How Are You Casting Your Vibrational Vote?

(adapted from my “Get What You Want” 10/14 ezine issue) 

vote.jpgThe fact that my boyfriend doesn’t vote – at all – never has – even in this historic election – is not just embarrasing but astounding as well as completely contrary to what I was taught by my veteran father political research colleagues. 
Voting is simply what we do.  It’s not optional in my world, so I was shocked to learn my sweetie doesn’t exercise that privilege!
In fact, I was shocked not only that he doesn’t vote, but that he ADMITS it!  To his blogging girlfriend!  (Isn’t that alone reason enough to get out and do it?)
But I got off my high horse about it when I realized I might not be using my own vote as powerfully as I thought.
Because there’s a difference – sometimes a dramatic difference – between the vote that goes on the ballot and the one logged by Universe.
For example, I have to admit I’ve been to the polls before not so much to cast a ballot in favor of one candidate or issue, as in opposition to another.
Ever done that?
If so, and if you’re law of attraction-savvy, you know you actually added power to the very candidate or position you were against.  That’s how it works.  (That “resist, persist” thing, you know.)
We’re well trained in our deliberate creation studies to focus on what we want instead of what we don’t want, but I can’t say I always practiced that in the voting booth!
Which is why I realize my sweetie may have offered a more positive contribution with his complacent absence at the polls than I have by doggedly casting a strongly-opinioned vote.  If I’ve got attention on what I don’t want, I’m just adding more power to that no matter what it might say on the ballot.
That’s not to say I recommend abstinence from voting, but I HIGHLY recommend we all be more aware of how we cast our vibrational vote.  Which is all that matters anyway – the vibration!
If I march out on November 4th to vote against what I perceive as reckless and dangerous leadership, I actually add energy to the very thing (or candidate) I don’t want.  On the other hand, when I cast my ballot in favor of what I see as a step in the right direction, I help create that outcome.  ‘Cause I get what I vibrate.
Make sense?
So not just this election day – but every day – ensure you direct thoughts in a way that supports what you want, which simply means focusing on it rather than its opposite.
Although I know some politicians give us great material for getting derailed on that, consider it good practice to get even more deliberate in how we cast our vibrational vote.

  • October 28, 2008
  • Peregrine John says:

    Indeed. It’s funny how many people claim to be so positive about things, but when it comes to anything remotely political (or socially relevant, come to think of it), their words reek of negativity, cattiness, self-righteousness, smug superiority, and far worse.
    A wiser man than I once said, “Hatred is not a component of victory.” Nor, I would add, is cognitive dissonance (which either creates or is caused by counter-intentions, though I’ve not a clue which direction it goes).

  • Awareness is what I’m shooting for with this piece, John, as well as with myself. 🙂

    Thanks for posting!

  • Terry says:

    Thanks for this timely and important post, Jeannette. Wayne Dyer said something to the effect of “Be for something, not against something.”
    Be pro-peace instead of anti-war. Be pro-prosperity instead of anti-hunger. And, as you said so well, be pro-(insert your candidate here) instead of anti-(insert other candidate here).
    Six days and counting until we can cast our votes *for* the candidate we want to see in office!

  • Well said, Terry!

    We put that into practice consistently and life is gonna show us the difference!!

    Your comments are much appreciated, my friend!

  • Leslie Richter says:

    Wow Jeannette you are quite right we often vote just to get the other person not in. Just shows you how unsavay of LOA we are as a whole.
    I was thinking of those who chose not to vote if they are on a deeper level pretending LOA doesn’t exisit or are they too keenly aware it exisits?
    I am quite excited for your upcoming election, it hasn’t been so compelling for a long time. I even wish here in Canada I could vote. Ha Ha
    Love Leslie

  • Wow – keen observation, Leslie! (Are they pretending LOA doesn’t exist or are they very aware of it!) Russ would probably like to say the latter. lol

    And hey, guess what? You CAN vote!! You can!! Universe doesn’t require credentials (as many would say, neither do U.S. polling centers). ha

    Love you, Leslie!!

  • The Gratitude Circle Blog says:

    […] Coach.  Jeannette writes about the upcoming election and the effects of the Laws of Attraction.  Click here to to check it out.  […]

  • Peregrine John says:

    Yes, Coach O’ Mine, awareness! That’s the word I was looking for. I’ve a coworker who thinks she’s quite empathic but couldn’t read an emotion or body language if she had to. The lack of awareness of the situation prevents her from actually growing in empathy. Likewise, what I realized from the original post above is that believing in one’s positive outlook while actually holding negative views is a counter-vibration, at least. There’s no way that sort of dissonance can get off the ground to manifest a desired world/outcome/whatever.
    So clear-sighted self-awareness leads directly to effective manifestation. (I’ll be scrubbing away at it, pronto. The ol’ ego hates it, having to admit investing in self-defeating positions, but the result is going to be stellar.) Could you imagine a world that followed your suggestion?
    I love what Terry quoted (Dyer is a genius, says I). It’s more than just going a different direction! For example, being pro-prosperity instead of anti-hunger isn’t merely wording the desire differently, it’s seeing the entire situation in a new, far more hopeful and positive light, and one which has potential for enormous good.

  • Powerful understanding you’re sharing here, John:

    “believing in one’s positive outlook while actually holding negative views is a counter-vibration. There’s no way that sort of dissonance can get off the ground to manifest a desired outcome.”

    So true!! Makes perfect sense, and yet I bet many of us recognize where we do this.

    Thanks for the eye-opener, my friend!

  • Steve says:

    I’m a reformed political Junkie who suffers relapses . The rest of my large family are polar opposite of me politically, and we “discuss” our differences in what end up being quite heated group e-mails. I try so hard to keep the LOA attitude – but I do fail. Quite often I’ll write a well researched retort that “proves” my family “wrong” – only to read it and conclude that it serves no purpose to try and “prove” anything. I choose to delete rather than antagonize.
    Recently my family, who are traditional Christians, let me know that they are involved in prayer groups and Novenas to affect the outcome of the election. Now, my outlook on what “God” is, and for that matter what “prayer” is, is different than traditional Christians. I do believe in the power of faith and prayer – but as vehicles of LOA. So I sent them this note:
    “I hope that when you pray, you pray for our next president to have strength and wisdom, health and compassion, clarity and purpose to serve the greater good.”
    Both Candidates are men, and both candidates are perfect manifestations of “God” – as we all are. Neither man is inherently evil. I certainly do believe that one is better suited to lead our country and have campaigned to that end – espousing the positive attributes of my chosen guy – but if the other one ends up in office, my world view will not change because I feel that collectively, we will have decided that we have lessons to be learned and ego-based experiences to be experienced.

  • Steve, I pray that I also always have the wisdom to know when to delete rather than antagonize! That’s quite a gift.

    I like how you expressed that if the other guy ends up in office, it’s all good because “collectively, we will have decided that we have lessons to be learned.” I’m with you on that.

    Nothing going wrong here. 🙂

    Thanks for an important contribution to the conversation, my friend!

  • Amy says:

    Very timely, and beautifully said. It may not be a “romantic” topic for me, but I love getting every-day practical advice I can use. You are the best. Much appreciated!

  • Amy, thanks for saying so!

    You may or may not realize how helpful that is for bloggers to hear .. so many of us write without any feedback whatsoever, which means comments like yours are particularly encouraging and thus valuable.

    THANK YOU. 🙂

  • Hi Jeannette. I spent most of the 1980’s in the not voting group. I felt there was no candidate in the elections of the time that I supported and I did not want my political statement to be a negative – “voting for the lesser of 2 evils.” I felt that since “none of the above” was not a choice on the ballot, abstention was the only positive statement I could make.
    I have modified that somewhat in the last few national election cycles and have participated in the process. I supported candidates (with varying levels of enthusiasm) that came closest to sharing the vision of the world I am creating. As I cast my ballot in those elections, I did so with positive thoughts for which ever candidate prevailed. I wished for them to follow their impulses to create a peaceful and prosperous world for all, and then let go of my expectations. I tried to keep in mind that the world I inhabit is solely my own creation and that government and the political process is just the backdrop, not the foreground, of my world.
    All that said, I am gratified this year to be able to vote for a presidential candidate I admire greatly and feel I can whole heartedly support. Life is good.

  • Peregrine John says:

    Steve, that… is genius. Your struggle is so familiar, and I thank you for sharing it. Incidentally, I know of a few people who pray exactly like that, though they usually ask for wisdom and clear judgement for everyone from the President to the city council. Also reminds me of a story that’s totally irrelevant to this topic, so I’ll post it when it makes more sense. :^D
    Stephen, I like your approach to things. (I’ve been considering a different tack: Chthulu for President – why settle for a lesser evil?) If only more people considered the backdrop the backdrop, it’d be a more pleasant planet. If I ever get the chance to return to your coast, I’ll be sure to catch a show.

  • Wow, Stephen, I see why my dad called this morning to talk about your comment.
    I got goose bumps reading it!!
    This is what it looks like at its best, isn’t it?
    I aspire to join you there, my friend. Thanks for showing us an extremely positive example of what’s possible.
    My favorite part: “As I cast my ballot in those elections, I did so with positive thoughts for which ever candidate prevailed. I wished for them to follow their impulses to create a peaceful and prosperous world for all, and then let go of my expectations. I tried to keep in mind that the world I inhabit is solely my own creation and that government and the political process is just the backdrop, not the foreground, of my world.”
    Wish I’d included this quote in the article that got printed in Catalyst. Hmm.
    Thanks again for reading and for posting, Stephen! Very inspiring.

  • Save me a seat next to YOU, John!! 🙂

  • Kristy M says:


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  • Christine says:

    Excellent!! I knew this, but it was very hard to not vote against the person I don’t want. When I really didn’t want either! I”ve felt like I was voting for the lesser of two evils for the last 3 elections, when what I should be doing is voting for the greater of the goods! Thanks for this reminder, even if I got it the day after. LOL

  • The opportunity for lots of folks, too now, is to not vote “against” our new President.
    Example, Russ is practically waiting for him to screw up so he can say to me, “I told you so.” And that kind of energy … ugh – can you feel it?
    It’s like Abraham says, would you rather be right or rather feel good? Is Russ really rooting for our new guy to screw up just to prove his point to me about why he doesn’t vote? lol
    I’m gonna release resistance to that idea RIGHT NOW so I don’t empower it any more than I already have.
    Thanks for posting, Christine. 🙂

  • Correction: Russ says he is very open minded and looking forward to being pleasantly surprised by our new administration.

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