June 4, 2007

How Easy Are You?

A lovely woman from area code 503 phoned me last week inquiring about coaching services. I told her I anticipated two open slots for June, but couldn’t promise how long they’d last. (Since filled, fyi.)
She was committed to working together although she didn’t have the extra money on hand right in that red hot moment. She took one of the open slots.

I knew from her commitment that it wouldn’t be long before she did have money in hand. And she had exactly the type of energy I love to spend time with – open, trusting, and delightful.

I emailed her a Welcome Kit and some quick money manifesting exercises late Wednesday night. Thursday she read through the material and returned her completed workbook to me. Commitment! Universe likes that.

Friday she noticed an extra $0.07 coming into her world. She tallied it up, appreciated it and emailed me her success. Yay!

Saturday she got an unexpected $50. Sunday she ran across an extra $1. And counted it! Yay, my friend!! Thank you for not letting “small” discourage you! Thank you for using it as another reason to flow gratitude and excitement and anticipate more abundance!

Monday’s mail brought her an unexpected check for over six thousand dollars. (And we haven’t even had our first official session together.) She was so excited she screamed. Who wouldn’t?!

That’s exactly how this works when we let it be EASY.

How easy are YOU letting it be? Are you making it harder than it is? Remember that easy is waiting for you whenever you’re ready for it.

And if you don’t remember what easy feels like … it’s time to remember. Start looking and feeling for easy, and it’ll come back to you. It was our natural state, once upon a sweet time. And it can be again. ; )

  • Rick says:

    After reading your post, Jeanette, I spent the last few days remembering ‘easy.’

    At first all I could remember was being about 11 years old and feeling like I could do ANYTHING … you know, those few summers where we felt like young gods.

    Funy thing is …. after awhile of staying with that as much as I remembered to, more things came to mind. It’s was amazing cuz as I directed my thoughts towards easy and exerted a bit of encouraging discipline to keep coming back to it, I got to remebered lots of times that life was easy.
    Cool. thanks.

    Know joy.

  • Vanessa says:

    I have spent so many years in that “anxious” frame of mind, that only now am I starting to “get it” re just letting go and believing what I want, will happen. However, sometimes the worry bug comes back and I start to wonder, am I really just letting go and having faith, or am I really just putting my head in the head and hiding from the obstacles/reality I have in front of me. Then you’ve guessed it, I start to get anxious and worry again!!! So how do we know when we are really just letting go and letting the process run it’s course or when we are actually kidding ourselves and hiding from the reality?
    Any comments would be much appreciated.

  • Star says:

    I get to “work” on it 😉 Thanks.

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Good for you for recognizing that your anxiety level was going UP over this, Star, and for changing your habits.

    That’s an important realization that a lot of people in that situation don’t get. They’re even MORE frustrated that nothing good is happening, because they honestly believe their vibration is positive.

    Star, have you had the experience of holding the thought of something or anticipating an outcome that was natural and easy? Maybe something like catching the bus every day … you anticipate it’s coming, you see yourself getting on it when it gets here, and you just enjoy the scenery around you while it’s on its way?

    Or maybe you saw a preview for a movie you knew you would go to? And just seeing the preview lit you up, because you knew you’d be seeing the whole movie soon?

    Or payday … sometimes we do it with paydays. We know the check or the auto deposit is coming, and we look forward to seeing a bigger balance in the bank account so we can do whatever with it?

    There are likely SOME ways in which you’re visioning the future and doing it with lightness and ease.

    Recognize those, first of all. So you know you’re ALREADY doing it and you know how it feels.

    Then it’s a matter of translating that same lightness and ease to the other visions you have for the future. When you catch yourself in anxiety over it, you can stop and say, “Wait a minute. How does it feel to catch the bus again?” Oh yeah – natural. Of course. No brainer. I’ve come to expect it. I trust it’s on the way. I’m looking forward to the ride.

    Translate that feeling to the thing you want.

    That doesn’t work EVERY time on EVERY thing, but with a little practice I think you’ll find it a useful practice.

    This is an important question you’re asking, Star, and I’d love to hear from others as to how they release anxiety when visioning something they want. ? Let’s share the wealth on what’s worked for us!

  • Star says:

    I’m not easy at all. I saw “The Secret” several months ago and set about making a vision board. Then I worked at keeping the vision morning, noon and night and worked at the gratitude (which was not a chore previously).

    I finally just turned my vision board toward the wall in my closet because it seemed like the more I watched the movie, the more my anxiety level kept creeping up.

    How do you hold the vision of the future you want without suffocating it in a death grip?

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