How Easy Is It – for Real?

how easy can it be?From this week’s Easy World post, where we reviewed Julia Rogers Hamrick’s parallel reality where everything unfolds smoothly and effortlessly, Nneka Working Mystic writes:

I’m walking a line now between ease and effort.

On the one hand, I’ve undertaken some endeavors, like running, that take effort. I’m having a BALL with it!!!

At the same time, I know the value of alignment. I know ease. I know allowing. And, I LOVE that.

So, my question is, do you walk a line between ease and effort? Or is it all ease?

In either case, how does it look for you?

I love that question, Nneka.

In fact, I was thinking about this subject after reading Susan Hyatt’s newsletter  yesterday where she wrote, “This needs to be said a billion times more because we all keep forgetting:”

Building the beautiful life and career that you crave … will not always feel “good.”
Just like building the strong, resilient body you want … will not always feel “good.”
Sometimes, those 5:30 am burpees will seem like the worst idea you’ve ever had.
Sometimes, your trainer will seem like the living embodiment of Evil.
Sometimes, your mind will play tricks on you. Trying to convince you that you don’t really want … what you want.
Sometimes, you will shake.
Sometimes, you will doubt.
Sometimes, you will burn.
The burn will be temporary.
The burn will be worth it.
The burn means you’re moving closer and closer …
… to a deeper, sweeter and better kind of “good.”

You know what’s been said a billion times?

That there’s no gain without pain. That we have to push through the resistance in order to get what we want.

Which I disagree with completely.

Pushing through resistance doesn’t pay off. Ever.

As Abe says, “Unhappy journeys don’t have happy endings.”

There is no reason to suffer, struggle or push our way to success. Not only is it not the best way there, but it often takes us in the opposite direction.

And that’s not to say that sometimes, like Nneka when she runs, the effort isn’t enjoyable. Sometimes it feels wonderful to work up a good sweat or to stay up all night on the newest project.

(Big clue: if you’re having a ball with it, you’re in alignment!)

But when the effort doesn’t feel good in some form or fashion, you are not headed where you think you are.

Effort can feel good. Stretching ourselves can be a joy. Working hard can be our absolute favorite thing to do.

When it does, we are golden.

But when it doesn’t, don’t fool yourself.

Your inner guidance will tell all you need to know about whether this serves you or not.

If it doesn’t feel some sort of good, it’s not the right path.

So Nneka, to answer your question about how I walk the path between ease and effort … if the thing isn’t calling me, I’m not going. I respond to whatever’s pulling me forward. I don’t push myself where I think I’m supposed to go. And I certainly don’t resort to bribing myself to get through something.

If my inner guidance isn’t a thumbs up on it, I’m taking a pass.

That doesn’t mean I lay on the couch all day twinkling my nose to have magical things unfold in my world. (Although that can be fun, too.)

I personally am a huge fan of writing blog posts, for example – and this is work! I also like working in the garden, and sometimes I enjoy cleaning the house or getting on the elliptical. (For real.)

This weekend I’ve giving a keynote that makes me a little nervous. But it’s a good stretch, an exhilarating one – not a painful one. I will sweat, but it’s the good sweat.

(I suspect Susan and I are in agreement on this, even though it may sound like we’re delivering different messages.)

Much of the joy of life is in the doing of something. But if there isn’t joy in it, I’m not going. And someone’s promise of the joy that comes afterward isn’t enough to get me there. My inner guidance knows better than they do.

There are too many other things I could be doing that are joyful from start to finish. Knowing what I know now, I simply wouldn’t spend my time anywhere else.

And of course, I know LOA savvy people who feel very differently about this than I do. I’d love to hear from you guys on this.

What are your thoughts about how easy it can really be?

PS – in full disclosure I actually have no idea what a 5:30 am burpee is.

  • March 26, 2014
  • Holy canoli Jeannette!!!!
    I’ve been away for a few weeks – for one of them with Abe in Playa – and I come back to see this!!!
    Awesome post!!!
    It’s exactly as I suspected and perfect timing to boot. I love the doing! And sometimes, I enjoy the effort.
    My sensitivity to vibration is getting really attuned. When I started this journey things were simply wanted and unwanted. Ease meant no action. Things were very black and white.
    Now, I get to choose between contentment and exhilaration, believing and knowing. The variance is so subtle that sometimes I miss it before it gets too big. But even then, too big in my today world is very different from before.
    I agree with you 100%. More than that, it is my intention to LIVE that way. Alignment then…
    Go in the direction that I’m called.
    When I wake up in the morning bouncing out of bed to go on a 3 mile run, I KNOW I following my inner guidance.
    Thanks a bunch:-D

  • Saw a great Abe quote this morning on this topic:
    The path of least resistance isn’t sitting in silence.
    We’ll say this in very clear terms: the path of least resistance is the inspired path.
    So really what we’re talking about here is figuring out for yourself when it’s an inspired path or when you’re just pushing.
    the question you’re asking is: when is action toward something I want appropriate, and when do I wait for inspiration? And we say, they don’t have to be one or the other. Wait for the inspiration to act. And that is what happened.
    Sedona, AZ, 3/15/14

  • Sabeen!!! I LOVE how you’ve found a way to hit the nail on the head with this distinction between “ease” and “easy”! I totally get that!!
    I’ve got an example of that from long ago … someone had commented to me how much I deserved the success I’d created because of “how hard I’ve worked for it.” I was like … what?!?! What makes you think I’ve worked hard?! I know better than that!!
    I realized he was referring to emails I’d sometimes send at 1 am or a long list of edits I made to a new project. He was seeing that as hard work whereas for me it was 100% in my joy to be engaged in it. So interesting, isn’t it?
    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts here, Sabeen! Very helpful.
    I also love this quote I saw on facebook the other day:
    “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.”

  • Sabeen says:

    Hi Jeannette, I’m new to your blog and am loving it! Your posts are clear, insightful and fun to read.
    I wanted to add something to this discussion and that relates to the difference between “ease” and “easy”. When I think of “ease”, I think of something that feels in the flow, that is enjoyable and carries me forward. This does not necessarily mean “easy” though – for example, I love puzzles and crosswords and mental challenges. These can be quite difficult (so not easy) but are enjoyable. Same with physical activities. I love learning new kinds of dance, and that can be a very challenging activity. My point is that when people advocate creating with “ease”, I think that people sometimes misunderstand this to mean that what is being advocated is only engaging in activities that are “easy”, whereas, what’s really being advocated is following the flow of enjoyment to whatever activities (easy or difficult) float your boat. Hope that made sense 🙂

  • Namaste says:

    Affirming Spirit,
    I was happy to find Abraham’s kids books a few years ago. I didn’t know that Neal Donald Walsch had created kids books, thanks for the heads up.
    Love hearing from another person who listens to their intuition =)

  • JG. says:

    I love that Julia states: “you have to be tuned to a certain radio station to receive the broadcast”. It is true: every station in received by a radio, only you “tune” to the one you want to hear. Helps me understand there are so many possibilities at the same time, but you may choose to tune to one or another… That’s the one you”ll experience!

  • And ever time I’d applied the lessons on intuition and the law of attraction, that I’d learned from the Rosicrucian kids books when I was eight years old, I’d succeeded.

    WOW, love knowing there are Rosicrucian kids books teaching LOA, right along with Abraham’s Sarah books and Neale Donald Walsh’s kids books. LOVE THAT!
    Namaste, I had a similar realization when it came to my intuition. I doubted myself and my strong intuitive guidance for years, until I pendulum began showing me I could get the answer myself much faster. Plus, remembering back, every time there was no one to ask and I followed by intuition, everything worked out great! 😉
    I’m guessing we have those experiences of contrast so we can fully appreciate what comes natural to us.
    Easy World is right there for us, the minute we remember to make the choice.
    Many blessings,

  • It is so cool to hear your story, Namaste! I got goosebumps reading it – especially at “That day changed my life.”
    Thanks for showing the example of the turnaround that’s possible when we change our mind and commit to new habits of ease, trust and enjoyment.

  • Namaste says:

    I spent so many years as a hardcore member of the “suffer to success” cult. I was all about “doing the things today, that others won’t do, in order to have tomorrow what others won’t have.” I bought the books, went to the seminars and even dressed the part.
    Then one day in 2002, I was driving down the highway (unhappy of course) when I suddenly realized that every single time I’d followed their well meaning, but truly miserable advice (i.e. set goals, work hard, ignore your emotions and force yourself to make it happen) I’d failed. And ever time I’d applied the lessons on intuition and the law of attraction, that I’d learned from the Rosicrucian kids books when I was eight years old, I’d succeeded. I was stunned. I kept thinking I had to be wrong, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was true.
    That day changed my life. I immediately began moving in a new direction. I experienced some setbacks, I’ve spent well over a decade releasing all those old “life is supposed to be hard” beliefs, but slowly but surely things have gotten better and better. And so far 2014 has been my best year yet =)

  • Wow! We’re getting such great input from Julia – thank you!
    Loved this: “Simply decide that you intend to have the job that is perfect for you, surrender all the stuff you don’t like to your Spirit, and then ALLOW it to be delivered in perfect Divine Order and Divine Timing.”
    Here’s to all of us willing to let everything be easier than we might have been thinking otherwise.

  • Steve~ It’s easier than all of the above! Just get yourself to Easy World!
    Now, I know that is not going to satisfy the part of your brain that is just sure you have to DO something. And, indeed, you probably do. But only when–and if–you are inspired and energized to. Simply decide that you intend to have the job that is perfect for you, surrender all the stuff you don’t like to your Spirit, and then ALLOW it to be delivered in perfect Divine Order and Divine Timing.
    In the meantime, do WHATEVER feels juicy! BE in Easy World by relaxing. Do what feels good to you, whether it seems to have anything at all to do with job procurement. Your ego-mind will tell you that is irresponsible and counterproductive, but don’t buy into that. (Have you read Choosing Easy World yet? I highly recommend that you do so that you will understand the Difficult World Dictator (DWD) and how “he” operates as well as how to deal with him!)
    While you are following your bliss, your mind will be receptive to inspiration and your energy will be free to act on it. You are far more likely to experience inspiration when you are at the higher vibration that enjoying yourself is a sign of. Like you have to be tuned to a certain radio station to receive the broadcast, so you have to be tuned to your Spirit–be high in vibration–in order to receive its all wise broadcast. (Your Spirit–the aspect of you that is perfectly, seamlessly interfaced with All That Is–is constantly attuned with all that is occurring and so is the only reliable authority in any matter!)
    For example, your ego-mind says, “You should be beefing up your resume.” (“Should” is always an indicator that you are under the spell of the DWD and if you follow the should, you will be in Difficult World, where nothing you like happens.) BUT, what you feel like doing is going surfing (just an example–could be anything). So you do that because that’s where the juice is for you. The juice is the energy you line up with when you are ensconced in the Design for Harmony, where everything works together for the highest benefit of All.
    While you are surfing, you may make some kind of natural connection that advances your job-procurement. Either you meet a person who can help you–even give you that very job–or you have a powerful idea pop into your mind or…an infinite number of possibilities transpire. Or you may simply be doing what you are designed to do, which is HAVE FUN, while waiting for everything to line up just right for your job to materialize.
    There is SO MUCH that I could say about this, but truly, shorthand for it all is to simply BE IN EASY WORLD, the realm of magic and miracles. Everything your heart desires is there but you have to be there in order to experience it.

  • @ Julia Rogers Hamrick: Deborah~ I realize in reading back over what I wrote that my opening sounded like I was contradicting you but I was not. Your advice, essentially, was “Choose Easy World.” Right on!!!
    Hi Julia! HUGE fan of your work. Eagerly anticipating the next volume of “Easy World Magic Lessons.” I’m drinking it up with a straw!
    Easy World has changed my life and I’m exploring it in new ways literally every day. I’ve discovered, for myself, that sometimes I can’t “get there from here” — if I’m facing a highly emotional issue, or something with lots of long-term, built-in block that I haven’t cleared yet, I need to do calm & center first. That’s where my go-to LOA processes really help.
    THEN, it’s so much easier for me to pop into Easy World.
    Thanks Julia! I totally [heart} you. =)

  • Deborah~ I realize in reading back over what I wrote that my opening sounded like I was contradicting you but I was not. Your advice, essentially, was “Choose Easy World.” Right on!!!

  • I like what Deborah is saying here, Steve … opening to the idea that the process of getting the job can be easier and more enjoyable than we think.
    That sure gives Easy World something good to work with! 🙂

  • P.S. When you’re in Easy World, and you need your resume beefed up, you will suddenly find a new enthusiasm for doing it! Or someone to do it for you! Or maybe best of all, you find you really don’t need your resume because that surfer you met on the beach that owns the company that needs just what you have to offer is in Easy World, too, and doesn’t care about your resume!

  • Ah, meant to add #3 . . .
    #3 . . . You take inspired action, whenever and however it appears. Don’t overthink it. Go with the flow and see where it takes you. The Universe is looking for the path of least resistance to deliver your desired outcome, and the shortest distance is likely to be a bit off your usual beaten path. 😉

  • @Steve: “I have what I think is a challenging question.
    Say you enjoy your job, perhaps you would even do it for free if you were independently wealthy.
    However you really really don’t like to process of finding a job, applying, interviewing, etc. You currently need to find a job.
    How do you interpret this, handle this, or otherwise get through this?”
    Hi Steve! I feel your pain. 😉
    I’d just say that what makes Easy World feel easy is that you only take inspired action. When you set the expectation that the process is absolutely, positively unenjoyable under all circumstances, reality will mirror that belief.
    I’m not an Easy World expert, but here is what seems to work for a lot of people:
    #1 . . . Do whatever LOA process/es that you fully expected to work for you. By whatever means you get there, you’ll state an intention/preferred outcome; you’ll release concern over the outcome, as well as any attachment to the process by which it arrives; and you’ll look for positive aspects in the current situation (i.e., what’s going right in your life right now).
    All of these things put you in the vicinity of your Vortex, which is what Easy World IS.
    #2 . . . You invoke EW: “I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy — including connecting with my next job quickly and easily.”
    This does TWO things for you: it pops you right in there AND it removes any worry/fear/obsessing/etc which is the thing that ALWAYS gets in between us and our desired outcomes.
    Curious to hear your thoughts, efforts and outcomes, if you feel like sharing!

  • Thank you, Easy World “Hostess” Julia Rogers Hamrick for *hearing* my request (on the GVU FB page) that you chime in on this subject. 😉
    It’s fascinating to me, too, that Julia mentions the same “Exertion vs. Effort” discussion that came up at GVU after Abe said in a video that “Effort is an Indicator” (that we are not aligned). I can hear Deborah right now, “Easy World correlates to EVERYTHING!” 😉
    So, I agree with Jeannette, Lisa, Julia, and Deborah.
    Many blessings,
    PS Just had to Google “burpees” – LOL! We did those things ad nauseum in high school gym class. We never called them burpees. I did burp my son when he was a baby, all the time, not just at 5:30am. 😉

  • Parul Bhargava says:

    If the journey doesn’t feel good, the destination never will. I’ve experienced this, first hand, in relationships. The easy way feels good all the way.

  • Steve says:

    I have what I think is a challenging question.
    Say you enjoy your job, perhaps you would even do it for free if you were independently wealthy.
    However you really really don’t like to process of finding a job, applying, interviewing, etc. You currently need to find a job.
    How do you interpret this, handle this, or otherwise get through this?

  • Anne, I’m very interested in the idea of how our core values and resistance affect/interact with each other. I hadn’t thought about that before, but that feels like it has some very helpful insights contained in it!

  • I must admit, when I first heard of Easy World, I was skeptical but after hearing everyone comment on the process I tried it and was amazed how well it worked! I found myself automatically looking for and finding the “easy” in every situation where I used the sentence. As long as there wasn’t resistance.
    Resistance for me is my body’s way of telling me that I am heading off track, away from my core values and away from my essential self. Pushing through resistance might make things easier or more tolerable in the short run, but in the long run, I believe that pushing forward through resistance will not only leave the resistance in place, it will also head us in a direction that may not be true to our essential self. My goal in life, my core values and my essential self are all aiming at creating a life of ‘freedom’ and for me, there is no room in freedom for resistance. Limiting beliefs, now that’s another story!!

  • Could not have said it better, Julia. Thank you for chiming in with your wisdom and expertise on this!
    Love the distinction of “moving through” vs. “pushing through.”
    And that’s an interesting point about how sometimes we feel resistance to things we enjoy. Good one to be consciously aware of.
    Thanks again, Julia! 🙂

  • I think we need to consider the difference between “effort” and “exertion.” Exertion is the application of yourself to an activity. This can be applied to both Difficult World-based activity (un-inspired activity) or Easy World activity (inspired activity). I consider “effort” to be a DW term. Effort–struggle–is when you are going against your essential nature or otherwise operating outside of the Divine Design for Harmony. That will only ever serve to put you in DW and keep you there.
    Exertion is required for exercise. And you can exercise in EW or DW, depending on your mindset and level of alignment.
    There is also a difference between types of resistance.
    Resistance is not intrinscally “bad”! Without resistance, we would not have a physical world. Resistance, in the macro sense, is what slows energy down so it can manifest as materiality. When it comes to keeping your muscles strong, you need resistance. Your body is created that way. It’s the physical self of you that must have resistance to function properly.
    BUT, that’s not the kind of resistance that puts you in Difficult World!
    The resistance that puts you in Difficult World is the resistance to letting Love–Life Force Energy–flow freely through you. It’s the putting on of the brakes on mentally and letting the idea of something cause you to clamp down and withhold Love–to stop letting Life Force flow freely through you. This dams up the energy, drops your vibration, and puts you in DW where that which you don’t like is manifest.
    Fear is behind resistance, of course. It sounds like there are two kinds of resistance involved when it comes to exercise for you, Nneka. One is the resistance that builds muscle and makes you physically strong (that’s the part that feels good), and the other is your mental and emotional resistance to overcoming inertia or experiencing the sensation of moving muscle that is out of condition, or some other aspect of exercise that you are fearful about (that’s the part that feels bad).
    I am a swimmer. I LOVE to swim laps. I experience bliss in swimming. I look forward to swimming. No resistance there. But, I DO have resistance sometimes to getting my act together to gather my things, put my suit on, and drive to the pool, etc. I find myself in particular dread–and resistance–to dealing with the whole “Will there be a lane open?” issue, which gets my reptilian brain going since territory is a huge issue for that part of humans. But once I get into the pool, unless I am caught up in the “nobody had better get in my lane” stuff, I am in bliss when I swim.
    When I am conscious of resistance to getting myself to the pool, etc., I deliberately align myself with the whole process of it, by remembering and focusing on how good swimming makes me feel and that is enough to motivate me to shift from resistance into flow. I choose Easy World, however many times it takes and thus, enable myself to enjoy the drive and all the stuff the DWD within me wanted me to dread and tries to stop me with. If swimming were not in alignment with my essential nature, no amount of choosing Easy World would be enough!
    I am fortunate that I found, in childhood, the exercise that I am in total harmony with. You might want to figure out if running is truly in alignment for your body. If you’re “having a ball with it,” it may well be. If not, your body will be giving you messages to tell you that and your resistance to it will be an indicator that it is not in harmony with your essential nature–something to pay attention to! Whatever resistance you’re experiencing is in your mind and arising from a belief system that isn’t supportive of the endeavor. It could be anything from “no pain, no gain” to some other message you’ve internalized about moving your body. Or, it could be that dancing would be in closer alignment. Or cross-fit. Or kick-boxing or whatever turns you on.
    Let’s consider using the term “moving through” rather than “pushing through.” .
    If you decide to love whatever you’re doing, you will have an Easy World experience. The more Love that is flowing, the higher you go in vibration and the more of a match for Easy World and its joy-based experiences, you are. Easy World is the world that Love creates.
    Here’s something interesting to note: You can find yourself in resistance even to things you enjoy. The Difficult World Dictator’s very job is to cause you to be in Difficult World! So when it comes to things that support your joy, he is particularly threatened. Therefore, he will often set up resistance even to things you love. (Lest you curse him for that, remember that he’s just doing the job you created him to do so as to have a dynamic human experience! And remember, resistance to the DWD is the sneakiest form of resistance!)
    And one more thing–If we were not still finding Difficult World useful–if we were ready to live full-time in Easy World–we wouldn’t still be engaging with the DWD, “The Resistance Master”!

  • Susann says:

    Jeannette, you said:
    PS – in full disclosure I actually have no idea what a 5:30 am burpee is.
    My first thought was it probably has something unpleasant to do with babies. Then remembered it’s some sort of exercise. But anything called a “burpee” — not high on my list.
    Lisa, I found your comment really thought-provoking. I sense there’s something in there I need to look at more deeply. I face-off with Resistance a lot — every morning over my exercise, free-weight & treadmill routine, for one. I usually win that one (2 minutes in, and I’m loving it), but there are times that Resistance wins, and while I tell myself it’s probably A Good Thing . . . sometimes I wonder.

  • I agree that it’s important to know the difference between the “good sweat” and the “bad sweat.”
    Or maybe it can be as simple as honoring inspiration. If we’re doing the alignment work, then inspiration will be present, and that will always take us in a good direction.
    It’s working without inspiration that I think we get into trouble.
    And if someone tells me they aren’t getting any inspiration, either they don’t recognize it or they’re not actually doing the alignment work.
    Thanks for chiming in, Lisa. Your voice on this topic is an important one, since I tend to sit on the extreme side of this.

  • Lisa says:

    Pain is never ever going to result in a painless outcome.
    I agree with that.
    However, resistance is a slightly different and far trickier animal than pain. Pain is really obvious. The body, mind, and spirit all experience pain as a warning signal that something is wrong, and it’s a warning that shouldn’t be ignored. Ignoring pain warnings causes injury.
    Resistance can be harder to spot and manage though. I think that often what’s on the other side of garden variety resistance is growth and creativity and often getting past that resistance require action of some sort.
    You know I’m a big fan of action as a means to alignment – that is not the same as action despite lack of alignment. There is a big difference.
    I’m not afraid to do the hard thing. In fact, I often enjoy it.
    I am, and I believe should be terrified of doing the painful thing – and for me that’s the distinction that matters.

  • What I hear you saying, MissyB, is that you ARE choosing what feels better. (To do it rather than lose your job.) Yay for invoking Easy World to transform some of those otherwise “not so fun” things!!
    I’ll add, too, that I practiced this for a while before getting to a place of operating primarily from joy. It certainly wasn’t an overnight change for me, MissyB, so I think you deserve good credit for being in process on something that serves very well.

  • MissyB says:

    I purchased that book, and boy am I glad I did. On a day when I was facing some pretty nasty interviews with some pretty difficult people, I invoked the Easy World potion for the day. The difficult people weren’t difficult ! Months of difficulty melted, and an apology from one of them.
    I see where you are coming from GVG – but there are times when I just have to do some things that really don’t feel good. They’re part of my job. I have to do them. They really, really don’t feel good, but nor is losing my job if I don’t deal with the issues.
    I asked for Easy World status, and I promptly forgot about it for the day. I prepared to deal with the difficult situations, and I didn’t walk in to the interviews thinking it’s ok because Easy World has my back. So I guess it’s like most of my manifestations…I ask, I forget and I get on about my daily life because that’s all I have right here, right now. If I get the request, bonus. If I don’t, well I’m no worse off. Either way, I’ve grown a little.

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