Happy Is Easier Than We Think

Happiness Is Closer than You ThinkA lovely reader asked how to get happy when the thing that makes her happy isn’t possible to experience.

She understands it’s important to keep the vibe up (“get in the vortex,” as Abe says), but financial obstacles keep her from it.

Sometimes the blocks we see to our happiness aren’t financial, but dependent on another person, or sometimes on more time.

However, it’s easier than we might think to reach a happy state.

In this reader’s case, she says travel makes her happy, but that she can’t afford it.

Which many folks could relate to – desiring something while not having the money for it.

But there are other ways to access that enjoyment.

Start by asking what it is about your desire that you enjoy most about it.  Break down the core elements or aspects that make it desirable to you.

In our reader’s case, she could look at what it is about travel that she loves most.  Maybe it’s …

  • learning about a new place or culture
  • meeting new people
  • experiencing an unfamiliar environment
  • hearing beautiful accents
  • eating new foods
  • feeling a sense of freedom or wonder
When we pinpoint the aspects we love about it, we can get creative about experiencing those essences in other ways.  As in taking a foreign language course or exploring new things in our own area.
Another way might be to access enjoyment by planning the next trip, relishing scrapbooks from prior adventures, hearing stories from others’ trips, immersing in travel shows, etc.
Another approach could be to realize travel isn’t as expensive as we think, with air B&Bs, couch surfing options, home exchange programs, and smart airfare deals.
Or we could just stop believing it’s hard and let Universe put it together for us.  A good intention married up with a bit of allowing goes a long way!
The point being things that make us happy aren’t as far away as they sometimes seem.
I’d love to hear some of your creative ways of surpassing obstacles to your highest happiness.  Please share in the comments!
  • December 14, 2012
  • Amy Putkonen says:

    That is a great idea – to look for the core of why you want something and so even if you can’t get the exact thing you want, you can get happy anyways by finding a way to get to the core of what you desire. Cool idea.

  • That is lovely to hear, Lisa! (That planning is almost as fun as the travel itself.) I imagined that would be the case (for someone who enjoyed travel), but it’s nice to hear you confirm that.
    I especially appreciate your words about how happiness is in abundance and just waiting for us to choose it. Thanks for posting, Lisa.

  • Lisa says:

    One thing that I learned after doing quite a bit of travel was that the planning was just about as much fun as the trip itself.
    But as far as happiness in general in the face of obstacles, I remind myself that these obstacles may be in place for a reason. For example, being a student and working towards my degree brought me happiness. For a while there, financial and other constraints kept me out of school and I was really upset about it. But being out of school allowed me to focus more on relationships; friendships; parenting; creative projects; etc; all of which brought me tremendous happiness! It was a great (forced) reminder that happiness comes from everywhere! Happiness is the default! Unhappiness is what we create for ourselves.

  • Great tips, Janette! Thanks for chiming in!
    I’d love to hear some ideas for someone who wants to be married or in a committed relationship. (People get tripped up on that one almost as often as they get tripped up on not having the money to do what they want.)
    Anyone got thoughts to share for that situation?

  • Janette says:

    I love finding ways to pretend!
    For travel, I research the most luxurious apartments or the most exciting train routes. Or I go on Facebook and check in to the most obscure location I can think of. Seriously, you can check in anywhere – AND tag people as being with you – and the location will be added to your FB map. The best virtual travel LOL!!!
    Or if I want to feel connected to “crazy-successful business owner” I slip on sunnies and sip a latte at my favourite cafe; then I pretend like everyone in town is just way too polite to hassle me, even though they know exactly who I am (maybe they saw me on Ellen heheheh). That one I stole from Lisa Hayes, and it’s a cracker!
    If I want to feel dollar abundance, I skip ahead and start drawing up plans for the big house extension, well before I have the cash to do it. Or I daydream about how I’ll be dividing up the spare million that’ll go to charity, or my family. That changes every time which helps keep it fresh.
    I think the key is keeping it light and fun, so we can immerse in the “experience” without activating the “how” anxiety or worrying about the details. That’s Universe’s job. Sometimes, for me, that means the sillier, the better.
    Woohoo for making it a game!

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