How Can We Help?

koalasYesterday Russ came home to find me in tears because of a little injured bird outside my office window I’d spent much of the day trying not to worry about.
But worry was virtually all I did.
Although she was alert and eating just fine, she couldn’t maintain her balance and could barely hop a few inches across the snow to dry ground under a bush.
All day I wondered what had happened to her, what I could do to help, wondered what would happen to her.  Trying to make peace with something I didn’t know how to help.
I phoned the vet, the aviary, a friend at the Humane Society.  I called in angels (for both of us).  I brought the cat inside.  I asked fellow tweeters for suggestions, and then requested some long distance reiki be sent.  I put food & water within closer reach to her.  I wouldn’t let Russ park in the garage because I was afraid he’d frighten her when he drove by.
I was a wreck over this little bird.
With that in mind, I can’t imagine witnessing the damage done by the Australian bush fires.
In fact, I’ve purposely not tuned in to the details of what’s happened there.
Someone emailed photos of “thirsty koalas,” which were heartbreaking to realize what trouble these amazing creatures must be in to seek human help.  I saw the video clip of the firefighter rescuing Sam.  And I heard a human death toll at 118.  But other than running across that information by mistake, really, I haven’t kept up to speed with what’s happening.
Mostly because it seems a lot to bear.  I mean, I’m the girl falling to pieces over the little bird.
How to make peace with what Australia is experiencing with these unprecedented fires?
It feels a lot to ask.
And yet we’ve been asked.
Someone requested I post about the Australian fires in order to harness the positive energy of this blog community, and to get strong vibes sent to the neighborhood that could use them now.  To help Aussies (and those across the globe watching) come to terms with the sadness and shock so many feel.
My first thought was that I don’t post on topics that draw the energy down.  You won’t find me writing about political wranglings or celebrity gossip or how bad the economy is.  After all, we’re focused on what we want more of, right?  We know how to put our attention on what we want, which means we usually have to learn not to follow mass consciousness.
But that doesn’t feel quite right either.
Law of attraction savvy people don’t have to hide their heads in the sand about all the “bad news” flowing.
We don’t have to plug our fingers in our ears, singing “la la la” in order to avoid hearing the fears of our co-workers.  We don’t have to avoid the news at all costs, afraid that if we hear a snippet here or there we’ll get dragged along for the ugly ride.
I guess, to me anyway, it just doesn’t feel quite right to say “that’s your gig, not mine,” completely detaching from a fellow being’s challenge.  Because we’re all in this together, aren’t we?
And because we can help.
With this post I’m soliciting your best ideas about how to do that.

  • We know we don’t help by joining another in their pain and suffering.  But perhaps we can alleviate some of their pain by offering compassion and sending love.
  • It probably doesn’t help to see the situation as “pain and suffering” either, since that perspective just creates more of those vibes.  Perhaps we can see things in a way that creates light and healing.
  • We also know that praying for something as if it didn’t already exist just perpetuates the absence of it.  So a helpful step might be sending prayers that are filled with the feelings we want for Australia and her inhabitants.

Maybe we know how to be in the presence of death and destruction without resisting it.  Maybe, together, we can alleviate the stress worn by a handful of fellow beings, and ease their burden with our simple presence of love and acceptance.
I’m inviting your thoughts because I suspect we’ve much to learn on this topic, myself especially included.
When my little bird was in trouble, or at least when I thought she was in trouble, I reminded myself that nothing really dies.  That we have the highest guidance along our journey.  That we are never alone, and that good things are always happening.
Even in this economy.  Even in this brush fire.
Then I had a good cry which helped move the negative energy I’d been flowing, and allowed me to find my way to peace again.
Which is when my bird disappeared.  I went out with a flashlight but couldn’t find her anywhere.  Very curious, I thought, that the bird who couldn’t hop more than a few inches went a.w.o.l.
I wondered if my worry had kept her stuck in place, and after my good cry she was able to move on.
But later that night Russ found her, picked her up in a soft towel, and placed her in the cat carrier.  She spent the night in the quiet warm upstairs guest bedroom.  Today she’s at the local bird rescuer’s place, on the mend and looking forward to a spring release.
Things always work out, don’t they?  They always have and always will.  Time proves that out.  And it seems to work out best when we support each other with love and whatever other good vibes we can conjure up.
So here’s to sending the good vibes to our Aussie neighbors.  You are not alone; we are with you; and much love is coming your way.

  • February 11, 2009
  • Jennifer says:

    I so needed to read this today. I have a site about German Shepherds and receive daily news alerts that mention this amazing breed.
    The problem is (lol), that most of the news is horrible. I find myself rehashing stories about abuse, neglect, etc. in a forum that I frequent and on my blog. I now realize this is hurting my vibe, as well as those who read, dwell and comment on these awful stories.
    I will take Jeanette’s advice, “don’t post on topics that draw the energy down.” Instead, I will focus on love and faith, visualizing kindness to animals.
    Thanks again, I really needed to hear this! When the student is ready, the teacher appears…
    I appreciate it.

  • Crys says:

    I get daily quotes by Abraham e-mailed to me everyday.
    I got one recently that “haunted” me. I kept returning to it. I wanted to understand it and apply it.
    Here is what I came up with . . .
    (I’ve included the quote at the end)
    I agree with health
    I agree with beauty.
    I agree with allowing.
    I agree with thin AND I agree with chocolate
    (As inspired by Jeanette)
    I agree with contrast
    and challange
    and ease
    and abundance
    I agree with my new laptop.
    I agree with my body, with my home, with my job
    I agree with rain. (would be nice down under right now)
    I agree with wisdom and compassion.
    with community and friends. With contributing and receiving.
    What do I disagree with??
    You get the idea.
    If you could get to the place where you no longer feel a need to push against anything that you disagree with–you would become in alignment with what you do agree with. Even within your own body, it is your pushing against those things you don’t agree with that causes you to be out of alignment with what you do agree.
    Excerpted from the workshop in Philadelphia, PA on Monday, May 13th, 2002
    Our Love,
    Jerry and Esther

  • Debra says:

    In the process of reading this post and the comments thereafter I journeyed through emotion after emotion. The interesting thing was nothing came near negative.
    My heart has swelled with Love and Compassion, my inner knowing is dancing with Joy, my mind is Grateful and Content, my eyes are filled with Tears of Oneness Connection and my skin tingles with Truth Bumps.
    Jeanette, the space that you so deliberately, lovingly hold here…the posts you write…and the brilliance of those who continue to light the path after the post moves me beyond, beyond. Every time.
    I agree with others here. Just by you feeling what you’re feeling, just by you writing and sharing, already you have shifted the consciousness, situation, vibe a trillion times over. You know the power of thought and intention.
    Imagine the magnitude. See the ripples continuing to reverberate ever outward. LOVE is omnipresent and transcendent. There is no greater Power.
    Each time I read your posts I’m amazed at the similarity of our life paths and the parallel experiences we share. I had a reading years ago where I was told the very same thing you were, for the very same reasons. (Wonder if it was the same reader! ;~) I’m grateful for this ‘gift’ of being sensitive.
    I don’t think it means we plug our ears and sing, “la la la”…although sometimes I do just for fun! I think it means we are Stewards of Light & Love and we’ve got a job to do. Others jobs may be to get down in the trenches with the “looks as if” of what’s going on and participate in the vibe that way. That’s all good. We each have our ‘jobs’ and we choose them well. I’m happy holding space, seeing the rainbow, feeling the love and trusting the Divine Purpose in All. That may be very ‘rose colored glasses’ of me…that’s OK too. I look good in rose! :0) …and I imagine you do too!
    Peace, Love and Harmony…Safety, Health and Security to all in every land, in every moment, now and forever more…and so it is!
    Thanks for another inspiring post, Jeanette. Keep on shining your Light, Brilliant One!
    Debra’s last blog post..Energetic Storm, Take Cover!

  • Iyabo Asani says:

    Jeannette, thank you so much for this. It is truly an awesome reminder.
    With all that is in me that is of Light, I pour out the love and compassion in my heart to those that are experiencing the previous, current and aftereffects of the fires in Australia.
    It is well.
    I love that Russ and V are now collaborating on bird rescue. Who knew?
    Iyabo Asani’s last blog post..What a wonderful world!

  • MsNikki says:

    Thank you for sharing this story with us! I really loved the outpouring of positive energy/love that came from the koala story. It was really heartwarming to hear after all of that devastation…I made sure to pass along the photo of “Sam” and “Bob” to all my friends. Good news is needed especially in these times!

  • Kevin says:

    It is difficult to witness suffering even in the most simple form so I totally connect to your feelings. Back in October our Dog died and although he had a good life (he was 14) it was hard to see him suffer in his final couple of hours. Here are a couple of photos of him.
    My wife and I who are both pretty centered gave intent as he was suffering to simply allow this process to go smoothly and lovingly for him and for us. What happened afterwards was magical since both of my wife’s son’s came to join us and we all spent time together with our dog before he was put down.
    The energy of the moment although sad was very right and although I mourned for a couple of days afterward I felt and incredible feeling of love and that he was doing okay. That’s all I can say right now since I have to step out for a bit.
    Kevin’s last blog post..Basic Principles: Meditation and our Breath

  • Kevin says:

    It is difficult to witness suffering even in the most simple form so I totally connect to your feelings. Back in October our Dog died and although he had a good life (he was 14) it was hard to see him suffer in his final couple of hours. Here are a couple of photos of him.
    My wife and I who are both pretty centered gave intent as he was suffering to simply allow this process to go smoothly and lovingly for him and for us. What happened afterwards was magical since both of my wife’s son’s came to join us and we all spent time together with our dog before he was put down.
    The energy of the moment although sad was very right and although I mourned for a couple of days afterward I felt and incredible feeling of love and that he was doing okay. That’s all I can say right now since I have to step out for a bit.
    Kevin’s last blog post..Basic Principles: Meditation and our Breath

  • Tristin says:

    Thankyou Kim! That’s Beautiful to hear that you will do the Flame Ritual with me!
    And Thankyou Jeannette also, and yes I’d love to share more about Wicca and it’s connection to the Law of Attraction with you!
    Some Great Responces here!
    Love & Light,
    Tristin X

  • As simple as five deep breaths – YES!!
    It IS that simple!!
    THAT’S the reminder I needed today. Thanks, Jim!

  • Jim Patterson says:

    The greatest help that we can offer to help alleviate the suffering of others is to increase consciousness and awareness. Spreading the right kind of thought processes that aid in other individuals connecting to the Universal consciousness.
    As this grows (and it is doing so like wildfire) the positive energy of affirmation which is life itself overcomes the negativity (disolution) unlike anything else can, or will.
    So if you want to do something about the pain of others, it is as simple as taking five deep breaths and connecting…

  • Kevin, it’s especially nice to hear these words from a guy, because my boyfriend’s admonishment that “Honey, it’s JUST a bird” sure didn’t help.
    And can I just say – what a handsome boy!
    Thanks for posting, Kevin. Much appreciated!

  • Janette, you gave me goose bumps with this post! You big-fat-raincloud-manifestor you!!
    Your efforts fueled by powerful intentions are clearly making a strong impact. Thanks for showing the example of what’s possible when we release the limiting belief that we can’t do much on our own.
    You rock!
    PS – thanks for the link to donate, too. 🙂

  • Another uplifting story in this event! Thanks for it, Agnela!
    I especially appreciate how you said, “I choose to believe …”
    That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?
    Here’s to more conscious choices for all of us! Thanks, Agnela. 🙂

  • Janette says:

    I live in the state affected by the fires and I have a story to tell which might help shift perspective?
    48 hours ago I decided to do what I could to help. I am only recently re-connecting with the Law of Attraction and didn’t think I could do much on my own. So to help remove that limiting belief, I Twittered a request for any LOA Tweeples to help with praying rain for the areas still under threat from fires, so I would know it wasn’t only me.
    Then I sat up in bed and Pray Rain Journalled for about ten minutes, intending for abundant rain to fall on every single ember and spark, saturating the trees and grass and shrubs.
    The following morning I woke to see big fat rain clouds overhead (I live a few hundred miles away from the fires); and this morning the 7 am radio news reported that the areas under threat had been saved by rainfall overnight.
    Jeannette, you didn’t even know it but you ALREADY helped.
    Of course there is still loads to do; and the victims are in shock and grief. But the offers of help are huge and creative and generous and beautiful, and the tragedy has given us all an opportunity to stretch our sense of common humanity. That’s what tragedies do – they provide us with amazing opportunities to practise radical kindness. And those who are lost have returned to Source.
    On a practical note, anyone wanting to make a donation can do so via the Red Cross website at – please be patient as the high level of traffic is sometimes creating delays. $10 Australian will cost around $6.50 US or 5 Euros.
    Janette’s last blog post..The Universe loves me!

  • Agnela says:

    Thank you Jeannette. Your website has been my home page since early December 08 and I have been writing nightly in my ‘Prayrain’ journal since that same time – except for the past few nights. I know it’s only temporary. In fact I know I’ll restart tonight. There is a great story in the local paper about Reg Evans, a former actor who featured in Blue Heelers and Mad Max. It’s about a wooden cot, the heirloom of one of the towns destroyed by the fires. Reg had handcrafted the cot which is engraved with the names of about 100 babies as a result of it being loaned to generations of families in the town. It just happened that in January, one of those ‘babies’ who is now living interstate asked to borrow the cot on the arrival of his baby daughter. As a result, the cot, synonymous of life, has been saved from the fires. I choose to believe that Reg’s energy has moved on to bless other lives.
    Melbourne, Victoria – Australia

  • Thank you, Kim, for pointing out what’s easy to appreciate here. The compassion, respect, care, love, expansion and support evidenced in so many ways.
    Way to shift the vibe!! THANK YOU!!
    The only picture on my refrigerator is of Yellowstone Park shortly after the fires. Blue wildflowers were growing on the ground amongst the charred remains of trees. It reminds me of the quote by Masahide on my board: “Barn’s burnt down .. now I can see the moon.”
    My assistant used to say, “Jeannette, if you had a barn, you wouldn’t like that quote.”
    I think we all have some sort of barns though, right?
    The way you put “disaster” in quotes is important, too. Very in line with Katie’s work.
    Here’s to strong fresh starts. 🙂
    PS – Verrall took the bird with a broken foot and wing to the bird guy this morning. That could have been Russ & V’s first joint rescue effort. lol
    Love to you, Kim!!

  • Tristin, I appreciate how your words strongly connected me with the perspective that this is not a problem. Thank you for that.
    I’m lighting my candle tonight. And I LOVE that you share the Wiccan view here. Would love to hear more of that from you!
    $50 million – wow! That’s cool! That’s a lot of love energy manifesting as money, huh?

  • Pankaja says:

    Dear Jeannette,
    Thanks a lot for this post. I am in Bangalore, India. We have a group here which practices meditations. Recently our Guruji has started a new practice for the world healing. Practice is very simple and has to be practiced for just 7 minutes. Anybody interested in world healing can practice. I am pasting his mail below which explains the technic. You can also visit the website
    Dear Citizens of the world,
    This is an Appeal from Guruji Krishnananda, Taponagara, Bangalore Urban 562149, India. I teach Meditation and channel Light.
    On 26th February 2009, Thursday, I and my associates are arranging a unique Event at Bangalore (Koramangala Indoor Stadium). It is channelling Light by all the gathered for 7 minutes from 19.30 hours IST (14:00 GMT) for healing the world. We appeal to everyone to join us from your own places, at the same time, to channel the Light.
    Light also brings Peace and Love. Light helps. Light helps the individual and the world.
    Join the Light Channels World Movement by channelling Light daily for 7 minutes when you wake up or go to bed.
    Imagine an ocean of Light above you. Imagine the Light entering you and filling you up. Experience the Peace and Love of the Light and then imagine the Light spreading out from you filling up your surroundings and then, gradually, the entire world.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Tristin, I love the idea of lighting the candle and imagining the fires going out as we extinguish the flame. It’s a wonderful ritual.
    And thank you Jeannette. There are some amazing things happening here–compassion for mother nature, respect and care of the people and the animals that have survived, the generation of millions of dollars (energy) to provide and support and a feeling of love and care.
    It doesn’t have to be victim mode. It can be love and expansion. This current event is giving many people a fresh start in life–old toleration may have incinerated and a new respect for life, a new appreciation of being, is touching everyone. I think we can turn to Byron Katie here. ‘This should never have happened.’ Is that true?
    Sending love, setting the intention for strong fresh starts and meditation–the practice that is lifting the world’s vibe every day–are all ways to contribute.
    Jeannette, you said it: we know how to be in the presence of death and destruction without resisting it. We don’t have to isolate ourselves to keep our vibration blissful. We can move in and out of ‘disasters’ spreading the love.
    Thank you for you beautiful post. (I didn’t see the bird question on twitter–cage rest until the concussion heals is best. Birdy will be fine:)

  • Tristin says:

    Hello again,
    I forgot also to mention that I know that Wiccan people believe that to set an Intention within a group of people to create a certain outcome, it can be achieved!
    I know that Wiccan’s perform Rituals for change in their own lives and in their own environment all the time, (because I am one of them, he he, wasn’t sure if I should mention it, but what the hey!) so considering this, if all you wonderful people who love Jeannettes site, could light a small Candle tonight with the INTENTION to send Love and help to all those beings who need it, I know it WILL help! Also as you are blowing out the candle or extinquishing it, imagine that you are also extinquishing the Fires to restore Peace in the Land once again!
    How bout it?
    Thankyou, again,
    Love & Light
    Tristin/Juanita Black

  • Tristin says:

    Hi Jeannette!
    That’s Perfect! I believe that by imagining people reaching out to eachother and the animals to help them all, we are on the right track!
    I think it is the turmoil of human emotion which creates the “Natural Disasters” in the first place.
    If there was more peace and love in the world, I think this would reflect in nature, don’t you?
    Also, if we can invisage the ceasation of the fires, and picture within both our minds and on a feeling level, the restoration of Nature at Peace…I believe we will help create it.
    Many Native Cultures, believe that humans can actually have an influence over the Weather and the Natural environment, including fires!
    Also there is much love to focus on, my boyfriend has just told me that the Australian Public has donated already $50 million towards helping those who need it.
    So lets focus on the Love and faith that is being generated, and send thoughts of a peaceful Native Environment. No More Fires, Envisioning them all put out, and Nature, repairing and healing Now.
    Thankyou, sooo Much for your Post Jeannette!
    Love and Light to you,
    Tristin/Juanita Black, Perth Western Australia

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