How Are Your Thoughts Looking?

Even savvy creators fall for it …

When we want to drop weight, common wisdom has trained us to clean up our diet and increase movement.

After all, everyone “knows” you can’t lose weight without watching what you eat and/or making an exercise commitment.

It amazes me how often skilled creators default to muggle weight loss methods, even though they know we live in a vibrational world that arises from our thoughts.

Granted, whatever we believe strongly enough, we will see evidence of.

So some people do get results by restricting calories and sweating up a storm.

But for those who are looking for more efficient results in manifesting physical change, it’s worth starting with what matters …

Our thoughts. That make up our vibration.

Instead of swearing off pancakes and vowing to take the stairs, start with an inventory of your thinking.

  • Are your thoughts sexy and healthy, or are they flabby and critical?
  • Is your self-talk creating a thriving body, or is it sabotaging your physical prowess?
  • Are your dominant feelings ones of self-loathing and discouragement, or are they appreciative and encouraging?

This is where savvy creators begin  with the vibration – long before we do any evaluation of food and movement.

We start by making sure our thoughts are lined up with what we want.

Because that’s what really matters.

Are your thoughts those of a healthy, beautiful, strong, energetic person? Or are they thoughts of a critical, tired, out of shape person?

You can’t get the body you want while thinking thoughts about a body you hate.

That’s not to say you can’t get results by taking a traditional focus on food and exercise, but best leverage comes from vibrational tweaking at the start.

Once you know what lean/healthy/sexy/strong/or whatever-you-want-your-body-to-be thoughts are – and that’s what you’re thinking more often than not – then it will occur to you to make helpful changes.

You’ll make those changes from inspiration, not willpower. It will be enjoyable, not a slog.

But making those changes without having the right vibration in place is pointless.

(Which is why there are so many frustrated and disappointed dieters out there.)

We start with the vibration. Not the diet. Not the exercise.

We cultivate the feelings of what we want, and then listen to inspiration for what comes next.

Sometimes just changing the instruction you’re giving your body is enough to create the change. (I’ve seen it happen!)

Sometimes your inner guidance will show you the next step to getting there.

Like that time I consciously dialed onto body love instead of body loathing, and shortly after I got all lit up about a NutriBullet. (I still love my NutriBullet!)

It would be easy to say that thing changed my life, but the truth is, the new vibration changed my life. The vibration of love instead of loathing; the vibration of healthy and beautiful instead of declining and out of shape.

So the next time you’re in the mood to manifest physical change in your body, start with an inventory of your thoughts.

That’s where savvy creators start.

PS – if you don’t know the thoughts of body love, one of these vibration activation scripts might help: healthy body, weight loss, feelin’ sexy. You might also enjoy this podcast.

But however you do it, giving your body the love it deserves is the best way for it to love you back!

  • July 15, 2017
  • Jasmine Blanton says:

    Oooooo Jeanette!! You really hit home for me in this post!!! I love this blog! Thank you!!!!!!! I want to think it’s important to care about my thoughts first and foremost because when I want something I have to be in the vibe of it in order to get it or in other words the thought of it-PERIOD. That’s the way life works and that’s what I want to remember!!!! 🙂 … I will remember. I will remember. I will remember. I will remember. I will remember. I will remember.

  • Carmen says:

    Thank you!
    As always, your blog posts come in on PERFECT timing. I’m on a weight loss journey and my thoughts haven’t been too hot (it’s no wonder I’ve actually gained weight and not lose weight!).
    Thanks again!

  • HappySandra says:

    They do Anthony. Below are two of my favorites. These beliefs allow me to have a small dessert daily without gaining any weight!
    “The food that you eat has whatever vibration you expect it to have.”
    “Now, we are not telling you that it is right or wrong for you to eat the cake.We are telling you that only you know how you feel about it. And if you eat the cake and feel good, then you can eat a lot of cake and you can still maintain the figure you want.”

    • Anthony says:

      Yep, those are the ones, HappySandra! So, it looks like it’s going to be just dessert for my meals all day. The kid in me will be so happy! hehe

  • Anthony says:

    Doesn’t Abraham also say something about loving what you eat, and having feelings about that food that are a vibrational match to feeling great about your body? Thus, one could eat Reese’s peanut butter cups all day, and still have six-pack abs.

  • HappySandra says:

    “We cultivate the feelings of what we want, and then listen to inspiration for what comes next.”
    I think this is so important when people are trying to find an exercise routine. The automatic response for most is “join a gym”. Now personally, I love going to the gym to do weight-lifting and strength training. But every January I see the same thing: people come in to join, you see them once or twice and then they are done. People should experiment and find something that resonates with them. For some it may be the gym, others it might be biking or running. Maybe some will want to try yoga, dance classes or sports. Find something that is fun and enjoyable! That’s the way to get results and achieve fitness goals. Okay, speaking of exercise, it’s now time for ME to get the gym. Peace! 🙂

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