How Does Your Movie End?

Everyone who works with me eventually hears these words: “Tell me, again, how your movie ends?”

As the script-writers of our lives, we often forget we’re in charge, especially when the stakes are high. We forget that we choose what happens, when and with whom. We get caught up in the daily drama and lose sight of the fact that we’re creating all this.Which is why I stop clients in mid-complaint to ask them how their movie ends. It’s a trigger to remember to focus on what you want, not on what is or what you’re worried about.We don’t need to wait to see how this movie ends – we choose it! And knowing that makes it easier to get through the difficult scenes.

I’m in true love with Bruce Willis and saw “16 Blocks” Friday night. Great show – not just because of sexy Bruce, but also because it landed a few surprises, nice message and fabulous ending. In fact, I liked it so much I watched it again Sunday.

And I enjoyed it even more the second time, because this time I knew how it ended. I smiled and laughed through the grim scenes, because I didn’t get caught up in worry; I knew how it ended.

My Sunday movie partners weren’t enjoying it nearly as much, though. In looking at their grimaces and frowns, I wondered why weren’t they smiling? Then I realized they were worried it might end badly! Silly bees. (Of course, I was one of those silly bees just two nights prior.)

Our lives are just like this. It’s easy to get caught up in the dark scenes, but if you remember how your movie ends, you can enjoy the darkest of dark scenes. It’s okay – you’re writing the script! You choose the ending. It’s all up to you!
When it gets ugly, remember how your movie ends (and that you’re making it up). And enjoy the occasional drama we write in for fun and excitement. It makes the ending that much better.

  • April 1, 2007
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