    Berta, loved your Abe CD story!! lol

  • Emiko Jaffe says:

    Erik, I love baby steps and it was Tia (another fab community contributor) who really drove that idea home for me as well (that we’re given what we’re ready for, not what we’ll ultimately have at the end of the trip). It’s so awesome when Universe conspires to keep showing me the messages I need to hear until I get it so I can move on! Nibbling at the cake will get it eaten just as swallowing it whole, but what way is more enjoyable (and won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed or give you a belly hangover the next day?). I always find that the process–the journey–is just as (and in some cases, more) yummy than the destination. The people you meet, the situations you find yourself in, totally rocks my world. Thanks Erik for sharing this insightful tip and confirming for me that baby steps kick ass!

  • Kristy M says:

    I love the cake analogy.. yum :)..
    Yeah, if you want to enjoy food, they say to eat it slowly. If you eat too fast, you will feel sick. Go baby steps.. baby steps bring big results!

  • Erik says:

    @the good girl with the good vibes: can you explain a bit what you / Mike Dooley meant with “staging your dreams”? Is it kind of “in order for your dream to finally appear on stage, you have to prepare it in small steps” or the like? 🙂
    @Emiko: yeah, totally true, the journey itself is more important than its end. After all the end is just some few moments and a whole life time is a series of thousands of moments, so why would we focus on one moment instead of thousands (probably much more thrilling ones).
    @Kristy: yup, we don’t want to feel loa-sick from from our vision-cake feast.
    @All: Don’t you find it hard sometimes to take baby steps? How do you deal with impatience (loa-wise)?

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