Hello, Honey!

dogrun.jpgThis is too funny not to share! The LOA lesson is not lost on me, either. I think you’ll enjoy it as well (plus I’ll go for any excuse to post dog photos):
Those of you who remember my challenge with the neighbor’s 35 year old grandson who was sleeping in a backyard tent and arguing with his girlfriend outside my bedroom window every night?
He’s still here. Girlfriend’s gone (I’m thinking jail); he sleeps inside now during the day (no job, living off grandma, parties with friends all night). He still works on his motorcycle in the early morning hours (outside my bedroom window – his favorite place). (And yes, I hear all my judgments here.)
The other neighbors still suspect he’s dealing drugs and endangering their children.
I don’t know about that. I haven’t thought much about it since he brought home an 8 month old German Shepherd. He “rescued” her (I’m thinking stole) from his “friend” (I’m thinking dealer) who wasn’t taking proper care of her. Honey (as he calls her) is a sweet girl, terribly unsocialized, who roams the neighborhood day and night. (Koda loves her.)
That’s just not cool. German Shepherds are an intimidating breed! She’s chased a couple of terrified boys on their bikes, sniffed a few babies in strollers with nervous parents frozen in fear, and allegedly bit two kids – which is when I told him he needed to do way better by us and her than this.
So he tied her up in the backyard. Sheesh. Nice answer. (Not.)
He did let me foil his plans to breed her, at least, and allowed me to drive Honey to the clinic for a spay surgery last week. (The vet asked why I was starving my dog – I didn’t realize her ribs were showing.)
Needless to say, there’s been a fair amount of contention between us (no surprise, since that’s our vibe) over this issue.
We’ve had kind of a “you don’t talk to me, and I’ll pretend not to see you” arrangement going on since I let him have it about what it meant to “rescue” a dog and his responsibilities for her well-being as well as the neighborhood kids.
I was hot. He took it well.
Gotta admire him for that.
Anyway, that’s the background.
As this girl has been tied up in the backyard and whining 24/7 (only a slight exaggeration), I occasionally throw a few treats her way and ask how her day is. She’s always happy to say hello, and seems grateful for the attention.
Early this morning I stepped outside and was headed back in when I heard her chain jiggle. I knew she’d heard me so even though I couldn’t see her, I gave her a proper friendly greeting in the sweetest singsong voice I have (yes, I have one): “Helloooo, Honey! How are you this morning?!” Dripping sweet. And filled with genuine love.
I don’t know who was more surprised – my contentious neighbor to be addressed by me this way, or me when I heard his awkward reply, “Uhhhh, good.” Long pause. Then a stilted and polite, “How are you?”
I was too surprised to answer. But I came in giggling.
I guess that was him jiggling some chain. Or else Honey instigating an ingenious rift repair.
Just like that the tension is gone! He mowed my parkway again today while I was on the Vibration Overhaul preview call with Amy. (Did you hear the mower in the background?) I looked at him and thought, “How could I ever have thought about stealing his dog?”
You just can’t pretend to be mean to someone after an exchange like that takes place.
He’s a good kid, I don’t care what drugs he’s on.
So the moral of the story? We get what we put out.
And finding a way to send out the good stuff, no matter the circumstances or one’s justification in “witholding” the goods, is always a feel good way to go. Congrats to me on doing it by mistake, and for my neighbor for lettin’ it in. We rock. : )
(He IS my best teacher, isn’t he?! Just like Byron Katie says!)

  • September 5, 2007
  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    She IS, isn’t she Leslie?! I know! Our animals come to do some heavy duty teaching and healing, sometimes. Well, maybe all the time, I don’t know!

    Get this – after I wrote this post, someone or somehow she got off her chain, and I invited her over to play. (I kind of had to encourage her over the fence.) She had the BEST time playing my three dogs, and they had the BEST time with her – and she loved the pool more than anyone else, and I had the best time watching her run around, and I fed her three meals while she was here.

    When the neighbor opened the door to check on her, I heard him call her name softly, and I said “She’s over here!” and we had a nice little conversation about how she’s welcome to come play anytime, and I hope it was okay that she shared lunch with my pups.

    Life is good.

    And Teena – I totally agree – no accidents!! lol

    Thanks, dear friends, for sharing this moment with me. This post kind of got buried when I put the other one up so quickly. Nice to know it wasn’t overlooked.

    Love to you both!

  • Teena E. Mason says:

    I love it! Even an accidental (if there were such a thing) “good vibe” PAYS!

  • Anonymous says:

    What a healer that German Shepherd is! She definitely is a honey and so are you! Keep on creating the good vibe even unintentionally girlfriend. You are so funeee.

    Love Leslie

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